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  1. TWICE - Feel Special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ymwOvzhwHs
  2. What's dissappointing is the 312 ST. CLAIR-JUNCTION could've moved to Queensway division despite none of the routes go into the 312. Does anyone know what daytime buses go into the 312 after, presumably the 71 or 161? That would require additional buses and service frequencies to offset the loss. I'd prefer the 51C to run extended to Lawrence East Stn. daily to offset the loss of riders west of Don Mills Stn. The 406 CENTRAL-EAST COMMUNITY BUS doesn't ring a bell to me. I'd prefer to have it named 406 CEDARBRAE. Perhaps none of the routes are either extended to Kipling station. My scenario is to have the 110 and 37 interline (110C-37B and 110A-37A - 110B buses alternate with 37B) during those hours while the 937 extends south to the 110C looping with Express stops at Queensway, Evans and Judson, before going local. The 50 can be re-routed to Royal York station since there is one spare bay there between the 48 and 15-76.
  3. Is it safe to say now 189 STOCKYARDS will be a Queensway route? https://stevemunro.ca/2019/09/28/ttc-service-changes-effective-sunday-october-13-2019/#comments
  4. New Wheel-Trans arrivals: #W594 was spotted at Eglinton and Brimley on Friday @ 2:54 PM #W581 was spotted today outside Cedarbrae Mall parking lot @ 3:53 PM
  5. On @Xtrazsteve's 927 move to Mount Dennis: Did Arrow Road ran the 927 since its inception (as the 191 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS) back in 1991? I don't think the records show that Queensway division never ran that route from the start. This goes with the 46 MARTIN GROVE moved to Arrow (around 1993 to 1996) or 45 KIPLING runs as well (c. 1996).
  6. Key service changes for October 2019: https://www.ttc.ca/Coupler/Editorial/Special_Features/index.jsp
  7. Small question: On the 40' LFS buses, why there are no large ad board frames on the right side of the bus? They could've used the smaller ad board frames found in most GM New Looks and D40s as pictured below.
  8. This can change next year once McNicoll is ready for operation. I can see the 8400s and 8500s migrating to Queensway in theory while the 7900s may potentially be candidates for movement to McNicoll (including the four remaining 7900s at Birchmount for Police use) along with 20-30 LFS Artics for use on the 939 and 953. I wonder if Birchmount may able to take some of the 8900s from New Eglinton just to keep the fleet capacity in check due to them over being 318 buses?
  9. Movements, repairs or storage? Training units arrived at Mt. Dennis. Mal>MtD: #1500, #1643, #1738, #1759, #1782, #1804
  10. Seems the 32A EGLINTON WEST branch is adding two additional buses to shuttle students to the temporary home of York Memorial Collegiate Institute, in the former Scarlett Heights Collegiate Institute building after their school facility, four miles apart, caught fire back in May.
  11. The Fall 2019 Ride Guide has a few additional changes: - Toronto Public Library branches - BikeShareTO locations in selected stations.
  12. Can anyone confirm if there are any route changes for the Blue Night Network like the 300, 320, etc..? @leylandvictory2 @FlyerD901
  13. It's mostly #7900-#7905. #7906 remains active though 3-4 were sold to Sault Ste. Marie Transit.
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