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  1. Before COVID19, that will never happen as only the 985 without overnight shifts would get artics. Now some of the 385 and Malvern's run of 336/339 gets artics.
  2. I seen kids trying to lick the poles.
  3. The risk increases with prolong exposure, not because you're within contact of an infected person for 1 second. Everyone wearing masks doesn't mean you'll be 100% safe. Germs for an infected person would end up on their hands, presto card, wallet, clothes and belongings. There's a slight chance it ends up on handles, bars, presto card reader, etc. each carrying their own percentage of risk. All those risks add up to your exposure rate. Now the question is how good is the ventilation system in filtering out the germs in the air, especially when A/C is on and circulating the air again and again.
  4. Although the website says the last car leaves Bingham Loop at 7:24pm, nextbus schedule indicates 5:14pm is in fact the last trip departing for downtown, 5:24pm - 7:24pm trips (every 10 min) are bounded for the carhouse. There is 13 cars scheduled for rush hour and 12 for midday. I think the unrealistic trip times have been fixed. With the use of new cars and low ridership, I witness they run rather empty on at Queen East around 4:30pm last Tuesday.
  5. TTC 3496 was also on the 52 (52A) 3413 was on the 52G
  6. I find it amusing that some people don't understand what warranty is intended for. It's clearly not for using it too much and broke after a decade.
  7. TTC OG hybrid (I think it was 1108) broke own and was being hook onto a tow trunk on the 401 westbound collectors, west of Avenue Rd this passed afternoon. (June 19)
  8. This is an issue of governance and not the people itself. Canada doesn't require anyone to learn the language nor require anyone to enroll in any classes to learn the language. As long as you can survive (legally), you're good. Canada allows cultural groups to gather and live in the same neighbourhood. This allows immigrants to stay within their group, speak their own mother tongue at work, listen and read news in their own languages thus there isn't a real need to learn any official languages. Canada also allows seniors to immigrate to Canada as long as they are sponsored and cared for, thus they will never learn the language at 70. This pretty much became what defines Canada itself. A country that you don't need to learn any official languages to survive as long as there is a large number of people from their homeland.
  9. Honestly most materials translated into French is just wasted in the GTA. 95% of the population isn't going read the French signs going up on the Crosstown. The whole point of printing in other language is communication. As mention above, elders in the area would find the translation useful and that the TTC properly communicated to them. What good would a French version be?
  10. A lot of people walk to the station. Maybe they don't know that the 111/112/123 would pretty much be faster when they dump you at one of the first 3 bus bays.
  11. Try an artic or the 8xxx novas, you'll see a huge difference compared the the 3xxx newer ones. The older is a mechanical control while the newer is electronically controlled.
  12. I believe something like this was written in an old CEO report at one time but those are always half BS at times.
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