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  1. Why do theoretical schedules take so long to implement? Do theoretical schedules exists anywhere except for the TTC website anymore (for viewing by passengers)? After all it is the actual arrival times that are available via text and via signs at terminal/bus stops. As I said before the TTC needs to change how it approaches scheduling of service and move it to 21st century, Given that for the most part drivers don't care about schedules anyway what I would do is for a few board periods is instruct drivers to operate on each route at actual speed limit (so that they operate as fast as po
  2. I would have thought taking the extra time at Davisville would be more useful since there are places to eat / use the facilities etc there. Although, during the pandemic you might as well rest at Steeles where you are less likely to run into anyone. Also, I would have thought that drivers are much more likely to be supervised as they leave out of Davisville. Could it be the case of buses leaving on time from Davisville then racing up the street and then having long breaks at Steeles and leaving on time southbound? Either way, this just means that they could be providing more
  3. Inability of the TTC to provide service as per the schedules is nothing new. However, during the pandemic while both passenger and traffic volumes are much lower I would have expected them to be a little better at it. I passed the bus loop at Beyview and Steeles around 1:40pm today and there were two 11 buses in there with a third turning from Bayview to Steeles to get into the loop. The service at that time should be every 13 minutes. So likely there hasn’t been a southbound 11 bus in about a half hour. Over the last year and a half I have driven past that loop more than u
  4. From the perspective of TTC passengers that are not transferring but travelling somewhere between Steeles and Sheppard on Dufferin having YRT route 105 available for pickup/drop off is helpful since it is a service increase. Route 7 also useful as it adds direct connection to Humber College from Steeles/Islington and along Martin Grove. Routes 24/90 are probably not as useful as TTC services in those corridors are more frequent than YRT routes. Regardless, a good first step to making traveling across Steeles more seamless. Too bad they didn't do this test before pandemic started a
  5. How many of the LRV's have been delivered so far? CPTDB Wiki only lists 10 as delivered which is out of date.
  6. Thanks didn't think about the offices. If it is office buildings along Yonge where most passengers are going then going to Finch can't be avoided. However, if at least some passengers were looking to transfer to YRT at Finch perhaps they should keep one route at Finch, for example 99.
  7. Similar to the discussion in the YRT thread about what happens to their routes when subway is extended on Yonge. What do you think will happen to GO buses at Finch when subway is extended? Would they mostly reroute them all to York Mills Terminal?
  8. Higher (potential) density would make the parking lot at Centerpoint more expensive as well. If an integrated terminal is built in the parking lot on southwest corner then I would make a signalized entrance off Steeles (for TTC and 23/88/91) and at Nipigon (for remaining YRT routes and exit for TTC 97). If the mall is concerned with loss of parking, they can build the bus terminal on the ground floor of a multi level parking structure (2 or more levels).
  9. Since all of TTC bus routes (except for 97) at Steeles Station are east-west an entrance at Nipigon isn't very useful. However, changing the entrance between the Bay and 2001 AV to a signalized transit entrance would work. I haven't heard of any proposals to redevelop Centerpoint mall only the strip malls along Steeles on the north side west of Yonge (there the plans are for huge redevelopment that certainly doesn't involve a bus terminal. If the Esso Station is torn down on the north east corner, it could provide the room for the YRT terminal. Two new traffic lights would need to be add
  10. Ramps east and west on Steeles would make it hard for YRT buses to access it off Yonge, but 23/88/91 could get in there. TTC 97 might need rerouting as well if they want it to access the station.
  11. Not sure where you would put two bus terminals at Steeles - maybe underground. Although that would get quite expensive... As far as more parking at Finch instead of current terminal, it would not be needed if there would be new commuter parking lots for stations at the 407. I would think that the existing parking lots would empty out quite a bit once there are subway stations and a parking lot at the 407. Alternate plan: 2 extended via Yonge to Richmond Hill terminal or via Clark to Promenade mall. 5/77 extended to Richmond Hill terminal. 91 shortened via High Tech Road to R
  12. I think the main issue is that a terminal for YRT/GO already exists at Finch and it can't really be redeveloped into anything other than a parking lot because it is below power lines. I would expect the following restructuring of routes TTC 53/60 to Steeles Station, 42/125 stay at Finch if no station or looping facility is built at Cummer. 97 can maintain current routing but through Steeles station on its way South. 98 can be extended on both ends to go to Steeles Station. 7 could be potentially extended to terminate at Steeles Station. YRT - given the terminal at Finch I would n
  13. I am glad that the TTC is finally doing full subway shut down for 10 days on part of line 1 instead of doing early shut downs at 11pm. Hopefully, they will continue doing this while the pandemic is still raging and ridership is way down. This was they can put a significant dent into their repair back log and get it done much sooner.
  14. If you restrict car traffic on Queen and King west of Bathurst in the same way as on current King portion, where are the cars going to go? From the current section I suspect they all went onto Adelaide/Richmond, but they only extend as far west as Bathurst.
  15. Those are 600m from the station still a reasonable walking distance given that people settling there are unlikely to be seniors (nothing to do up there in a semi commercial/industrial area). A reasonably young/fit person can walk to the station in under 10 minutes. I would say anything within 10 minute walk of the subway could be pitched/marketed as being at the subway.
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