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  1. Look at this video. At 14:25min. They're installing the service stops with the Line 5 logo in pink instead of orange.
  2. Will Line 5 and 6 have transit priority signals for the trains that will actually be ON giving the trains advantage at intersections during operation? Or will they be implemented in the OFF state like on 509/510/512 because the city didn't want to give streetcars in these routes priority over cars.
  3. What defines 2nd generation hybrid? MiWay's 2010 Orion VII hybrids are considered 2nd generation too as they are different than TTC's but they don't have the features that the LFS hybrids have.
  4. I don't think anyone here works for Crosslinx so we don't have insider info on the deliveries of the Freedoms here. Since you brought it up, what do you mean "re-delivered"? Why did they ship it back to Bombardier after the initial delivery?
  5. Maybe he assumed the Flexity Outlooks were delivered sequentially (except the Kingston units) so naturally these Freedoms should be done the same. And aren't ION and ETS's delivered in sequential order iirc?
  6. Will 1501-1509 be transferred back to conventional service now that new artics are in service for the conventional fleet?
  7. https://dailyhive.com/toronto/ttc-rolling-out-new-bus-only-lanes?fbclid=IwAR1oj3SnS1rGquF0ITM9f6-20B-gepLM2YdMReRP9o6h6ct_G4NQaU39rBA
  8. The ZX5 looks like the BE40 with a new battery underneath. The Proterra website got rid of all BE40 references for some reason and use the BE40 pictures but advertises the ZX5 name. So weird.
  9. https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/09/toronto-subway-station-makeover/ Thought Yorkdale would be getting this first...
  10. In TTC news today in the world of weird and crazy stunts... https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/08/guy-climbs-moving-ttc-bus-instagram-followers/ Is it the design of the LFS rear that makes them easier to climb than a VII? More areas to grab onto and the height is lower.
  11. This is more fair. I hated those transfers where it's 2h from the start of that bus route. So if you boarded a 19 at the final stop, you got like an hour left in your transfer even though you just paid you fare. Very stupid!
  12. Isn't Sci Cen Stn being built with provision for future connection to the Ontario Line? Kind of like Finch West Stn in 2017.
  13. These cars have to go through 2 facilities before delivering to Metrolinx?
  14. https://www.blogto.com/city/2020/06/hate-crime-incidents-toronto/
  15. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/06/27/racist-graffiti-line-2-subway/ Something sneaked into Greenwood and did this?
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