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  1. This is a limitation on nextbus not vision. There’s no way of displaying arrival time if it’s not scheduled. Sure a bus could use the streetcar run number and be trackable but that has to be doing the full route and in the right place. I don’t know if it’s possible to just create additional runs on the schedule for these construction periods. If nothing shows up I assume the tracker won’t go haywire
  2. Toronto is one of those cities to have A/C on most vehicles since the 90s. There's still a significant number of buses without A/C in Vancouver and Montreal. I don't know how the operators survived the 40 degrees heat wave over there.
  3. Can we trust the media for facts when they can't even proofread half their articles. Checking for accurately would be 10x the effort of what they already can't do.
  4. Those who complain and are against closing are the ones that can't afford another $100+ a month to ride on the TTC for 10 minutes everyday onto of the GO fare. TYSSE was suppose to make transit easier but instead forced YRT and GO users to make an extra transfer AND pay an additional fare. Walking is not even an option for people from Downsview Park to Your U. TTC was suppose to waive this fare for York U students but they decided to screw them over. A lot of UT or Ryerson students walk to Union to avoid paying TTC cause they can't afford it. However for York U students, the walk from GO
  5. Remember the eBus report mention that one of the issue was non-Canadian support staffs cannot come to Canada (COVID board restriction) to diagnose the issues and repair the buses. I assume this is why some of them remain out of service for over a year.
  6. Seems like the nextbus data pulls are being blocked or the server is down Nextbus is no more and has rebranded as Umo Mobility. They changed the link to the data pull so apps need to be updated to be able to get data again.
  7. The survey has been updated with individual route maps that are much easier to compare. https://www.ttcannualplan.ca/survey Also the service summary for this board has been posted: http://ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary 2021-06.pdf
  8. I thought with VISION they could update all the buses wirelessly and should have been done before each board period. Buses shouldn't have fallen through the cracks now.
  9. Seems more like that car was running a red at full speed smashing into the bus. Damage on that car look very serious.
  10. Yes this contract specifically.
  11. They can bid on only 40ft or (40ft plus artics). They can’t bid on artics only.
  12. They'll likely get the BRT roof styling like the current HEVs unlike theses ones.
  13. They got the 8100/8300s right now. There’s nothing saying Queensway can’t get ebuses. Eglinton is keeping them outside and they can’t get hybrids.
  14. This route is for those who live on Trethewey and those getting from somewhere on Weston Rd to Jane/Lawrence. If you want to go to Mt Dennis from Albion/Weston, the 89/989 is going to be faster. People also seem to board the 52 in mass at Weston and get off by Jane indicating some are coming from the 89. If they are coming from the 96/996, a transfer to the 35/935 would almost certain be faster too.
  15. Eg West opening date is still target for 2030/31. That's a decade away. An initial business report states the earliest opening date possible is 2028. The current tunnel contract is TBM only (2022-25). You will not see any station construction nor will the elevated guideway be built. Jane Station (Line 5) will not start till they award the system outfitting contract is 2024/25. Presumably they start in 2025/26, the station would be in 2028/29. The udnerground stations however probably won't finish till 2030 assuming no delays. If Metrolinx built the subway like everyone else does and
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