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  1. What happened with 3758? Is it still not in service all this time or the wiki hasn't been updated!
  2. How come the Mark Is now don't have a wider gap at stations between its floor and the station platform which provides a safety issue to customers VS its newer variants? Is it a negligible difference that customers won't notice?
  3. At the turn of the century, how did they fix the gap at station issue when the Mark IIs were first introduced to the system since they are 0.15m wider than the Mark Is? The original Expo line was built to Mark I widths were they not?
  4. Steve Munro did an article today about the possibilities of converting the RT infrastructure to a BRT. Interesting read...
  5. https://twitter.com/CityofEdmonton/status/1357796535447085056/photo/1 Congrats to you guys here.
  6. Here's a super wild thought. I'm just throwing this out there. Since the Ontario Line has a high chance of using Mark IIIs, can't they close the RT for a year or so and upgrade the curve going into Kennedy Stn plus the signal system on the entire RT line so it can accommodate them. Use the Mark IIIs for 5 years or so then manually transfer them to the Ontario Line. The trains will not be wasted. You would only waste money on the signal system upgrade but the construction at the tracks leading into Kennedy Stn. They would only need to order two dozens or so vehicles before the remaining or
  7. There's this magic button / option another veteran user once mentioned where you just block a specific user's posts. It works like a charm! I don't see useless repeated RAD (now the norm) posts in this thread now. You should try it too. :)
  8. For the 2018+ ZUM XDE60s, I think the seat type is wrong in the CPTDB wiki. Some still list them as the pre-2018 seats while one shows a question mark. Anyone know what seats they have?
  9. With the amount of MiWay buses using this terminal during rush hours (imagine post covid where they restore to 100% pre covid levels), let's hope GO never uses this terminal. The MiWay buses need places for layover. Those 4 bus bays should be for all MiWay bus layover.
  10. I find it strange the OG HEVs are much more reliable than their NG counterparts. What did Orion screwed up in the newer ones? Software? Iirc, the reason the 1200s are better than 1500/1700s are because they have older more reliable software? Can the same be said about the 1000s?
  11. Look at this video. At 14:25min. They're installing the service stops with the Line 5 logo in pink instead of orange.
  12. Will Line 5 and 6 have transit priority signals for the trains that will actually be ON giving the trains advantage at intersections during operation? Or will they be implemented in the OFF state like on 509/510/512 because the city didn't want to give streetcars in these routes priority over cars.
  13. What defines 2nd generation hybrid? MiWay's 2010 Orion VII hybrids are considered 2nd generation too as they are different than TTC's but they don't have the features that the LFS hybrids have.
  14. I don't think anyone here works for Crosslinx so we don't have insider info on the deliveries of the Freedoms here. Since you brought it up, what do you mean "re-delivered"? Why did they ship it back to Bombardier after the initial delivery?
  15. Maybe he assumed the Flexity Outlooks were delivered sequentially (except the Kingston units) so naturally these Freedoms should be done the same. And aren't ION and ETS's delivered in sequential order iirc?
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