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  1. At 10:30pm April 18 2022, I used transsee on 8552 and it's showing in service on 102 while 8615 is at Birchmount garage. Are they still in the old livery? Or having these 2 units have been rebuilt but no one noticed it hence not reported here?
  2. K11M! LMAO What could be worse than a 40ft BYD model... one with an articulation joint in the middle of them!
  3. Anyone know if the 60 Flexity streetcar order is firmed and contract signed? Last I heard was the feds committed funds to it and that's it. Any documents stating what differences this order will have vs the original 204 unit order? Eg. Will it only have panto and come only with LED interior lights.
  4. Closest reference in Ontario is this. Based on looks only since HSR's are CNGs. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Hamilton_Street_Railway_1820-1830
  5. Just a wild guess is that they might have framed windows but will retain the BRT roofline. Look at the 3400s for example. The 60 electric buses all have frameless windows.
  6. No they will only get the 60 electric buses we have now just so they're "handing me down" for Genius so Queensway don't get new buses as far into the future as possible! That was a joke but I just had to say it for a certain someone here! LMAO
  7. Definitely not the models used in the current TTC Subway. The successful bid winner of the tender for the portion of the tender which has the rolling stock will choose the model to be used. Rumour has it they spec it very similar to the REM Metropolis model over in Montreal.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg4e2vz0Mvc Video of the news
  9. I re-looked at pics of the rear of AG300 VS LFSA. What rear overhang? I see the rear most set of wheels are further to the front in the LFSA than AG300.
  10. Why are the AG300s restricted to Purple?
  11. Sliding just like the current TTC LFSes.
  12. The 7400-7883 batch were prematurely retired due to emissions from that S50EGR engine and additional funding from the feds to get new buses. They were suppose to retire at 18 years and would have lasted 18 years just like the 7900s.
  13. I have no idea what you typed! Ever heard of a run-on sentence and capitalization or you're too young to start that class?
  14. Your 68B proposal was attempted before when Line 4 first opened back in 2002. That route was called 268 and it didn't last too long iirc.
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