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  1. Non app sightings: TTC: 54: 8712, 8780, 8911, 8924, 8925, 8937 67: 8631, 8664, 8764, 8781 NIS: 8622
  2. Non Transsee Sightings for 3/8/20: TTC: 67: 8839, 8907 & 8917
  3. Reporting Transsee and other apps are inaccurate because they are computerized stuff, not human sightings. There should be a CPTDB rule about posting sightings from Transsee and other apps. Back in good old days where apps didn't existed (TG!) I use to go outside garage to garage to find retired buses and report them on CPTDB. Now, technology has taken over and sightings has become a app only and not a visual sightings. I have been on this discussion since 2003 and things started to change in 2011 ever since when TTC Fishbowls ended. I'm done.
  4. Going inside a garage is called trespassing. I betcha he's glued to a tracker like Transsee like most people do. No wonder I don't post as much on this board because people like to use Transsee to report shit from there and not paying $3.25 to see and report buses from there. Those people don't deserved the respect because they cheat to get respected by reporting sightings from the apps.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYPIGBTfvpo - TTC 2246 on route 90A Vaughan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Dp7W2PI03A - Smokey TTC 2326 on route 168 Symington.
  6. Are there any updates on what TTC streetcars or GM 2252 will be used for Easter Day Parade this year?
  7. Agree, according to my notes, this is 8058's third time inside Harvey Shop since 2016.
  8. Spotted a TTC BYD bus eb on Lawrence and Pharmacy yesterday afternoon.
  9. I heard a something that 8058's mechanical was the priority. After the mechanical work is done the bodywork will be next and it will take lots of time as they will make parts out of them.
  10. 4178 was on 506 - Short Turn to Bathurst this morning. 4133 and 4155 were on 511 today.
  11. TTC: 1235 and 8140 were NIS sb on Pharmacy Ave in Scarborough.
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