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  1. The Nova LFSe+ would have similar components to the HEV, something TTC is familiar with.
  2. It makes sense since every garage would have those perfect runs that works well run ebuses wouldn’t haven’t to rewrite the schedule. It’ll also take significant upgrade to convert one garage to ebus only at they draw too much power. So this small batch at every garage approach would be easier to implement than full scale at one garage. At least they can defer the tractor power station to further years which TTC loves doing.
  3. If the TTC thinks the operator ID is important. Just have it scroll through once every minute. There’s no need for it to show less important messages every 10 seconds. The same goes for those LED displays at bus stops and terminals. It spends 1/5 actually showing the next arrival. Then they believe it’s important to show led sign ID, Bus stop location, visit TTC.ca for info, etc. If they can’t fix it themselves, it’s an issue they should work with nextbus.
  4. They could still hook those school trips onto other runs in the area. Service improvement in one area in comes with reduction in another. When the 905 replaced the 116A/E, which by the way only provided unidirectional 116A service at a time, express service to UTSC took longer, this 116A became bidirectional but headway widen. Over the years TTC has done changes that screw over a certain group while benefiting others. I don’t think this will change. Some examples in the last decade. Implementing express routes like the 185/925 express meant much wider headway in between s
  5. Who are all these riders that actually needs the 116A loop and the Guildwood stops? Or are you just saying the 116A provides relief to the 116C?
  6. His point was this 905A took the same routing as the old 116E.
  7. Steve Munro has posted the new service changes for May: https://stevemunro.ca/2021/04/08/ttc-service-changes-sunday-may-9-2021 The 107 York University Heights with the merge 107/117 routing that was seen in the customer survey last fall is going in effect. The 905A Eglinton East Express extension to replacing the 116A looping is also happening. The 116 will have one branch, the current 116C.
  8. Any eBus would be worst than HEVs in this generation. They won't know exactly how much energy consumption variation between seasons till they actually test a Nova eBus. They might able to predict based on the HEV performance since they seem to be quite similar.
  9. The report has indicated that NFI are the best of the three. Probably cause they and NovaBUS have been the more experienced builders. It also mention that Nova is coming with a new battery powered bus. So those LFSe+ is also a good contender plus TTC likes the Novas better. They also want up to 2 contractors, so maybe NFI and Nova? Only NFI and Nova have stainless steel frame. NFI is the only satisfactory model between the current 3. NFI has the less energy consumption variations between winter and summer. BYDs are the worst in winter but best in summer, variation is huge. NFI has t
  10. I never understand why they can't just keep a clock in the top right corner.
  11. Perhaps there is less suitable runs before the route reallocation and warmer weather giving better mileage.
  12. I'm thinking of a Queensway handmedown fan club! Who's in?
  13. TTC 8357 on the 52G. Some 10xx that I don’t remember the number was on the 52B.
  14. I forgot to update the first post too. It's done now as well as updating the wiki.
  15. This event supposedly happened (quoted from the Electric bus thread)
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