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  1. If it was non rebuilt 8058. If it was rebuilt (fleet number changed): 2419. According to my notes I rode this unit on February 7, 2011 on the 52 Lawrence West. Other buses were LEP: 2265, 2280 & 2434 that were on the route. LEP 2252 & 2402 were at Lawrence West Stn.
  2. Choose.ca - "You should have bought a dot ca." At then end, there's a Zamboni chasing a woman with her boobs jumping up and down. Another stupid commercial!
  3. https://twitter.com/streetcarmuseum/status/1191802167050432512 4003.
  4. 4003 https://twitter.com/streetcarmuseum/status/1191802167050432512
  5. I believe that 2345 is still at Hillcrest. Last time I checked it was parked beside 8058 on the west side of Harvey Shop, facing east. 7575 is parked beside 2444 where 2345 use to parked there.
  6. Um, I just spotted it on 506 this morning. Here's the link: https://twitter.com/191Rocket/status/1185949548205748224 By the way, it's not wrapped. It's paint.
  7. TTC 8170 broke down at Bathurst station this morning.
  8. The updated (not the full version) of Trivago. When some guy says "me too" and gets angry.
  9. W615 was displayed during Family Day today.
  10. 2252 at Mount Dennis Garage during Family Day 2019.
  11. 2252 is no longer wrapped for Toronto Raptors.
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