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    This thread is about buses close to retirement, and more so, about when and where to see and ride them in their final days. Mostly this thread should focus on the GTA, however some buses are harder to find than others, and might be further away, so this thread is open to all sightings. First question on this thread: Where can one still ride Orion V's????
  2. Similar to the GM fleet reminiscing, I created this thread to share the memories and photos of your experience with the TTC's non-GM Fishbowl fleet prior to 2002 such as Classics, Flyers, New Flyers, Orions (I, II, III, V, VI and pre-refurbished VII), and NovaBUS RTS. If anyone has photos prior to December 31, 2016, feel free to post your old photos from old shoe boxes, slides, even library microfiche or whatever is there. Just don't claim that they are your own if they are not. The following photos are sampled below from my collection: Thanks to @Grapejuice for this inspiration for this thread.
  3. Hello all, I'm creating this topic to see if we can help each other find old OC Transpo buses anywhere we can, whether it'd be fishbowls or Orion VI's, anywhere so long that it's accessible or be able to be spotted by transit fans alike. I'll start off this topic; OC Transpo MCI Classic #8902 is currently stored in a junk yard at 2775 Walkley Road and is accessible by bus as it is within Ottawa. OC Transpo Orion III #8882 is stored in a junk yard in Smith Falls, Ontario (forget which junk yard, though there aren't very many). OC Transpo Orion III #8613, 8615, 8616, 8623, 8652, 8723, 8735, 8755, 8759, 8760, 8761, 8763, 8849, 8851, 8855, 8856, 8858, 8866, 8867, 8868, 8869, 8876 are stored at Ed's Salvage, located at 4447 Upper Dwyer Hill Road in Arnprior, Ontario. OC Transpo Orion V #9849 is stored at Transdev Garage, located at 220 J.-A.-Bombardier Street (French; Rue 220 J.-A.-Bombardier) in Boucherville, Quebec. *THIS MAY NOT BE THE CASE ANYMORE* Feel free post locations of other retired/abandoned OC buses.
  4. With a growing population of new members in our Vancouverite transit fan community, I have noticed that there are lots of keen learners who are enthusiastic about learning all the fine details related to Translink's transit operations and mechanisms. When you have a question to raise, the chances of someone having a same or similar question in mind is quite possible! There's no such thing as "stupid question", as long as it's appropriate and purposeful. From now on, if you have a burning desire to find an answer to your question, share your question with everyone under this topic! Please be respectful and nice with each other throughout these discussions. The purpose of this post is to keep all questions (and answers) centralized under one designated topic, as to prevent off-topic discussions from taking place under other topics, notably "General Sightings". At the same time, someone with a question might find an answer somewhere in the discussions. For detailed information regarding Translink's bus fleet or transit-fanning locations, please consult with the Transit-Fanning Guide available for download in "Vancouver Transit Fanning Guidebook" pinned on the top of Vancouver's section for your pleasure and delights. Dave
  5. I have a question: were there any U.S. transit agencies who ran their Orion I's, V's and/or New Flyers with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine and Voith transmission? This was the powertrain of choice in Canada for the following: YORK REGION TRANSIT (MARKHAM TRANSIT) (MARKHAM, ON) 2033-2036 - 1988 Orion I 01.508 2044-2047 - 1989 MCI Classic TC40-102N 2048-2052 - 1990 MCI Classic TC40-102A 2053-2054 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 YORK REGION TRANSIT (RICHMOND HILL TRANSIT) (RICHMOND HILL, ON) 511-524 - 1989 New Flyer D40 (T-drive) (renumbered 8911-8924 by YRT) YORK REGION TRANSIT (EX-GO TRANSIT) 1130-1132 - 1987 Orion I 01.508 (renumbered 8710-8712 by YRT) BRAMPTON TRANSIT (BRAMPTON, ON) 8894-8899 - 1988 Orion I 01.508 8901-8909 - 1989 Orion I 01.508 9014-9028 - 1990 Orion I 01.508 9129-9137 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 9176-9180 - 1991 New Flyer S40HF (ex-GO Transit) CALGARY TRANSIT (CALGARY, AB) 7001-7010 - 1992 New Flyer D40HF (V-drive) MISSISSAUGA TRANSIT (MISSISSAUGA, ON) 9020 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 OAKVILLE TRANSIT (OAKVILLE, ON) 901-907 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 928-929 - 1992 Orion V 05.501 DURHAM REGION TRANSIT (OSHAWA TRANSIT) 8121-8123 - 1987 Orion I 01.508 (Oshawa 121-123) 8124-8128 - 1989 MCI Classic TC40-102N (Oshawa 124-128) 8129-8132 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 129-132) 8133-8136 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 133-136) 8137-8141 - 1992 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 137-141) 8142-8145 - 1994 Orion V 05.501 (Oshawa 142-145) DURHAM REGION TRANSIT (WHITBY TRANSIT) 8311-8315 - 1990 Orion V 05.501 (Whitby 9011-9015) 8316 - 1991 Orion V 05.501 (Whitby 9116) 8317 - 1992 MCI Classic TC40-102A (Whitby 9217) 8318 - 1994 Orion V 05.501 (Whitby 9418) 8319 - 1988 MCI Classic TC40-102A (Whitby 8819, originally to Queens Surface Transportation, NY 943) But here (in the U.S.), this same powertrain could be found on the following buses: BEE-LINE (WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY) 760-874 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6T MIAMI-DADE COUNTY TRANSIT AUTHORITY (MIAMI, FL) 9067-9073 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6T GREATER PORTLAND TRANSIT DISTRICT (PORTLAND, ME) 9005-9021 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 35102-6T FRESNO AREA EXPRESS (FAX) (FRESNO, CA) 9001-9023 - 1990 Flxible Metro "B" 40102-6T 9101-9112 - 1991 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC ALAMEDA-CONTRA COSTA (AC) TRANSIT (OAKLAND, CA) 1469-1483 - 1984 Gillig Phantom 40TB/96/6V92 2601-2652 - 1990 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC 2701-2731 - 1991 Gillig Phantom 30/102TB/6V92TAC 2732-2761 - 1992 Gillig Phantom 30/102TB/6V92TAC 2801-2860 - 1993 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC SACRAMENTO REGIONAL TRANSIT DISTRICT (SACRAMENTO, CA) 9001-9045 - 1990 Gillig Phantom 40/102TB/6V92TAC QUEENS SURFACE TRANSPORTATION (QUEENS, NY) 943 - 1988 MCI Classic TC40-102A (to Whitby Transit 2005, renumbered there as 8819) LEHIGH AND NORTHAMPTON TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (LANTA) (LEHIGH, PA) 8721-8730 - 1987 Orion I 01.502 (30 ft) 8931-8935 - 1989 Orion I 01.502 (30 ft) 8936-8950 - 1989 Orion I 01.507 (35 ft) BROOME COUNTY TRANSIT (BINGHAMTON, NY) 601-617 - 1987 Orion I 01.508 (40 ft) Getting back to my original question, does anyone here know whether or not there were any U.S. transit companies (other than LANTA in PA) that had at one time ran any of Orion I's, Orion V's and/or New Flyer D40HF's or D40LF's with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA/Voith (D863 or D864) powertrain? I know BC (British Columbia) Transit in Vancouver (BC) ran many 1991-93 New Flyer D40LF's (1st generation) which used the 6V92TA/Voith as the powertrain... but did any U.S. agencies order the same for their D40LF's? Thank you, Ben
  6. Please let me know if these VINs are correct for all of these Mississauga Transit Orion V's. 1989 (units 8901-8925) 8901: 2B1569E76K5030001 8902: 2B1569E78K5030002 8903: 2B1569E7XK5030003 8904: 2B1569E71K5030004 8905: 2B1569E73K5030005 8906: 2B1569E75K5030006 8907: 2B1569E79K5030008 8908: 2B1569E70K5030009 8909: 2B1569E77K5030010 8910: 2B1569E79K5030011 8911: 2B1569E70K5030012 8912: 2B1569E72K5030013 8913: 2B1569E74K5030014 8914: 2B1569E76K5030015 8915: 2B1569E78K5030016 8916: 2B1569E7XK5030017 8917: 2B1569E71K5030018 8918: 2B1569E73K5030019 8919: 2B1569E7XK5030020 8920: 2B1569E71K5030021 8921: 2B1569E73K5030022 8922: 2B1569E75K5030023 8923: 2B1569E77K5030024 8924: 2B1569E79K5030025 8925: 2B1569E70K5030026 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki..._V_%27K_VINs%27 1990 (units 9001-9020) 9001: 2B1569E71L5030070 9002: 2B1569E73L5030071 9003: 2B1569E75L5030072 9004: 2B1569E77L5030073 9005: 2B1569E79L5030074 9006: 2B1569E70L5030075 9007: 2B1569E72L5030076 9008: 2B1569E74L5030077 9009: 2B1569E76L5030078 9010: 2B1569E78L5030079 9011: 2B1569E74L5030080 9012: 2B1569E76L5030081 9013: 2B1569E78L5030082 9014: 2B1569E7XL5030083 9015: 2B1569E71L5030084 9016: 2B1569E73L5030085 9017: 2B1569E75L5030086 9018: 2B1569E77L5030087 9019: 2B1569E79L5030088 9020: 2B1569774L5030089 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki..._V_%27L_VINs%27 Note: 9020 uses the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine but with the same Voith D863 transmission as 9001-9019. 1991 (units 9101-9140) 9101: 2B1569E70L5030190 9102: 2B1569E72L5030191 9103: 2B1569E74L5030192 9104: 2B1569E72L5030207 9105: 2B1569E78L5030194 9106: 2B1569E7XL5030195 9107: 2B1569E71L5030196 9108: 2B1569E73L5030197 9109: 2B1569E75L5030198 9110: 2B1569E77L5030199 9111: 2B1569E7XL5030200 9112: 2B1569E75L5030203 9113: 2B1569E77L5030204 9114: 2B1569E79L5030205 9115: 2B1569E70L5030206 9116: 2B1569E72L5030255 9117: 2B1569E76L5030257 9118: 2B1569E76L5030260 9119: 2B1569E7XL5030262 9120: 2B1569E71L5030263 9121: 2B1569E77L5030266 9122: 2B1569E70L5030268 9123: 2B1569E79L5030270 9124: 2B1569E72L5030272 9125: 2B1569E76L5030274 9126: 2B1569E7XL5030276 9127: 2B1569E73L5030278 9128: 2B1569E71L5030280 9129: 2B1569E75L5030282 9130: 2B1569E79L5030284 9131: 2B1569E72L5030286 9132: 2B1569E76L5030288 9133: 2B1569E74L5030290 9134: 2B1569E76L5030291 9135: 2B1569E7XL5030293 9136: 2B1569E73L5030295 9137: 2B1569E77L5030297 9138: 2B1569E70L5030299 9139: 2B1569E75L5030301 9140: 2B1569E79L5030303 For page: (see 9001-9020) Note: 9137-9139 were delivered with Allison HT748 ATEC transmissions. 1992 (units 9201-9210) 9201: 2B1569K71N5030979 9202: 2B1569K75N5030984 9203: 2B1569K75N5030998 9204: 2B1569K77N5030999 9205: 2B1569K71N5031002 9206: 2B1569K70N5031010 9207: 2B1569K73N5031017 9208: 2B1569K77N5031022 9209: 2B1569K78N5031031 9210: 2B1569K79N5031040 For page: http://cptdb.ca/wiki..._V_%27N_VINs%27 Note: All units 9201-9210 originally were delivered with the Cummins L10-240G CNG engine and ZF ECOMAT 4HP500 transmission. By 250,000 miles, these were overhauled and replaced with the Cummins L10-280E diesel engine and Voith D863 transmission. 1993 (units 9301-9312) 9301: 2B1569S75N5031276 9302: 2B1569S77N5031280 9303: 2B1569S79N5031281 9304: 2B1569S70N5031282 9305: 2B1569S72N5031283 9306: 2B1569S74N5031284 9307: 2B1569S76N5031285 9308: 2B1569S7XN5031287 9309: 2B1569S71N5031288 9310: 2B1569S73N5031289 9311: 2B1569S73N5031292 9312: 2B1569S75N5031293 For page: (see 9201-9210) Note: Unlike the other L10-equipped units (8901-8925, 9001-9019 and 9101-9140), this dozen Orion V's would use the electronically-controlled L10-280E CELECT (a contraction of "Cummins Electronics") engine. The reason I assume units 9301-9312 to use the Cummins L10-280E engine is because, by 1993, that derivation had replaced the older, mechanically-controlled L10-240B and L10-270B engines. I apologize if any of the VINs I typed here are already in the databases mentioned. ~Ben
  7. PETERBOROUGH TRANSIT GMDD TC40-102N AND OBI ORION V CHARTER APRIL 6 2013 12:45 - 5:45PM I have confirmation of people who are wanting to come and who will come too. I have confirmation from our friends in the USA going to make it to the charter as well. I have talked to Peterborough Transit and they said it would be okay with them to do the Orion V and also the GMDD Classic. Cost of the charter is $25 per person. People are able to pay before hand or at the Charter but highly recommend to pay before hand. Makes it so much easier. its going to be 3 hours on both buses. I have my routing all planned out. PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME YOUR CONFIRMATION TO ATTEND THE CHARTER. If you want to pay before hand let me know. Money Order or Cash. Please no Cheques. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO THE CHARTER There should be a bus at 11:18 am bus at Oshawa GO. Take 88 North (Peterborough) to Downtown Terminal There is also Greyhound to and from Peterborough from Toronto also to and from Ottawa. INFORMATION ABOUT THE BUSES BEING USED PETERBOROUGH TRANSIT #14 #14 is an 1984 GMDD TC40-102N Classic with a Detroit Diesel 6V71N with Allison V730 Transmission. It was purchased from STRSM 8-422 (Longueuil Quebec). IT HAS A STANDARD TRANSMISSION *YES WE WILL HAVE THE MEAN LEAN OF "CLASSIC" AT LIFTLOCKS LOL* PETERBOROUGH TRANSIT #04 #04 is a OBI Orion 05.501 with a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine with Allison HTB-748 Transmission. It sadly has a body 107.9 the BREEZE wrap on it, Kind tacky but oh boy she sounds amazing! She is one my favourite buses on the roster and 33 is a great refurbished engine bus. I am inquiring about a garage tour again and if you would like a group photo there with 2 classics, Orion V or NovaBUS, Decision will be made on the charter ride. IMAGES #14 GMDD Classic Rear Shot #04 orion V Front Driver side shot side view
  8. Hey everybody I got some great news for you all! I got confirmation by Peterborough Transit I can charter the last remaining Orion V on the roster. She said if the bus gets written off or something happens to her she said chartering a Classic is no problem for them. 04 is the 'BREEZE' wrapped Orion V. She said if it doesnt work out she said a classic is no problemo for them so if something does happen to 04 we are covered. So what do you guys think... April or October? I need to know who would be interested so I know if its a go or not, I need to pay them in advance.i They said they cant take the BREEZE wrap off because jokingly said that its holding her together lol! I need to know the following - who is interested - what date works for you fall or spring. Thank you