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  1. ttc rider posted in Feb 16 2021 that 4438 went to Quebec Island. How can it have taken 4435's spot when 4435 was just delivered back to the TTC? I had swapped 4436 with 4438 as 4436 remained with the TTC back in Feb 2021. You guys are contradicting each other.
  2. At this point every transfers are handmedowns as there's no new buses until 2022.
  3. And he seems to have came into this board after the 74/78xx retired. Back then no one complained Eglinton and Birchmount had the oldest models in the fleet nor did anyone cared.
  4. They partially did this by giving Arrow the 52 and Arrow has mostly the LFS hybrids after McNicoll opened. 52 and 900 both "show off" to travellers the Toronto buses though you can argue they take 900 more due to its advertisement and express service. And on the rare occasion the Xcelsiors go on the airport branch of the 52...
  5. Watch out. You might incur a certain member here about why Queensway can't get new buses by going into this topic!!!
  6. Weren't the 1700 batch very organized? It was only the first 2 NG hybrid batchs that were scattered.
  7. Reminds me of the pre Orion VII days when 192 was ran by New Eglinton using D40LFs from across the city when they could've used Wilson's VIs to do it if they wanted LF buses on that route. But that's a story for another day and has nothing to do with this thread. lol
  8. Maybe the 03 and 08s artics were just built really well? lol Brampton still has their 02/03s active.
  9. What happened with 3758? Is it still not in service all this time or the wiki hasn't been updated!
  10. How come the Mark Is now don't have a wider gap at stations between its floor and the station platform which provides a safety issue to customers VS its newer variants? Is it a negligible difference that customers won't notice?
  11. At the turn of the century, how did they fix the gap at station issue when the Mark IIs were first introduced to the system since they are 0.15m wider than the Mark Is? The original Expo line was built to Mark I widths were they not?
  12. Steve Munro did an article today about the possibilities of converting the RT infrastructure to a BRT. Interesting read...
  13. https://twitter.com/CityofEdmonton/status/1357796535447085056/photo/1 Congrats to you guys here.
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