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  1. 4085 is back at Russell from Hillcrest Edit-In service on 511 this morning
  2. Didn't last very long either, as it's gonna go back to Russell soon and was only on a rush hour run. Also, it was out yesterday too but was not signed in
  3. I see, brother and sister needed some time together (4189 and 4190)
  4. It was a stalled car that delayed 511 service at that time
  5. Spotted 4074 go westbound to enter service on 511 at Queen and York around 3:30 PM today. First time I've seen a 511 car enter service on Queen
  6. Probably because 4135 was the one that caught partically on fire at College and Bay not long ago. It was probably a rushed retirement due to that event.
  7. Tbh while I don't want Carlton to get Flexities before Bathurst, it's the route with the higher ridership, it gets the Flexities. It just makes sense, as for CLRVs on Queen, there's none, what are you talking about?
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking too. Put Flexities on a route like 506 with demand and put CLRVs on the 511 with lower demand.
  9. 4178 was tracking at Lesile during the brief period 30 mins ago the trackers were working (they've mostly been down since this morning) A few years ago I remember there was this random day that there was some construction at High Park Loop, and the 506 went to Dundas West, and I rode it. The other way around also happened one day with the 505 back when it was still streetcars had to go over to High Park
  10. I did hear ALRV 4207 will be going into the parade prior to being used for the final runs.
  11. Yep, by the way things are drifting around here I'd say so. I fully expect the 506 to be the last route for them, because remember it was supposed to be the last route for them all along.
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