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  1. I stopped by at Hillcrest this morning and here are the sightings: 2444 has been moved somewhere in the complex. Most likely inside Harvey Shop I presume? It's an empty spot where 2444 use to be. 2345 is now parked west side of Harvey Shop, facing east. I can tell it was 2345 because of the missing engine and rear window.
  2. TTC: 9041 was seen NIS on Lawrence @ Pharmacy deadheading to Jet Shop. 1379 and 9148 were seen NIS on Pharmacy at Lawrence deadheading back to MtD from Jet Shop.
  3. Yes, your right. I was comparing photos and notice 8058 is in the same spot back in July. I guess 7957 has 8058's tracker.
  4. I would add Orion VII 8058 as an active bus. The tracker has been reactivated and the bus has been moved around at Queensway Garage. I stopped by at Queensway this morning, I was unable to see the bus. It is parked either behind 8097 or Airport wrapped bus.
  5. 3700, 3729 and 3758 were at Kennedy Stn this morning.
  6. TTC: 8629 and 8817 currently on the 24. This is due to DVP closure.
  7. 2284 on route 196 York University Rocket. Crank up the volume!
  8. I stopped by at Hillcrest for the first time this year and notice parts bus 2345 is no where to be seen. It must have been moved somewhere else or inside Harvey Shop being stripped for 8058. Notice hybrid buses took over the spot where 2345 use to be which is west side of Harvey facing east.
  9. I stopped by outside Queensway Garage this morning and this must be 8058. It looks like the open side TTC logo has been removed.
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