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  2. Another question would be who maintains the track now. Is it still CN who were the ones who maintained it in 2011? CN is federally-regulated. Metrolinx isn't.
  3. GREATER OTTAWA AREA Lowest: 122.9 - Stinson - Cyrville Road near Meadowbrook Road - Gloucester Highest: 146.6 - Canadian Tire - Bank Street near Findlay Creek Drive - Gloucester Average: 134.75
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    Metro Transit

    I did a data practices act request. Metro Transit is a public agency, and all public agencies, cities, counties, states, and public transit agencies in MN, as well as nonprofits and companies who receive public, state, and federal funding, are subject to what is the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Chapter 13 of Minnesota Statute. The statute says most things the government agency creates are available to the public. This includes fleet rosters, maps, charts, salary information, pre-recorded voice announcements on transit vehicles, etc. However, they are not readily available. You have to ask the person who is the responsible authority (generally, whoever leads the agency). Many agencies have responsible authorities who delegate the handling of public records requests to what is called a designee. All requests should go to this designee. Metro Transit's designees are their PR people: Howie Padilla and Laura Baenen. To make a request, fill out this form on page 11 of this PDF and send it to [firstname].[lastname][at]metrotransit.org. Public Records Requests for the Met Council can be found at this link: https://metrocouncil.org/About-Us/Publications-And-Resources/Data-Access-Procedures.aspx Although they can charge fees (25¢/page or for the time the person has to spend to retrieve the data for you, depending on agency), I have never been charged. Yet. Public Records Requests for Greater MN transit agencies, as well as Jefferson Lines and Land to Air Express, can be done through MnDOT through this form: https://www.dot.state.mn.us/information/datapractices/index.html For all agencies, you do not need to provide your name or contact information to make a request. But keep in mind you'll need a place (not necessarily a place associated with you) to let them know where you would like to receive the data. I mostly do my requests through e-mail.
  6. 28-122 was on 54-05 today, so I made the effort to catch it later in the evening without checking further... and 28-123 showed up. Seems like the former was changed off midday. Phew! that was close! It could have been a disaster with a 31 series as the replacement. 27-008 was on the 192 around that time, as well as 31-830 on the 121 (not tracking). 31-194 was En Transit on de Louvain at de l'Acadie, run 0110. Chevron is still botched on that one. 30-006 was on the 171 this morning, run 0103, still not tracking.
  7. LE 31-031 (ex-SL) was on the 174. LE 31-121 was En Transit at Côte-Vertu, just came back from doing the 72. SN 33-811 was on the 121 not tracking. LS 40-022 was on the 196.
  8. 8329 my mistake. Also spotted Guildwood GO Station parking lot jammed packed with GO, Megabus and Coach Canada coaches including DD's for the LE Shuttle.
  9. 18330 rolled out this afternoon on 9~~
  10. The above page renaming requests should have all been completed. Thank you for your patience, I was away on vacation last week, and doing page title changes on my phone would probably have been a bad idea.
  11. It's kinda too bad they don't run the Proterras on Bay anymore.
  12. likely replaced by XD35s or something
  13. There's a wristful irony about electric bus demonstrators in that Flyer leased one of their rebuilds back form the TTC and demonstrated it in a bunch of places. I've seen pictures of it running in Hamilton, Boston, and Edmonton. I think it was trialled in a few more places and Flyer did get some trolleybus sales out of it. Eventually, it hasn't happened yet, but eventually my travels will have me cross paths with one of the current TTC electric buses but until then, the last time I rode on a TTC electric bus was on Bay St. in the fall of 1992 when they were put out for the last gasp of running out the lease period on the Edmonton BBCs. My regular twice a day electric bus ride got shut down in December 1991 when the 61 Nortown line was changed to bus. There was no reprieve or last stand for the three lines out of Eglinton and even though it was billed as a temporary mothballing pending a final decision later at the time, everyone knew they were never going to come back. I'll gather my thoughts on it and write a more detailed post on it in a few days in December when we come up on 30 years (Where did the last three decades go?) from the beginning of the end.
  14. BREAKING NEWS YALL!! 3501 was on 15 4004 is on 66 as of rn they have all release them to the public!!!
  15. does anyone else not like these new timetable cover designs or is it just me?
  16. I believe the "pilot" phase is 2 or 3 months The one TTC is doing isn't available to the public yet (as far as I'm aware) so I suppose what they mean is the first to be available to the public
  17. Chicken Caesar Wraps (Caesar dressing, pulled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, Hot Salsa rolled up in Cheesy Jalapeno tortilla shells) and some fruit for dessert.
  18. TTC can't do work covered under warranty on their own buses in-house. The manufacturer would, or whatever company they designate to do the repairs. Given these are also the TTC's first fully electric buses, it could also be an issue with a component or system that TTC staff aren't currently trained or equipped to repair.
  19. If Eglinton stayed on the surface, it would be slower and impede with heavy traffic. However the OL doesn't impede with traffic with this change so it's not completely unacceptable.
  20. On November 27,2021 at 10:41 PM BusFanForever Said: 1033 has been retired Im not sure if 1033 is retired on Cptdb wiki I searched up 1000-1149 and it said 1033 is still active #1503 Might Be Next I Saw It On A Truck This Afternoon And saw it again at 1810 Markham Rd
  21. Toronto's Eglinton Crosstown LRT opening may not happen next year
  22. Yesterday
  23. Earlier I was looking on Transsee to try to find at least one of 7 electric buses I have yet to ride (5 Proterras and 2 BYDs). I looked for 3756 and Transsee put it on Hwy 404 but last seen November 22. It looked like it was going to Newmarket, IIRC the factory is in/around Newmarket as in 2019 I saw two TTC painted but at the time unlettered BYD buses. So is there a reason 3756 would be going to the factory that TTC can't do?
  24. ^Both sides are at fault: Metrolinx isnt forthcoming with information, and hides the most critical parts of how various infrastructure projects would affect communities. There are certainly times they are forthcoming, but there are other times where they choose to be inept and outright do complete 180s on what they initially promise until they are pressed by the community at large. With the particular case of Leslieville, they are just whining over the loss of literally a fraction of their precious park space and increased noise over a corridor which is already set to see massive train traffic increase due to GO RER. I dont have an ounce of sympathy for them whatsoever, and if half those people were as passionate about other critical city projects/politics we wouldnt be consistently electing dopes into office who completely screw up the city with their various antics.
  25. Eldorado is offering a Battery Electric bus using the Cummins system. For the longest time Eldorado was mainly focused on Fuel Cell.
  26. Might be another bus but this happened yesterday somewhere around 1:00-4:00PM
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