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  1. Does anyone have a timeline for the XE40's entering service at Bmt?
  2. If you know and can disclose, what vehicle number is it?
  3. W286 is converted and in full Community Bus service. Saw it earlier today on the 402 Parkdale
  4. Literally says this in the post above mine, I don't see why this was necessary. Please read above posts before posting
  5. 9226, 9229, 9233 are enroute to Arrow. 3489, 3491 have arrived at Malvern
  6. Won't be the September board. They've already announced the changes for that board.
  7. Artics are used on subway shuttles because they have a higher capacity, but as far as I'm concerned it's not a policy. In this scenario because of the short distance of the shuttle, less buses are required and therefore more of the buses used can be artics, when the distance is larger, more buses are needed and there isn't enough artics to go around between the regular routes and the shuttle.
  8. It wasn’t just from dirt, the numbers were fully black, couldn’t grab a photo because I was leaving Keele on the 80.
  9. 8319 has black numbers on the back of the bus instead of the regular white
  10. The TTC has (my so affectionate name) Nova-locked a few routes out of Qsy, the 30, 66 and 189 are the main 3. On some occasions they will send Orions if there is no available Novas but it’s strongly frowned upon.
  11. Adding Air Canada's A330-300 from YUL-YYZ as AC895
  12. I misread what they said, my mistake
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