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  1. Just notice the BYDs have Gemini seats as oppose to the Insight that the other 2 electric models use. There was an interior pic posted in this thread a few pages back. The rear step is really weird. If you think the Xcelsior rear step is weird, this is another level...
  2. If they are more useful on Finch East, why put them on Sheppard East in the first place.
  3. Well that original reply was from official TTC so how the hell would I know if they unofficially changed it and told their ticket enforcement people to do that. That was my being proactive instead of being reactive to the now deemed incorrect reply by the TTC themselves. The original paper transfer didn't have the same rule as the Presto card. It didn't even allow the 2h transfer of unlimited travel. And clearly TTC knew their reply had inaccurate information hence they posted another reply so fast and it went over the news this morning so everyone sees it.
  4. As of last night of my post, that was my impression and hence my original reply to be on the safe side after reading the original quote. (From this reply of TTC) https://twitter.com/MetroManTO/status/1233911063667605504/photo/2 This just posted by TTC 5h ago which clears this up. Here's the new reply today. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/03/01/ttc-fares-go-up-sunday/
  5. So basically when "you think" you are near the 2h mark, get off any streetcars. All other TTC vehicles (except bustitution streetcar routes) are safe as transit enforcers don't check them. Drivers check all boarding passengers or you board from a fare paid station and all rapid transit lines are fare paid zones. That's the new unofficial rule.
  6. https://dailyhive.com/toronto/head-injuries-man-struck-exiting-streetcar-ttc
  7. What's going on with 4401? It's a month after the last unit was delivery. Does it take them this long to finish this unit?
  8. What are the limitations they can't phase this line to start the western segment for service instead of having the entire 19km in service in one shot?
  9. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2020/02/18/eglinton-crosstown-lrt-opening-delayed-2022/
  10. Will the 07 AG300s be rebuilt and used for YRT like the 05 AG300s or just retired?
  11. A while back someone reported one DD has luggage racks for use on route 40. Whatever happened to this unit and why didn't they put more of them for this route? With the DD's luggage racks so high up above the rear wheels, most people just bring their luggages into the wheelchair area of the lower deck and cramps that area. Route 40 is better served with D4500s since they can actually make use of their luggage racks,
  12. Having newer trains on Line 2 is also a way to improve capacity since the TRs (and the T1 replacements) will carry 10% more passengers than the T1s. Since we know ATC won't be live for Line 2 by the time of the original planned T1 replacement at the end of this decade, having newer TR type trains is a short term capacity enhancement before ATC is live on Line 2 which will provide another capacity increase.
  13. The more things change, the more they stays the same...
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