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  2. A lot of the official Avenues are not on any current rapid transit line, nor on any rapid transit line likely to be built in the foreseeable future (assuming LRT is rapid transit in the first place). You are also assuming that an avenue will automatically generate rapid transit demand along the avenue corridor, which is a dubious proposition. Anyway I'm not holding my breath waiting for anything to be built in Scarborough other than the currently-committed line along Eglinton, and maybe a replacement for the SRT. Anything better would have to wait for the next election(s), and those aren't looking too promising right now.
  3. Per FlexityTracker (and a glance at Transsee to confirm) 4438 is in service on the 510
  4. hello all just curious does the ttc hold 1 or 2 weeks of pay during training?
  5. 4439 is at Leslie in case anyone was wondering
  6. Great photos. Although I am partial to Trolleybuses myself, I like the restoration job on these coaches. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I thought I saw this bus going down Martin Luther King Jr Way, complete with a vintage rolls ignore saying 42-Empire Way. During this buses tenure with Seattle Transit and later Metro, that was the street's name.
  7. With a bit of research, I believe the Vicinity's will be numbered as follows. I have updated the BC Transit "On order" section to reflect this. Order #1: 41 30ft Vicinity's. 4007-4045 & 4060-4061** Order #2: 14 30ft Vicinity's. 4046-4059 3 35ft Vicinity's. Numbers Unknown. Order #3: 39 30ft Vicinity's. 4062-4100 ** 4060 & 4061 were incorrectly numbered 4005 & 4006. Only after the order for 14 buses was put into the system was the mistake realized. Which caused the jump in numbers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Victoria has taken delivery of 4060 & 4061. Vernon has taken delivery of 4007, 4008, 4009, 4010, 4011, 4012 & 4014. Buses 4013, 4015 & 4016 are still coming. Two additional buses will arrive in September for service expansion, for a total of Twelve Vicinity's.
  8. It was not him.
  9. If you look, there are holes drilled in the ground for an additional shelter at stop D.
  10. I wondered if that was who I spotted. Route 104 Place, 9pm at Hurdman.
  11. My guess on that "oddball route" is 340 Scottsdale. I think there have been rumours of it moving before. One thing I do see coming is #100 moving back to VTC, since the electric bus trial for next year will likely be based there (I will miss riding XN40s though...)
  12. A driver was telling me the other day that the 49 and 410 are coming back to RTC in September. When I asked about the XDE60s, he said that about a dozen were going to stay at VTC, and the rest transferred "somewhere" (he thought BTC with RTC getting the older BTC artics, but he said stranger things have happened). He thought the 480 was going to move to VTC (but he wasn't sure -- he only said that he didn't see the 480 listed in the RTC "draft" sheets for September when he was signing his June work), so they were going to keep a handful of artics for them and other routes. He also said that the 32 was going to move back to VTC and that "some other oddball route" is moving to Hamilton. He wasn't sure about those last few things either, but he was "positive" about the 410 and 49. Does anyone else have any information about this as I've received similar information from drivers before and it has been bogus...
  13. Thank you for the very detailed explanation. It makes much more sense now. On another point, was there someone from this board at Bridgeport Station around 9:00 PM Thursday waiting for a 351? I was helping someone with information and someone with at least as much route knowledge as me about the routes was also doing so. Then when I commented that the bus coming in was the 351 I was waiting for, according to "my app" (T-Comm), this person said "oh I have that app too" and definitely appeared to be transit-geek-minded (meant in the most respectful way, not in a bad way). If so, hi! I tend not to identify myself as I tend to not broadcast my interest in transit to people I don't know, but hello nonetheless.
  14. Great, you find it absurd that I hope the project will be an epic failure. Unfortunately, that's the only way the narrow-minded politicians will learn. By epic failure, I mean that they'll have to spend oodles more money after the fact and eventually bring the costs up to the same as what Skytrain would have been, for a far inferior system. In my hometown of Windsor, Ontario back in the 90s, there were plans in place to build a brand new arena for the Windsor Spitfires. I remember it well, even as a kid, and my Dad even ran for city council at one point to pressure the city on their desired location way out in the boonies (wasn't only that one issue, but it was one of the big ones). Long story short, many people complained about the location, the city said go stuff it we know what we're doing, they built it, and now they are regretting it so much there have been some talks (mind you, not very serious though) from a couple city councilors about re-purposing the new one and building a brand new one again back downtown in the location of the old one. Essentially, moving it out of the downtown killed all business downtown as no one ever had a reason to come. Now, they have made some changes to the downtown and built other things (an aquatic centre) to draw people in, but the fact that the arena is so far out of the downtown is a lasting problem and will never be fully rectified. This was one of those examples of "epic failures" of which I am speaking, which was the only way the city learned as "they knew everything" beforehand. As for the Calgary incident, there wasn't really any other way for the intersection lights to be designed, because there was a divided road from one traffic on one side could proceed. If the traffic lights were tied to the train gates, the traffic on the divided road would end up stopped much more often. Mind you, this, I'm told, isn't overly common, but it does happen and can snarl already busy traffic just because of one LRT delay. In Edmonton, the opening of the Metro Line made the news for a couple reasons, one being the traffic snarling due to the gates being down with a train in the station and nothing coming in terms of traffic, not to mention crashes that will block the intersections. If this is what Surrey wants, by all means go for it. No LRT system that is built in traffic (even if it is "separated" except at cross streets) can avoid such issues, and should be avoided unless they are the only feasible option (and it is not, for Surrey). Unfortunately, fully grade separating ends up costing pretty much the same as Skytrain would, so you're not saving anything. You can say "pay more attention" all you want, but the fact is, everyone is in a hurry and don't really care to pay more attention. I have nothing against the "technology" of LRT (using overhead wires with a pantograph) vs. Skytrain, it's the misconceptions that it's "cheaper" but "equivalent" to Skytrain/subway that irks me the most. There are many cities that have made LRT very successful, and for the most part, Calgary is one of them, as well as many cities in the US (Portland comes to mind first, but Minneapolis and Houston also). But it was built in those cities not to "extend" an existing subway/Skytrain system, but as a brand new system that is better than buses alone.
  15. I sincerely doubt Beaver or Exclusive ever carried even a negligible number of local internal Selkirk riders. The launch of Selkirk Transit would probably have had no effect whatsoever on Beaver's decision to abandon or Exclusive's. It's my understanding that ridership between Selkirk and Winnipeg has been on a long steady decline for more than a decade (or two). Supposedly Exclusive was getting around 50 riders/day. No where near enough to break even on costs. Beaver complained about a U of Winnipeg student ride sharing app that cut ridership. The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region's regional transit study is floating around and getting a little attention but it's dead in the water without funding, and the Pallister provincial government is currently cutting its transit operating funding. The chances of new funding appearing seem incredibly unlikely. It would be my impression that the municipalities that form the Partnership wouldn't cough up a nickel for transit operation and would expect someone else to pay. There's a rumour circulating that another commercial operator has applied to give Winnipeg-Selkirk a try but I have neither details nor credible confirmation.
  16. 2018 MCI J4500 look like so nice, i can't wait i can get a ride in those bus, Sky window roof. 2018 MCI J4500 look like so nice, i can't wait i can get a ride in those bus, Sky window roof.
  17. TTC 1358 on the 32A in the new livery. You can't miss these things miles away with that red hybrid battery cover!
  18. Didn't 4439 arrive yet? I think it should had by Thursday. I don't think PCC 4549 have been in service this year. 4500 was at the Easter parade and ran for a few Sundays. Although nextbus reports it was last active 13 hours ago oppose to 9 months ago the last time I checked.
  19. I don't think the demand for start and end trips along Sheppard are that high. The whole point of transit city as we know was to encourage local development so people could shop, work, entertain, pick up kids and meet with people all along the same LRT corridor. A subway doesn't give developer that many opportunity with a few stations oppose to many LRT stops. Too bad many of those folks out there don't understand or care about this concept. As for rapid transit. A network of LRT lines is a very good idea. If demand supports it, I do support a line on Finch, Sheppard, Ellesmere and Lawrence. It's better than putting all the eggs in one basket and building one subway line. I don't like the idea of funneling everyone on one subway line. Something goes wrong with the Yonge line for example, everyone is screwed. It becomes chaos. Of course I disagree with building everything is Scarborough and leaving everyone with nothing. I think it would be a good idea for people to see how well Eglinton, Finch and Hurontario lines operate first. It will give people a better sense of LRT before they conclude to subways. It will also remind subway supporters of Scarborough why they have nothing built in 2021/22 when these three LRT lines are completed in the GTA. If in luck we'll see the Scarborough subway construction start up.
  20. Approx. 4 05s D40LFs now up for auction
  21. Volvo D16 is not more in US and Canada. D13 is a nice engine, they can make up to 500HP.
  22. First off, I am not assuming all the cars are headed downtown. Secondly, when I speak of motorists that have the option of using transit on Sheppard over the 401 I am talking about those who start/end their trips on Sheppard and are generally travelling within the city. I am not speaking about those who are just passing through the area on the 401. My overall point that I'm trying to make is that higher order transit whether it is subway, LRT or BRT makes more sense on Sheppard East versus Finch East. It supports the city's planning objectives and extends an already existing rapid transit line even if it means a transfer has to be made between the two. Why would you want to build an LRT that parallels a subway line 2km to the south?
  23. They're being prepared for Canada Day. I thought this was answered already?
  24. Drove through the new Hurdman Station today. It looks great, and it's actually quite expansive. Of concern: Stop B, for all the downtown-bound buses, is quite short. Can fit two articulated buses comfortably with doors open. The scaffolding prevents additional buses from opening their doors, although it does not mean there will be a backlog of buses, as there is a second lane. Stop D currently has no shelter and is strangely far away from Stop C. The current shelter capacity at Hurdman has also been drastically been reduced from what was available at Temphurd Station.
  25. The PCCs haven't been on 509 for the last few weeks. Are they both having mechanical problems?
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