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  1. I believe the 30 year clock starts ticking once part of the line would be in service meaning ML would get less out of the contract with a partial opening. They would have to definitely renegotiate parts of the contract with big changes.
  2. They gotten the better with delivery. Meanwhile half the stations are dirt pits at this time.
  3. I hope they heating would only be temporary upon pressing a button to activate. No point of heating an empty shelter or for people to sleep in.
  4. There were 7 of them out at 6am like any usual day this past 2 weeks. Not sure if some gone back to the garage early.
  5. Yes, Post-secondary students paying full adult fare would use the concession beep. They could appear as fare evaders as there is no differences between them and a child card.
  6. It'll take Metrolinx 5 years to implement that with their highly intelligent programmers that they contracted.
  7. I doubt they'll sole source it to NFI (which is the only major player for overnight charging). Likely a competitive bid based on performance not price. Right now, I'm wondering what's happening with the XE40's. They have only 1-3 out in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. It's the same ones too. I think 3708 and 3709 haven't seen service this year. Maybe they should just stick with hybrids.
  8. If the BYDs perform well, they might get more for 2022.
  9. Based on the amount of time the Flyers and Proterras took, I say you'll have to wait till March. May if you're planning to ride them in the afternoon.
  10. The 79 didn't enter the bus loop but instead dropped people on street and continue west on Bloor to Runnymede. I think the 41/89 would terminate in the bus loop like the 506 substitution did.
  11. Probably not. People on Marlee wants to get to the subway and people on Oakwood aren't going to Marlee.
  12. Eglinton West station riders are going to have a 5 month headache when the bus terminal temporary closes. Changes are happening during that time including a temporary new bus route. http://thecrosstown.ca/news-media/whats-new/eglinton-west-station-bus-loop-closure-late-march-2020-to-late-summer-2020 63A Ossington will terminate at Ossington station. I'm assuming 63B will continue to St Clair as usual. 109 Ranee will terminal at Lawrence West station. A new 163 Oakwood route will service north of Ossington station to Lawrence West station along Marlee. 32D Eglinton West extended to Eglinton station. To make room, 51 Leslie and 56 Leaside will loop differently to use the south most bus bays.
  13. When TTC allocated their new funding for new buses, there's nothing for 2021: (From Steve Munro's blog) You can see that there is no money allocated (listed as unfunded) on the budget from December on item 4.11. The funded small amounts for 2020/21 are for the current ebus. http://ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Commission_reports_and_information/Commission_meetings/2019/December_16/Reports/2_TTC_2020_2029_Capital_Budget_and_Plan_blue_pages_updated.pdf As things are budgeted right now, there won't be anything arriving for 2021. They also budged to buy 180-200 hybrids and ~50 ebus for 2022 based on those amounts.
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