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  2. You would know better than me, but the trackers has 4401 sitting in the same spot on track 20? as the first or 2nd car at the west end since it was moved there early Thursday morning. I haven't seen it out of the yard since the move and had expect it to start testing that day. Still there now unless an issue with the trackers. 4402 was back out on 506 after a day in the service bay and currently on track 15. 4404 & 4403 in the service bay with 4405 on the yard service track I either have the wrong dates for 4403 or it was off site for 2 years. I have it loaded for Quebec Feb 20, 2018, return Feb 27, 2020 and been here 38 days so far. Can't recall if it has done any test runs. 4404 been out testing every day since Sunday up to Friday. Some where less than haft a day of test runs.
  3. Could have been doing some essential service work!
  4. Actually 1 week and 1 day (as of when you made the post). Soooooo close!
  5. Here are some clips I took of buses running on the transitway from about a week ago. Pretty cool to get a preview of what will be in a couple of weeks!
  6. New monitors up and running at Fort Rouge Station, including an electronic billboard, displaying current information, and Phase 2 information. Jubilee Station is unchanged, and the signs at both stops are also unchanged. With the new upcoming bus monitors, wouldn't it be nice if they always displayed the number of minutes until the next bus, or at least extend it to 60 minutes (instead of the current 15 minutes)? For example, that next 170 was scheduled to come in 27 minutes, but you wouldn't know that until you did the math in your head.
  7. https://www.bramptonguardian.com/news-story/9924259-second-brampton-transit-operator-testing-positive-for-covid-19-worked-3-routes/
  8. By the way if a wiki editor with access to the BT wiki could change the status to 0204, 0208, 0210, 0214, 2015, 0217, 0220, 0221 & 0301 to retired. As those units have been retired since late 2019 and removed from the property. 0218 and 0216 are the only active 02's left (0218 hasn't left sandalwood in a few months but hasn't been decommissioned yet) and 0216 has been doing fine up until march 13th (i'm not sure why it hasn't left since then) Also if anyone happens to edit the BT page feel free to use on of my photos as a cover pic for the 1975-1976 thumbnail as i have pics of both buses on my Flickr page 1975: https://flickr.com/photos/143316823@N06/48735444012/in/photolist-2hfyX5L-2hfzTA5 1976: https://flickr.com/photos/143316823@N06/49548302568/in/photolist-2iuq17L (just be sure to provide credit in the comments lol)
  9. I saw three UCL coaches tonight in Richmond getting off of the highway heading back to their base on Mitchell Island. This was shocking I must say as I thought there’s no more bus tours due to social distancing and Covid-19.
  10. Yes this is in effect for the entire system as we do not have presto readers or cash machines by the rear of the bus making it impossible to pay a fare while practicing social distancing from the operator and other passengers. Even though it says "no fares are required" its essentially free service anyway because of what I just stated about the presto reader and farebox
  11. Route 93 hasn't served the west end since 2016; it's been serving the south end since then. Route 63 doesn't travel to Terry Fox station, but it does serve Terry Fox Drive in Kanata North.
  12. So, what will be added? That article says there would be “added feeder service.”
  13. Yeah, I'm still planning on walking all the way to Balmoral for 5:30 AMish. If the weather is subpar, then Harkness or Fort Rouge, I'm not missing the first BLUE bus.
  14. Nope Saturday schedule I looked at crews my buddy sent and it’s Saturday run numbers
  15. Extra service to the hospitals and to major grocery centres, i presume?
  16. Oh so all classics in Canada are in Alberta as well as Galland, almost forgot FTCHQ and Saskatoon Transits #449
  17. This would be my proposed fleet of Air Canada Rouge and Air Transat merge into one after the buyout is complete Retire the A319,A320, and 767-300ER it would be 27 A321-200 16 A321NEOLR 2 A321NEO 16 A330-200 4 A330-300 total 65 Aircraft the 8 737-800’s could be sold, stay in the new Transat/AC Rouge fleet, join the mainline fleet or be retired
  18. Airports that I actually flown out off and not just for spotting. Canada: YYC - Calgary International Airport YBW - Springbank Airport YEG - Edmonton International Airport YVR - Vancouver International Airport CXH - Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre. YGG - Ganges Water Aerodrome YAQ - Maple Bay Water Aerodrome YZF - Yellowknife Airport YWG - Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport YYZ - Toronto Pearson International Airport YOW - Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport YHZ - Halifax Stanfield International Airport Europe: FRA - Frankfurt am Main Airport MUC - Munich Airport
  19. So it will be an enhanced spring Saturday schedule (BLUE will be running)?
  20. Ya there’s pieces of work that don’t get signed then they end up on the spare board
  21. If they’re booked ahead, that explains why one driver would make sporadic appearances throughout. Are there many pieces (if any at all) that go unsigned? Because this isn’t the only time I’ve noticed different drivers doing the same work pretty much every day.
  22. No, what he's saying is that us operators are just dumb bus drivers and that we're unable to operate a bus safely and keep track of how many passengers are on the bus. Nevermind that by keeping track of passengers in the bus were trying to keep passengers and ourselves safe.
  23. Could be holidays could be some one who is on sick leave and they give the work everyday to someone who is booked ahead
  24. Aren’t there already more spare drivers than actual drivers? ‘Cause on 21-7 this change, there was an older gentleman who I saw every so often and one younger driver who did that work all of one week, but apart from that, there was a different driver almost every day.
  25. Yes my buddy said it’s shitty, that everyone will be stuck doing weekend work and that there’s gonna be a lot of spare drivers
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