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  1. The problem is TTC designed everything for the stupidest rider ever with zero IQ. Instead of letting riders press the button, they open all doors to freeze all the riders in the streetcar and waste heat/AC. Although this is useful for stopping cars on street, this is absolutely useless in ROWs. CLRVs used to zip by are now replaced with these slow moving tanks. Instead they could run educational and safety ads on subway train screens and create signage in transit shelters. TTC and the city thinks it's too difficult and resort to avoiding them.
  2. Most of them were displaying “Ashbridges Bay” going south oppose to 22/92. I guess it’s more helpful. The beach is kinda empty when I visited around 6:30. I think most people decided not to come.
  3. It is ashamed that the roads were salty and dirty during the winter months. Those wraps would look really nice now
  4. I really don't think we are asking too much for the TTC to operate switches like the rest of the world does. If every city can do it reliably, we can't it be done in Toronto? I don't see European cities have any fancy stuff when it comes to switches and yet they can just go. We can also agree that Spadina is forever crippled unless a massive rebuilt occurs. This North American design is really terrible and I don't know why they keep building it in such way. Eglinton is going to have the same problem. Spadina is exaggerative by having the stops and special works so closely placed. St Clair isn't that bad with a similar design.
  5. Debris is always the culprit on any type of switches. Just wait till a juice box land in the right spot. If they can automate the system somewhat, that could help. Such as the streetcar knows what route it’s on and the location through GPS. When it reach the special works, it’ll attempt to set the right path. If it can’t set it for whatever reason, a chime should play to let the op know they must check.
  6. That's right. They started repainting them in 2016 when the 8100s were about to be rebuilt. 8159 was first to get the new livery. Meanwhile the 1200s were being rebuilt. Some of them were also repainted in the new livery while the other half were in the old livery. Eventually they repainted most of them again. The 1500s and 8300s came after, so those got new livery when rebuilt. Then they repainted all the 1000s which were all rebuilt.
  7. Alternatively they can implement an in cab signal but this would be more complicated. If the radio fails, then they won't get an signal and it'll be the same problem as not being able to open the gates. Transit signals shouldn't be a complicated thing. They use it all over the world. It's just the TTC is stuck in the 50s. If they upgrade the switches for signals, they might as well upgrade the switches to standard two point switches. They'll have more insurance that both points have moved with two sensors incase one is given the wrong readings. We also have to hope TTC keeps up with maintenance or the signals would be wrong and they'll end up splitting a switch and derail while the signal is displaying good to go straight.
  8. This is going to be better/worst when Line 5 opens. Line 5 would be able to provide a good relief but if a P1 happens on line 5 too, then everyone would have to walk.
  9. This also applies to any personal license plates. If you paid for the sticker and need to transfer the sticker to a new plate, you have to return the old plates. BUT Ford is refunding the stickers for personal vehicles now...
  10. Yup, took them long enough. Yet they still haven't extended the 54.
  11. That’s right. It turns right from Strachan to the ROW.
  12. This routing allows them to operate even when the road closure is in place but that'll definitely be a real mess when the CNE is running.
  13. TTC 8153 hooked up to a tow truck going up the DVP around 11:15pm.
  14. It must be really boring to drive the 174.
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