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  1. Orion V

    Transit in Hong Kong

    Just heard from friends in HK that the oldest 3 MTR (ex-KCR lines excluded) lines have signal problems resulted in major delays of up to 40min. Looks like age is catching up to one of the world most reliably heavy rail system! lol The affected lines are red, green and blue which corresponds to the 3 oldest (original) MTR lines which probably shares similar technology and different than the other newer lines.
  2. Orion V

    TTC Electric Buses

    What ever happened to the 3 electric buses that were here a few months ago? One from each of the three company. Were they sent on to demo with another company?
  3. Orion V

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Are these 3 first day of service together?
  4. Orion V

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    That'll risk the cars get damaged or graffiti over. Safer to keep them inside TTC property with 24h security.
  5. Orion V

    TTC Service Changes

    Do you think the 985 requires artics on weekends?
  6. Orion V

    TTC in the news

  7. Orion V

    Streetcar News

    Thought 511 is using bus since yesterday?
  8. Orion V

    Streetcar News

    I don't see any Flexities on 501 today (Monday) when they are running on a holiday schedule and 511 is using buses. Did they gave the extra ones a rest today now that a few more ALRVs are back?
  9. Orion V

    TTC Service Changes

    No they're not. After 8pm they're closed. The driver would have to go into the Distillery restaurant washrooms.
  10. Orion V


    What about the Nova neck problem? Do you guys have sore necks turning your heads to see the passengers as they pay their fares?
  11. Orion V

    York Region Transit \ Viva

    What happened to the rest of the Viva 17xx order? IIRC, there were suppose to be more but only 5 came and it seems that's it?
  12. Orion V

    Hamilton Street Railway

    Last Sat they used 1009 on route 99 instead of the Trolley Replicas. Is this a permanent thing now? Did something happened to the Trolley Replicas?
  13. Is there a set date for turning the audio and destination screens for the Line 1 & 2 train side windows now that Line 3 & 4 are on?
  14. Orion V

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    Park at 407 stn as it's TTC owned so parking is cheaper than at VMC which charges you a premium since Smart Centre owns it.
  15. Orion V

    TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    LOL nice one Kit Kat! In fact I saw several with my own eyes on 60 today; in service I might add...