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  2. STC Pierre-de-Saurel 3605 was on the 750 friday evening, what make that bus (likely spare) special is that it a 22 years old H3-45, all the way from 2000. So it's tied for the oldest bus running in "CIT" service
  3. While the CEO Leary is undoubtedly a clueless idiot we shouldn't let anybody and everybody else off the hook. I would think Leary is not the one making the low level decisions like under which phase of the moon streetcars are allowed to enter intersections at faster than 10 km/h. We need to start attaching more names to the operations failures so the public can call out the garbage job they're doing. I know Stephen Lam is one name but does he have duties extending beyond rolling stock? Who is responsible for track design and maintenance? Who is responsible for the lowest common denominator procedures? Who is responsible for the procurement failures? The public needs to start going after their jobs just like we go after Leary's.
  4. Also the wiki seems to be very outdated with BWAT's cutaways. I've been spotting BWAT occasionally since December 2020 and have never once seen a Goshen or ARBOC in service - but I have seen plenty of these '18-19 Champion LF Transports: (confirmed #19117-19128 but I'm fairly sure there's at least one 18xxx in there too) https://www.thetimesherald.com/story/news/2022/04/15/blue-water-area-transit-commission-purchase-new-buses-coming-years/7318027001/ Couple good pictures in here - confirms LF Transports from #18106 to #20136 and there appear to be at least five Gilligs.
  5. Not sure... Went back today and the SLFs appear to finally be gone. I've checked the garage almost every time I've been in Port Huron for the last few years - must've skipped it in June but they here they were in March: Today their absence was pretty glaring. Both Orions were still there but with X marks on their windshields - parked in the same places too... Three '09 E-Z Riders rounded out what I was able to see on the lot - I'd wager these are on their way out, being replaced by the '21 E-Z Rider BRTs along with the SLFs. The '10 E-Z Riders are still in service though, as are the Axxesses. Found out the hard way that the Saturday schedule runs the same four buses across all seven numbered routes - so I didn't have any luck catching Gilligs or Proterras - just four ElDos - two '21s, a '10 and a '12.
  6. Judging by the website. There will be an accessible shuttle.
  7. (Transsee) Some Arrow RAD/OTs tonight 9233 on 56 Leaside & 8906 on 34 Eglinton East
  8. Found a few buses in the back of a church parking lot in Richmond earlier today. 216875 - 2021 IC CE with a 36 passenger capacity 12229 - 2012 Collins Nexbus on a Chevy chassis 3287 - Girardin MB-II on a GMC chassis 092285 - 2009 Collins Nexbus on a Chevrolet chassis
  9. 42-05 on Grade St and Allen St on the route 57 loop. 42-17 on the Route 44 loop entering the Three Rivers Mall. This bus has a different destination sign and my camera doesn't show it too well, which is unfortunate as I liked the rest of the photo.
  10. Why did they go with Novas anyways? I get they were the cheapest people to respond to the tender, but don't they consider operational costs when getting busses? For the last 17 years proceeding the Nova orders, Miway was firmly in the NFI camp, with a couple of token orders to El Dorado and OBI here and there. Seems odd that they wouldn't consider it especially because of the less than 1M price different in the acquisition fees for the order that formed Miway 1730-1766. Wouldn't reduced training costs and streamlining of the fleet make up for the difference over the 15 year lifespan of the busses?
  11. After a week of the new shakeup, north base has already put 6800s on the E and D lines. I guess 6245-6269 wasn't enough? Or maybe they don't have enough spare parts yet.
  12. There are plans to extend the Woodbine bus to Gormely Go Station pending approval via Transit Initiatives 2023. Leslie on the other hand, they would have to add additional buses to cover the stretch. 91B Bayview could be extended, though the challenge for both is if it will attract enough ridership to justify those extensions. Especially when YRT has been well-known to do the bare minimum if it involves expanding service or adding more resources. 91B only operates during the peak periods.
  13. 30-178 was on highway 520 heading towards Dorval. It did an interesting series of renforts: 777, 24, 711, and 202. In the past few days, this vehicle was running out of Mont-Royal. 27-519 and 40-232 were back to back on the 211-W. One of the buses was 20 minutes late. Similarly, 27-533 and 28-088 were also back to back on the 211-W. Didn't check how late one of the vehicles was.
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  15. It's especially weird considering that the morning trippers from Royal York Station down to The Queensway, which pass by both BA and ESA, are assigned to the 76C and come from and go to the 73.
  16. The service should run from the 404/woodbine parking lot and serve Bloomington, Gormley, major Mackenzie and 404, and keep going south to Union. OR get off at Sheppard go east to consumers Rd, and then hop back on the 401 at Victoria park and head south on the DVP to go downtown. OR take the HOV lane all the way down to the 401 and get off at Leslie. This way they can serve Oriole GO station with connections to Leslie station. The problem with Oriole is that I won't work northbound because the ramp to go east is south of the 401. It could go into the hospital and go over the bridge to turn around to get back on the 401 to go east. Why not extend the woodbine bus, Leslie and Bayview buses to Gormley?
  17. 7893 is back in service on September 22, 7809, 7822, 7826, 7868, 7888, 7889, 7891, and 7899, hasn't returned to service it's been 2 a half years since Covid-19 pandemic
  18. Wait... What do you mean 'employees only?' I thought the roadeo is for the entire public.
  19. 6020 is back in service with red seats and 6027 has red seats 6038 and 6045 has not been active it's been months
  20. According to the South Texas Bus Preservationists on Facebook, 2005 New Flyer D40LF 261 has been donated to the Texas Transportation Museum as part of the said group's collection (Photo is from their Facebook page) https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=177494991513076&set=pcb.177495324846376
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