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  1. Glad to here the Barton is getting them permanently, it's long overdue on there, pandemic and even before the pandemic it was needed. And yes a lot of the tripper runs have 40 foots as opposed to all day runs along the said routes, but it depends usually.
  2. I figured that too considering what is happening out there and the need for artics on the Barton especially for social distancing reasons that was why, but was wondering as I've been seeing 40 foots a lot on the various artic routes.
  3. There has been a lot of 40 foots showing up on artic routes as of late. Does anyone know if there is some sort of shortage of artics?
  4. 932 appears to be back following that collision last month and tracking on the 2
  5. DE60LFR 0610 has returned to service today on the 10, 55 and 58 after being down since September. Edit-On December 29th, 0615 also returned to service on the 2 after also being down since September as well.
  6. No it's not you, barely any have the new machines yet. Just 1202, 1604 and 1607 that I know of have the new machines. I've heard rumours that all buses are to get them by November
  7. Sorry if this is useless, but New Presto machine on Nova 1604 today. XD40 1202 also has the new machine as well.
  8. Yes, I should have used my judgement and not said that right off the bat. I imagine it will come back considering as another post said on here the social distancing, I was just wondering what happened considering 0610 had been pretty realible up until that point.
  9. 4124 has been moved into Russell in the last day or so, and it is now behind 4207 on Track 3
  10. DE60LFR 0610 on 5 on September 9th, the day it was last in service
  11. Caught 0520 again today. It was out as an extra run eariler on the 44, running only between Glancaster Loop and Eastgate Square, and not the normal end points. Also a shot of the interior, as it is the last HSR bus to have all brown seats instead of blue.
  12. Both 0610 and 0615 are still around, 0615 was almost retired but was brought back in the last week
  13. 0520 at Lime Ridge a couple weeks back, and 0615 out at Meadowlands in Ancaster today. First time out full day since June for 0615.
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