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  2. I'm assuming CFV got 9260 from Kamloops because of 1204 still not back in service. When i saw it in Kamloops it had Kelowna bus line number on the side, now it has CFV number on the side. Any hope for 1204 to be repaired?
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  4. Uploaded 171 Photos to Flickr! GTHA - Day 4 - Niagara Region The following photos were taken on June 7th, 2023.
  5. Spotted 72 passenger blue bird Visikn 21452 in Nolan Hill yesterday morning. Same description as 21445. As well today in Sherwood spotted a Transdev unit, but no visible number.
  6. does it have the new "scandinavian design" triangular shaped headlight you see in newer volvo buses? i have another theory that could explain it I believe the reason why Novabus left the US market is because they want to release the new gen LFS in a safer way and not risk it all. They probably want to have enough money to release the 5th gen. Probably they thought that if they keep staying on the US market, the new gen wouldn't be making any money or something like that idk I'm also wondering how similar is this hypothetical 5th gen LFS. Is it similar to the point of being a badge enginereed Volvo 7900?
  7. Winnipeg Transit 652 on Route S416/96AMA to Leila North Winnipeg Transit 247 on Route S404 to Downtown Winnipeg Transit 656 on Route 50 to Windsor Park
  8. Rode on a 28-0XX last Monday morning. The engine sound resembles to that of a ~2008 New Flyer diesel. Rode on Azur trainset 10-02. Out of every trainset, this one's the worst as the interior is extremely yellow and screeches pretty loudly when stopping.
  9. 2215 has been moved over to North Garage from Southwest Garage as it's on PM 424 School Special/96 Keele-Yonge/50 Queensway to Sutton as of right now
  10. GO Transit route 41C will operate 4 trips on weekday morning rush running between Square One Bus Terminal to Centennial College Progress Campus and route 41,41A & 41C will service one new stop on Sheppard Avenue East @ Herons Hill Way in both directions starting Monday April 29th 2024.
  11. How many more XN40s still have to be overhauled? Seems like they are doing them out of order.
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  13. A development permit has been submitted to the city to build a new Oakridge Rectifier Station as part of redevelopment of the Oakridge Transit Centre site. It will be relocated to the west side of the site just north of the gas station at the Oak & 41st intersection.
  14. A new model? Fantastic Hope you'll do the DLFR and the D40i to complete the family I would also love some Orion buses and the MCI family
  15. Not sure. 0109 and 0113 are trackable, but they don’t have any announcements. So hard to say what the plan is for 0101-0106.
  16. From what I've read from growing rumors about that new "prototype" in camo color that looks like a volvo 7900 it might be likely we're getting a new model We'll see next year
  17. This issue could be fixed if the us market followed the european way but noooooo
  18. 28-004 : Saw it on the 180-E on Henri-Bourassa/Marcelin-Wilson (10h00).
  19. 0910 : Saw it on the 55 Laval-Ouest on Henri-Bourassa/Bois-de-Boulogne (15h50)
  20. >foreign junk >one of the most popular bus model in the european market Next you're gonna tell us the new Mercedes-Benz coach is also a foreign junk despite it being fit for the US market? Boy i do hope MAN, Mercedes, Iveco and all those european bus brand start to sell their bus in the US just to trash on how conservative the bus market is in the us, look at how Gillig handle those things If anything, the solaris would just be novabus 2.0 >whataboutism At least euro buses are confy to ride with, unlike some american bus model, that's for sure
  21. 7770 broke down on 4th street across from James Fowler
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