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  2. Passed through Union Station earlier this week and noticed they had new Ride Guides available at the Customer Service counter. The cover artwork commemorates Indigenous Heritage Month and includes a panel on the TTC's 100th Anniversary and shows the renumbered 13 AVENUE RD. and 19 BAY. Apologies they seem to be uploading rotated to landscape instead of portrait. Will have to make another post due to the upload limit!
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  4. Strangely there's no mention of it on MiWay's Customer Service Twitter or Facebook accounts.
  5. Feel free to alert the authorities. Admins can do as they see fit. I’m done here.
  6. Here be a picture, though not the best!
  7. If/When the extension to Richmond Hill Centre/High Tech is built I hope Richmond Hill doesn't start clamouring for a further extension north into town. The tail tracks and storage are slated to extend north past the station, so "just a little bit further" isn't beyond the realm of possibility for future governments at various levels. Hopefully VIVA Silver along Jane is enough that there aren't calls to extend the Spadina end as well.
  8. THANK YOU VERY MUCH " captaintrolley ". I appreciate your likes !! With you being a woman, It's about time one of the Administrators informs " Bus_Medic " that " Bitchslapping " is against the law In CANADA. I did not need his negative comments tonight. I did not do anything to him. All I did was post some very good photographs.
  9. Credit to the instagram poster,
  10. Thanks! I don't recall hearing about it in the news. You'd think there would be even a brief explanation as to why the platform was closed. Again, a second entrance on the west side of Dixie would have eliminated the need for the closure. As to whether or not it would be an accessible entrance would be up to MiWay to decide if it was worth spending the funds on.
  11. A car crashed into the platform entrance at Street level
  12. Does anyone know the reason for the closure of the eastbound platform at the Dixie Transitway Station? Transit Toronto makes it sound rather vague as the source material from MiWay's Service Update has very little in terms of details regarding the closure. From Transit Toronto: MiWay has announced that, starting Friday, June 11, it’s closed the eastbound station building at Dixie Station on the Mississauga Transitway. It has not explained why it’s closed the station. All passengers must enter or exit the station through the westbound side of the station. Passengers who must exi
  13. Wooooowwww, I'll go take a picture for that one, thank you
  14. Random screen grabs ? That comment really hurts. Along time ago there was something called film. Just enjoy the pictures please. You will notice most of the pictures are forty years old.
  15. Agreed. Lovely photos, but would be nice to know where and when they were taken and such.
  16. Ironically, the pharmacy that administered my first dose contacted me out of the blue with an appointment for a second. Monday, 3:30 for a shot of moderna. I’ll be mixing n matching after all.
  17. Some context to these random screen grabs would be helpful.
  18. H18051 be unfortunately unwrapped from KPU wrap.
  19. The wrap fooled me when I saw it, thought it was getting stripped for refurb or retrofitted track cleaner.
  20. Today I discovered that Stawnichy's Mundare Sausage now has three varieties (original, GF, and cheesy) as well as bright, bold new packaging !!!
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