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  1. Orion V

    General Subway/RT Discussion

    I was on 5361 today and saw the cameras. I thought it was the norm for T1s (I don't ride them often) until I read this now.
  2. I always wanted to ask this but forgot... Why were Eglinton (original), Islington, Warden, Vic Park (original) and St George (this one not too problematic as it's only one bus bay) built like they are today instead of the island in the middle with bus platforms surrounding it? Was it cost, geography, etc?
  3. I just saw the ETS Flexity and noticed it comes in 7 car lengths. How come Line 5 will only use 5 car lengths? Is it because when they first placed the order, the Freedom's maximum length was 5 car as in its initial pamphlet (link below) or they don't predict it will need that high a capacity? https://www.webcitation.org/query?url=http%3A%2F%2F98.141.86.152%2Fadwheel2012%2Fentries%2F3988053%2F464008.FlexityFreedom_Brochurelowres.pdf&date=2013-07-13
  4. Orion V


    I just noticed the LFSAs are only 30 units while the 08 artics retiring are 35 units. Why have they lowered the replacement artic numbers? Are they keeping 5 08 artics?
  5. Orion V

    Los Angeles MTA

    Why do they use the 60-BRT buses for the regular Orange coloured routes? This doesn't distinguish them from the Silver Orange line BRT buses. In fact, I see the 60-BRT model painted in all 4 of their liveries which means they use this model for all their bus routes? I initially thought they used the BRT for their BRT route while regular routes use regular artics.
  6. Anyone know the fleet roster for the chinese tour company Safeway Tours? I know they have a bunch of J4500s in colour liveries and last week I saw an H3-45 in the white Safeway livery. I remember they had some D4500s or could be 102DL3s too, are they gone now?
  7. I know the Orion V and the Phantom are still in production. Any double decker high floors still in production? Any other single decker high floors still in production?
  8. Heating after rebuilt: After they went for rebuilt, did they change the area where the heat comes from? I've noticed the 91 Vs originally came from the vents right under the window but now I notice it comes from the top where the A/C comes from. Same goes to the 96 Vs; they used to come from beneath the seats but now they seem to come from the A/C area. Last window for the sliding type: How come all the buses with sliding windows have an unopenable window at the door side of the bus in the rear? Does it have something to do with the vents that are usually behind or above that window? This only occurs in the sliding window models and not the flip windows.
  9. Several questions: 1) KMB ONLY Questions: Are KMB's Enviro 500 and Super Olympian Wright/B9TL Wright the only 3 types to have the same pink/red type seats in KMB's fleet? I know there one KMB Centroliner APM1 that has this type of seat as well; it being the newest Centroliner in the fleet. Do the new Golden plus Brown livery only applies to the above 2 models? While all other Super Low Floor buses have full Golden livery. Do the 2004-05 Super Olympian Alexander buses have the new seat types and new livery? If not, how to disguish them from the older Super Olympians? There are several Enviro 500 and Wright buses that have super bright LCD signs with smaller fonts, are these retrofits, prototypes or came with a specific order? I know the ones with the "2006" printed liveries don't have this type of destination signs. 2) Citybus and New world: Do they plan on buying any new buses? I heard their last purchase were in 2002-03 with Dennis Trident and Neoplan Centroliners? 3) General Questions: Is the Neoplan Centroliner out of production? There are 6 types of Super Low Floor buses used in HK. Why are there more Tridents/Enviro 500/Super Olympian/B9TLs than MAN 24.310/Centroliners Super Low Floor buses in Hong Kong? Are the former better suited for HK transit?