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  1. If you put it that way, Miway doesn't really need a single articulated buses. Same with most GTA including some of TTC's artic routes. Most of the routes can be operated with better service than 12-15 min headways using artic buses. They could bring this down to 7-12 min instead. Staffing issue however remains a problem, thus maybe more artics at wider headways has became a better way till they can hire more people.
  2. It's always interesting to see one of the Orion local hybrids on the 110.
  3. Given how badly people drive in the GTA, collision happens all the time. As the fleet ages closer to retirement, they will be deem not worth the repair cost. So it's bound to happen to all batches.
  4. TTC 3350 on the 944 Kipling South Express Nuit Blanche Shuttle at 3am.
  5. Tracking was down for sometime yesterday afternoon too. This is happening way too often.
  6. They also don't want to change their routes cause that means they might end up with overtime that they don't want to do or miss their breaks.
  7. I wonder why they assign them to 15 instead of the 76. They won't get any special signs unless they made them express. Especially ESA is a city wide commuter high school where students are probably going to the subway, why don't they just run it as the 15E and head straight to the station without stopping.
  8. Birchmount got some 7900s from Arrow Rd till the 8100s got sent there. During the rebuilt, Birchmount were assigned the majority of the fleet as high as the 818x. Of course 30-50 of them were physically at Hillcrest. Umm maybe if they get some new buses, they could send them to the only other division that still has Orion VII diesels. Hmmm....mmmmm... Queensway. HANDMEDOWNS woohoooo!!!!!!
  9. The 7900s were originally from Wilson and ran on the 97 when they were new. The 8100/8300s are pretty much handmedowns now without being handed down.
  10. I suppose they would have to rebuilt them again in another decade.
  11. It's impossible to turn the scheduled route when additional detours are added to the route. The Carlton/Church detour was suppose to finish. I don't know what kind of animal brain at the TTC thought this route is okay to push out the door as the people taking it doesn't have other options. The route gets a F- for impossible to use and extensive queuing at turning intersections. They should just tell everyone to take streetcars on Dundas instead. Oh the sign that STILL says 506C to Ossington via Ossington. No comment...
  12. Probably it's easier to return to the garage from Jane but I would think operators won't bother to turn onto Wright and just head straight to the garage. Back in the days, some operators just kick you off the bus without finishing the looping when they're late and head back to the garage. ---- A few years ago, there was a 96S Wilson school trip operated with an artic for a board period or 2. There was also a 119S Torbarrie school trip. I'm not sure what happened to them as I don't see them around.
  13. Pretty service someone at Miway would have a chat with the TTC techs about their 8100 NGs before they committed to buy from them again. They must be satisfied enough to exercise an option for more.
  14. The 927F operated for years similar to the regular peak hour 191 but officially designated it's own service in 2019. The service is not new but was public designated to let riders know it will serve Atwell area. A reorganization in 2016 split the Atwell "detour" into a seperate branch creating the 191C and 191D as most riders don't need those stops. However 1-2pm doesn't warrant additional service on the main 927 so the 927F is a blend of 927B and 927C. It is southbound only, last stop to witness the sign is at East Mall/Dundas as the sign changes to 927D to Steeles afterwards upon serving the last southbound stop. There are still buses the "detours" in a certain direction depending on time of the day but designated as a different branch. The 118 Thistle Down is an example. Before 3pm, buses "detour" through Tandridge eastbound. After 3pm, it's westbound. The could have called it 118A via Tandridge and 118B bypassing Tandridge. They both are signed 118 with an additional "via Tandridge" line when it does loop through there. We'll see if changes happened when the extend the 118 onto Albion during peak hours. 32F doesn't exist anymore as the students moved to George Harvey this year. --- A long time ago, there was a 322A Coxwell Night Bus westbound to Mortimer/Coxwell, I don't think it exist anymore?
  15. Oh they keep catching fire. 2 of the 14 suffered early retirement cause they were burnt beyond repair. Then again, a handful of recent buses have caught fire and retired.
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