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  1. No, those were gone by the end of February
  2. When the TTC replaced the 116A with the extended 905, they designated the branch to replace the 116 service the 905A (Weekdays), while the older version, now the 905B runs on weekends. These have been designated this way since the switch internally, with the new board, they've finally put it on the destination signs too.
  3. TTC 1115 and TTC 1128 were spotted on the 900 Airport Express this afternoon rush
  4. Not a special sighting, Airport buses on Queensway routes that aren’t the 900 are pretty common
  5. Any photos yet? I know what the design will look like but would still be cool
  6. These are likely there for Maintenance and not movements
  7. You overestimate how many vehicles Miway prints. If you want specialty stuff like that, you’ll have to custom make them. Please use the channels for their intended purpose instead of the questions you’ve been asking that can just as simply be Googled
  8. Unfortunately for you, editors have lives outside of CPTDB and prioritize those over this forum. Instead of asking these questions, I’m sure a simple Google search like “Miway bus fire 2022” or “Miway bus fire March 2022” will answer your questions in a format you like.
  9. They meant the vaccine mandate. This went into effect last November starting the reduced service that is still in effect on some routes now
  10. Not necessary to post this info here, anyone who is interested can go and check themselves, none of these are of any particular interest.
  11. Add 1004 to the Black History Month list
  12. Definitely at 44XX, looks like 4491 but I might be wrong
  13. Add 1004 to the Black History month livery list too, saw it at MtD yesterday morning.
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