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  1. TTC September Board changes: https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/20190901servicechanges.pdf Along with the 508 LAKE SHORE restoration, there are some additional changes: Running times on the 36 FINCH WEST are being extended during the LINE 6 FINCH WEST LRT construction. Construction at Sheppard West Stn. will affect many routes and will last until 2021. The Wilson North Terminal is currently unused but they are not willingly to close the entire Sheppard West Stn. terminal for two years. 104, 105, 117, YRT 105 will use the Pick Up/Drop Off area while the 101, 106, 107, 108 will shift to new bus bays. 84/984 will not enter the station. The second gap train on LINE 2 BLOOR-DANFORTH will be eliminated.
  2. When the 124 SUNNYBROOK became accessible in July 2005, why did the 124 move to New Eglinton as opposed to staying at Wilson? Can't they able to use the Orion VIs since the CNG Vs were still banned at Lawrence Stn. due to clearance issues and leaks? It's no case as the 78 and 115 at York Mills Stn. never used anything but the Fishbowls.
  3. Disregard the above post. They try to avoid doing that, as it greatly complicates scheduling and crewing, and supervision of the route. And with what land would they have built the division on? If they didn't build Eglinton, they'd still be waiting for a chunk of land in Leaside to open up. Dan Wasn't New Eglinton (Comstock) built to replace Danforth and Old Eglinton (Duplex) garage back in 2002? Looking over the list of routes, they have seven former Danforth routes and 10-11 former Old Eglinton routes, barring the 925 and 954, as shown, but again, this is what the division would've look like. Did Birchmount picked up most of Danforth's non-accessible routes when it closed that same year?
  4. Among the changes are the removal of the proposed now-extinct 993 EXHIBITION EXPRESS and the extension of the 176 MIMICO GO to Marine Parade Drive starting August 6.
  5. Just to be complex, since there are no potential bus orders for 2020 yet, perhaps any new livery buses like the 8620s can move to Queensway to allow some or most 7900s/8000s at Queensway and Obico to move over to McNicoll. That can stay that way until McNicoll is commissioned one year from now.
  6. Since @Neil did the Blue Night route allocations for Mount Dennis, I wonder which divisions will do the 300-series night routes when McNicoll opens. I have created the list on what divisions will assumingly operate the Blue Night Network: 300 BLOOR-DANFORTH - Birchmount, Eglinton, Queensway, possibly Mount Dennis or Wilson 301 QUEEN - Roncesvalles, Russell 302 KINGSTON ROAD-McCOWAN - Birchmount 304 KING - Roncesvalles, Russell 306 CARLTON - Russell 307 BATHURST - Wilson 310 SPADINA - Russell 312 ST. CLAIR-JUNCTION - Queensway 315 EVANS-BROWN'S LINE - Queensway 320 YONGE - Eglinton, McNicoll, Mount Dennis, Wilson 322 COXWELL - Birchmount 324 VICTORIA PARK - Birchmount 325 DON MILLS - Eglinton 329 DUFFERIN - Mount Dennis 332 EGLINTON WEST - Mount Dennis 334 EGLINTON EAST - Eglinton and/or Malvern 335 JANE - Mount Dennis 336 FINCH WEST - Arrow Road, McNicoll 337 ISLINGTON - Queensway 339 FINCH EAST - Arrow Road, McNicoll 341 KEELE - Mount Dennis 343 KENNEDY - McNicoll 352 LAWRENCE WEST - Arrow Road 353 STEELES - McNicoll 354 LAWRENCE EAST - Eglinton 363 OSSINGTON - Wilson 365 PARLIAMENT - Birchmount 384 SHEPPARD WEST - Arrow Road 385 SHEPPARD EAST - Malvern 395 YORK MILLS - Malvern 396 WILSON - Arrow Road @Someguy3071: Perhaps the older 06-07 Orion VIIs, any Orion VII NG buses from 2007, LFS, etc...
  7. Me thinks the Orion VII buses in the #79/80xx range should move to McNicoll when it opens in 2020 and let these units finish their careers there (if they can survive past 2019) just like the #66/67xx Orion Vs did when Mt. Dennis opened 11 years ago.
  8. Can't the TTC re-institute a second division to do other division's route before 2008 since there are a limited number of buses? Like rush hour runs on Birchmount's 24 VICTORIA PARK by McNicoll, MtD's 32 EGLINTON WEST by Queensway, 54 LAWRENCE EAST by Malvern and 60 STEELES WEST by Arrow Road? Come to think of it, I may expect the 175 BLUFFER'S PARK to be retained by Birchmount and the proposed 189 STOCKYARDS to be operated by Mount Dennis.
  9. Almost 11 years since this last type of bus appeared on the 45. Did anyone here remember the 2006 VII hybrids operated on the 45 KIPLING when Arrow Road ran the route with Queensway? RTS were also less common on that route at that time.
  10. To mention Don Mills for the 51C LESLIE, are they referring to the Donway-Barber Green loop that is used by the 162? Perhaps, it could be a temporary/partial restoration of late evening service in that area since the cuts in 2011.
  11. Looking at Transit Toronto's 52 LAWRENCE history article, Arrow Road operated both the route and the 58 MALTON until 1993. Can't Wilson also take back their namesake route, the 96 WILSON as well?
  12. Are there any buses wrapped for Pride 2019 this year? Buses #1259 and #1419 are likely the candidates running 94 WELLESLEY right now.
  13. Here we go since no one here in this section is reading it. So these buses will presumably become #161-#164?
  14. Are they second hand units? SSMT has two buses built in 2006 using the same TTC specs while they bought four other buses built in 2004 from Thunder Bay last year.
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