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  2. Do the 2000s have a driver barrier too (Vicinitys)
  3. According to Michael Burns on the OC transit fan page on Facebook, apparently it seems there is a bus shortage as well! An R1 bus was seen on Route 290 yesterday. Photo by Michael Burns - uploaded with permission.
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  5. Rip the R42s then. In my opinion keep them on a reserve fleet before official retirement.
  6. Maybe our next trolley fleet will have a bigger fleet to keep the 41's as trolleybuses. 🙂
  7. There is not enough trolley buses to expand 41 services need new improve version with air conditioning 100 new trolley and 50 additional articulate trolley
  8. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/news/gta/2020/01/21/go-ttc-discount-fares-to-end-as-province-pulls-the-plug-on-funding.html Doug Ford assaulting those commuters.. By the way, does that mean GO transit and the UP express cannot be utilized with TTC fare if there’s a disruption on the TTC?
  9. 4401 arrived June 17, 2013 on TTC property as prototype car only and own by BBD as noted above. A big different between being a prototype and production car. Why did it take until May 14, 2018 to shipped 4401 to had its welds fix and shipped to TB be rebuilt after that late 2019??? I expect the welds issue surface in 2017 and took sometime for BBD to come up with an action plan and to get TTC to sign off on the plan. The car could have been sent back to TB in 2014-2016 like 4400 that arrived September 29, 2012, sent back to TB in 2013 and return July 4, 2014. 4400 was shipped on September 07, 2018 for welds fixing and off loaded October 03, 2019 and reenter service November 21, 2019 4402 still needs its welds fix Just because 4401 has been on TTC property, it didn't comply with the contract and only will comply with the contract upon its arrival when every that is and in service. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/bombardier-in-talks-to-combine-rail-unit-with-alstom-1.1377325
  10. It did leave yesterday apparently, at roughly 12:03 pm. A friend of mine told me
  11. I went ahead and made the changes you've pointed out with the exception of 2642. 2642 shows active on January 18th/19th which was over the past weekend on Saturday with its last trip starting at 12:16 AM or a bit after midnight on Sunday operating the route 7 / 49. Let's leave that one showing "active" for awhile longer. The rest on your list haven't been observed in service for over a month so it's safe to assume that they are actually retired. Should you acquire editor status, please keep an eye on the 2600s and update as needed as it's tedious for me to navigate such a large wiki page. It sounds as if you may already have the skills necessary for wiki editing? I'm an old fart who has a difficult time with it and it takes me a long time to make sure my edits are being done accurately.
  12. *bonks self in head* ...makes perfect sense. Believe me, I'm not as stupid as I look. Or maybe I am? Thanks Articulated!
  13. Sightings from yesterday and today: YRT/Viva: GO Transit:
  14. Unidentified SD160 ready to go south. Wrapped up and waiting inside Anderson garage. Also noticed the pad has been cleared and salted. Maybe a delivery is on its way??
  15. Nah, they think Civilization ends East of Sherborne St. or west of Spadina, but not south of Bloor. I hear it's really dangerous out there.
  16. The comic is still wrong though. An ape would at least know how to ride a train. Metrolinx can't even make trains run, they rely on Bombardier for that.
  17. They can probably just replace the ICEs in the XDE60s with larger battery packs. BAE marketed the ability to have various energy sources for their system. Main energy store just gets a bigger size to replace diesel tank and engine.
  18. Or further south than that in some cases ie:Wellesley or even Carlton
  19. Rumor I have heard is literally just that the wheel lathe has been acting up lately, and that's slowed down the work. Alstom is responsible for train maintenance, under contract with RTG.
  20. I took 28-092 on the 144-W at 12:01 and 20:40 today. The tracker wasn't working. I took 29-127 on the 90-W at 12:11. The front door kept getting stuck while opening. I wouldn't surprised if the bus had to be changed off. I took 28-050 on the 90E-W from Vendome around 15:30. This was MR extra 427-65. I took MR 30-092 on the 90-E at 16:10. This one was running out of LS.
  21. I took 22-379 on the 90-E at 7:35. It wasn't tracking because the driver didn't bother signing into iBus. The trip_id would have you believe this is a 57-XX run (213288689) but in fact it is 90-25, and it only does this one trip. I've taken it multiple times. 24-298 was on the 105 at Vendome around 7:50 24-283 was En Transit on Ste. Catherine westbound around 7:55. 22-343 was En Transit at Shebrooke/Peel around 8:15. I think it was between consecutive 144-W departures. 24-222 was doing a SL extra on the 90-W at Vendome around 15:25.
  22. It depends on who you ask. According to some, civilization ends at Bloor St.
  23. Oh wow those mashed potatoes look like they’re a meal in themselves. I’m having a down home supper of grilled pork chops, maple sweet potatoes and baked beans. It’s been weeks since I’ve fired up the barbecue so I thought it was time.
  24. The Wiki software automatically sets the date to UTC time, which is approximately 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time. If you are logged into the Wiki, you can change the time settings in the Apperance tab under Preferences.
  25. Supposedly, RTM hasn't been able to keep up with getting that maintenance done in time. Why? Who knows. The Stage 2 trains are currently being tested, but as I'm sure anyone would tell you: that can't be rushed. Once they're fully tested, they'll be brought into service. The city does have an option to terminate the contract (as was being discussed by some councillors on Twitter today). Whether that's appropriate at this point is entirely up for debate.
  26. 7856 was on the 116 today, changing off a VP bus on it's MAX Teal block earlier in the day.
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