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  1. Synopsis for the February board: https://stevemunro.ca/2022/01/22/ttc-service-changes-effective-february-13-2022/ - 925 DON MILLS EXPRESS weekend service is restored due to temporary cutbacks in November. Rest will follow as time progresses. - Streetcar services on the 506 CARLTON is restored including for bus trippers from routes 23, 24 and 67. - Bus service on 504D KING is split between Wilson and Mount Dennis garages. - 42C CUMMER to Victoria Park branch is restored. - RAD crews reduced on weekdays while the crews increased on the weekends during subway shutdowns. Plus the 2022 ASP regarding Line 5 is finally set. I didn’t even get to share this months ago. - 34 EGLINTON will run the entire length of Line 5 between Mount Dennis and Kennedy. - 51B LESLIE is set to replace parts of the 56B LEASIDE and 162 LAWRENCE-DONWAY routes. - Rest of the lines remain unchanged.
  2. Update: May I have my name changed to Rikka Takanashi? Thank you.
  3. #8617 is still in the old livery. I spotted from the distance on route 16 McCOWAN earlier today.
  4. Wow. Just wow. There are also delays at Kennedy due to the roadway being blocked. Four Birchmount routes are cancelled for today due to the storm: 9 BELLAMY, 20 CLIFFSIDE, 23 DAWES and 62 MORTIMER.
  5. 99 ARROW ROAD, a one way route, was born out of the 1996 cuts that eliminated 99 CLAYSON (formerly 96H) which was then replaced by the present 84C. It’s kinda basically a operator shuttle that runs every 20 mins except when 84C is in operation during rush. Other short routes worth mentioning are the 1 ARMOUR HEIGHTS, 3 ANCASTER PARK, 10 VAN HORNE, 12D KINGSTON ROAD to BINGHAM, 66 PRINCE EDWARD before merging with the 13 BERRY ROAD, and the 121 NORSEMAN.
  6. Um no. This was 30 years ago, if you lived under a rock. Arrow and Mount Dennis are close proximity and Queensway previously had articulated hoists before Arrow Road opened meaning route 37 ISLINGTON used Orion-Ikarus artics. Why are you obsessed with new buses at Queensway Genius? Do you have a specific reason? That division took in some 80xx VIIs in late 2007 from Wilson when the D40LFs began refurbishment and later booted out to kill the D40s and '91 Vs once the new hybrids came in to Wilson. Even Birchmount took in the portions of the 78xx order but many were delivered to New Eglinton in 2005. Queensway also took in a dozen D700s, D800s, some D901s and D40s when they were new. If you want to specify new artics for the 900, move it to Arrow or Mount Dennis if they come with luggage racks pre-equipped. But they are not happening because the platform at Kipling has no articulated bays except the 45.
  7. Turn on light mode. Plus the blue font I used is Malvern division.
  8. #1271 has given a doo-doo reducing Malvern's Orion count to 136. Last seen on December 28 on route 95. @Gamer Studios
  9. On top of that, which division will route 178 BRIMORTON operate out of? One can hope either Birchmount or Malvern as route 189 STOCKYARDS was awkwardly assigned to Queensway instead of Mount Dennis upon its launch.
  10. As @leylandvictory2isnt here again, 21 BRIMLEY is being punted out of McNicoll next board.
  11. The maps from November have been updated and they haven’t included the following changes: — 60C STEELES WEST to Kipling, with errors of the 960B/D between Finch and PV as no 960A branch exists. — 97 YONGE via Yonge Blvd (though this is temporary)
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