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  2. Was Peter Pan in the NBTA prior to 2016 or were they always just a regional carrier in the northeast? I can’t remember off the top of my head if the end of their pool agreement with Greyhound also killed any interlining that went on. I know at this point they are on their own. I’ve heard the word antitrust bandied about when referencing how Greyhound’s tickets work. Instead of every company automatically getting its piece of the ticket whether the person uses it or jumps off a cliff they have to mail tickets to each other for reimbursement. Most of the smaller companies can play nice with this but I’ve heard it can be quite hard to get the money you are rightly owed from Greyhound. This is especially true if you are in the same corridor and Greyhound abandons 20 people and you take them. I think that’s one major point where companies get fed up with Greyhound.
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  4. Canada Line shutdown between Bridgeport & Langara 49th ave. Stations due to a Police Incident. Bus Bridge in place between Aberdeen & Oakridge 41st Bridgeport to Templeton.
  5. I’m pretty sure we have less D40LFs than the 74 Xcelsiors. Last I heard, their was 15 03s left, not sure how much the new count is. As for the 05s, their should be around 50-60 left??
  6. Fast food joints/grocery stores that don't open/serve food until 11 am. Because people working the morning shift can get fucked, right?
  7. This is what happens when you have an agreement and you dont follow it. You think you were ahead by pocketing the fares, now your friends are competition. Good job.
  8. Will the 74 40 foot hybrid in order be able to replace all the remaining 03s & 05s D40LF?The total amount of D40LFs seems more than that of the XDE40s.
  9. They can both continue as members of the National Bus Traffic Association, which facilitates interline ticketing and reclaims, as well as baggage and bus package express service, as they have always done going back to the 1930's. Even when competitor's. The big change in the ending of the pool arrangement, was the pooling of revenue, which had ended competition between them. Peter Pan was also in a pool agrreement with Greyhound after their fierce fare wars in the 1990's on the northeast corridor route, but Peter Pan opted out of that around 2016. In Peter Pans's case, they never pooled equipment with Greyhound, just shared revenue on certain routes, and coordinated alternate schedules, as well as sharing terminals. Greyhound and Trailways of New York, did pool equipment on the New York, Buffalo, and Toronto route in various ways thru the years, but did not on the New York to Montreal route. So the main difference now, is both carrier's will be back in competition, and Adirondack will be free to run schedules when they want to, (with approval from Quebec still required, I believe). In the past, Adirondack's schedules were pretty much determined by GLI in Dallas....
  10. Have you watched entire service days at all? Yes, when things go wrong, they seem to go very wrong, but to claim that was just "one of the few times" it performed as intended is inaccurate.
  11. Re: restricted speed in intersections of 25 or 10 km/h It looks like I may be mistaken about this, the rule may actually be through the entire intersection, not just slow down to enter. I asked a few of my internal contacts and I have gotten different answers. It seems training is teaching slow down to enter, accelerate when safe, but enforcement by safety is following reduced through the entire intersection
  12. 2011-2012 Orion 7.501 EPA10 3G Clean Diesels #7058 and #7073 MIGHT be back in service as they were apparently both spotted on Transsee with broking trackers. Also, at this time, Queens Village Depot has 8 2007 Orion 7.501 OG hybrids remaining: #6854, #6859, #6864, #6870, #6878, #6887, #6891, and #6896. The #6900s are all gone now sadly and all other units are now retired.
  13. Does metro still have coaches 1752 to 1755? If so, are they going to be put back into service? I personally prefer them over the 4700s and 4800s
  14. 2021 New Flyer XDE40 hybrid #9599 is out of service due to an accident from MJQ Depot. 2 R211T sets are pending. They will be numbered #4040-4059. 2021-2022 Nova LFS hybrid #9665 has a side wrap now.
  15. I got caught up in the delay as well (waited about 10–15 mins at Yonge), and while I was annoyed at first, I took a moment to acknowledge the fact that it is a privilege to be stranded at a subway station for 15 minutes while waiting for service to resume, instead of being stranded at a subway station (bomb shelter) for days on end while your city is being destroyed, and how lucky we are to be here and not there.
  16. A bunch of 800s are retired now, some aren’t black out yet, but I went to Pearl City and saw many phantoms parked and some were black out I saw 803 and 804 blacked out to meaning they are now retired.
  17. I was on the fxxxin ridiculous trip way home tonight. (Around 10 11 pm) I took a Line1 train from St.Andrew to St.George and this was ok.. and the problem occured when I got to line 2 platform.. the service was suspended between St.George and Ossington due to a power off since someone was on the track level.. The Uber fare was jacked up and I ended up waited 15 minute before service resume. However, the train suddenly went out of service at Jane.. The operator told us the next train is right behind us… and the next one didn’t show up until like 10 minute after.. Do you know what is a common ground of taking the train out of service when the subway is this? I feel like the TTC is basically abandoning Line2 service right now.. with longer headway which didn’t even improve from last November.
  18. Speaking of old buses, those D40's were only retired within the last ten years.
  19. 279 is seen here making a rare appearance on the Route 88 on Shepherd approaching Burrows
  20. Bit of an update. Added photos to Halton County Railway Museum.
  21. the passenger side can get ads too. 0602 is MIA idk whats the issue with it, hopefully someone here can answer this
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  23. I agree with this, it would be sad to see the d40lf's go, Vicinity CNG should be for routes 6,13,14,16,18 only also routes 2,3,4,5,9, and 17 can run the 30 ft busses
  24. Jeez it's not like I'm posting employee info or company secrets or something, lmao. It's just a new routing for a public route. Calm the hell down.
  25. Probably best not to post non-public transit info. It would be different if that information was in the minutes/agenda of the IRPW council committee.
  26. The MTHA has been for some time working on converting our OBI Orion 01 bus to a rolling museum. We have removed most of the seating and installed display cabinets, installed photo walls, and have reversed the back to rows of seats to face a wide-screen TV where we intend to project photos and videos as part of the displays. Last week we were able to put up 31 photographs on the photo wall. The wall holds 32 photos, and the photos are mounted with velcro so they can be changed out. Here are some photos of the photo walls: If you have any transit-related artifacts you would like to contribute to the displays inside the bus, please contact me to let me know.
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