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  2. CUPE 7000 Will make an announcement at 11am this morning on what job if any that will take place. Both parties are still at the table.
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  4. Found this in my tweeter feed.
  5. It looks like 19114 got punched in the face real good. Just saw it sitting at Hamilton.
  6. KAGUYA/Kashiwazaki Coaster News. Another new model has been added to the line-up: GANYMEDE is named after our Solar System's largest moon, one of Jupiter's - itself the biggest planet - Galilean moons. GANYMEDE is the hi-decker to competing with others of the kind, such as Hino's S'elega HD (or Isuzu Gala HD) and Mitsubishi Fuso's AeroAce. With it's world premiere, so as three customers have commissioned their own units; Ichihata Bus (4 of 10 units delivered), JR Bus Kanto (4 of 6 units delivered) and Morinami Kotsu (4 units delivered). We are also opening this model up for the following countries/regions: Europe (except Ukraine, Turkey and Romenia) Russia North America Greater East Asia (except Philippines, Indonesia, the Koreas, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Mongolia) Oceania We are also willing to set up an assembly line overseas for facilitating worldwide distribution, and two countries and a province (all issued on direct behalf of their respective governments/transportation ministeries) have already expressed their wish to bid: China, Australia and the province of Hong Kong.
  7. Dang! Great find! Very glad to see the back window option exercised. That... plus the new driver window and the 1/3+2/3 front door... seem to be the emerging "Michigan spec". Hmm, the designs aren't quite as bad as I was fearing... but they all look straight out of 1989. I appreciate history -- but why the imperative to dress model year 2020 (!) vehicles in a scheme that looks several decades backward? 'Retro' has its practical limits -- and is AATA's early 80s "Coast Guard" scheme really worthy of such veneration? I think the historical nod will be totally lost on most people. The latest incarnation of "TheRide" scheme is/was modern, clean, distinctive and durable. Too bad they didn't give it a chance here... Well, if those are the choices and my choice counts (which it doesn't - ha!), I'd go for 3B or 6B. I like the thin red "icing" on 3B, especially how it's visible from the front. I like 6B because it looks slightly more modern than the others -- and doesn't involve any decals over the windows. The whisper-gray back end is also kind of nice, in a subtle, 1996 desktop Macintosh kind of way. The white cut-outs around the tail-light clusters are nice attention to detail -- and they'll also help with visibility. Also... while I am largely fond of Novas, I have to wonder why they push that black window trim so much. It detracts from the vehicle's appealing design. It also limits the impact of a good paint scheme. Wish more Nova customers dispensed with that feature (SEPTA comes to mind, I'm sure there are a few others...)
  8. 4179 currently at College and Dufferin heading west. I would think that it’s on 506
  9. Here’s a photo of 7873 by 53 Street and Dalhart Road laying over before doing the Route 782 H.D. Cartwright - Nolan Hill from yesterday.
  10. Guess they want to stick to the corporate branding of the STM (40-901 is also in std. STM livery)
  11. CUPE 7000 has issued BCRTC a 72 hour strike notice as of Friday December 6th. Job action begins on Monday the 9th at 10:33 am.
  12. For your viewing pleasure these are the 4 under consideration. They claim they are trying to give a nod to the past but the color scheme is wrong for that. It would need to be Deep burgundy not red and the blue would be almost purple. They have been going away from 35 footers for years now and they only have a handful left. Any of their routes can easily accommodate 40 footers.
  13. Exactly. I wonder what we're going to see on Monday when Prospect Max starts.
  14. Ahh indeed, I'd totally forgotten about that plan. Dan
  15. 4021, 4042, 4048, 4069, 4123, 4164, 4187 on the 511 this morning. No 4178.
  16. Which is very bizarre considering the source. Enjoy it while you can then.
  17. 6 CLRV’s tracking on Transsee as of 8:42 AM all on the 511 including 4021
  18. Saw two D40LFS yesterday Don’t remember the numbers one on the 915 and the other on the 304 which both seemed to have new more bold numbers on the front in front of the main doors
  19. GO Transit 2607 wrapped to promote free rides for kids 12 and under. It was on layover at the U of G before going out as a route 33 York Mills.
  20. i am going to assume that yesterday wasn't the last day of service for 4021 at all. 4021 is currently on the route 511 right now.
  21. Thanks for the info! Hmm... it's a big departure from Gillig, that's for sure. But I don't know if it's fair to call Nova an oddball manufacturer. That might be applicable to El Dorado or BYD or Proterra... whereas Nova is an "alpha" supplier to major systems such as CTA, MTA New York City Transit, Houston METRO, MTA Maryland, plus dozens more in Canada (and not just Québec anymore!) Eek. I'm anxious ("bad anxious") to learn what that looks like. CATA has exactly -no- paint scheme on their new Novas, allegedly as they await a new brand palette. We'll see. I like TheRide's light blue circle-echo thing on the later Gilligs; I can see it looking sharp on a Nova. I hope they don't get too fancy... lest it end up a gaudy, complicated mess (e.g. the ridiculously overwrought 'green zebra' wrap on pre-2019 Xcelsiors down the road at DDOT...) Ha. Certainly, such a dramatic failure would cause any buyer to, um, lose interest. I've heard various accounts of that same incident. However, that was 20 years ago -- the product has improved and evolved significantly since then. I'm sure the Novas will take some getting used to. After all, TheRide has been 100% Gillig for ~10 years. Personally, though, I am more than over Gilligs and their severe exteriors, cramped interiors, rough rides and poor visibility. I used to drive Gilligs, too, and found them awkward and user-unfriendly. Yes, now that you mention it, I think the first Gillig LF I ever rode anywhere was in Ann Arbor circa 1999 -- AATA was among the first to operate them. I took a short ride from Blake Transit Center to UM Med Center... and recall being very underwhelmed. Especially compared to the bright, spacious and cheerful New Flyers that ruled the fleet at the time. What I'm curious about is eventual 35-foot buses. It's hard to think TheRide will convert completely away from shorter vehicles for lower-ridership routes on tight residential streets. Maybe that will be their chance to re-up on Gilligs... Or, maybe they'll switch that segment of the fleet to an "actual" oddball manufacturer. I can imagine full-size Novas on the main routes... and 30-35 foot Proterra EVs on the 27 and 33. In any case, will watch closely for the new fleet in A2!
  22. The wiki is now up to date with the latest information. Something to note that I discovered tonight, units 4738 to the end are/were manufactured in Plattsburgh, as opposed to Ste-Eustache.
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