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  1. To mention Don Mills for the 51C LESLIE, are they referring to the Donway-Barber Green loop that is used by the 162? Perhaps, it could be a temporary/partial restoration of late evening service in that area since the cuts in 2011.
  2. Looking at Transit Toronto's 52 LAWRENCE history article, Arrow Road operated both the route and the 58 MALTON until 1993. Can't Wilson also take back their namesake route, the 96 WILSON as well?
  3. Are there any buses wrapped for Pride 2019 this year? Buses #1259 and #1419 are likely the candidates running 94 WELLESLEY right now.
  4. Here we go since no one here in this section is reading it. So these buses will presumably become #161-#164?
  5. Are they second hand units? SSMT has two buses built in 2006 using the same TTC specs while they bought four other buses built in 2004 from Thunder Bay last year.
  6. Based on the assumption, SSMT has acquired four TTC 79xxs per the TTC VII Retirements Thread.
  7. In the Service Summary, this doesn't appear the case since it is more like the branches of the 85 SHEPPARD EAST. Just to make it for clarity sake: - 36A Finch West Stn.-Humberwood 36A to Finch West Stn 36B to Humberwood - 36B Finch Stn-Finch West Stn. 36 to Finch Stn 36A to Finch West Stn - 36D Finch West Stn-Weston/Milvan 36A to Finch West Stn 36D to Weston Rd and Milvan - 36F Finch West Stn-Weston/Milvan via Fenmar 36A to Finch West Stn 36F to Weston Rd and Milvan via Fenmar - 36J Finch Stn-Humberwood 36 to Finch Stn 36B to Humberwood
  8. Per Steve Munro's Twitter: https://twitter.com/swanboatsteve/status/1126173428829044736?s=12&fbclid=IwAR3wSy6pAuMuuoLLG05M103F_03W-Qa-SON0E_nl4qwu0QAn9Gv1TUK0xN4
  9. Due to the fire at York Memorial Collegiate Institute, two routes are on detour:
  10. Where was this? And BTW, @Basket, welcome to the CPTDB. My advice is please do not post twice on the same thread. Thanks.
  11. Can you change my username to Express Network? Thanks.
  12. According to the operator on the 16 McCOWAN I was discussing earlier today, the #79xxs, despite not equipped with VISION yet, may eventually appear on any Birchmount route sooner than expected. Why are the streetcar routes operated by Birchmount are chosen as opposed to the local routes and the 143, 902 and 924 Express services?
  13. If MiWay does it on routes, 1, 3, 7, and 19, why not have the TTC to extend the 352 LAWRENCE WEST BLUE NIGHT to McNaughton? Same fare rules apply as the daytime. And the question is, since Islington's terminal is closed from 2am to 5:30am (8am on Sundays), will the 1 DUNDAS and 3 BLOOR get picked up and dropped off outside Islington Stn. using the Islington Av. and Bloor St. W. intersections?
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