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  2. Keeping up with this topic, 1068-1070, 1072 & 1073 are now wifi buses in place of other buses with wifi that have been retired
  3. Today
  4. 2164 wrapped for Cirque du Soleil - Kooza
  5. What an unlucky day for the 2023 Nova HEV 7037
  6. 7913 has had its upper rear panel replaced wth an 802x panel (I hadn’t gotten a good look at the number of the original bus). The numbering font looks reminiscent of what the fishbowls got when new
  7. Canada Line 104 wrapped for Cirque du Soleil Kooza
  8. Yesterday
  9. Nice. If 116 stays on the green line go on Blue Line . Might get a chance to ride on October 7th. Maybe 103 aswell.
  10. Winnipeg Transit 648 on Route 649 to Whyte Ridge Winnipeg Transit 524 on Route 75 to Windsor Park, on Run 21-48 (highest sequentially numbered run ever).
  11. 7037 was sideswiped on the driverside at Weston and Walsh at around 3:05 while deadheading to start on 89 Weston lol it literally left the garage 15 Minutes before the accident
  12. By "platforms" do you mean bus platforms? Both stations have always had a single train platform. Last time I was through Islington it looked pathetic, Warden maybe less so.
  13. I was on the last day of vacation in Calgary, getting ready to return home. My sister texted me with the news, maybe something she had heard on the radio at work; I followed up and OMG!
  14. 3203 hit a Honda Civic at Alness St (near Finch Ave), on 939A route Eastbound. TTC supervisor on scene.
  15. Fair enough. I just try my best to be proactive before I go anywhere and that’s one way I can do it. I think these days 98% of people have a cell phone with a data plan and thus can try to be informed that way, whether it be Twitter or the TTC website itself. I do also find that those platform TV screens do share big delays most of the time, as well as upcoming closures (I.E. notifying of the Line 1 closure tonight and tomorrow from St. Clair W to Sheppard W). This particular delay on Monday I didn’t take the subway so I’m not sure if they were working or not. But this morning I saw the delay/no service posted on the TV screens. You also do get those transit control announcements if there are delays on the line and I’m sure those were relayed frequently. I will also say that if a train I am on is delayed, the operator will often give an announcement to passengers saying the reason why (I.e. a service adjustment, or holding because of a delay at the station ahead, whatever it may be). What difference does it make? I dunno. Most people have their headphones on so probably don’t listen or hear, and those who do- they just think to themselves- “great! Another delay”. I do agree there can be better ways of keeping riders informed of delays. An example I thought of this morning while I was riding the 512 bus is maybe having those drivers let customers know who were getting off at St. Clair W “hey, there’s a delay this morning between Vaughan and Union. If you’re going downtown maybe stay onboard and ride to St. Clair”. But still, I don’t think there’s a perfect way that will make everyone happy when delays happen, that’s just why I try to stay proactive when I go anywhere in the city
  16. S18197 on the 335 Newton Exchange
  17. @busboy335will there be a specific route I’ll be training/driving on after I get hired at kat in a few months
  18. I wasn't aware that was a thing, had me think for a minute VTC got some deckers
  19. The most frustrating part of all, if I don't let this degenerate come inside the bus, the TTC management calls it a "human rights violation"......
  20. First run of one of the new Venture sets in revenue service between Montreal and Toronto today. Engine 2203 led train 63 with cab-car 2302 bringing up the rear.
  21. 2358 entered service on route 51 this afternoon. 2268 was delivered today.
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