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  1. In fact the Caledonia bus terminal signs have 18 CALEDONIA printed on them. They are just semi covered up. The next free number would be 56 once 56 LAIRD merged with the 51. 58 is next assuming they will call the TRETHEWEY bus 158. 69 would be a possible freed number if that Warden South plan goes thorough.
  2. You have to wait till half a week before the mid November service changes for the TTC to announce their secretive plans. Until then, the TTC changes schedules like a little kid changing their mind.
  3. It didn't do any scheduled runs. Probably a RAD bus or a changeoff.
  4. Too bad you got to be right at that stop in front of BCI to see that 111E sign or it'll just switches to NIS right after.
  5. TTC 7230 on the 41 Keele detouring northbound via Weston Rd/Rogers Rd/Keele. Also sighted: Lots of unaware riders waiting impatiently for the 41 northbound at St Clair/Old Weston Rd. The 41 must be a shitshow today as there was another crash at Keele north of Eglinton affecting both southbound lanes in the afternoon.
  6. Certain routes have enough ridership for 24/7 service even prior to the introduction of the 300 series night bus routes. Which was a rebranding of previous routes like how they rebranded the 18x/19x rocket and "E" branch routes into the 900 series express network. Other near downtown routes like the 47 LANSDOWNE/315 LANSDOWNE BLUE NIGHT also operated from the 40s to 1992. Perhaps all the factory jobs disappeared from the core by the 80s and with the recession, it made no sense to operate routes like King, Lansdowne and Spadina anymore. This is why it made sense to introduce more frequent service on Finch, Jane and Wilson now instead of restoring the 315.
  7. 7243 has entered service and is on the 1 SUBWAY SHUTTLE BUS right now. Not sure if it did any other trips previously.
  8. When all branches of a certain route operates, no branch letters are displayed in the map. Such as east of PV Station. There are only 2 branches on the 960. So it should just say 960 not 960BD.
  9. It only takes one person to update the map and create route maps and detour maps. I don’t see how it’s a difficult task. There are still some errors on the map. The 960 west of Pioneer Village should just be listed as 960 not 960BD as there isn’t a 960 branch that ended there.
  10. You realize that makes zero sense cause the 903 won't be running with the SRT in service. Sent to the printers? Pretty sure they do these map in house. That's how they can update them monthly unlike back to 2000s where those more complicated outsourced maps are outdated yearly. There is no other copyrighted owner listed than the TTC themselves.
  11. They just need to copy Vancouver.
  12. Haven’t transfer usage been significantly reduced now? The TTC could probably go for a 2 hour transfer system wide without much fare loss. Presto tickets and credit cards already offer this.
  13. Nope. This is the 409. The bus in the video is 8944 which was on the 52 run 16. The only strange part is the run is out all day and is transitioning from 52B to 52F. Perhaps it was late and took the 409.
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