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  1. The new site has nothing to do with me.
  2. Newer engines (like ISL) have higher torque at lower RPM which is helpful in snow so even though the buses are heavier I would still think they are better in snow than Fishbowls. Fishbowls with a full load struggled on hills in even the best weather.
  3. Fishbowls were also a lot less powerful compared to current buses. Anecdotally feels like current buses do better in snow than old buses.
  4. I thought you said your route 980 was providing local service on Queensway, so not sure what high school students or seniors would have the need for this express service. Seems to me they (seniors/students) would benefit from more frequent service on the 80 instead. As far as Mimico GO goes, if people are already willing to spend more to take GO vs. TTC service I don't think the not-so-quick express service would entice them to switch to TTC vs continuing to take GO. As there is no way that the express bus would get downtown in 15 minutes it takes the GO train to get downtown.
  5. What is the point of the 994? The route would take forever to get downtown since it is going down some single lane roads with local bus service on them. After getting downtown it takes a strange turn back north to go to Sunnybrook. The service on the 94 is notoriously irregular (you can see analysis on Steve Munro's site) so any express service following the same route would also suffer. Finally, anyone heading to U of T from the northern end of this route would just take the subway instead of the bus, Service every 30 minutes also makes it something not worth waiting for - especially for the potion on Mount Pleasant as it would be faster to walk to Yonge and take subway down. 980 on the Gardiner at rush hours? Can't see that as being very express. Anyone valuing their time who needs to get downtown from Dixie GO would take GO to get there. Why do you assume that people who live along the Queensway are all trying to go downtown? Proposals like these is exactly why TTC needs to fight tooth and nail to get actual Presto usage data so that they can figure out where people go to/from on a daily basis. The data could then be used to plan routes that better align with actual travel patterns.
  6. The link doesn’t open for me. Can you describe what other routes you are proposing in there?
  7. Because that is not how "strong mayor" powers work. He can only exercise those powers to override council decisions that are contrary to some specific stated provincial priorities.
  8. Streetcar service on Kingston Rd-Coxwell route started in Feb 1948. Current 22 bus Coxwell service on Kingston Rd appeared in Feb 1966 with the opening of Coxwell Station and abandonment of the Coxwell streetcar route.
  9. 1582m + 865m = 2445m or almost 2.5km not too bad. Total tunnel length for each tunnel is 5.4km so they are done almost 25% of the tunnel. If this pace continues tunnels will be done by the end of 2024.
  10. Is there any information on tentative opening date for the Finch LRT?
  11. 2 years ago TTC wanted to convert 4081 and 4124 into work cars. Is that still happening? What kind of work cars were they going to make from these cars?
  12. While I can see tourists on line 5, especially once it is extended to the airport, since it goes to Science Centre and I think there are some other museums along the route. I can’t see any tourists aside from transit fans visiting anything along Finch West. Perhaps when line 5 hits the airport they can give the rolling stock some sort of wrap with pictures of planes, attractions and city views.
  13. Huh, not sure what you are trying to say? She was Trump's first wife.
  14. Rogers is still very much family run/controlled. Edward Rogers and Melinda Rogers are chairman and deputy chairman of the board. Rogers Control Trust also owns majority voting shares of Rogers.
  15. Could be - I saw it while driving by in the opposite direction through 4 lanes of traffic.
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