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  2. 943 was on the 53 this morning. What they plan on doing with it in the future, I don't know.
  3. Do you know what their plans for 943 are?
  4. Not sure if there's a specific thread for GTFS errors, but unless I'm mistaken, the 620 Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal does in fact stop southbound at Ladner Exchange. Google does not believe this no matter how much I try to convince it as such. Is there currently some construction reroute that I'm not aware of that would prevent buses from Bridgeport to the ferries to use Ladner Exchange? Google Maps wants me to either use the 601 then transfer, or take a 620 to Bridgeport, then turn around, and come back to get to the ferry. Something is very wrong with this. I have now tried nearly 20 different departure times to ensure it wasn't just a weird "actually the 601 is faster right now" thing. Edit: Apparently TransLink's own trip planner has some, uh, interesting ideas about what a suitable alternate route looks like. They data is definitely better than Google's but their planning capabilities... not so much. They are definitely using a transfer time limiting variable rather than a trip distance limiter. Obviously the 620 is option 1, but there is no universe where this should be your second choice (see second photo from TransLink route finder).
  5. I actually always wanted to know about this! I assumed it to be merely the lack of connecting buses, but that makes even more sense. I ended up on one of those last trains to New Westminster only before and then took a combination of the 123 and the 144 to get home to the Royal Oak Stn area when I lived there. The 109 having a super late night run on weekdays (thus offering that connection to Lougheed TC) I actually had no idea of. Super interesting. Though it doesn't leave that long after the last Expo train to Lougheed (which the last Expo train to New West does connect to at Columbia) and seems to be out of sync with the last N19 to downtown as well.
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  7. RTS Celebrates the First 10 Electric Buses in its Bus Fleet... Supposedly every bus should be in service by sometime in November. Just in time for winter to test them. I don't think Rochester's bus routes are super long distance wise, with the exception of a few. Bus and infrastructure costs are in the article.
  8. And the "Go With It!" ad for the then-new loonie on the back. The French equivalent was "Ça Roule!"
  9. I'm curious if they are standardizing the format across all divisions then.
  10. This afternoon: 24-288 and 294 on the 121E; 23-211, 24-218 and 24-302 on the 171.
  11. I have see First Transit-Phoenix West buses with that sign format.
  12. The first ones have moved from Vancouver mostly within 2020, with the only exception being the 246 I believe. As for the 25x series, I think that's mostly just West Van being West Van, from what I've heard there's no significant reasoning for it.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk0-M_6y53s Latest video is about the electric bus project for TransLink - I mention this order at the end of the video.
  14. The Buzzer Blog has a post about the stacked destination signs: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2020/10/metro-vancouver-bus-routes-pilot-stacked-destination-signs/ Is the northbound 10 still displaying "Downtown / to Waterfront"? Other bus signage that has bugged me recently: 210 BURRARD STN (and 209/211/214) 240 DOWNTOWN (and 241/246/247) 250 VANCOUVER (and 253/254/257) The first two have changed from VANCOUVER in the last couple of years. I think I know why they're moving away from that descriptor, but does anyone know the official reason for the changes, and why they were inconsistently applied?
  15. Thank you very much Blake M for the above License Plate. 8138 and 8139's License Plates have been found and deleted from my original posting.
  16. It seems like the Transdev - Phoenix and First Transit - Tempe (I'm not sure about other divisions) has updated the destination sign format. The new format seems to have the route number to the far left and then 2 lines for the destination. For example: 7 NORTH TO DEER VALLEY + 19TH AVE
  17. Saw as I was driving by a CNG Vicinity on the tarmac at Spring Gardens. It was all white so I assume a demo bus.
  18. edison


    Because of the highest overall score. I wondered the same thing... The 6/10 grade kind of surprised me. It must be both, I would imagine there would be other agencies that had positive feedback as well. IIRC though, New Flyer scored pretty poor in that category last time as well. It says that the Battery Electric order should be awarded by the end of the year. We will see how that goes...
  19. Sentences that aged like milk: Slovakia orders partial lockdown, plans nationwide testing 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
  20. Island Transit, of Island County, WA, has some 2019 Glaval buses on propane Ford E450 chassis. I noticed that these buses are not listed in the fleet for Island Transit. They are numbered 265-269. I'm not sure on the model of the bus body, but they are made by Glaval, and are on Ford E-450 chassis, and use propane as fuel. I also included a couple of pictures I have taken of them.
  21. Opioid deaths skyrocket, mental health suffers due to pandemic restrictions, new federal report says They've only just realized this now? Even then, that news story is a total gross oversimplification of what everyone on the ground's been experiencing, and contains no hint, no suggestion, no indication that the government's even thinking about making a plan to begin to deal with this mess they've been happy to let build for the last seven months.
  22. Its official no more orange buses other then 943 939 941 944 retired
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