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  2. This is the original Vicinity prototype (and BC Transit 7130). It was modified as a concept for the Vicinity LT platform and was displayed at APTA Expo 2017 in Atlanta, although not on the show floor. Seeing as this was a concept modification where GW probably just retrofitted things to test it out (gasoline engine, axle, etc) I would not expect production Vicinity LT to look exactly like this. The overall dimensions are supposed to be different as well. Images of the bus in this state have appeared in past GW company presentations.
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    Between the 71xx hybrids and the 11xx standards it would be 132 total so that would certainly cover those. Though, I'm not sure if they'll be directly replacing hybrids with standard diesel, or if some would be replaced by a separate order of battery units. On the other hand if some of those options are needed for MTS then it may not be a complete replacement. Also interesting that nothing is noted on the battery-electric portion of that contract. Perhaps they'll issue a new one once they have a better idea of how many units they need in the new normal operating mode, and they have more i
  5. Was it only until recently that Grande West were building Vicinities longer than 35ft? Also interesting to see that the ear door is a single wing door.
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    NHL Discussion

    RECAP Elvis Merzlinkins makes 30 saves on 32 shots as the Blue Jackets beat the Lightning 5-2. Carey Price makes 23 saves and earns his 350th NHL win as the Canadiens beat the Canucks 5-2. Brad Marchand (2G+1A) and Patrice Bergeron (2G+1A) combine for six points as the Bruins obliterate the Flyers 6-1. Ryan O'Reilly and Robert Thomas each pick up a pair of assists as the Blues double-up the Kings 4-2. Jets explode for four goals in the third period as they double-up the Senators 6-3. TRADE - BLUE JACKETS & JETS To WPG: Pierre-Luc Dubois, 3rd-ro
  7. TTC RADs: 8902 is on the 52D 8951 is on the 54B Edit: 8902 is now on the 352
  8. A short, single-door Vicinity with small, 8-lug wheels was recently spotted in Abbotsford. It is similar in appearance to the prototype 7130 but the mirrors are different, the front fascia is all white and there are sets of blue stripes on the sides. Does anyone know what it might be? An LT prototype? No fog lights (just empty space where they would go).
  9. I think that one and 1206 are most likely retired now.
  10. 8147 was used as a bus shelter for guests impacted by the overnight fire at 401 motel inn last night
  11. I took 40-069 on the 90-W around 22:30 today. The iBus was broken. I have no idea why, but the driver set the run box to "90" but left the destination sign as "En Transit". I don't understand how he could set the run box but not the destination sign. Don't they use the same control panel?
  12. 8499 is on the 43 8700 is on the 39 (replacing what I think was 3490's run)
  13. Service changes were made on January 23rd and includes some new and old routes that have been reinstated or introduced because of the pandemic. Here is 2016 XDE40 #8814 on the NEW Route 15 to 3rd St & Oakdale Ave
  14. Because of the service changes on January 17th, SamTrans now controls the 398 every day of the week. Here is 2009 Gllig BRT #440 (out of South Base) on the 398 to Redwood City on 1/23/2021 (This photo was taken by me, and was taken by following Social Distancing Guidelines and I was wearing a Mask at the time).
  15. All artics are based at North Division because the proximity to the 22 and 522 are not far from the yard. And on schedules, some 522 buses start El Camino & Showers which is not far from North Division. Chaboya and Cerone are just 40-foot bus yards. There were artics previously on the 523 (in late 2019). Due to clearance issues at Lockheed Martin Transit Center, the 523 is all 40-foot buses. No reports of artics running previously on the 23 or 66.
  16. Are 3082-3087 with FFC now? I haven't been down to Franconia in a while so Idk tbh
  17. 30-228 and 40-135 were on the 215. 38-010 was on the 150.
  18. TTC 1282 has been gone since November of last year.
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  20. Sound Transit Express (Operate within King County Metro), rt. 550 (9683K) New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60. 2020 Bus. 2nd Ave, Seattle. Monday, January 18, 2021. 10:12 am. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Sound_Transit_9660-9690
  21. Sound Transit Express (Operate within King County Metro), route 550 (9683K) New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60. 2020 Bus. 2nd Ave, Seattle. Monday, January 18, 2021. 10:12 am.
  22. The 400 series is reserved for work vehicles.
  23. It appears Burlington sold off their 2007 D40LFs to Cityview Bus Sales. photo courtesy of J. McKee
  24. Cheesy scalloped potatoes, Garlic, Peppercorn & Rosemary crusted Turkey Breast, garnished with tomato wedges & spinach leaves and a generous heaping spoonful of hot salsa.
  25. The opening of the Hurontario LRT is still on schedule for fall 2024 and we may get an idea early 2024 what the headway will be for the buses once the LRT start running as well how they will run. Prefer to see buses remain 100% on Hurontario and will save time not going to the Sq One Station or transfer one section to the other if the LRT line does get split. Thanksgiving 2022 will see the 2 bus on detour for 65-72 hours Work is to start around June on the elevated guideway for the 403 area. Starting June to Dec and it depends on zones/phases, construction of the new road and sidewal
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