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  1. I have a few questions about TTC GM 8058: (1) When did this bus retired from TTC? According to CPTDB WIKI and my earlier notes, this bus was retired in November 2004 (29 years). Other websites stated November 2005 (30 years). Which ones are right? (2) After retirement, when did this bus arrived at HCRR? Thanks.
  2. Few more photos of 4204 & 4207. Btw, the CLRV (4117) that was behind 4204 was running free. https://twitter.com/ttc9411/status/1168662797078728705
  3. Toronto Transit Commission have retired the remaining ALRV Streetcars. Cars 4204 and 4207 made their last trips on 501 Queen on September 2, 2019.
  4. 4204 just finished a few trips on 501 Queen at 5:20 pm.
  5. Update on 7575: The bus is now outside Harvey Shop on the west side, facing south.
  6. TTC: 3706 on the 165. PCC 4549 was seen outside of Harvey Shop at Hillcrest.
  7. It's hard to tell but it looks like 8058 has received a new rear emergency roof hatch. It was missing since Halton County days.
  8. Spotted W600 in service this morning.
  9. I went by Hillcrest this morning and spotted parts bus 2345 parked beside 8058. Both 2345 and 8058 are facing east. 2444 remains facing south with a missing rear.
  10. Twitter: 2350 at TTC Downsview station on August 3, 2006. Youtube: 2153 on route 54A Lawrence East.
  11. I don't see 2252 in the parade. I only saw two TTC Orion VII's according to CP24.
  12. https://twitter.com/TTCStuart/status/1140615704439336968
  13. We passed by at Hillcrest during the charter and saw both 2345 and 2444 facing south. While 8058 is still facing east.
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