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  1. Another question - which is older, the silver and red or white and red scheme? Or are the white and red ones former all-white ones with just the red trim added?
  2. I have seen references to the college and international housing. Where are these locations? Off property, I imagine. Also, in the "old days", the 2600 RTS's were used for cm transport, while the 2700's were for the public. Does DT still haul cm's also, or has that been contracted out? Where are buses laid up when not in use? The garage, from looking at Google Earth, can't accommodate more than maybe 50 buses. Are many parked at hubs at night? I was at Disney last month, rode buses several times. From talking to drivers, it appears things have changed and there are now "fixed schedules" where driver stays on same "route" or group of routes.
  3. A quick question - how many routes are there? 5 hubs x 22 resorts comes out to around 100? Also, anybody know anything about Transtar who runs cast services, as I understand?
  4. recent acquisitions: 1101-1103 2005 G29B102N4 1104-1105 2005 G29D102N4 1106 2006 G29D102N4 1107 2008 G27D102N4 1108-1109 2008 G27B102N4 1201-1202 2011 G30D102N4 1203 2011 G30B102N4 1204-1205 2012 G30B102N4 1206 2012 G30D102N4 1301 2012 G27D102N4 1302 2013 G27D102N4 1303-1304 2013 G27B102N4
  5. Let's fix this one up a bit: COLTS (Scranton PA) 101-133 33 GMC TDH4512 ex TNJ 501-530 30 75 AMG 9635 531-536 6 60 GMC TDH5301 ex ? 531-532:2 2 94 Chance RT-50 ? 177-179 3 86 Neoplan AN340/3A GL013605-3607 178 r# 535 537-540 4 83 Neoplan AN440A DH013095-3098 541-555 15 87 Gillig 3596TB6V92 H1081601-1615 556-570 15 87 Gillig 3596TB6V92T H1081903-1917 571-572 2 96 Gillig S50T3096 T1087633-7634 973-985 13 99 Gillig C20B096N4 X1089884-9896 201-213 13 00 Gillig C20B096N4 Y1089897-9909 214-215 2 02 Gillig C20B102N4 21112059-2060 301-302 2 09 Gillig G27B102N4 91079688-9689 303-306 4 11 Gillig G30B102N4 B1176489-6492 309-317 9 12 Gillig G30B102N4 C1182360-2368 318-322 5 15 Gillig G27B102N4 F1185378-5382 Any ideas where the fishbowls came from?
  6. More old info on GOLine GOLine all time.docx
  7. The problem is that VIN year codes do not change January 1 in all cases. For instance, on RTS' s, the year code advanced in September, per common autobuilder practice. NFIL is close to 1/1, but appears to use start date rather than completion date, so a bus finished first week or so in a month would be considered part of previous month's production, so one finished in January 1996 would have a 1995 year code. Convention seems to be year code determines, not actual delivery date, though some properties in their records go strictly by delivery date. Causes some odd roster entries...
  8. Additional SCAT roster info: 2211-2218 2010 Glaval Titan II 2321-2327 2012 Glaval Titan II 2331-2332 2012 Glaval Titan II 2811-2819 2013 Champion/International Defender (above used in paratransit/dial-a-ride service) 3101-3103 2007 Champion/International LowFloor (7W501820,868,885) with regular farebox, appear to be used in fixed-route service note 3004,3014,3016 Thomas SLF still on roster, though 3004 found sunk in dirt to frame
  9. Some additional info on Jefferson Transit (LA) 201-222 1997 C20D102N4 223-239 1998 C20D102N4 240-249 1999 C20D102N4 250-254 2002 C20D102N4 255-256? 2004 C21D102N4 351-354 1999 C20A096N4 355? 2001 C20A096N4 356? 2004 C21A096N4 401-417 2010 G27D102N4 418-425 2012 G27D102N4 501 2010 G27E102R2 502-505 2013 G27E102R2 (5800 and 5900's appear to be renumbered from 217-239 and 240-249 series??)
  10. Attached are current SCAT roster, plus listing of now-retired SLF230's (or SLF200's per badge on bus?) Space Coast Area Transit.pdf SCAT 3000.docx
  11. Current and old rosters Bus_Assets.pdf Disposed_Bus_Assets.pdf
  12. TCC roster TCC_Bus_Inventory_as_of_03-27-17.xlsx
  13. Vero Beach and Sebastian FL service is operated by "Indian River Transit" in two segments: Fixed-route service (15 routes) is operated as GOLine Dial-a-ride is operated as "Community Coach", from the same garage. Both are operated under agreement by "Senior Resource Association" Buses for both are in a common roster, but are separately identified. Am working on getting more, older fleet info. Two additional buses are as follows: Bus 245 15GGE2713G1092986 Bus 236 - this was an old Gillig bus used mostly for driver training, retired about 2016. 15GCB2118V1086971 See their website for route details Bus Number Type VIN GoLine.pdf Bus Number Type VIN Community Coach.pdf
  14. Correct city name for Martin County Transit from Stewart to Stuart please!
  15. There are two separate transit operations involved here: Treasure Coast Connector is based in Ft Pierce and is in St Lucie County. Martin County Transit (Marty) is based in Stuart and is in Martin County. The two do connect, but are separate entities. See their websites for specifics on routes. Martin County roster attached Martin County.xlsx