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  1. It has been out early last week. These guys couldn't stick to a schedule
  2. By Sunday midday, they had 5 40ft buses on the 190. They were supposed to be 4 artics on the 985A. Now it's just 4 40ft buses.
  3. My point is Malvern dispatches regular 40 ft buses instead of artics. Right now there's 3 of those compared to 4 regular buses in last year's Sunday 190 schedule
  4. One bus was removed from the route when they switched to artics. Headways were widen for artics to make up the capacity but most runs were operated by standard buses today. That lead to a service reduction at division level. Riders would have waited longer for a cramp bus. Steve Munro's service change notes from last October: https://swanboatsteve.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/20181007servicechanges2.pdf#page=9
  5. 29 Dufferin is the only route that gets tons of artics on weekends. The 985A is scheduled artics but never sees full artic. On weekdays, one of the run is interlined with a round trip on the 300B. It makes you wonder why will they interline it with the 985. On weekends , the 985A should never been scheduled artics in the first place. It simply led to a service reduction.
  6. It's certainly interesting to hear that their diesels without AC averages the same as TTC's diesels with AC. I always doubted any battery technology would work well in Montreal. Their winters are just too cold.
  7. Windows and flat tire are easy to fix. Hopefully they didn't take a sludge hammer and snashed the frame
  8. 3478 has entered service on the 935 Jane Express 3560 has entered service on the 927D Highway 27 Express, now on the 35A Jane For the first time one of Arrow's nova HEV (3550) has been dispatched on the 46 Martin Grove, a route other than the 35 Jane
  9. The Nova HEVs don't seem to be in prime time yet at Arrow. They only appear on peak runs on the 35/935. 3700 didn't go out this morning. Perhaps they are short? It's been 5 years since the last time the 1700/1800s visited Arrow. 1818 was one of them coincidentally.
  10. That's good to know. Keep us updated when it's AC season.
  11. The CEO report also claims the Nova HEVs are reliable. I would really like to see what happens a year later. Of course they need to list each fleet separately instead of using diesel stats to cover up for the hybrids.
  12. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/fuel-savings-of-stms-hybrid-buses-less-than-half-what-was-promised-documents-show STM in Montreal says the nova HEV are basically the same crap the TTC experienced with the Orion VII hybrids. Fuel savings isn't there, battery doesn't work well in extremely cold, AC makes them consume more fuel and etc. They fooled the city for paying for a bunch of lemons. In the recent TTC CEO report, it claims the nova HEV are on target with fuel savings. Now I wonder if they are playing the same card. Will they buy more on 2021?
  13. 3491 has entered service on the 927D Highway 27 Express, will be on the 35 Jane soon
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