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  1. Orion V

    TTC Electric Buses

    That's so weird that they didn't put that seat over the vent right before the steps. It's not like people can stand in that area anyways but they neglected to put a seat there. Don't think I've ever seen any Xcelsior like this. Is it me or I don't see any USB charging locations.
  2. Orion V

    TTC Electric Buses

    Their layout must have killed many seats and have lots of empty standing space because the Xcelsior in general should have a higher seat count than the LFS. And since the rear is similar to what most systems got (as per Lex), it'll be interested to see what layout they ordered for the front. The LFS / D40LF / LFR / Orion VI have the lower seat count due to the older design. Orion VII / Invero / Xcelsior have the higher seat count due to the newer design.
  3. Anyone know why TTC still hasn't updated 186 to 996 and cancelled the 193? 193 still shows on the schedule on its page.
  4. Orion V

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    The updated windows have a problem. The passengers sitting directly behind the driver cannot see outside on the left side as they left a huge stretch of wall between the new driver's window and the first passenger left side window.
  5. Orion V

    TTC in the news

    Light Metro is what Line 3 is right? It would be so weird if they do the RL using that same technology that they're trying to get rid of come 2026. lol
  6. Orion V

    TTC in the news

    I think Douggie and his team still have no idea what they want exactly for this line except that they don't like the traditional heavy rail as use on Lines 1, 2 and 4.
  7. Orion V

    Transit in Hong Kong

    Besides the B8L Gemini 3s, KMB got 2 more new models for their DD fleet. B8L MCV and B9TL Gemilang. Didn't know they still ordered B9TLs now that its replacement, the B8Ls are in full production. http://www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/Xtra/HK-KMB-B8L-3.htm http://www.orientalmodelbuses.co.uk/Xtra/HK-KMB-Volvo-Gemilang.htm
  8. Orion V

    TTC in the news

    His 3 stop proposal got me wondering what the 3rd stop is if it is to terminate at STC. Lawrence East and STC were always part of the 3 stop proposal originally. Anyone thinks it's going to be Eglinton @ Danforth?
  9. So you're saying the 2017+ LFSes have another type of door or they are newer so you don't notice this draft?
  10. Orion V

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    What ever happened to 4527? Wasn't it awaiting delivery?
  11. Orion V

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    When the DRL gets built, what will happen to the existing lower Queen stn? It's much too small for a heavy rail so does having that station pre built over half a century ago help in building the DRL's lower Queen stn?
  12. I wouldn't say they're only out during peak periods. They are out during midday and early evenings on weekdays too.
  13. Anyone know the latest update / news for Line 6 construction and Line 2 extension? I see both are approved but what are they waiting for before putting the shovels in the ground; money? Line 6 has some utility relocations done so far and I'm not sure what started in the Line 2 extension physically.
  14. Greenboro as I plan to take Line 2 and then Line 1 (hopefully it opens by May 10th).
  15. Orion V

    Grand River Transit

    When ION launches, does the LRT + Ion Bus replace the current iXpress route 200 in its entirety?