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  1. They don't need streetcars with the current situation. Why don't they just finish up the the pantograph upgrade on Broadview so they don't need to change to trolley poles.
  2. There was some runs on the 939C in PM peak yesterday (Mar 26). They operated local on the entire run. The Malvern artics were mostly reallocated to 39/939 instead of 85. ----- Service summary posted: http://ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2020-03-29.pdf
  3. 4401 should be car #204, the last one to be delivered. Now if 4400-4402 were have the long red strips running from front to back and red plastic seat like the Swiss build CLRVs, that would be cool.
  4. There's no Express service runs anymore except 900 and 927. Seems like soon everything off peak will run 20-30 min
  5. Who knows how long groceries and fast food restaurants will stay open. Riders working in those low wage business still represent a portion of the riders.
  6. He means technicians from all over the TTC would go to MtD to get trained. Nothing says they are based from MtD.
  7. Might be really boring to do 600km around the yard. As for signaling system in cab, it must be really hard for Bombardier to work with that company named Bombardier!
  8. Seems more like 5 people living in that apartment beside the intersection are the ones complaining. Everyone can't be pleased. There's a difference between 1% and 40% of the population in the area. We can't simply stand by a few people's complains all the time.
  9. AFAIK they don't have those signs. They also shouldn't make you happy while confusing 99% of the regular riders with new signs for temporary changes. Even being shorting to Lawrence West, they should keep the 109B/C both directions to avoid confusion.
  10. Assuming there isn't a line up to those machines. For smartphone, as I mention, check balance only shows the recent 3 trips. Card history in the card page is based on what is uploaded to the server. Some tap data don't get uploaded for hours. It's not an 100% reliable mention.
  11. It can't be every minute. Nothing in the world does that as it takes a lot of bandwidth to broadcast your presto data to every reader in the GTAH and Ottawa. That said, it should be every hour max or even better at 30 min. As for how time remaining on a transfer, that doesn't require any updates from the server. The reader reads when you last paid and does the calculation to determine if your transfer is valid. All they have to do is display that on the screen. Well they'll make a big fuss with ACAT if that number isn't accessible and privacy issues...
  12. From TTC's Presto FAQ: They want you tapping on buses but doesn't explicitly say you must do. From the TTC bylaw: From what it reads, if you paid with presto and on a bus or subway, you have to produce valid POP when requested. How they determine if you paid by cash, ticket or token is beyond me.
  13. The presto transfer isn't valid for boarding another bus/streetcar past 2 hours even in fare paid zone. There are stickers on streetcars reminding you to tap even in fare paid zone. People do find ways to extend their transfer if they are at a subway station. Until the start inspected people coming out of a station and giving them all tickets, that isn't going to change.
  14. Rare but not special. Delays due to mechanical or security incidents could cause cars to short turn as well as parades and protest like what happened on Front street today causing traffic to back up and block intersections.
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