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  1. Exactly, even the area on Mill Road between Rathburn and Markland Wood, Neilson and Richshaw has no direct bus service there at all since the 2A was axed. The 66 north of Bloor would've done a trial period since there's condos built on Prince Edward/Dundas and people are currently taking the 40A to get to Lambton-Kingsway JMS or Lambton Kingsway Park. In the topic of trial periods, the TTC could Even the 365 PARLIAMENT BLUE NIGHT is slated to be canned, why not have the TTC create the 372 PAPE BLUE NIGHT bus to serve the Waterfront communities? The route would follow the 72B except the Queen-Pape-Carlaw southbound routing to Cherry Street and continues to the 121A routing. If they were to do that, the 22A could also be killed off on the weekends. Unless the TTC could extend the streetcar tracks beyond Bingham Loop to the Zoo.
  2. You also forget to mention this: "Review the feasibility of creating bus routes that connect local neighbourhood destinations. Communities, especially NIAs, are heavily dependent on buses. Create bus routes that connect local neighbourhood destinations and places where communities gather (e.g. local libraries, community centres, grocery stores, Boys & Girls Club, etc.)" My take: Perhaps the TTC should restore some routes that were cut in February 1996: 19 CHURCH, 66 PRINCE EDWARD to Dundas, 163 RUSTIC ROAD, and the 48 RATHBURN extension to Sherway Gardens. The TTC should do trial on those routes to see how it goes. And this review makes no mention of the proposed service on Brimorton Dr. If Malvern would take over the 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS instead of Birchmount, the 116A/905 combination can replicate service what the 116A/E used to do: Express eastbound to 3pm, local westbound. After 3pm its 116A local EB, 905 Express WB. But these will retain the 905's existing hours to 10pm weekdays and 7pm weekends.
  3. This is way strange to ask but... If the 2017-18 86xx-89xx,92xx buses were replacements for the Orion VII 1201 buses along with the 34xx-36xx replacing some of the Orion VII NG HEV 1308B/C and 1329A buses, are any of the 2018 31xx-33xx order replacement buses or expansion buses for the post-TYSSE improvements and Express Network services? Just for curiosity sake. No wonder the Orion VII NG Hybrid, VII NG Clean Diesel and VII Clean Diesel orders likely killed off and replaced the 1988-89 D40s, 1991 Vs and the remaining GM New Look buses.
  4. I don't know who is doing the 511 bus after the CLRV's are finished? As I mentioned above about the 91 moving to New Eglinton, the 55 WARREN PARK is also moving to Queensway. 506 trippers are split with New Eg and Mt. Dennis. I can't imagine a garage shuffles for 2020. From my point, the 91 should've moved to New Eg when Mt. Dennis opened back in 2008. Why they didn't get the 93 PARKVIEW HILLS to move to New Eg as well? I can't see a route swap with Birchmount.
  5. +1 with you. But in Eglinton-related news, per @leylandvictory2, the 91 WOODBINE is moving to Eglinton/Comstock next board period.
  6. Looks like according to one operator out of Eglinton on the 68, McNicoll Garage is slated to be operational and open in October 2020. That's the date I only know but I cannot confirm its official or not but is subject to change. @leylandvictory2 @FlyerD901 @Bus_Medic
  7. #1148 still with the old CLRV paint on the 505 DUNDAS. There's still the 79xxs and 80xxs (excluding the Airport ones) with it @Matthew TTC 4120
  8. With the 501 streetcars out of commission, there are more than 30+ buses as of this writing in both tracker and in person: TTC: #1112, #1326, #1358, #1359, #1417, #3147, #3160, #3354, #3410, #3418, #3470, #3501, #3562, #3568, #8037, #8075, #8199, #8217*, #8316, #8359, #8370, #8473, #8545, #8550, #8564, #8566, #8578, #8640, #8694, #8702, #8732, #8747, #8844, #8862, #8872, #8880, #8948, #9209, #9211, #9213, #9228, #9235 * - spotted heading SB on Yonge St. going to Bloor St. after 7:30 pm to start service on the 501, later went out of service approx. after 9pm. Buses by Division: Arrow Road: 3 Birchmount: 12 New Eglinton/Comstock: 9 Malvern: 5 Mount Dennis: 4 Queensway: 2 Wilson: 5 Other sightings: #1049, #1349 | 6 BAY #3109, #3135, #8526 | 16 McCOWAN #1385 (C), #1404 (C) | 21 BRIMLEY #8910 (A) | 34 EGLINTON EAST #1053, #1148, #1502 | 505 DUNDAS #8787 | 905 EGLINTON EAST EXPRESS
  9. Let Queensway keep the #80xx for @Genius101 and let McNicoll have all the #79xxs including the Events Support buses.
  10. Now the latest sign problems in regards to the Junction Area Study: Buses on the 30 HIGH PARK have displayed H I G H P A R K spaced in both directions 40 JUNCTION-DUNDAS WEST westbound exposures read 40A/40B JUNCTION- > DUNDAS WEST > TO KIPLING STN/TO JANE AND ST CLAIR and eastbound exposures read 40 JUNCTION-DUNDAS WEST > TO DUNDAS WEST STN The single branch 71 RUNNYMEDE route now has the letter spaced out reading R U N N Y M E D E in both directions. All 189 STOCKYARDS buses display S T O C K Y A R D S in both directions, so do the number on the left side similar to the style used in 2007. Other sign irregularites: Westbound 54 LAWRENCE EAST buses have kept the same number on the position, but moved the "LAWRENCE EAST > TO EGLINTON STN" further to the side. 54A/54B buses maintain the exposures of the temporary 54C/54G branches except the westbound ones read "54 LAWRENCE EAST > TO EGLINTON STN" on the side destination signs.
  11. The new Service Summary is out: https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service%20Summary_2019-11-24.pdf Among the changes mentioned here are the re-routing of the 140-series Downtown Express routes to King Street, 501 using CLRV extras and 511 exclusively using CLRVs as well as the end of Jane Stn. construction with its routes returning to the terminal. Although #9003 is listed as "retired", all 152 vehicles are still active if they ever going to fix that bus.
  12. Steve Munro has analyzed the 70 O’CONNOR bus route and is classified the worst in the system. https://stevemunro.ca/2019/11/20/analysis-of-route-70-oconnor-for-october-2019/ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/70-oconnor-bus-issues-1.5366918 Perhaps the TTC should look into restructuring the 70 and other routes close by? Why not merge the 70A/B and 8 into one route and 70C be its own route?
  13. Can't you know to edit the first post instead of posting the second after an hour?
  14. The 929 DUFFERIN EXPRESS is also a prime example although it runs in parallel between Eglinton and Wilson via Dufferin Ave.
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