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  1. Please delete my CPTDB account. @A. Wong, @Enviro_1203, Anyone?
  2. September 2019. Hopefully the TTC does a tour at the new McNicoll Garage for the United Way in the coming September 2022. As for restoring 2345 and 2444, I changed my mind.
  3. No, United Way public tours from Greenwood to Leslie Barns.
  4. I believe in the Summer of 2017. I have photos of 4500 along with 2766, 4032 & 4042 (escort car) on the 509 on Canada Day. Sometime in the mid to end of August 2017 it was swap to 4549 on the 509. Since then TTC stopped putting PCC's on that route.
  5. I will probably go to Bay Lower just because I want to film with my one year old new camcorder. Already got photos of the station.
  6. Awesome! During the June 2019 private charter that I attended, there were lots of people honking horns going by. At one point a TTC operator from the route 90 Vaughan uses her I-pad to take a photo of 2252 going by. She was outside the bus.
  7. Sorry it's already been to Queensway before. When it had the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship wrap.
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