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Found 6 results

  1. Similar to the GM fleet reminiscing, I created this thread to share the memories and photos of your experience with the TTC's non-GM Fishbowl fleet prior to 2002 such as Classics, Flyers, New Flyers, Orions (I, II, III, V, VI and pre-refurbished VII), and NovaBUS RTS. If anyone has photos prior to December 31, 2016, feel free to post your old photos from old shoe boxes, slides, even library microfiche or whatever is there. Just don't claim that they are your own if they are not. The following photos are sampled below from my collection: Thanks to @Grapejuice for this inspiration for this thread.
  2. This thread is about buses close to retirement, and more so, about when and where to see and ride them in their final days. Mostly this thread should focus on the GTA, however some buses are harder to find than others, and might be further away, so this thread is open to all sightings. First question on this thread: Where can one still ride Orion V's????
  3. Hi again, I was just doing some VIN work when I stumbled across this problem: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Chicago_Transit_Authority_5800-5864_(1995) Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the Sequence numbers 15747 to 15809 fit into the "S" VINs for the 1995 built buses. My thinking is that the first 2 are 1994s and the rest are 1995s. According to http://www.utahrails.net/ajkristopans/FLYER.php
  4. New Flyer D40LF #114 on the 41 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr New Flyer D40LF #728 on the 41 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak (CTTransit) #712 on the 37 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr Single Snow Shots: CTTransit #736 on the 63A to Charter Oak by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTTransit 424 on the 37 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTTransit #738 on the 31 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak (CTTransit) A25 on the 102 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak (CTTransit) 713 on the 121 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr CTFastrak 1452 on the 121 by PVTAguy1825, on Flickr Enjoy!
  5. Question: The sequence numbers of St. Catharines D40LF 104-107 are the same as that of VIA Metropolitan Transit 268-271. Both sets were built in 2005. I thought the last 6 digits were sequential and went in order. I was about to add them to the VIN pages when I saw the error. Apologies if this has been discussed before and if this is in the wrong thread. The only other possibilities is if these four buses are the same bus, and if VIA's buses were built in a different year. Thanks!
  6. Here's some New Flyer VIN numbers for you... and straight out of the New Flyer operator's guide covering TriMet units 2501-2560 Model: D40LF-SR664 Engine: Cummins ISC 280 Transmission: Voith D863.3 Example VIN: 5FYD2LP03YU021545 (unit 2501) 5FY = manufacturer identifier (New Flyer of America) D = diesel fuel 2 = low-floor bus (before 2004) L = D40LF (before 2004) P = Cummins ISC engine 0 = air brakes Y = model year 2000 U = assembled at New Flyer of America in Crookston, MN 021545 = sequence number Complete list: 2501: 5FYD2LP03YU021545 2502: 5FYD2LP05YU021546 2503: 5FYD2LP07YU021547 2504: 5FYD2LP09YU021548 2505: 5FYD2LP00YU021549 2506: 5FYD2LP07YU021550 2507: 5FYD2LP09YU021551 2508: 5FYD2LP00YU021552 2509: 5FYD2LP02YU021553 2510: 5FYD2LP04YU021554 2511: 5FYD2LP06YU021555 2512: 5FYD2LP08YU021556 2513: 5FYD2LP0XYU021557 2514: 5FYD2LP01YU021558 2515: 5FYD2LP03YU021559 2516: 5FYD2LP0XYU021560 2517: 5FYD2LP01YU021561 2518: 5FYD2LP03YU021562 2519: 5FYD2LP05YU021563 2520: 5FYD2LP07YU021564 2521: 5FYD2LP09YU021565 2522: 5FYD2LP00YU021566 2523: 5FYD2LP02YU021567 2524: 5FYD2LP04YU021568 2525: 5FYD2LP06YU021569 2526: 5FYD2LP02YU021570 2527: 5FYD2LP04YU021571 2528: 5FYD2LP06YU021572 2529: 5FYD2LP08YU021573 2530: 5FYD2LP0XYU021574 2531: 5FYD2LP01YU021575 2532: 5FYD2LP03YU021576 2533: 5FYD2LP05YU021577 2534: 5FYD2LP07YU021578 2535: 5FYD2LP09YU021579 2536: 5FYD2LP05YU021580 2537: 5FYD2LP07YU021581 2538: 5FYD2LP09YU021582 2539: 5FYD2LP00YU021583 2540: 5FYD2LP02YU021584 2541: 5FYD2LP04YU021585 2542: 5FYD2LP06YU021586 2543: 5FYD2LP08YU021587 2544: 5FYD2LP0XYU021588 2545: 5FYD2LP01YU021589 2546: 5FYD2LP08YU021590 2547: 5FYD2LP0XYU021591 2548: 5FYD2LP01YU021592 2549: 5FYD2LP03YU021593 2550: 5FYD2LP05YU021594 2551: 5FYD2LP07YU021595 2552: 5FYD2LP09YU021596 2553: 5FYD2LP00YU021597 2554: 5FYD2LP02YU021598 2555: 5FYD2LP04YU021599 2556: 5FYD2LP07YU021600 2557: 5FYD2LP09YU021601 2558: 5FYD2LP00YU021602 2559: 5FYD2LP02YU021603 2560: 5FYD2LP04YU021604 It should be known that the 10th digit used (the plant code) varies according to year range. Until 2002, all of the D40LFs bound for Portland, OR (TriMet ordered its first D40LFs -- units 2001 to 2022 -- in 1996, to be delivered in the fall of 1997) were assembled in Crookston, MN. During 2002, this code letter's description was changed to signify final assembly at the St. Cloud, MN assembly plant, and so units 2601-2655 (fall 2002 delivery) and 2701-2725 (spring 2003 delivery) might have been built at both Crookston and St. Cloud respectively, although I'd suggest 2701-2725, being slightly later deliveries in the 2003 fiscal year, would definitely have been assembled in St. Cloud. New Flyer then changed its U.S. plant code again, this time providing separate code letters for its two U.S. assembly plants in MN. Units 2801-2839, being 2005 builds, would've been made at either the St. Cloud, MN (plant code "B") or the Crookston, MN (plant code "C") assembly plants, as would the D40LFR units 2901-2940 which were 2008 builds. The first eight digits of the VIN code for TriMet's other New Flyer builds (please correct me if necessary): 1FYD2LK0 for units 2001-2022 (1997) 5FYD2LP0 for units 2201-2258 (1998) and 2259-2318 (1999) 5FYH2LR0 for units 2561-2562 (2001) 5FYD2LU0 for units 2601-2655 (2002) and 2701-2725 (2003) 5FYD4FV0 for units 2801-2839 (2005) and 2901-2940 (2008) ~Ben
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