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  1. I noticed it looked different but couldn’t place exactly what was different, I didn’t realize it until you said it and now I can’t do anything but notice it
  2. So cute! Great to see them grow up through photos
  3. Banned for liking D40LFRs over Orion VII’s
  4. Based on this shot Miway actually has two HEV Artics, the second is in the top right corner
  5. Does anyone know the exact routes which are being cut?
  6. Yes, I think the point was that the TTC can control which buses go where if the want
  7. He means route 900 Airport Express specifically, it's a difference because of the luggage racks. The TTC works hard to keep buses on specific routes if they want to. That's all he meant
  8. I agree, I do like how they have started to do a lot of these livery’s; first with 3411 and the Hybrid swoop, then the E-Buses and now the Rapid-To livery
  9. 8743,8747,8759,8909 have the wrap, based on the information that I gathered
  10. Best to PM the Admins for this change, they don't look at this thread much.
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