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  2. The 71 is supposed to 100% Front Ramp as it was designed to be a temporary measure until the new Vendome/Arthur Porter Hospital link in built.
  3. My sister found ex-ETS 41 now operating as Norquay's free ski bus: https://banffnorquay.com/plan-your-visit/getting-here/shuttle-service/
  4. The Kathleen Andrews Garage sign is now up at the entrance on Fort Road. Big ETS logo at the top of it (blue background, white ETS text). Thankfully all roadwork is complete there too, so there are no lanes impeded.
  5. 5162-5163 have CCTV cameras installed. I believe that was the first T1 set to receive them.
  6. Tuesday: • According to Felix's tracking app, the 138 was entirely made up of MR buses in the afternoon: 26-059, 30-058 and 30-068. Yesterday: • MR's 26-046 was on the 406 in the evening. • FR's 26-040 and AN's 27-536 were on the 105 in the evening. Today: • I caught AN's 28-123 on the 105 this evening. • 29-007 was on the 138 this evening. • I got on 27-001 on the 33 this evening. This bus probably has the TopoDyn added like 24-258.
  7. The list has been updated to reflect the changes mentioned above. I will be leaving 1291 up until I have visual proof for now. I am confused as to why they would remove it, as the OG hybrids and Diesels are getting them installed now. Plus apparently 1232 got them installed according to this thread, but I am unsure if this is true or not as well. I will leave both up for now.
  8. Just saying 1291 does not have LED headlamps anymore, saw it this afternoon on the 39. It had its regular headlights.
  9. can someone please update the wiki with the following information: 402, 408, 423, 433, 448 retired as of September 409 is still around sitting at a compound in fort garry industrial park 425 has been converted to ideas in motion bus as of april 2019 and renumbered 9425 448 is used for fire department training 938 has been refurbished on route 160 page: route 160 is primarily a 60ft route and uses new flyer d60lf and xd60
  10. 863 or 865 something is the bus.
  11. According to Transit 55, 8395 made its debut today on the 3/62/796 and is out until 12:28 tonight.
  12. One of BC Transit's 30-footers actually rear-ended a car last year, was B.O for about 6 months until parts came in. So parts for these Vicinitys are hard to obtain since they come from China... Grande West needs to get a parts facility in North America!
  13. Disabled Greyhound bus on the shoulder outside of Dallas gets rear ended by Semi-Truck: https://www.chron.com/neighborhood/woodlands/news/article/Greyhound-bus-involved-in-I-45-crash-14834162.php#item-85307-tbla-14
  14. Just a heads up! You will see Xcelsior bus parked in-front of every Co-op (with the exception of Downtown) this Saturday November 16th for the annual Stuff A Bus for the Calgary Food Bank. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/stuff-bus-help-calgarians-need https://www.calgaryfoodbank.com/stuffabus/
  15. It looks more clean and straight to the point of the fact the vehicle is out of service.
  16. I've seen an 81xx NG have that exposure and honestly it's a better than saying Sorry... Not in Service.
  17. No "Sorry..." Single line "NOT IN SERVICE"
  18. 8009, 8010 - 900 8058 - 944 1010 - 79 3108 - 12D 9012, 9055, 9039 - 29 3110 - NIS (Using the special NIS sign)
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