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  1. Actually in the vast majority of cases buses in a given order are STARTED in order on the assembly line. Now they might not come out exactly in order if there is an issue of some kind. Some builders issue VINs in advance do buses are not built in VIN order, while others (like Nova) assign a VIN in the order buses are started, so if two orders are being built simultaneously, their VINs will be intermixed, such as the CTA and NYCTA orders last year.
  2. 18600 series XC40s coming online. Unsure how many yet. Should be the end of all the oddballs.
  3. Current paratransit list. All are Ford chassis with Glaval bodies 2501-2580 2015 (some retired) 15401-15402 2015 (larger than others, originally were to be route buses?) 16301-16380 2016 17301-17399, 18300-18399, 19300 2017 19301-19350 2018 Some more comments: Wright Streetcar 012 was Altoona test bus, not on active roster, used for battery testing, probably now scrapped Double Decks 200-249 only ones in service recently are 206 and 216. Most sold for scrap SA Recycling 300-344 C40LF 316 used as training bus, occasionally in passenger service. Others all gone 800-829 D60LF 806, one or two others still operable, used mostly as driver trainers, but also occasionally in passenger service 978-997 only a few remain, mostly used as driver trainers. Rarely in passenger service.
  4. 800-829 one or another still appears from time to time in service. 806 most often. 316 seen as driver trainer 7/18. 206 seen in service recently. All three of these normally used as driver trainers. 830-844 all in service of late.
  5. 800 out on 109 6/20. 1st one seen in several months. 317 seen Memorial Day weekend on 208, no sightings since. 978-997 show up occasionally still. 206 and 219 only 200's still among the living recently. Most 200's went to SA Recycling, in NLV, the preferred scrapper.
  6. 200 dd's are starting to drop. 6 seen at SA Salvage 4/28. Remaining 301-345 and 969-998 C40LF's running again after being parked for several months to replace them. 830-844 all running. Wright 012 did exist at one time, but was used to test battery technology when original batteries were found to be troublesome. It is no longer around, and was apparently never accepted by RTC.
  7. 994 in service on SX-B this evening (4/1). Only 949-998 series Nabi seen in service in two months. Only 838 and 841 of series 830-844 seen recently.
  8. Low 800's died around January 2019. Saw one in December 2018 on 109, never saw one again. 18700's replaced them. Oldest buses now are 300's on WAX and on various residential routes at random. Due to interlining, you can see almost anything anywhere, such as a 17700 on the 214 last Sunday evening.
  9. What got roasted? Mostly cutaways? Looks like one MCI coach. Did they have any more MCI's or any other "real" buses?
  10. CTA never had a cng. PACE has them only at south division (Markham). CTA has lots of hybrid artics (4000-4207, 4300-4332) but only had 20 DE40LF's (800-809, 900-909) and only one has been in service almost a year now - 804. They tried three fuel cell buses years ago - 5900-5902, but they have been rotting in the scrap line for nearly a decade now. Two battery electrics - 700-701 - both had fires and are back at NFIL for rebuild-upgrade.
  11. If chassis listed first then bodies, the community buses are reversed. Chevy Express chassis, Champion Crusader bodies.
  12. CityRide was run by the city directly. Originally used faux trolleys. There is apparently a successor service run by a contractor with cutaways that runs a loop between Stewart and Charleston. Also, there were 6, not 4 ElDorados for CityRide, though only 3 were used on any given day. Also, CAT had 20 similar EDN's 351-370 used on lighter routes out of Tompkins garage.
  13. Paratransit changes: 5130-5275 group retired except 5240 still active for some reason Additions - all Ford/El Dorado: 16001-16050 2016 17001-17120 2017 18001-18012,18014-18029 2018 Add an additional group of vehicles known as "community vans" - smaller vans used by towns and organizations for local shuttles: All are Champion Crusader bodies on Chevy Express chassis: 7021-7048 2007 7049-7073 2009 7074-7081 2012 14400-14419 2014 (above all retired) 16400-16434 2016 18400-18402 2018 Also, Woodfield trolleys 1-7 are actually 1941-1947 though only 1-7 are on exterior. These are gone, replaced by 8624-8630
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