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Found 3 results

  1. Similar to the GM fleet reminiscing, I created this thread to share the memories and photos of your experience with the TTC's non-GM Fishbowl fleet prior to 2002 such as Classics, Flyers, New Flyers, Orions (I, II, III, V, VI and pre-refurbished VII), and NovaBUS RTS. If anyone has photos prior to December 31, 2016, feel free to post your old photos from old shoe boxes, slides, even library microfiche or whatever is there. Just don't claim that they are your own if they are not. The following photos are sampled below from my collection: Thanks to @Grapejuice for this inspiration for this thread.
  2. Hello all, I'm creating this topic to see if we can help each other find old OC Transpo buses anywhere we can, whether it'd be fishbowls or Orion VI's, anywhere so long that it's accessible or be able to be spotted by transit fans alike. I'll start off this topic; OC Transpo MCI Classic #8902 is currently stored in a junk yard at 2775 Walkley Road and is accessible by bus as it is within Ottawa. OC Transpo Orion III #8882 is stored in a junk yard in Smith Falls, Ontario (forget which junk yard, though there aren't very many). OC Transpo Orion III #8613, 8615, 8616, 8623, 8652, 8723, 8735, 8755, 8759, 8760, 8761, 8763, 8849, 8851, 8855, 8856, 8858, 8866, 8867, 8868, 8869, 8876 are stored at Ed's Salvage, located at 4447 Upper Dwyer Hill Road in Arnprior, Ontario. OC Transpo Orion V #9849 is stored at Transdev Garage, located at 220 J.-A.-Bombardier Street (French; Rue 220 J.-A.-Bombardier) in Boucherville, Quebec. *THIS MAY NOT BE THE CASE ANYMORE* Feel free post locations of other retired/abandoned OC buses.
  3. This thread is about buses close to retirement, and more so, about when and where to see and ride them in their final days. Mostly this thread should focus on the GTA, however some buses are harder to find than others, and might be further away, so this thread is open to all sightings. First question on this thread: Where can one still ride Orion V's????
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