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  1. Duncan as mentioned elsewhere in the board was closed due to one of its workers tested positive. Its likely bus movements would be frozen at least due to reduction of ridership.
  2. With the normal new board starting this Sunday, TTC has altered a number of routes due to the COVID-19 situation. All Express Network routes (140s and 900s) are cancelled save for the 900 AIRPORT EXPRESS, 903 KENNEDY-SCARBOROUGH EXPRESS and 927 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS with some exceptions: 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS - Customers can utilize 86 Scarborough or 116 Morningside service. Customers travelling to U of T Scarborough should utilize 116A Morningside service to Military Trail/Ellesmere Road. 913 PROGRESS EXPRESS - All service operates as the 134C 939 FINCH EXPRESS - Additional 36B Finch West service will operate when required from Finch West Station to Finch Station. Customers travelling to Scarborough Centre Station can transfer to 129 McCowan North service at Finch Avenue East and McCowan Road 985 SHEPPARD EAST EXPRESS - Customers travelling between Don Mills Station and Scarborough Centre Station can transfer between 85 Sheppard East and 129 McCowan North services at Sheppard Avenue East and McCowan Road (985A only) 503 KINGSTON RD is shortened to operate between Bingham Loop and Queen/Kingston only. The 508 LAKE SHORE streetcar is suspended as well. Cash, tokens and paper transfers are not accepted for now although it's likely the TTC is free for non-Presto users despite having to pay the fare like at a station or on a streetcar.
  3. Regarding the 109 RANEE, they still have the 109 "Flemington" and 109A "Varna" branches, which was the pre-August 1978 routing, but I do not know if they still have them on the destination signs. The Flemington branch should go with the 109D designation. They can require to divest the 21, 53/953 (which uses 41 buses) and 129 to other divisions until McNicoll opens.
  4. The question is which division is doing the 511 buses and 505 trippers? Not quite. I heard from a buddy of mine on the IG group chat who’s neighbor signed up for next board and no mention of the 86/986 and 116/905 at Malvern’s sign up sheet. But I’m confident the two routes will move there in the May board or later. But there’s one big problem: Malvern has to move a number of routes to other divisions to free up for the 86 and 116.
  5. Careful what you wish for. This thread needs to be returned to a civil and normal manner before it gets locked.
  6. Thank you for sharing the posts. Hope you enjoy your wonderful retirement after a lengthy career in the TTC! Let us know for further updates.
  7. If @Bus_Medic and @leylandvictory2 reads this: There are unconfirmed rumors circulating that 86 SCARBOROUGH and 116 MORNINGSIDE are moving to Malvern next board (March) or later. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  8. Speaking of Wilson, are there any plans for their 1200s and 1300s moving to McNicoll? There’s a possible unconfirmed rumor that Mt. Dennis might lose their 1000-1149 to McNicoll and Malvern.
  9. Are there any fleet allocation plans for bus assignments system-wide incl. McNicoll? There’s a draft allocation sheet posted In the wicket in the garage. Can anyone like @FlyerD901 or @leylandvictory2 confirm or deny?
  10. +1. That bus doesn’t look like it’s retired but has the plates and parts are not stripped. If @FabianColeyLOVESBUSES’ six posts above are retired, are the plates or trackers being stripped off? That bus has been tracking for 24 hours.
  11. Lucky to see the 163 number revived for the new 163 OAKWOOD bus. I wonder if this should be permanent beyond 2020. As for the 63, will there be some divisional assignments like 63 OSSINGTON at Mt. Dennis and the 163 OAKWOOD at Wilson?
  12. Two users @wil9402 and @Shemar have the list though the former doesn’t update it this much often leaving the latter frequenting it on page 174. Since 2012, 502 Downtowner (Qsy6737) gave up control of the thread. In that case bus_7246, would any one of the users above take over page 1 of this thread? This issue should be taken up to the admins.
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