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  2. Blake M

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    7660 on the 502, 7664 on the 11, 8157 on the 10, 8191 on the 153
  3. A. Wong

    Transit employment threads?

    Thanks Tom! I have moved these too.
  4. busdrivahman

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    As far as the CRTA and the MTS system go, physical tickets and passes can be purchase and any County customer service location as well as at any kiosk where lottery is sold. Single fare tickets can also be purchased at POP machines at the C-Rail stations and as Cash fares are not excepted via any other collection means at those points. All buses are equipped with secured fare boxes that do except cash and change payment the bus operators however do not handle those transactions(do not make change or carry a float). if and exact fare is paid the box produces a thick paper transfer valid for 90 minutes in one direction(if a lesser fare is paid for a child or senior category the driver can override the short fare so the fare box will release a transfer). (theoretically it should not take more than 90 minutes to traverse from any bus stop in the county to the starting point of any route if a patron doesn't waste any time and miss any connection.) Bus passes are swipe cards and tickets and transfers are inserted into fare boxes to be validated.
  5. DavidW

    Greyhound in the news

    There was a multiple building fire in downtown Brandon, Manitoba, on Saturday. Wind blew embers from site to site and four buildings were burned. This is a snap from the CBC news coverage, obviously taken from the loading platform of the Brandon Greyhound terminal...
  6. Jared Kam

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Couldn't agree more to this - seems like they are always beta testing something or another. Can't imagine that's fueled by Gillig - we have had so many bus series here from Gillig over the past 7 years that are nearly exactly the same. TheBus has every operator seat available these days (USSC 9100ALX, Q91, Evolution, Recaro Ergo) - can't imagine that's particularly advantageous from a maintenance perspective... The newest 600 series buses also have these Vapor door controls. https://www.wabtec.com/products/4992/drivers-door-and-component-controller They definitely take getting used to, especially with only 25-30 buses in the entire fleet with them. However after they break in they are a little easier to use as the buttons are easier to press.
  7. Today
  8. ThatBusGuy

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    I'm slightly confused... 7234 has been operating out of STC for months now, and 7190 hasn't seen service since NVTC closed - although it was used for testing heights for the double decker trial. Are they now somewhere different?
  9. Rami A.

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    True, even 7460 which was retired in December is tracking at Mt.Dennis now. Some are even tracking at Russel which is really weird.
  10. Jeffrey

    Belleville Transit

    Belleville Transit has a 'trolley' for the Shorelines shuttle. The first photo is mine just in the process of being converted over, the other photo is from the Belleville transit Twitter page.
  11. Both of these questions can be answered with a simple search: if you Google "TTC Hillcrest yard", you don't even have to scroll down the page to see its exact address. As to the issue of the 175, the TTC's website has the service information for every single route they operate, it's a treasure trove of information. http://ttc.ca/Routes/175/RouteDescription.jsp?tabName=route
  12. TTC T6H-5307N 2252

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Hillcrest is at Bathurst & Davenport.
  13. PCC Guy

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    I definitely wouldn't trust any information from the trackets today - here are the readings for a bunch of long-dead Orion VIIs.
  14. Ontario_Transit

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    2 questions Does 175 operate on holidays? Where is Hillcrest located?
  15. Ra'akone

    Anyone create their own transit system?

    @busdrivahman In my network of networks I have something similar, Meadowlands Country, which mostly covers the "Borough" of the Northern Meadowlands (technically part of the "City" of Nu'u-Sara, but it's very rural in nature) and the County called the Southern Meadowlands in the neighboring state of Jefferson-Meamatasa. They also have routes going into Nu'u-Sara proper, and even some joint service with other operators. Within Nu'u-Sara proper, Meadowlands Country buses are to be treated as LePasi buses in respect to fares. So you'd either buy a pass, or buy tickets from either participating stores, or from vending machines, prior to stepping onboard? Meadowlands Country, due to the very large area it covers, uses a zonal fare system, but one can buy passes that cover multiple zones. There are a couple of routes where drivers don't handle fares, but they're an exception rather than the rule, they're basically extending the "Blue Arrow/Green Diamond" concept used by LePasi. A couple of AOS (subway) lines go into Meadowlands territory, especially the Cow Branch of the Fiddler line. With a couple of exceptions, the AOS is built to North American mainline railway standards, and there is some sharing of trackage with freight and commuter trains. There's also the subway-like "Grand Bend Electric" route run by FarmRail. Joint rail-bus passes are available, both "locally", and under the Octopus/Fe'e pass scheme (including pay as you go or "Octomatic") There's also Meadowlands Country owned streetcars on a handful of routes, and the West Meadowlands Interurban, which is fully integrated, farewise, into Meadowlands Country's fare structure. What's a "Co-operative Commonwealth District"? Hacen't hammered out all my fleet, but among the buses are Novabuses, New Flyers XA40s and XA60s and even a handful of XA80s, and some new buses, also a lot of hand-me-downs still among its roster, including Orions, and classics and even the odd Fishbowl. Some buses have two doors (or more in the case of articulateds), others, on longer distance routes, have a single door for boarding and alighting. Meadowlands Country has a few garages of its own, as well as sub-garages (in some cases may simply be a few gated off spots at a shopping center parking lot), but also in some cases share with LePasi. They have maintenance facilities in Grand Bend and Red Deer (places in the "Meadowlands" are MOSTLY named after those in Canada and the USA), but heavy repairs and overhauls are done in Nu'u-Sara. @neoartic7101 They're cool! @Shakey077 CNG, LNG, battery, electric....how do SMART buses run? (by the looks of things in a later post of yours, "better now, and improving") You sure have a 2020 vision! Sorry, couldn't resist. Could you say that transit is being made....SMARTer?
  16. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Southland Transportation

    Must have been transferred from another property somewhere. Interesting. Yesterday while out in Banff, I found Southland #'s 7220 and 4047 operating the Parks Canada shuttle between Banff and Lake Louise. Both were taken at the Banff Station. May 20, 2018. Last year, the service was provided by Brewster with Setra S417's.
  17. tomsbuspage

    Transit employment threads?

    I found some more in the National Capital Region sub-forum: https://cptdb.ca/topic/16663-oc-transpo-application-process/ https://cptdb.ca/topic/17618-oc-transpo-application-process-2016-2018-on-track-2018/ https://cptdb.ca/topic/17014-garage-attendant-positionspostings/ https://cptdb.ca/topic/17190-driver-training-and-other-related-things-to-training/ https://cptdb.ca/topic/15768-garage-attendant-job/ https://cptdb.ca/topic/15604-what-is-the-minimum-age-to-get-into-oc-transpo-as-a-bus-operator-or-garage-attendent-or-mechanic/
  18. Transit_Hub

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    There's been a lot of weird movements according to transsee and pocket track this morning, I personally feel that it's just an issue with the trackers. Most buses are in random spots over Toronto and last seen 2 hours ago. If the buses are actually there it would be cool!
  19. Kit Kat

    Transit employment threads?

    Many thanks Mr. Wong.
  20. Kelvin3157

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    For some reason: 9207 is at Eglinton 9221 is at Arrow 9222 is at Queensway 9209 is at Mount Dennis 9236 is at Wilson 9237 is at Malvern Does anyone know why they're there?
  21. Articulated

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    http://www.ttc.ca/Service_Advisories/Route_diversions/Weekend_Diversions.jsp Extra service mentioned on 501 but not specifically 22B or 92.
  22. pepperman

    2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    7234 is on loan from VTC, as well as 7190.
  23. wil9402

    TTC Service Changes

    Seasonal service to Ontario Place was mentioned at the last board meeting in the Improving Transit Service Options to Major Music Festivals report. The service will run until October. I was expecting the extension of and north-south route (29 or 63). I totally forgot 121 was an option.
  24. Andythagiant

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Anyone know if they will be running extras for the 22 and 92 today? Or has the union thrown a wrench into these plans as well?
  25. TechSpotlight

    Sunshine Village Ski Resort

  26. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    Hopefully they are back in service soon.
  27. map.man (Darrin)

    Fort Erie Transit.

    Noticed that the new Fort Erie Transit may not be operating as the community had hoped. They'll be keeping the expanded service, but reverting to one-way loop bus service, instead of the bi-directional routes that they implemented. http://fetransit.ca/fort-erie-transit-reverts-back-to-one-way-loop-transit-system/ Plans are to make changes in August of this year.
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