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  1. Vero Beach and Sebastian FL service is operated by "Indian River Transit" in two segments: Fixed-route service (15 routes) is operated as GOLine Dial-a-ride is operated as "Community Coach", from the same garage. Both are operated under agreement by "Senior Resource Association" Buses for both are in a common roster, but are separately identified. Am working on getting more, older fleet info. Two additional buses are as follows: Bus 245 15GGE2713G1092986 Bus 236 - this was an old Gillig bus used mostly for driver training, retired about 2016. 15GCB2118V1086971 See their website for route details Bus Number Type VIN GoLine.pdf Bus Number Type VIN Community Coach.pdf
  2. Correct city name for Martin County Transit from Stewart to Stuart please!
  3. There are two separate transit operations involved here: Treasure Coast Connector is based in Ft Pierce and is in St Lucie County. Martin County Transit (Marty) is based in Stuart and is in Martin County. The two do connect, but are separate entities. See their websites for specifics on routes. Martin County roster attached Martin County.xlsx
  4. Add this operator: City of Miami Beach Trolley Operates four routes using replica trolley buses, day and evenings 7 days, free fare Routes as follows: Alton-West Sts (started 02-03-14 as a temporary expedient during road reconstruction, still operating, not connecting with other three) North Beach (started 10/29/14) Middle Beach (started 11/22/16) Collins Link (started 12/22/16) Collins Link connects North and Middle Beach routes, providing service along most of Miami Beach, and has taken a LOT of riding off the Miami-Dade Route S that it duplicates within Miami Beach.
  5. Some additional info on older AC Transit paratransits: (Additional info/corrections in italics) add: 101-141 1996 Chev/Aerotech 250 Aero XT (Bought for light route service, 120-121 to Laidlaw for paratransit as 3120-3121, later returned to ACT 120-121 for route service) 142-145 actually 141-145, Chev/Aerotech 250 Aero XT Aero XT bought by a consortium (originally route buses, to Laidlaw for paratransit as 3141-3145, later back to ACT as 3141-3145) 3301-3333 is correct Ford/Champion Crusader 211 (from Laidlaw paratransit, 3308,3309,3313,3330,3331 never transferred to ACT) 3351's are 3351-3355 Ford/Startrans Candidate (from Laidlaw paratransit) 3361's are 3361-3397 Ford/Eldorado Aerotech (new to ACT for paratransit) 3401-3406 Ford/ElDorado Aerotech to Veiolia 2011 when ACT ended directly operated paratransit. 3500's are route buses.
  6. This is an interesting phenomenon, that has good and bad points. Having a non-separable 5-section (or more) train is cheaper to build (allegedly), but if one section has a problem, whole train is out of service. Then you have an issue of what happens when a middle truck derails. Toronto had a new streetcar derail a middle truck last week, apparently it was a bit of a pickle to rerail. Now what happens when this is in a tunnel? If there is no side access, such as in a river tube, what do you do? Cut the train apart, basically causing major damage?
  7. Easiest way is to simply post what additions/changes you have here. Eventually one of moderators will put it in. This is what I do, and have many times.
  8. 223 is apparently one of four - 221 to 224. Only clue is that CCRTA had 70 buses before the Gilligs started coming in 2009.
  9. CCRTA also had at least one 30-foot Opus, 271. Most likely others, but no details known beyond the one.
  10. 600428 is PACE (Chicago) 6037
  11. This is what company roster has. 506 being ex Eau Claire 506 is probably the real serial 1435. Now the only other T6H4523A with the fleet number 522 I can find is Kenosha 522, which interestingly has serial 1405, and since 517 is serial 1400, which is correct for Kenosha 517, I would say 522 is 1405, ex Kenosha 522.
  12. Opuses 225-245 are retired now.
  13. Some Opus info: 221-224 2001's 225-237 2003's 3W216048-6060 238-245 2004's 4W216079-6086 Also, Flx's listed as 411-414 should be 401-404 40096-4D from 1995 SD105736-740 Correction - 411-414 ARE correct per photo. Model, serial info are good.
  14. Duke Power circa 1973: Greensboro: 4382,4385,4387-4389 T6H4523A 939,927,929-931 3710-3719 T6H4523A 232-241 2013-2017 TDH4519 579-583 1815-1819 TDH4519 316-320 1855-1859 TDH4519 344-348 Anderson: 1509 TDH3302A 069 2556-2558 TDH3502A 008-010 3596-3597,3599-3600 TDH3302A 129-130,132-133 Spartanburg: 2385-2392 TDH3501 867-874 2560-2561 TDH3502A 012-013 1741,1748,1996,2067,3598 TDH3302A 071,073,070,072,131 Durham: 1820-1824 TDH4519 321-325 1850-1854 TDH4519 339-343 2018-2026 TDH4519 584-592 2443-2447 T6H4521A 051-055 3720-3729 T6H4523A 242-251 4380-4381,4390-4394 T6H4523A 937-938,932-936
  15. As of 11/90 Wausau roster was: (with adds to 1994) 69 TDH4512 1348 (1976) 107-109 T6H4521 074-076 (1972) 110 T6H4521 1249 (1972) 111 T6H4521 068 (1972) 130-141 T6H4523N 2551-2562 (new 1977) 230 TDH4519 826 (1986) 239 T6H4523A 001 (1986) 248 T6H4523A 010 (1986) 258 T8H5308A 002 (1986) 271 T8H5308A 015 (1994) 293 T6H4523A 879 (1994) 505-510 T6H4523A 1434,1435,1440,1437-1439 (1990) 511-512 T6H4521A 254-255 (1973) 514-515 T6H4523A 1443-1444 (1990) 517 T6H4523N 1400 (1994) 522 T6H4523N 1435 (1994) 106 Trolley Works Trolley DDH-DGM07-4ABB9 (new 1983)