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  1. The event took place as part of Ontario Transit Vehicle showcase event in 1980. The CLRV in the pic is 4098.
  2. 4497 is now at Hillcrest for installation as well per the tracker
  3. A win for New Flyer and Proterra that their buses made it into the parade, and a loss for BYD at the end of the day.
  4. Yes, but 4401 was delievered with black numbers. After the car arrived, they switched it to white numbers.
  5. 4401 is currently at Humber Loop on it's 2nd day of testing
  6. On the same day 505 will revert to streetcars
  7. Normal life, fanning and the CLRVs
  8. 4405 has been moved from Lesile to Russell Carhouse, looks on track to enter service tomorrow. The other three are all at Lesile, and have stopped tracking except 4401
  9. 4420 might be coming back soon, it was moved into service bay eariler today. Been inactive for some time now.
  10. An update on 4089, a CLRV was spotted by someone I know on Sunday near Dundas and College, with the top roof removed and a truck following behind. I think it's 4089 and I think it's a streetcar workcar now.
  11. 4404 is out on a test run currently, between Humber Loop and Roncesvalles. At first went from Lesile to Long Branch, and then to Roncesvalles.
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