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  1. Happy Power


    There was another Fire 6 Days ago on Glen erin!https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/8953263--engine-problem-miway-bus-catches-fire-near-mississauga-intersection-leaving-passengers-stranded-and-shaken-up/
  2. Happy Power


    0533 Has a new Wrap! From the Ontario Transit Fan
  3. MiWay 1812 in service On the 3.
  4. Happy Power

    If You Could Restore 1 Bus, What Would It Be?

    I would Restore a MiWay D60LF Because they were one of the best Buses in the Fleet With the Detroit Desiesl SE 50.
  5. Happy Power

    First Student Canada

    Thanks! I just noticed The Front were Also Small. I also Notice the same for the Mini Blue birds.
  6. I forgot to mention but I saw 2 new TTC 33xx On the 401 today Near High Land Creek.
  7. Happy Power

    First Student Canada

    Ya I know I saw the tender out for Blue birds because Ontario is replacing the Old fleet with the New Ones!
  8. Happy Power

    First Student Canada

    The Back Wheels are really small. Do they have to be like that? because Ontario Has the Normal size Wheels. He is the Ontario Blue Birds.
  9. Happy Power

    First Student Canada

    Spotted a NEW International School Bus in Toronto on the QEW heading towards Mississauga. It looked very clean and looks like it gotten windows. I dont know if it was comming from Eastway But it looked like it was Being delivered.
  10. Happy Power


    your are right! here are different pics of 0564 with the single line Desto Thanks to the Ontario transit fan.
  11. Happy Power


    I tock some pics of 0315 at the body shop Blown Airbag On the 11xx XD40
  12. Happy Power

    Duplicate accounts

    Sure BAN me Also ban STO_1601 HE is ONQC Bus Fan and made another account.
  13. Happy Power


    The wheels are black, and are all flat and they have numbers of them with white.