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  1. Xtrazsteve

    TTC non-Fishbowl Fleet Nostalgia

    TTC Orion V 6705 on the 52 Lawrence West in January 2010. All buses from this series (6640-6745) retired soon after.
  2. Xtrazsteve

    TTC Service Changes

    It seems like MtD and Birchmount aren't able to fulfill all the runs and needed assistance.
  3. Xtrazsteve

    TTC in the news

    It was stupid enough when you kids are racing to post who sighted on nextbus/transsee which buses in first entered service/ what streetcar got delivered/ first to see blah blah blah... but this is a whole new level of s**t. Congratulation Transit Geek. Shame on you. This accident will haunt people and remind them anything could happen. Although. not related to this story, Unfortunately many people are so glued to their phones, they lack awareness at subway platforms.
  4. They'll just end up on tracking on nextBus in a week or two. No big deal if no one caught it.
  5. Xtrazsteve

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    There would be a lot of hate comments if they allow comments. I think that's the right thing to do. You can try emailing them.
  6. Xtrazsteve

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    I do like to see eBuses take off if they are reliable and can cover the range of busy routes. TTC had problems with CNG buses in the past and decided it's not worth it. Same with the hybrids and we'll see how these new hybrids perform. With today's technology, trolley buses will be superior to eBuses in terms of reliability, mileage and vehicle life. I rather be on a bus that doesn't break down and can get me from A to B on a cold winter day than to have nothing show up. Although the presence of more more overhead wires is unwanted by many, many of streets have hydro wires and poles along the side. It's not exactly unpolluted. If the TTC was to install a trolley bus network, it will be for busy routes like the 7, 29, 39/199 and 35/195. Routes with high ridership and less branches. I expect none of the technology are going to work out for the TTC and they're go back to diesel buses in the future or no buses at all. I don't not believe TTC will be ordering all emission free buses by 2025 nor would they set up a trolley bus network.
  7. Xtrazsteve

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    I think they are better off with converting busy routes into trolley bus routes than to go with electric or CNG buses. Taking the cost of each vehicles and installation of infrastructure, the cost can be similar but trolley buses is a proven technology. With modern batteries, trolley buses can disconnect and detour for a short distance.
  8. Xtrazsteve

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    The first page post have been updated for this week. I decided to finally remove the indication for scrapped vehicles as there haven't been a reliable source on which and when vehicles have been confirmed scrapped. That information have been very outdated. If they're retired, they'll eventually be scrapped.
  9. Xtrazsteve

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Usually it's not as bad
  10. I would expect the TTC to pilot a hybrid bus in Q3 before they receive any final deliveries.
  11. The first Nova hybrid is scheduled for Q3 and the rest in Q4.
  12. Xtrazsteve

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    A bus from the 271
  13. Xtrazsteve

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    TTC didn't buy a lot of them for this reason. They (as mention in the report) also plan to store 4 out of 10 of them outside to see the differences between different storage environments.
  14. Xtrazsteve

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Also to be noted in the report, the 68 artics (61 hybrid + 7 eBus) is still to be procured in 2021
  15. Xtrazsteve

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    It's a disappointment that the TTC can't evaluate the technology with just one model.