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  1. It's better to have a car than no cars as all the CLRVs are performing worst. With all these defects near the end of the production run, one would wonder if the workers really don't care at all since they are losing their jobs.
  2. I think he was talking about the rebuilds. They plan was to make them last longer but we all know what happened to the refurbished ALRVs. Money wasted and gotten nowhere. Since reliability can't be improved for the cost of a rebuild, it made no sense to try to keep them longer. This leads to the next question, how long will the Mark I rebuilds on the SRT last? I am having doubts they'll last till 2029 or whatever year the SSE/L2EE finishes.
  3. Often they tender projects having 3 people working on them. Of course it takes forever. On the other hand, when TTC does trackwork, the photo will have 20 guys. 5 actually seem like they are working, 15 just staring at the 5 guys working. I guess this is normal for North America. If you read the comments from Steve Munro's blog, the TTC has been padding time on every route in the name of reliability. The TTC claims they have a new software to write better scheduled that actually matches conditions. They even claim that the 512 St Clair had a 20% improvement with this new way of scheduling. No, there's no ridership increase and many routes are underserved with all these extra time added.
  4. TTC 9085 signed NIS heading west on Lawrence from Allen. It's not a training bus. Kinda strange to see it in the west end.
  5. There are probably going to do one bus bay at a time.
  6. I'm pretty sure Arrow is sticking to the same dispatch schedule for the whole week.
  7. From the TTC Coupler: One would wonder if it actually takes 19 months to pave???
  8. I'm pretty sure this is the 3rd day one is on the 996
  9. It's not like they can randomly teleport the charging equipment from Arrow.
  10. Nope, less frequent, probably. Southern Etobicoke and west end would still find it useful. Not everyone will benefit from the crosstown link to Pearson. Maybe they could even trial a bus between Humber College and Pearson.
  11. If that's true, OMG power generators like windmills and solar panels must be making those substations explode everyday.
  12. The Orion VIs 9200-9249 were CNG buses. Hence they didn't get rebuilt.
  13. I guess that's why Arrow got the Nova hybrids. They got diesel, hybrid and electric for comparison. Now I wonder if they will send some hybrids to MtD to compare with the Proterras.
  14. 3700 is on the 396 Wilson Blue Night/46 Martin Grove, the run that usually gets a hybrid.
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