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  1. Lucky to see the 163 number revived for the new 163 OAKWOOD bus. I wonder if this should be permanent beyond 2020. As for the 63, will there be some divisional assignments like 63 OSSINGTON at Mt. Dennis and the 163 OAKWOOD at Wilson?
  2. Two users @wil9402 and @Shemar have the list though the former doesn’t update it this much often leaving the latter frequenting it on page 174. Since 2012, 502 Downtowner (Qsy6737) gave up control of the thread. In that case bus_7246, would any one of the users above take over page 1 of this thread? This issue should be taken up to the admins.
  3. To add insult to injury, college baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Kerri and daughter Alyssa was among the victims of the crash. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/01/27/us/john-altobelli-coach-kobe-bryant-helicopter-crash-spt-trnd/index.html
  4. TMZ reports that retired Lakers player Kobe Bryant was killed in a brutal helicopter crash in Los Angeles. EDIT: Confirmed by both TSN and ESPN 550 (KTZN-Anchorage) - https://550thezone.iheart.com/content/2020-01-26-kobe-bryant-dead-at-41-due-to-helicopter-crash/
  5. Having read Metrolinx cutting dozens of routes which impacted route 90 LAKESHORE EAST, why didn't the TTC proposed to create a Downtown Express route between King St. and Rouge Hill GO Stn. in parallel with the Lakeshore East line between Union and Rouge Hill? They already did that with the 176 MIMICO GO three years ago to improve connections at Mimico GO Stn.
  6. I don't even see the TTC creating another 140-series Downtown Express route to correspond the LAKESHORE EAST line between Union and Rouge Hill GO Stns. if the 90 gets canned. Unless GO and TTC will pony up any ideas long term.
  7. #1728 | 85A SHEPPARD EAST #1744 | 53A STEELES EAST (same bus from last night)
  8. Only five left in the 2009 batch: #1721, #1728, #1744, #1748 and #1752. #1721 is out on the 95A while #1744 is out on the 53A.
  9. Was it a 2005 VII or a 2006-07 VII? I don't know by the looks of it but it could be possibly #7808.
  10. This thread is to discuss the highs and lows of transit in our areas this past year with the categories listed below. Coupled with that, this is also a thread dedicated to the transit moments of the 2010s. Cheers to the 2020s. - Photo of 2019 - Vehicle of 2019 - Event of 2019 - Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency - Transit WTF moment of 2019 - Transit agency of 2019 - Photo of the 2010s - Vehicle of the 2010s - Event of the 2010s - Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency - Transit WTF moment of the 2010s - Transit agency of the 2010s To kick things off: Photo of 2019: Photo of the 2010s: Vehicles of 2019: TTC's New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE/XE40 and CLRV Vehicles of the 2010s: TTC's GM New Look, Orion V (#7000-#7134), Bombardier Flexity, MT/MiWay's New Flyer D40LF/R, and GO Transit MCI D4500 Event of 2019: ALRV Farewell trip (September 2, 2019) Event of the 2010s: Mount Dennis Garage - Doors Open Toronto (May 29, 2010) and a visit to Birchmount Garage (May 4, 2011) Disliked move of 2019 by a transit agency: Premature retirements of the 2008-09 Orion VII NG Hybrid buses and the remaining CLRVs. Disliked move of the 2010s by a transit agency: Scrapping Transit City by Rob Ford and cancellation of some hours on TTC routes in May 2011. Transit WTF moment of 2019: TTC's Electric Buses deployed for the first time. Transit WTF moment of the 2010s: Transfer of TTC's 1996 Orion V (ex-CNG) buses #9442-#9449 to Malvern, cancellation of the 196 YORK UNIVERSITY ROCKET upon the opening of the subway to York University and Vaughan and movement of the #79xx buses to Birchmount. Transit agency of 2019: Toronto Transit Commission Transit agency of the 2010s: MiWay (for its rebranding), Toronto Transit Commission Charter of 2019: none Charter of the 2010s: none
  11. Question in this regard regarding delivery dates of buses between 1985 and 1996. What period in 1991 did #6640-#6745 arrived on property and the first bus to enter revenue service? Birchmount was the first garage to receive 40 diesel Orion Vs followed by Queensway with 35 buses and Davenport with the last 31 buses in the order (The latter garage closed in 1993 and moved to Malvern). By the late 1990s why did Old Eglinton picked these buses up? I will also apply the same question regarding the arrival of the Orion IIIs, Orion V CNG (1990), Classics and New Flyer D40HFs on property and what date did the first buses on any series to enter revenue service.
  12. I know they are not training buses but since Queensway ran out of space in the main yard, Obico can be sometimes used as an overflow yard for Queensway in this regard (excluding Malvern training units).
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