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  2. 7438 is back in service, it has been spotted on the 15
  3. I got it at the uofm. and here's 445 on the 690
  4. And I'll bet those 3 companies wiill lose and Greyhound will win and we'll still have no service by Greyhound after July 1.
  5. Today
  6. Spotted 3736, 3737, 3742, and 3744 on the 501. First time I've seen a Proterra on this route in the 4 months I've lived here.
  7. A couple of vegetarian cabbage rolls (from a kind neighbor) with some lean turkey breast slices. Also a mandarin orange and a slice of watermelon ♥
  8. If they chose to go a new format they would just stick with the new format
  9. Maybe the 03 and 08s artics were just built really well? lol Brampton still has their 02/03s active.
  10. does anyone know if Burlington Transit will go back to the old format of fleet numbers for the 2020 Novas (70xx-20) or use the format they use for the 2019 Novas (720xx)?
  11. i just checked Transsee and it last shows 0913 on the 44 back on Feb 2nd 2020 0913 is retired 100%. the farebox, ranger system, and presto system went to 0520 which was brought back to replace 0913 after it caught fire
  12. Lately I'm seeing 40-203 on an almost daily basis. It's always on the 171 or 128... and yesterday I decided to take a short walk in Outremont and bumped into it on the 160. This morning, as I glanced outside, 40-203 just passed by on the 171... although I guess it does look different from anything else at SN, so I might notice it more over all those lame 31-05x or 09x. 28-075 was on the 161 yesterday. + today: many many 39 series at SN. 39-040 and 130 did the 128 while 39-089 did the 171.
  13. All 3 companies working with Flixbus to operate out of Toronto, all had their applications successfully opposed by both Greyhound Lines and Greyhound Canada. All 3 of those companies had to pay an additional $500 each to the Board for a written hearing. The 3 companies are North Star Limousine (Zoom Tours), Gallexy Tours and Tribal Sun Bus Company. I'd expect to see them all operating sometime after July 1 when deregulation begins!
  14. https://kwwl.com/2021/03/15/iowa-city-to-add-four-electric-buses-to-fleet/ Looks like Iowa City Transit will be receiving 4 Proterra ZX5 buses this fall. They're currently running a test unit. The article said that they will be replacing 4 older diesel buses (which I assume to be 4 of their 6 2007 Gillig Low Floors, or 3 of them plus bus #37 if it's still around). I wonder if these will be painted in the new ICT waves color scheme, or a special theme advertising that it's battery electric like the photo in the article.
  15. Sorry, could you clarify what you are asking for? This photo could be added under unit 377 on the page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Winnipeg_Transit_371-398 Our general guidelines on photographs are located here: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/CPTDB_Wiki:Photographs#Photo_Quality
  16. Hi all, sorry for the delay in processing the Wiki applications. We were behind about 6 months (my fault) and are catching up now. Thanks for your patience!
  17. 39-056 189 I swear the STM is trolling me at this point...
  18. For example 443 was on the 36-1 yesterday. Felt nice to be on a brand new bus for a change.
  19. awstott

    CN Locos

    And another of the Heritage fleet. 7601/601 GP40-3 mother/slug combo switching just east of Bissell yard in Edmonton.
  20. CTV News: Ontario walks back new pandemic police powers following widespread backlash Premier Ford reverses decision to close Ontario playgrounds amid backlash
  21. 40-203 on the 160 tonight 40-104 on the 104
  22. Visual sighting: TTC 3209 was deadheading towards Jane Stn, just south of Dundas when I was deadheading back to Mt Dennis after wrapping up my last trip on the 935. It most likely is on the 35 Jane at the moment
  23. While Cargolux has made some recent daytime arrivals, two Cargolux 747s were present back on April 4th. The reason? The Cargolux Italia 747 took off early morning on April 3rd and returned to YYC due to one of the engines overheating 90 minutes into flight while near Churchill Manitoba. The plane returned without incident and the next morning, another 747 came with an replacement engine. Both planes departed late night on April 4th.
  24. TTC (all visual sightings) I also saw 3520 on the 35, arriving at Jane Station around 19:40. 3627 was on the 927 and 3646 was on the 111. 3749 was on the 29.
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