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  1. There's alot of transit fans on this board with nothing much to do in life (myself included at one point) but to spy on these things. LOL
  2. That'll give 511 several months of accessible service before it's bustituted.
  3. 1) Anyone know if you can still purchase the day pass (legacy version where you can use 2 adults on weekends) at Shopper's Drug Mart after TTC stops selling them on Nov 30? 2) Can the Presto Day Passes be used for 2 adults on weekends if you go in through a station attendant or bus driver instead of beeping them at Presto gates?
  4. So in summary 80s technology sucked compared to 70s technology. lol
  5. As said before, they put a huge buffet front and back of these cars so even though ATC don't see them, it detects a huge block that it can't route TRs near it.
  6. Someone just posted this ride today on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIEap3OdOyk
  7. Yes they can. Translink's current trolleys can disconnect and go wireless for a limited distance before connecting back on the wire.
  8. They're no louder than the 05/06 counterparts. You sure you didn't hear those and mixed them up?c
  9. I think the rear still looks better than the BE40 which has 80s style taillights with Invero slant and a D800 style rear window. lol
  10. I wonder if that is an attempt to have a BRT style cover the batteries and A/C on the roof cause most K9s I see don't have that weird BRT style roof.
  11. Now I see and am glad the TTC cancelled the rest of the expansion order of the K9. It's almost Halloween and the first bus still hasn't arrived!
  12. VMC bus terminal opens Nov 3rd. http://www.vivanext.com/project_TerminalVaughan
  13. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2019/10/08/woman-seriously-injured-after-being-hit-by-car-at-bay-and-college/
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