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  1. Why didn't the TTC use this coronovirus related drop in demand to shut down the Yonge line to work on the ATC full time all day long? They could have probably finished the whole thing this year had they done that. At 20% demand they wouldn't have needed to run that many shuttle buses to replace the subway.
  2. Over the last week or so I noticed that when northbound trains arrive at Queen they initially stop well short of where they are suppose to and then it takes them several tries to get to the proper stopping position. What is causing them to do this? Is it ATC?
  3. Question for those familiar with ridership pattern on 63. Do most riders south of Bloor get off at Bloor and riders off the subway are the ones on the 63 north of Bloor?
  4. I timed it this morning, southbound trip from Finch (doors close) to Sheppard (doors open) - it took 3.5 minutes.
  5. I apologize if I came off sounding rude, but I have been going from Finch to Queen/King for the last 20 years or so (a.m. rush southbound and anywhere between 6 and 10 pm northbound) so I feel that I have a pretty good handle on how it works from a passenger perspective. Having less trains going southbound from Finch during morning rush hour would also mean that each train would be more crowded so getting a seat southbound would be that much harder. Even a one train departure delay at 7:30 am causes a fully seated train to depart from Finch and the number of people arriving on the platform grows rapidly as time moves from 7:30 to 8. What would have worked best is to have tail tracks and crossover north of Finch and have each train arrive on the northbound platform, unload, move north (leaving space on northbound platform for next train) then crossover and move to southbound platform. What would make me happiest is neither sitting for 15 min or standing for 8min between Sheppard and Finch, but for that trip to take 3 min like it is suppose to.
  6. First of all there is no Willowdale Station. Secondly, are you talking about rerouting Sheppard West buses to Bayview? What makes you think people on the 84 want to go past Yonge? Finally, if half the trains will run from Yonge Line to Sheppard, how does that help the situation at Finch? I think this is a pretty useless idea and anyone who is thinking of taking the subway vs driving will not be deterred by a transfer at Sheppard. Please keep stupid ideas like that to yourself. Anyone suggesting something like this obviously doesn't ride the Yonge line at rush hour.
  7. Why does it bother you so much? I see three scenarios in use of route numbers/name: 1. Person A gives person B gives directions in the form take route 32 to Dufferin and transfer to 29. In this case route names are unnecessary and could in fact be based on whatever scheme you choose street/neighbourhood/destination and even route numbers are arbitrary as we have discovered with multiple routes be renumbered in the last 10 years. 2. Person A gives person B gives directions in the form take Eglinton West bus to Dufferin and transfer to Dufferin bus. Once again routes could be named whatever you want and Person A will just use the route names being applied by TTC to the routes in question. 3. Person B uses any of the various apps to get directions and they will use route numbers or numbers with names in either case the name can be whatever it is and it will be simply provided as an extra bit of information. In all of these cases directions provided could be done with any string containing a number and a word. :)
  8. Must be very recent - it’s not on Port Colborne transit site yet.
  9. I meant that they renumbered Niagara Falls local routes to be 1xx, St Catherines 3xx and 4xx, Welland 5xx and Fort Erie 7xx. This seems to suggest that NOTL should be 2xx and Port Colborne 6xx.
  10. Will they assign numbers to local routes in Niagara-on-the-Lake (2xx) and Port Colborne (6xx) to fit the numbering scheme for bus routes in the region?
  11. Just saw 4415 towing 4469 eastbound on Queen
  12. 4124 (World Cup of Hokey) on 503 and 4139 (World Cup of Hokey) on 504 yesterday.
  13. Saw 8554 as a training bus today and 8556 was in service on 36.
  14. 5734 was used in the TV show Defiance which was cancelled last fall.
  15. The reassignment at Wilson doesn't make sense, why didn't they put 120 on upper level in the bay just ahead of 118/119 so that all westbound buses are on same level.
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