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  2. Hi, new member here, if the second batch, STM decided to remove many stuff to reduce cost, what about the rear number display? Will it still be on the side? Rear window?
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  4. At long last. 12 hours after the pork went into the smoker, I’m digging into a pulled pork sandwich.
  5. Keeping me busy today aren't you? 😛 The above requests have been completed.
  6. A BBQ place, Memphis Blues, I frequented in Vancouver (pretty much every Saturday because that's the night they had baked potatoes), I caught the 'carver' cutting off the bark from the brisket. I asked him if he was going to throw it out. He said they use most of it in their 'pit beans' and in their chili, but some gets tossed because most people don't like it. I almost fainted. Anyhow, since that conversation they were saving me all the bark from when they opened that day until I came in for my 'usual' (2 meat dinner - brisket, catfish, pit beans, corn bread, collard greens and baked potato.) So I got the normal serving of brisket plus all the bark they could spare. I loved the rock hard pieces, took a while to chew (like an all-day sucker LOL) but OMG, the flavor was incredible. I really miss that place. I would bring friends there anytime I had out of town visitors. Plus, they treated me good. If a baked potato was a bit on the small side they would give me two, stuff like that. There are two Memphis Blues in Edmonton, but both are at extreme ends of the city, too far to go without a vehicle. The one in Van was six short blocks from where I lived.
  7. Septa has suspended its service as of 6 pm today until 6 am tomorrow
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  9. The pork’s coming along nicely. Time to unwrap. ...and get the sauce on it.
  10. Some to none. The MTQ leases the line to Chemin de fer Sartigan, who, with its RS-18 and RS-23, hauls short (sometimes 1-car) convoys of grain, steel and wood cars between Joffre yard and Scott for its 2 main clients, Logibel (transhipment & logistics) and Breton (grain). Bunge used to be a large client, but with the sale of Saint-Lambert silos to Comagro in 2019, I wouldn't know. KLN rail maintenance also has a facility in Saint-Lambert.
  11. Ah thanks for the reply and the clarification, I thought I could see which direction the bus going....
  12. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Wave_Transit_System_11xx to "Wave Transit System 1101-1110" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Wave_Transit_System_2007_MPxx to "Wave Transit System MP78-MP82" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Wave_Transit_System_2009_MPxx to "Wave Transit System MP83-MP89" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Wave_Transit_System_2011_MPxx to "Wave Transit System MP90-MP94" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Wave_Transit_System_2012_MPxx to "Wave Transit System MP95-MP103"
  13. Oh I totally agree. That’s why I gave it just over six hours to set up before I wrapped it. Meanwhile, back indoors in the “That’s not stainless steel! And it says Kenmore! How can you even cook on that thing?” kitchen, something else was coming together. Are those what you all think they are? If you said “Reece’s Pieces”, the answer is yes. The first batch needs to cool off a bit more before the taste test happens. Got the fire pit ready to go too. Rumour has it after being teased with numerous photos via text message, the founding members of Friends I’d Philadelphia Trolleys is deciding whether or not the pictures are adequate justification at the border for essential travel to Canada on the basis of barbecue at my place.
  14. TTC: Spotted 8639 on the 54A with a new P/R signage: "Face covering is recommended on TTC" due to COVID-19.
  15. Clint Eastwood turns 90 on May 31, 2020.
  16. Saw a 44x5 at mile marker 178 in Whitby on a CP train just now heading east
  17. A bump, but since you asked about updated fleet information, I have updated the CPTDB Wiki page to reflect current information for Huntsville Shuttle Bus. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Huntsville_shuttle_bus The Alabama A&M Arrivo you photographed is the only one they have and it is a 2015 former ElDorado demonstrator bus.
  18. Five hours plus one temperature spike later, how’s the porky doing? Time to take the lid off and check. The bark has set up beautifully. Between that and as the coal has burned down and the level in the water pan has dropped a lot over the last five hours, I decided it was time to start spraying. I also refilled the water pan to the top. To wrap the pork or to not wrap the pork and keep spraying it every so often, that is the question...
  19. In the midibus realm there is also ARBOC, with Equess and Liberty model options.
  20. From yesterday: either this bus never got them or CT is starting to remove the stickers that blocked off seats for physical distancing.
  21. A Cheese and Spinach Burek (Croatian Savory Pie) and a mandarin orange.
  22. It’s back in the shop getting a high voltage harness that was back ordered:
  23. I decided to have fried eggs instead of my usual scrambled. Late lunch. I had a continental breakfast this morning as I was getting the pork picnic roast on to the smoker so I only got hungry now.
  24. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Montgomery_Area_Transit_System_1xx to "Montgomery Area Transit System 101-105" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Montgomery_Area_Transit_System_01xx to "Montgomery Area Transit System 0185" https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Montgomery_Area_Transit_System_03xx - Please delete, the content on the page should have been on 2 separate pages
  25. I saw it take off this morning! Its a lot quieter than I thought...
  26. TTC 3332 3600 are on the 36 Finch West. 3706 was on the 36 Finch West route earlier but I saw it deadheading back to Arrow Road Garage.
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