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  2. It's a white Prevost H3-45 to my knowledge, it was originally a grey unit with ONTC stickers- top photo was from October 2022 and the bottom photo was from December 2022:
  3. I have now replaced my Ipod touch.
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  5. Was looking up Transdracula (the state-owned transit system in Carabobo, Venezuela that has 513) and former 512 is also there as per this 2020 photo: andresbuses - Venebuses - Fotos de Autobuses de Venezuela (not my photo)
  6. DRT 8619 on 901/N2 (Change off vehicle, came from Westney, changed off 6109)
  7. Melinda Dillon, best known for portraying the mother of Ralphie Parker in "A Christmas Story", as well as appearing in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Harry and the Hendersons" passed away on January 9th, 2023 at age 83.
  8. They should try moving the trees instead cause they really can't get them back in a century.
  9. The red Gallexy H3-45 is ex-Autobus Breton 1601. Photographed it in July 2022 still with Breton, then again in October 2022 doing Flixbus.
  10. I saw an XE40 operating on route 46 on Industrial Avenue this evening, but I didn't see which bus it was.
  11. At the end of the day, a bus company carries passengers from point A - C, whether direct or via B. Flixbus/Ourbus/Megabus survives in markets with significant point - point traffic. NY - DC , NY - Boston. Most carrier including Greyhound would probably make a profit running a bus on this corridor. If the focus is to abandon bus service in the rest of the country, this is the new trend. But the new trend doesn't work for the rest of the country. The rest of the country, there are not enough demand between A - C, but if you have passengers from B connecting to go to point A or C you may have enough to fill a bus, this is where the network and transfers are extremely important. Breaking a transfer can mean that passengers will get rerouted thousands mile out of the way or make the trip impossible. There is no way FB/MB/OB model will work outside of major cities. There is simply not enough demand. Especially MB and OB which doesn't seem to even try to make connections with their new partners, or sometimes even their own routes But there are technological upgrade FB can definitely bring to greyhound, (passenger notification for one) so I'm optimistically hoping GH becomes the best of both worlds. You technically don't even need to print out a ticket for Megabus. So it can't even go into the envelope. They'll just have to write the number down. Megabus did bring fares down in the major markets it did operate, and I do miss them for that. But seems like they are more expensive than GH now for some markets post COVID Unfortunately under this economy, where driver turnover is very very quick, I don't believe it is cost efficient anymore to give the type of training companies like GH used to give it's drivers in the 70's and 80's. You would train someone, they would work for say two - three month and go on to be a truck driver or something else, and a new class will have to come in to replace he/she. I mean they need to offer $10,000 as a sign up bonus yet they still can't fill all it's run
  12. I feel like RTD's not doing so hot with advertising what's in their service changes. For example, addition of 1st and Main, the BOLT extension, frequency changes on the SKIP, the hourly 7 on sundays, they aren't documenting what they should be. So I'm not sure what's gonna happen with the BOLT. It would be AMAZING if they kept frequent summers though, and it would make since with BRT coming up in the decade!
  13. I am wondering if Metrolinx was this corrupt and tone deaf before 2018 (aka before Doug Ford)
  14. I wouldn't say Ourbus and Megabus current arrangement is necessarily a network. At minimum a network requires carriers to share the same station to allow transfers between carriers. If you look at Megabus and ourbus, you will see that you can say buy a ticket from State College to Dubois, PA. That is because Megabus operates out of a different location in Pittsburgh. Same goes for Peter Pan/NYT. You can't buy a ticket say from Washington to Albany, NY. That is not a network. Flixbus ironically while still mostly a point-point operator, does a better job forming a network, mostly because post Feb 22nd, connections will be made with Greyhound's overall route structure with some of their co-locations such as Austin and Washington DC, although they are mostly accidental for now. Though there are some Flix that make both GH and Flix stops so maybe they are trying to supplement GH there with connections (the trips currently in TRIPS). Flix doesn't get state money with the acquisition of Greyhound. They get the state money from operating the route prescribed by the state, whether through their FB contractor or through GH. Megabus does not get state money partnering with Fullington. That money goes to Fullington, Miller. Megabus does not have any say in how those routes are run. They are simply ticket sellers for these routes. Is it a good deal? absolutely, they don't have to run the bus/pay their drivers (GH), or pay the contractor (some ourbus/FB) all they have to do is sell tickets on their website and collect commissions. Off topic for this GH forums, but if you look at Megabus's actual network, the network they run by themselves or connect with their route network, it is in terminal decline. To be fair Amtrak thruway at least connects with Amtrak's nationwide train system. Something Megabus does not do under the current arrangement Regarding GH, I'm not sure the network is robust enough for carriers to completely divorce themselves from Greyhound yet. Cont trailway used to take the role in connecting/bringing passengers between the different regional trailway systems. We still have some regional players, but the passengers are simply connected onto GH trips for now. To connect the different regional players (PPP/NYT/Miller, JL) would be a hard task, and not something that could be done before this new booking platform kicks in or with the current financial/driver situation probably even in the next years.
  15. do you know if Flix or should i say Galexy bus tour aquired an ex safeway unit. I remember seeing a Flix h3-45 with red roof. I recall seeing a new design MCI Great Canadian the other day.
  16. Proposed service changes for May are out and I noticed that BOLT isn't getting a service reduction for the summer which I really like Also they are planing a small return of the ff2 3 trips each peak period 2 of them will be peak direction while 1 will be reverse peak So in the morning it would be 2 east to Denver and 1 west to Boulder and the opposite for the afternoon
  17. You are correct. We are supposed to get 10 or so for the time being. Arrow should be getting some NG hybrids to replace them.
  18. I've heard either 19303 or 19304 loves to mess with the overhead chargers from an HTC driver a while ago. Explains why I don't see them out as much as the standard electric Novas.
  19. These are temporary movements until some 1000's can be cobbled back into service.
  20. Marpole Transit Centre details & designs from City of Vancouver development permit: https://www.shapeyourcity.ca/8902-9001-heather-st-and-502-w-kent-ave-s
  21. Perhaps is time for Mount Dennis to get LFS diesels? Arw>MtD: #8961-#8964
  22. Getting rid of the rural bits will lose three councillors, leaving 15 conservative-to-centrist suburban wards (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24) to six left-leaning urban wards (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17).
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