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  1. Due to Covid they haven't been running the last couple of years. Recently 70 did make it out for a video shoot, but other then that, the 99 has been using just regular buses.
  2. His vocal opposition towards the LRT reminds me of people complain about change in general, but your right, for him, if he can't drive his car without those ''pesky LRTs'' in the way, then he and many like him will be mad.
  3. At this point, talk about LRT construction is like the circle of life. Always about to happen, but then political changes end up stalling it up. It would be nice if it would actually happen, but Bratina certainly wouldn't help matters..
  4. Yes, many of the 2009s have frame issues.
  5. 184.9 in the GTA today
  6. 174.9 in the GTA today, a station in my area yesterday was at 170.9 as well.
  7. 157.9 in GTA today, 1 cent increase but a record high for sure.
  8. I saw 1830 doing an extra on the 41 this afternoon for Boxing Day, quite out of the ordinary.
  9. 138.9 in Toronto, 6 cent increase. Geez they have been high lately
  10. I know it’s not super rare but last Friday I was riding the 10 and there was 40 foots out on it.
  11. Yes it was indeed part of the buses with frame issues, it, 926 and 0610 and 0615 were noted last month as having the issues. It has new wheels too? I will keep an eye out for it
  12. 0705 is out on the 34 this afternoon, which leaves only 0706 to return to service Indeed, although it doesn't look like it has affected the 07s returning
  13. 0703 is out right now on a rush hour 5A/C run
  14. 0601 on 34, 0602 on 20, 0702 on 22 and 0709 on 44 all for the first time since May 2019. All have just returned this afternoon.
  15. It’s fallen under the radar from others here but yes it has been back in service in the last week. In addition, 0701 is (as of writing this) doing it’s first scheduled run since May 2019, on the 5/52
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