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  1. The 2021 Annual Service Plan has some interesting changes... https://www.ttcannualplan.ca/2021-asp Go give them so feedback before October 9, 2020. Changes to the express network Changes: New 938 Highland Creek Express New 943 Kennedy Express New 968 Warden Express Elimination of 903 Kennedy-Scarborough Centre Express (underused) New service periods for: 929 Dufferin Express – weekend daytime 941 Keele Express – weekday midday 953 Steeles East Express – weekday midday and early evening, weekend daytime 960 Steeles West Express – weekday midday and early evening, weekend daytime Changes to the 121 Fort York-Esplanade Remove service west of Union New service through Regent Park New peak period service to Stanley Greene Of course everyone's favourite, the Scarborough East study with a high resolution map The 86D looping to be replaced with the 178A New 178A/B on Brimorton 54B will reach Morningside 116A service on Conlins would be replaced with a 905 extension 116 will consolidate with one branch, the current 116C. 95A extension to Kingston Rd. 938 to UTSC They are also considering changing or eliminating the 107 St Regis route completely. Low usage service periods of the 107 is already stated for elimination.
  2. It probably didn't pass PDI and was sent for repairs that took a long time to return. I don't think it entered yet
  3. Let's remember that the gasoline engine is still based on a century old design. Computers have aid fuel efficiency but the fundamentals haven't changed. How do we know that we can greatly improve the battery in 20 years? Possible but I'm not better big money on it.
  4. In terms of BEBs being operated in service, probably true. TTC is likely one of the first that I'm aware to jump the gun and commit to a big order. Subsequently big orders were made STM/STL did order a 30/10 split of flyers but that's under a trial. STM still have those 3 Nova fast charges too. ETS ordered 40 proterras. King County Transit in Seattle ordered 40 Flyers for 2021 with an option of 80 more in 2022. The already have some BEBs from small orders and tons of trolley buses. DASH in LA ordered 130 BYDs and 25 proterras. If TTC wants to keep the crown, they'll have to commit to a huge batch soon which I don't see them doing nor is that a good idea.
  5. So my question is when exactly will they charge the bus? Starting during the peak electricity demand hours in the morning?
  6. I'm really question the speed gain express buses would get following local buses in a single bus lane. Either the express stops would have to be further apart so express buses jump in and out the lane to bypass local buses. I really don't know about the 935. The way the survey has put it, I wouldn't be surprised if the 935 is eliminated in favour of more frequent local service. The proposed stops are further apart than the current local service. There's no point if Jane is converted to a single car lane each way, it'll be a massive traffic jam with express buses behind local.
  7. A few artics moved from MtD to Arrow. That's about it. The rest are just storage, training and repair moves that I don't have time to verify and update constantly. It's not even exciting.
  8. I don't know how you got that idea. The idea is to be more efficient and provide better service not screw riders. Those who paid TTC fare in TTC zone to the Miway bus would be eligible to transfer the subway while those who paid to Miway would have pay twice. The transfer would indicate that (now it would be presto). TTC would save money from not running those buses while Miway gets to keep the fare. If they need subsidies, TTC would pay Miway to provide the service. The riders themselves would see more frequent service. Of course the TTC union wouldn't be too happy that their jobs is being handed to someone else.
  9. I totally agree that this is utterly stupid if the cut routes at all time period. All I see this is PC telling TTC to conduct an analysis and maybe temporary replace a route during time periods where no one is riding during this covid-19 era cause that make no sense to be paying for a full bus for nobody. This would only apply while they receive subsidies from the PC and would discontinue once there is enough ridership again or subsidy stops. This all got twisted into short routes being chopped during rush hour when obviously it makes no sense to use microtransit for a bus beyond half filled.
  10. It seems that you don't appear to understand the meaning of an option. Which means a preset price for addition orders of a specific price for a specific amount by a certain deadline. There is no needs for the TTC to exercise the option ever. E.g. The 100 car option for the TTC streetcars was never exercised. Originally 204 is a base order for an option of up to 400 more for Transit city. 300 was transfer to metrolinx. TTC could only fit 60 more in the current carhouses they could have ordered 60 but in the end, no options were exercised. As to why have an option for DRL trains. Who knows what would happen. Maybe the OL would be cancelled or reverted to using regular subway trains. Having that option there simply safeguards and locks down the price. TTC didn't have an option for last 22 TRs trains and ended up paying significantly more for the last 12. THe order was 39 trains + 21 option. They added 10 more and then another 10. Finally converted the last 4 6-train consist into 6 4-train consist .
  11. Blogto shouldn't be used as a source for news
  12. Can I suggest a name change if you haven't figured out the answer. If they don't tender anything in the fall, there is zero chances anything will arrive in 2021.
  13. All the Orion VII OG and OG/NG hybrids are close to retirement. Give it 2-3 years and they'll all be out the doors. Wilson's NGs would be done mid 2020s. Then there'll be a big shuffle. Maybe we'll see new XDE40s or just some more Nova HEVs. Some of the 1000s were supposedly to retire next year and replacements are to be procured. Maybe they'll survive a bit longer cause of the pandemic.
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