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  2. The Deux-Montagnes line will end at Bois-Franc and not Du Ruisseau or Montpellier. The east branch of the orange line is already overcrowded so I doubt that they would send DM train commuters there.
  3. Heres a pic of the screw. Not the best and I couldn’t get a good shot of the side where you can see how it blocks the latch.
  4. Looks more like a zero than a six to me. And waaay too far north for Métropolitaine service. Deux-Montagnes lines will be cut back at Montpellier or Du Ruisseau next year. I would bet on a new express servicing these two stations. Lines 121, 128, 135 and 171 just can't handle the supplemental ridership. So why put the terminus @ Crémazie ? Sauvé just doesn't cut it when it comes to passenger overflow (see Laval extension, 2006).
  5. Personally, I was hoping for something other than Gillig. Seems the newer ones rattle much more and there's more plastic pieces. Not like the Phantom, that was a well built bus.
  6. I'm surprised i dont see more on Calgary Transit to be honest - especially on the trains and with the U2 fleet about to go Vertigo to the scrappers. It would be pretty interesting to see this:
  7. Maybe if the buses were Orange and Cream again, they'd actually come out of production and be shipped to Winnipeg by now... 😂
  8. There isn't. There is a City department that specializes in dealing with large events such as conventions like this. In this case, because of how the members are being housed, they likely went to GO and warned them - and then GO made the decision to run the additional trains. No different than the World Youth Day convention in 2002. There was a LOT of additional service that was run to various locations to deal with the crowds - even though there frequently were "only" 30 to 50 thousand people at a single event. Dan
  9. I saw a bus. TTC 8086 crossing under the UP Express tracks at Pearson. Couldn’t read the sign and don’t know which route it was on. 50/50 shot it was on Malton or whatever the Airport Rocket is called now.
  10. I wonder if the convention organizers paid for it? GO said it was due to "a large number of advance bookings" and other than the combined Via/GO package I don't know if there's even any other way to buy GO tickets this far in advance.
  11. SEPTA will be getting 10 XE40s as well.
  12. 3548-3559 are being held up until the launch of the Prospect MAX. As for the questions about the floor style, i'm not sure why they went back to the ribbed floor design, i preferred the smooth floor design. And as for the electric buses, seems the drivers like Proterra. Take that back... LOVE Proterra. Lol I say anyone but Gillig. Surprised New Flyer wasn't considered. On the subject of diesels.... i forgot, KCATA handles Johnson County orders now, which is why you notice, minus the seats, the Johnson County newer buses are similarly spec'd.
  13. 12 14 and 15 are perhaps because those were the only buses ordered in those years. It wasnt until 2016 where there was some sort of system to separate multiple orders. It wasnt until 2018 where that system was enhanced and fixed.
  14. 990 is done. Those of you in the Transit Museum Society Friends Facebook group have probably already seen the post showing it being stripped of electronics.
  15. Jehovah Witness Convention for 35,000, yet anything over that number doesn't get this type of service.............Go figure
  16. July 16, 2019: Added 17 New Photos to the Skagit Transit (Washington) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/washington/skagit/index.htm
  17. Kasper announced via their Facebook page that they have picked up two buses. The buses in question are the two 2012 Stallion Sunliner SLC830 that originally belonged to Saskatchewan Transportation Company. They retain their STC numbers 900 and 901 as well. I believe they will be used primarily for the Thunder Bay-White River line run.
  18. The Central Subway will open in Feburary 2020, and other headlines in this Central Subway Progress Report (from May 2019): https://www.sfmta.com/sites/default/files/reports-and-documents/2019/06/2019_05_mpr.pdf
  19. I'll also conclude that the proposed 245 route from Capilano to Phibbs will either not be a frequent route or has been eliminated altogether. Also, what happens to the 125? 1) Increase frequency and make it non-stop 2) Cancel and move resources to 130 BCIT trips (There's a bit more space at Metrotown with some routes kicked outside the loop) Argument: Coming in from Brentwood station, BCIT students need better access to their school other than route 25. Long walk to nearest 130 SB stop
  20. I'll bet it's the same BS when we re-numbered our community shuttles: save as many digit numbers from the original. Though admittedly the nightbuses were like that too
  21. It’s honestly a hit or miss right now, as it Stands now we will not be able to replace the 02/03/04 flyers with the amount of buses we’re getting and the expansion in service the city keeps wanting to implement, the original plan was to replace the worst of the 02s but that’s not happening yet as for repurposing the 2012s it can’t happen just yet, come September we are stretched to the limit and often times will have cancelled 501s due to lack of Zum buses, including the XDE40s the garages are empty once rush hour hits the fact that we only received 2 XDE60s this year is somewhat alarming, hopefully next year the order is reversed and it’s a large Zum order instead There are many many many service expansion plans on hold that the public doesn’t know about yet, simply because we don’t have enough buses
  22. I wonder if someone decided that there needed to be two digits after the R rather than just one...
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