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  1. Having newer trains on Line 2 is also a way to improve capacity since the TRs (and the T1 replacements) will carry 10% more passengers than the T1s. Since we know ATC won't be live for Line 2 by the time of the original planned T1 replacement at the end of this decade, having newer TR type trains is a short term capacity enhancement before ATC is live on Line 2 which will provide another capacity increase.
  2. The more things change, the more they stays the same...
  3. Thanks for the link. I see my original question from 13 years ago was never answered and now with more members here, I wonder if anyone know? Here was my question from 13 years ago. And Steve's nicely enough to actually have an image of the red vent CLRVs in action. Super rare photo as most CLRVs were either white vent or grey vent back in the 90s. I used to wait forever to ride a red vent CLRV! https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/b7_957c.jpg
  4. From Steve Munro's comment, he claimed (I forget which article or comment) the heavy duty equipment due to the intend of running them on high speed suburban operation was the reason they lasted so long.
  5. You guys who have a video or photo of this douche should post it here so everyone sees him. Shame him back!
  6. They should've extended the CLRVs until the board period after Jan 5, 2020 since not all the Flexities are in service while there are still a batch of working CLRVs instead of mass retiring them. Use em till they really drop.
  7. Glad I took my last ride last weekend way in advance of all these people taking pics and videos. Don't want my face indirectly pastured all over the internet like a celebrity.
  8. So they rushed to delivery the first 6 units (as per the contract) and now slowed it down probably to do the Valley Line order as they are supposed to open before Eglinton.
  9. Anymore updates to this? Has anymore vehicles been delivered? The cptdb wiki page for the Freedoms is very outdated I think.
  10. As someone mentioned in his site already, how come they allowed streetcar service to continue while track work was being done back then? Is this a new regulation in the 90s that bustituded streetcar routes when trackwork had to be done?
  11. Because of this I really hope Dougie's Ontario Line uses HF models. It'll be a disaster if they picked the Confederation Line technology to be used.
  12. Imagine come Spring 2020 when 505 uses Flexities; how the rush hour situation would be during rush hours...
  13. What's wrong with riding them on 511? I was there yesterday riding them on 511.
  14. Anyone know why 9000 pilot artic was skipped in the rebuild and driver over to be based out of Malvern while all of its 2013 sisters are rebuilt and they started with the 2014s?
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