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  1. Country singer Charlie Daniels has died at the age of 83.
  2. Ennio Morricone, who composed more than 500 scores in films, and an Oscar-winner, has died at the age of 91.
  3. I liked the draft lottery when it first started, but over the past decade, it's become an absolute joke. IMO, they should go back to having the draft positions based on end-of-season points percentage.
  4. GREATER OTTAWA AREA Lowest: 94.2 - ESSO - March Road at Solandt Road - Kanata Highest: 105.9 - Shell - March Road at Diamondview Road - Carp Average: 100.05
  5. Music producer and Uptown Records founder Andre Harrell has died at the age of 59. He is credited with discovering artists like Mary J. Blige, Puff Daddy, and the Notorious B. I. G.
  6. One of the founding fathers of rock music, Little Richard, has died at the age of 87.
  7. Former NFL quarterback Tarvaris Jackson died in a car crash Sunday night at the age of 36.
  8. Former NHL player Tom Webster dies at age 71
  9. GREATER OTTAWA AREA Lowest: 61.6 - MacEwen - Concession Street at Main Street - Russell Highest: 85.9 - ESSO - Island Park Drive at Wellington Street West - Ottawa Average: 73.75
  10. Country singer Joe Diffie dies of coronavirus complications
  11. The Ottawa Senators are expected to announce that one of their players has tested positive for COVID-19. The Senators were finishing their California road trip before the season was suspended.
  12. Here in Ottawa, all public recreational facilities, museums, and City Hall are shut down until at least April 5th.
  13. GREATER OTTAWA AREA Lowest - 2-Way Tie at 78.9 - Both Ultramar stations in Orleans: Innes Road at Pagé Road St. Joseph Boulevard near Youville Drive Highest: 132.9 - Peter's Gas Bar - Robertson Road near Vanier Road - Bells Corners Average: 105.9
  14. Ugh! I work in retail, and let me tell you, it's like Christmas all over again with how busy the store has been this week. And people have been going bonkers over the toilet paper. My team leader and I restocked our shelves with toilet paper, and they were all gone within about 3 hours!!! It's absolute madness! Great for sales though. Oh, and tomorrow (Saturday) it's always the busiest day of the week at the store I work at, and guess what? I have to work. So yeah, that'll be fun...NOT!
  15. Connor McDavid (1G+4A) and Leon Draisaitl (4G+1A) combine for 10 points as the Oilers explode for 5 goals in the third period en route to an 8-3 trouncing of the Predators.
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