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  1. So they're retiring the 50 units in the 15xx/16xx series that were rebuilt / repainted too?
  2. Just came across this news video. So it's confirmed 25 NFIs, 25 Proterras and 10 BYDs? Can the wiki be updated to reflect this change?
  3. This is probably the first weekend where the XE40s see service on both days. 3 are out as of now according to Transsee.
  4. This is probably not new (but new to me or I skipped some posts here) but I see 4 XE40s out in service right now on a Saturday midday on Transsee.
  5. With so much service reduction lately, I'm surprised they need expansion units.
  6. It seems the Kingston units take alot longer to be accepted into service compared to the Thunder Bay units. I wonder if it's quality issues...
  7. It seems the delivery of Xcelsiors stopped and the BE40s are taking forever to get here. Does it take them a much longer time to produce one electric bus compared to all other propulsion tech buses?
  8. They haven't even built the Finch West garage for the vehicles yet. Didn't it take at least a year to build the EMSF?
  9. A quick glance shows 511 on Saturday is still CLRVs. Since weekdays they have at least 2 Flexities on it, I find it surprising it is all CLRVs today and they should have enough Flexities to run 511 on weekends. Thought 511 is next in line to be converted?
  10. So it's confirmed Line 6 will not be using Flexities? Or too early to tell?
  11. I can't remember if Steve Munro said there would be a storage constraint if the 60 units were ordered right after the 204 units are delivered? One of the streetcar yards are still undergoing expansion iirc leading to 504 and 501 blue night operating at 15min frequencies.
  12. Silly Tilley mentioned this a few months ago. They get it during their overhaul or something like that.
  13. Looking at youtube videos of transit fans riding the Ion, I can't help but think this should've been the way TTC's 509, 510 and 512 should've operated; with transit priority and making all cars stop when the train approaches the intersection! Stupid City of Toronto! I hope Line 5 on the surface portion will be operated like the Ion instead of the current 509/510/512.
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