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  1. TTC in the news

  2. Streetcar News

  3. GO Transit

    This route would almost mirror YRT's 760 during summer months.
  4. I noticed the 9200s are listed as having the L9 engine. Is this confimred?
  5. TTC in the news

  6. Transit in Hong Kong

    To be fair, the Octopus has 2 decades of history so all the clinks have been worked out. So why does TTC have to close weekends to do the ATO when the others don't have to?
  7. Transit in Hong Kong

    I know MTR is doing signal upgrades on some of the older lines to something similar to ATO (like TTC) so I'm wondering how do they do it without major closures like what TTC is doing almost every weekend?
  8. Alexander Dennis

    So for the HK models, it should just be called 1G, 2G and 3G. The MMC and NG just confuses it. For GO, 8000s would be 1G, 8100s 2Gs, 8300s 3Gs?
  9. Transit in Hong Kong

    http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-crime/article/2132850/least-nine-dead-40-injured-hong-kong-double-decker-bus KMB Route 872. Volvo Super Olypmian Wright Explorer.
  10. Alexander Dennis

    I've been searching this on google and wiki but there seems to be a contradiction as to the designations of the E500 generations. Some sites call it E500 MMC, while others call it E500 Facelift. I've even saw a site calling them E500NG. Which generation does the E500 MMC belong to? The 2nd gen or 3rd gen? If the MMC is 2nd gen, then what do they call the 3rd gen? If the MMC is 3rd gen, then what do they call the 2nd gen?
  11. Transit in Hong Kong

    I feel the MTR car interiors are wider than TTC's that for sure. Door to door; not talking about the sideway facing seats making them appear wider. TTC's are the largest in Canada per train car width and length for example. I haven't rode any other heavy rails in the world that's why I would like to know.
  12. Transit in Hong Kong

    I meant width and length of each train. Not the entire trainset. I read somewhere each train car is the widest and longest of any heavy rail metros in the world.
  13. Transit in Hong Kong

    I remember reading somewhere MTR trains have the longest and widest per car dimensions in the world. Can anyone confirm this and where can I find this information?
  14. Transit in Hong Kong

    I'm in HK now and noticed all HF buses have retired except a very small fraction of Citybus Olympians on 88R. Their retirement from KMB and NWFB were fast! I guess Citybus Olympians are the newest looking HFs so they are the only ones left in HK.
  15. MiWay

    Interesting that they still have the 90 deg angle at the driver's side ceiling. Thought they got rid of that in TTC's latest 872x series.