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  1. Looking at FlightRadar24 this morning and all the CRJs are listed as Mitsubishi CRJ’s. Does anyone know why?
  2. The AN-225 is on it's way to Anchorage, Alaska (ANC) from Nagoya, Japan (NGO) before heading to Toronto (YYZ). It is due to land in Anchorage 20 minutes late at 00:25 local time.
  3. I currently use my iPhone XR and a Canon EOS Rebel T100. My lenses for it are 18-55mm and 75-300mm.
  4. These are great photos! Love the bird ones in particular
  5. The same happen when you book/dummy book KLM out of YYZ and not fly codeshare, It still registers as a 747 but it's now a 787
  6. No, it was Friday at the Toronto-Pickering border
  7. I saw it a couple days ago training on the 401.
  8. As many know, the An-225 is coming to Pearson on May 27 (Next Wednesday). Please stay safe and distanced if going.
  9. It’s not like the world is exploding if it’s spelt wrong.
  10. You have asked this question several times and the answer is the same thing every time. At this point, it is unknown if they will get repainted. If/When they get repainted, you will know.
  11. As a West-Ender I’ve tried in the regular weather on a DD50 and it freaked me right out
  12. Just because it’s warm and sunny doesn’t mean COVID is gone. Stay home unless it is absolutely needed.
  13. Air Canada has just announced the retirement of its and Rouges A319’s, E190’s and 767’s. Here is an Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 just after takeoff at Toronto Pearson (YYZ) back in January.
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