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  2. New livery for SARTA: SARTA also has a few ElDorado National Axess BRT Hydrogen Fuel Cell buses.
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  4. I would say most likely Mt Dennis. They'll loose most of the 32 Eg West runs. The more interesting 334 route could be split between 2 or even 3 divisions as it will operate from one end of the city to the other. Maybe Mt Dennis can take the 52 back but that's not so likely if they become a bigger artic division.
  5. Yeah I’m annoyed when I have to force the splash page for the wifi
  6. When you're trying to sleep and the person you're sharing a bed with goes on their phone! In a romantic relationship I think this would be a dealbreaker for me. I have insane difficulty falling asleep and when I do I can wake up at the slightest provocation, a phone screen just makes the problem worse. If you must text, get out of bed and go to another room.
  7. Hi @Erin Mishkin Jr.. Any of the breakdown sightings like this are generally posted in the Today’s Sightings thread. True.
  8. It wasn't out yesterday though? (unless it was running unscheduled or training)
  9. Thanks for the correction double checking that 98E is Miller being Southeast Division, not TOK mixing up the 98 which is operated by North Division. That is what I saw on Transsee. To be honest, I didn't think they would operate on the 96 Keele-Yonge because of how much scheduled time it would take to operate from one end to the other route and back before needing to recharge. Route 50 Queensway is similar having to provide a transfer connection between Newmarket Bus Terminal and Keswick with a similar one-way trip time. I have seen it operating on local and school routes operated by North Division. Seems their testing is evolving beyond the original two routes 44 Bristol and 55 Davis Drive. Being much shorter of course unless they are somehow short on regular buses and sending them in when needed.
  10. Is it safe to assume 332 has been retired? It hasnt seen service since April. Its still on property though
  11. When the Eglinton Crosstown opens I wonder which division will take over the new route 34 Eglinton?, maybe either Mt.Dennis or Eglinton or maybe even Wilson division
  12. 38-052 was on the 470 renfort this morning. I saw a BYD parked outside CT SL with the sign displaying "En Transit".
  13. Durham Region Transit Service Changes effective October 4th 2021 https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/about-us/our-services-tiles.aspx Route 103 Glenanna New weekday local route service central and west Pickering from Pickering Parkway Terminal, serving Liverpool, Glenanna, Fairport, Strouds, Whites, Kingston, Altona, Pine Grove, Valley Ridge, Hogarth, Woodview and Waterford before turning back south on Altona towards Pickering Parkway Terminal this route will operate every 30 minutes from 6:00am to 19:00. Route 112 Valley Farm No more branches, all trips operate to and from Zents via Valley Farm to reduce duplication of existing 916 service on Brock Road. Route 411 Sourh Courtice Schedule changes and additional peak trips.
  14. Looks like we got some new RED line buses coming. Photo from the Gillig plant. Bus 8021 & 8022
  15. Medical incident truncated T4 and T5 at Port Haney this evening. Buses continue east to Mission.
  16. 25-234 was exiting CT AN this afternoon! 26-081, 27-013 on the 192E this afternoon not tracking 26-055 was doing the 136 midday!
  17. U2 set parked in the 11st yard, didn't catch any numbers
  18. 405/405C is so infrequent... 310 is nice...saves me about a dollar off the 56 There's still a ancient system map at the Oshawa Centre bus terminal denoting the 414 service
  19. Apparently 1914 was a stand by / cover bus covering one of the buses on 98. 571 did the 98E this afternoon The other "electric bus" that was on the 96 this week was 2101.
  20. The 98E isnt operated by TOK Transit. It really cant go out there.
  21. Noticed this week that electric buses are being shifted around to other routes. 33 Wellington and one of the longer routes, 98E Yonge because it finished the trip at Newmarket Bus Terminal earlier today. The only other time it terminates at Newmarket Bus Terminal is 98/99 Yonge late evening for the last three trips of the weekday. Another electric bus spotted on the 96 Keele-Yonge this week via Transsee. Considering they are still in trial phase expanding beyond the local routes. Difference with the 98E is that the first stop is Finch Station and it services all local stops after Yonge/Bernard to Newmarket Bus Terminal. A lot of distance to travel from North division to Finch and then back to Newmarket Bus Terminal before heading to the yard.
  22. 30-089 was on the 90 today not tracking
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