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Forum Guidelines

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Hi! Thanks for being part of the CPTDB.

While you're here, we kindly ask that you follow the following rules and guidelines to help keep the discussion running smoothly.

  • Post with respect and intelligence. Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Ensure your posts contribute to the discussion in a relevant and respectful manner. Posts that don't may be removed.
  • Do your best to search for an existing topic before creating a new thread. The search tool isn't perfect, but it might help you find a suitable existing topic.
  • Report content using the 'Report post' link. Doing this instead of PMing an individual admin helps get your report seen sooner.
  • Try not to ask questions that are easily answerable, by means of a Google search or a check of the Wiki.
  • Only post political discussion in the politics forum, and not anywhere else, including your signature or avatar. Keeping political discussion in its own forum ensures everyone stays happy. Of course, if the politics relate to transit, you are welcome to discuss them normally as you would anything else transit related.
  • Be nice to new users. We were all there once.

Depending on the infraction, we may edit or remove your posts/content, require your posts be approved before they're visible to others, or temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

These guidelines are a constant work in progress, and may be updated at any time. We encourage you to check back frequently. If you have any questions or concerns, or feel we missed something, please share your thoughts here or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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