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  1. CLRVs are overkill itself on the 505 and 506 west of Lansdowne but that's how some bus routes also operate for the last couple kilometres. We can say the same for Line 1 in Vaughan.
  2. It's not ideal but the problem isn't the TTC. It's Bombardier's crappy streetcars requiring a higher spare ratio and the politicians refusing to fund more streetcars. Breaking down 5x faster also means 5x more inconvenience to riders. Unlike buses, a broken down streetcar affects the entire line. The CLRVs might hold up for another year but definitely not 5 years down the road. Capacity isn't better with CLRVs than the number of buses they operate.
  3. 1. Accessibility 2. Expensive to maintain 3. Breaks down 5x faster than buses 4. Doesn't work in the winter 5. Flexity extras can always be used during the CNE It was expected since they don't have enough streetcars. They can't even deploy be streetcars on the 511 in 2024 unless the reliability goes up or they buy more. It could be well passed 2024.
  4. The fun part to read is enhanced streetcar service on 501 and 504 in 2022-2023 and deployment of new streetcars on 511 in 2024.
  5. They'll get charged against the HTA for something like careless driving and whatever applies, get some demerit points and a fine. Then it's up to the victim to sue for compensation related to injuries as a result. That doesn't cover all the near misses that happen everyday nor if the victim can't afford to sue.
  6. They really should arrest these people running transit users over and throw them in jail or some sort of criminal charges. Otherwise people will continue to not take open streetcar doors seriously. Rich enough people can pay for any camera tickets whenever that gets installed,
  7. Seems like they found whatever is at Bmount.
  8. 8951 was the roadblock on Bay just north of Nathan Phillips Square.
  9. Only 4 stations are getting new terminals/bus loop. Mount Dennis with a big 15 bay terminal. Probably fare paid zone. Keelesdale with small on street terminal with 4 bus bays. Doesn't seem like fare paid zone. Caledonia with a bus loop similar to Old Mill. Science Centre with a 7 bus bay terminal. Could be fare paid zone. Cedarvale, Eglinton and Kennedy have existing terminals. The rest will access Line 5 on street similar to the Dufferin Station transfer to 29/929 setup. The 935 setup is going to annoy a lot of riders as it takes it's 5-8 minute detour and and out of Mount Dennis. It would almost always be faster to just get off the bus, walk across the road and take the next 35/935. I expect alot of people will do this. Since the introduction of presto, this allowd the 41/941 to board on street at Finch West and the 52/952 eastbound boarding on street at Lawrence West. Maybe they could board on street for the 89/989.
  10. Yes, those changes I didn't mention are the same as the proposed changes back in 2016. The 989 (previously proposed as 189) didn't extend south of Eglinton. https://www.ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2016/February_25/Reports/Changes_to_TTC_Bus_Routes_in_Eglinton_Corridor_for_Line_5_Ra.pdf#page=5 There is no mention of what happens to service on Lawrence between Leslie and Don Mills. I suppose they could revive the 51C. They would need a branch of 51 to replace the 56B in rush hour as the 56A+B runs twice as frequent as the 51. The 56B replacement branch would need to loop CCW instead of CW to avoid confusion on where to board 51 southbound buses. They should have built a bus terminal at Laird if they anticipated these changes.
  11. That has nothing to do with connecting to Line 5. Please search the board for an answer, that has been mention many times. You can also write your suggestion on the survey as they are looking for feedbacks.
  12. There's a new TTC 5 years plan survey that shows some revised routing for connecting to Line 5 The 7 Bathurst isn't being renumbered anymore. The 19 goes to a new 19 Castlefield route. (First 19 was for Jane South, then 7 Bathurst was to be renumbered 19, now a new route) The 18 Caledonia is proposed to return again with a split from 47. (This split first appeared in the SmartTrack proposed routing map at Stockyards GO station which doesn't seem like it's happening anymore) The 81 Thorncliffe Park and 88 South Leaside will rerouted into Laird Station. The rest remains the same as the last public proposal. The 171 will be maintained to Mt Dennis garage oppose to the 71 Runnymede. Line 6 doesn't contain much changes except the Milvan loop route is now numbered 151. A revised community bus route network is also presented. Source: TTC 5 year plan FAQ https://ttc5yearplan.com/faq
  13. You aren't suppose to board at the rear doors on buses (excluding streetcar busition routes), paying or not. People are illegally accessing the system thus they could start ticketing people boarding at the rear doors if they want. It is technically equivalent to having a metropass and walking in the station through the bus roadway. Then some ops decided whatever, let everyone on quickly to make up schedule. It just made it seem okay and while increasing fare evasion. The ops used to kick people off if they boarded from the rear doors and possibly take the bus out of service if that person won't leave. Then TTC told ops to not hold up the bus for incidents like this. Now it's contributing to more fare evasion. The rear reader is there as a backup and for times that rear boarding is permitted. Simple. Because they are having trouble enforcing fare evasion on streetcar routes. Until the can get things under control, POP will never happen on bus routes, TTC will have to hire more inspectors and lose more revenue to freeloaders stuffing up the bus.
  14. I am disappointed to see they are still crippling the new bike racks on this batch of Novas.
  15. They could build a new station at Viscount and have people take the APM. If they are going to build a new hub at Pearson, they really have to decide where this hub will be located. Terminal 1 would be an ideal location for air travellers but more difficult to access commuters to access the train service. Buses won't have to run around in circles just to get to the terminal. They also have to move away from two doors per car to at least 4 doors to get people on faster.
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