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  1. I’ve found Rocketman said that Android was working and they were working on an update for iOS devices. Don’t know what the status on that is though. Weird that some trackers aren’t working but some are
  2. There was a bad accident causing severe traffic and the 84C and 99 to divert. Assuming that the 984 buses got redirected over to the 84 to handle the delay
  3. 1060 has wifi. Just saw it on the 35 at Jane Stn
  4. They've been showing up on almost all MtD routes at one time or another. I've seen them on the 32, 79, 161, 168, 501L, 501P, 504D and 941
  5. It's just like the 501P for Park Lawn when it doesn't go to Park Lawn
  6. It is know internally as 85J but externally as "85 to Sheppard-Yonge Stn" and "85A To Don Mills Stn"
  7. Saw both today. 1001 seemed to be doing okay but 1268 still sounds like death
  8. 1268 was sounding absolutely horrible today on the 79. Could be next up on the chopping block.
  9. I can confirm 7921 has a Ryobi half wrap and multiple unidentified MtD Orions have it too.
  10. TTC Guy

    Oakville Transit

    Do they have the new or old driver's window?
  11. I think we all knew it was a stupid decision on the TTC's side when we first got the list of route movements. I hoped that they would at least move something to MtD that could handle the 927.
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