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  2. Memo to ARTICULATED CPTDB Wiki Moderator Thank you very much for accurately (99% correct) copying over the license plates for 7000 to 7109. Only one mistake was made, that being the license plate for 7061 should be BZT-6332. I look forward to the contents of my August 08th, 2020 message being copied over for 4933 to 4967. It's nice to see other members accurately gathering information too.
  3. Is there a possibility for FR or MR to receive some of the new buses?
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  5. With all these service cuts happening how many of the oldest D40LF and Elderados will retire?. It looks like they will use only about half the buses system wide as they did prior to Covid-19.
  6. 4414 has reenter service on 512 after arriving July 1st by truck. If it wasn't for having the VISION install, it would have been the fastest returning car to reenter service 4409 was out yesterday on 509 doing testing. Is the next car 4411 going to be delivery like 4409, or was 4409 was an odd ball?? 4411 was loaded May 05 2020, follow by 4415 on May 27.
  7. St-Denis will not be getting any for sure, because of the battery on the roof, there is not enough clearance for more of the doors in the garage. I suspect Anjou and St-Laurent might be getting more than the 52 planned, at least until the renos are done at Legendre. I see LaSalle getting more units. I would not be surprised the STM rents another location to store the remainder of the buses. Nova Bus will not keep them for longer than needed.
  8. I believe it’s common for them to show up on 5. Believe Mt Dennis has two morning trippers there.
  9. Those buses were part of the ATUQ consortium order that they order with full length fairing, STM buses for fleet "expansion" are ordered without it
  10. I had two double espressos. Espresso shots are rather inexpensive, it's all the fancy stuff that is dear. The Starbucks was inside a Safeway store where I had just finished spending $79.00. (Which is not really a big expenditure, but enough for me).
  11. $79.00 at Starbucks?? I know their coffee is over-priced (over-rated, too); was that two or three cups?
  12. I recently got a 1956 Roosevelt dime in change; it is very, very unusual to get any silver coinage in change anymore.
  13. One of my favourite routes, the Route 225 was (unfortunately) being cut. I haven't used that route in ages ever since I was working from home for a few months during the pandemic (I won't be back into the office until the first quarter of 2021). Sadly, the area that is within the vincity of the 225 bus route - isn't covered by OnDemand. At least I can take an Uber from my house to the GO station (during the dead of winter!). As for bicycle riding, at least I have so many "avenues" to choose from when it comes to my own mode of transportation (I don't drive). The plot slowly thickens. The hardest hit are not just seniors but people with special needs too!
  14. Somewhere along the line I picked up a genuine Megger, the hand-cranked one in its original black leatherette-covered wood(?) case. We used them in the ground support shop in the Navy; when I saw the one for sale at a flea market (10.00 or so US), I just could not pass it up. As far as I know it still works.
  15. In Memoriam Robin McLaurin Williams July 11 1951 - Aug 11 2014
  16. Prior to COVID, this wasn't even close to being a consideration of doing these drastic coverage route cuts. @110B West Pickering could shed a bit of light on this based on what had been considered prior to COVID. But this is nowhere close to being the right thing to do. Phase A should at the very least, have that base grid, but with the solid coverage and other higher performing routes supporting the grid. DRT isn't YRT, but its return to service makes it look like YRT.
  17. It is on Suitland Parkway and it looks like its going into downtown by the looks but I think most the 3300s will be going to FMR
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  19. The 3300s testing look like they are on Suitland Parkway by the Anacostia Station. I’m thinking that they could be heading to FMR. Have to wait and see.
  20. The 354 saw a quarter million rides in 2019, while that may not seem much, if a large part of that ridership is within a small time window throughout the day, there could very well be a need to add a decker onto that run even if its only really needed between Bridgeport and the P&R.
  21. Idk when it'll be converted though. And yeah the Orion VII CNGs days are numbered when the new XN40s come out.
  22. I thought I read somewhere they completed it. Looks like the final Orion VII CNG buses days are numbered now.
  23. not until they're converted to CNG
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