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    https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0MtpETYK?s=a99&pd=35171693 It was 2008 on the 26. I saw it earlier this morning on the 22. With it's age (19 years) and that three buses from this series were going to be retired with the upcoming 1900s buses it looks like this one's done with revenue service.
  3. There were some issues before launch, hence the reason why the whole pilot was delayed until September. I wouldn't be surprised if there's still some issues here and there, this is still relatively new technology, especially for TransLink and CMBC.
  4. Did you actually test if it worked? I have tried connecting many times, and while it does "connect" browsing was never possible. Your phone even still shows LTE, meaning it didn't get all the info from the WiFi. Easy way to check if you acqually acquired an working public IP from the WiFi Hotspot, is to go to http://www.ipchicken.com (yes I know, funny site), on your LTE connection first, and see what the hostname/provider looks like. Then if you do successfully connect ot the Bus hotspot, check again and make sure it is actually different, or if your phone is actually using the hotspot or LTE. iPhones also have a feature called "WiFi Assist", where during poor wifi connectivity, it will substitute LTE, so maybe that's what you've experienced.
  5. Hmm, has something changed with the "windows closed" policy? I've seen several nova's today with the screws removed from the windows.
  6. I did took a picture ... this is 163 bus (ex-TTC 7939) more clear to see this number
  7. Did you mean route 32 Lacordaire? Route 42 doesn’t exist.
  8. 2 weeks into testing? Pretty sure that's a bit too early to come to any conclusion.
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  10. 19302 took 12 minutes to charge at Marpole yesterday.
  11. I got a feeling that things are not going so well... 19303 was not out yesterday either. 😒
  12. That section is ballasted though which makes it pretty quiet compared to the direct fixation on other bridges/sections.
  13. LRT

    Green Line LRT

    People that live in those apartment buildings need to be mindful and make sure that when they're getting ready for work or maybe inviting their boyfriend over for a drink after a date... they need to close their blinds otherwise you can see everything.
  14. They're not exactly nice apartment buildings though...
  15. What's up with the electric buses? Neither of them in service this morning.
  16. I mean immediately north of Sunnyside there are apartment buildings right beside the track, and I think people live there.
  17. Worth noting that the 468 in now big bus full time during rush hour this sign up. 2 Vp buses 1 Sg
  18. On @Xtrazsteve's 927 move to Mount Dennis: Did Arrow Road ran the 927 since its inception (as the 191 HIGHWAY 27 EXPRESS) back in 1991? I don't think the records show that Queensway division never ran that route from the start. This goes with the 46 MARTIN GROVE moved to Arrow (around 1993 to 1996) or 45 KIPLING runs as well (c. 1996).
  19. As people transfer to the 9, 20, and surrounding community at Commercial, they'll transfer to the 9, 15, and surrounding community at City Hall. It won't be as bad as it is now, with the 99, but they keep saying ridership is going to grow a lot. I generally think all stations work best with minimum two entrances.
  20. 4580 is not only tracking now, but on its way to St Clair for testing
  21. I did not know the TVMs printed French tickets either! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/hate-follows-calgary-transit-flaw-1.5290646
  22. This is where I will be giving updates on the new orange line cars.
  23. 4581 was delivered overnight; 4582 awaits delivery at Lambton. - Paul
  24. That's priceless! I needed a good laugh. That picture kind of says it all about ICTS. Thanks for posting it.
  25. I was just on a bus that had working Wifi.
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