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  1. Really? I just looked at Transsee and see 4 40ft on 985. 1207, 3448, 3537, 1663. A few weeks ago on Saturdays I see at least 3 artics on 985. Maybe they use 40ft only on sundays.
  2. https://www.blogto.com/city/2019/06/ttc-bus-caught-fire-toronto/
  3. For these raptor games, where do TTC park their 5 additional subways in anticipation of the exit crowd at Union? Is it at the nearest 5 pocket tracks close to Union? Where do TTC park the 25 additional buses and what route(s) do they run on when the crowd comes out?
  4. But that'll satisfy a certain someone from this board and stop the constant whining / complaining. 😏
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HtJzJQy7Q0 I was watching this video and around 8:00 he says when opened, Line 1 will be the busiest NA light rail system. How do they know this? Do they really predict it will be busier than the C Train?
  6. Well for Quebec systems it doesn't matter how bad the LFS is as their government seems to fund only NovaBus kind of like Ontario did with Orion in the 90s. They have no other choice.
  7. What happened with 4543? It's been here longer than the last 3 that recently entered service but is being kept from entering service.
  8. It's too bad the TTC subways can't be run at HCRR. I really wanted to ride those again.
  9. Birchmount, Malvern and Eglinton got Vision AFTER Queensway. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results...
  10. Unless they open Hillcrest again like a decade ago. That or one of the streetcar garages.
  11. Maybe opening Lower Bay is the easiest location for TTC to do as they only move 2 subways on each side of the platform with minimal restricted areas. Whereas opening any other properties like garages require much more staff and restricted areas with security.
  12. That's so weird that they didn't put that seat over the vent right before the steps. It's not like people can stand in that area anyways but they neglected to put a seat there. Don't think I've ever seen any Xcelsior like this. Is it me or I don't see any USB charging locations.
  13. Their layout must have killed many seats and have lots of empty standing space because the Xcelsior in general should have a higher seat count than the LFS. And since the rear is similar to what most systems got (as per Lex), it'll be interested to see what layout they ordered for the front. The LFS / D40LF / LFR / Orion VI have the lower seat count due to the older design. Orion VII / Invero / Xcelsior have the higher seat count due to the newer design.
  14. Anyone know why TTC still hasn't updated 186 to 996 and cancelled the 193? 193 still shows on the schedule on its page.
  15. The updated windows have a problem. The passengers sitting directly behind the driver cannot see outside on the left side as they left a huge stretch of wall between the new driver's window and the first passenger left side window.
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