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  1. I can confirm inside and up onto the bridge from what I could see, I cannot confirm if the tracks go into the Portal or not
  2. I just saw the unknown Proterra at Mt. Dennis, it’s inside the division right in the front of a bay along the back of the division. They had turned it on and were testing the destination sign among other things.
  3. W603 was at Runnymede and St. Clair yesterday evening.
  4. 7956 is a VISION bus; 7955 and 7956 were equipped after 7957-7979 but are still VISION buses
  5. TTC 29D Dufferin/Exhibition Express 3345, 3363, 8193, 8219, 8374, 9084, 9085 For anyone who doesn’t know, Southbound Trips operate as a non-stop Express Bus while northbound is on the 29D. The looping has also changed, the buses are now going North on Dufferin, East on Davenport, South on Dovercourt, West on Dupont and Enters Service at Dufferin Stn.
  6. The 29 had some assistance from Wilson, Arrow Rd. and Malvern today for the CNE. I didn’t see anything on the 929 though. From Wilson there was: 1319, 1373, 1388, 8355 From Malvern: 9068, 9092 From Arrow Rd. : 3184
  7. Possibly, if you’re interested in seeing it your self it’s at the CNE in the Midway.
  8. Here’s a view of 2607’s wrap, sorry that there are bushes in the way. It’s the best I could do.
  9. I was on TTC route 511 on a shuttle bus when a lady got onto the bus and didn’t pay her fare, the driver asked her to pay her fare, she ignored him and proceeded to walk to the back of the bus. The driver than said he was calling the police only to find that the communication system ( At this time it was still a TRUMP unit) wasn’t working. She walked up to the front of the bus and ripped half of the transfers in the holder in half with the other half in her hand. She then proceeded to exit the vehicle and run down to catch a 501 car. We all had to exit the vehicle and get onto a new one while the driver took the bus back to the garage.
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