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  1. TTC 8607 turning into Islington Station after a run on the 110A Islington South.
  2. No, I was not able to make the day as I was out of town with family. Thanks for the advice everyone, I’ll let you know how it goes.
  3. Thanks all for the advice, unfortunately she already knows I like transit as well as aviation and still talks to me which is great. I’m going to take it slowly cause I have a tendency to mess things up
  4. Love those things Can’t get enough of them
  5. Can agree one hundred percent, especially when you spend a lot of time with them and you know they don’t like you back. Story of being a transit fan.
  6. Why am I not surprised? I’m sure Bombardier has something to do with this.
  7. We all can hope but we know that they will eventually, these will probably turn into a house for someone because they meet the ground and are sealed well, does anyone know if they are heated?
  8. It will be interesting to see what happens with this scenario, the fact that Transat is significantly cheaper than Rouge is a selling point. If Transat and AC merge I think that the price of Rouge’s flights will need to drop or a new brand name will be required with lower prices. As for Star Alliance, they might put logos on, they might not, as of now you can’t book Transat flights on ACs website and vice versa with Transats website for AC flights
  9. Is there any reason why most of the RAD buses today have been on Eglinton routes?
  10. Is it confirmed the Air Canada will take over the Air Transat Brand name, if they don’t then the A321s and 737s will operate under the Transat name. And if Air Canada takes over the name what is to happen of the aircraft?
  11. It was out because of the derailment at St. George
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