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  1. You can still ride any run but the very last that day, so at least be thankful for that.. although I agree it is quite stupid. It would seem that would be the case yes, the 501 extras will also operate the 22nd and 28th, and they will be in service on the 511 on the weekdays as well.
  2. http://www.ttc.ca/News/2019/November/21_11_19nr_CLRV_contest.jsp The last CLRV run is December 29th, using the same route the last ALRV run did. However, there will be a contest done on Facebook and Instagram, and 10 random people will be the people selected to ride the very last CLRV run with a guest.
  3. 4048, 4057, 4179: Winners Liberty Village (half wrap) 4100, 4104: Some clothing company (again half wrap, not sure of the name)
  4. Apparently, per Steve Munro, they are planning to run CLRVs on the 501 on their final weekend in service.
  5. I think what will likely happen is that 504A between Dundas West and Dufferin will run as a bus but divert around the Roncy/Queen intercestion and the 504B could run as one route serving both the Distillery and Broadview Station. I think it would be a great idea to store a few cars at Humber and Long Branch or Kipling Loops to retain service on 501L as a streetcar but they would need to staff it with at least one employee to prevent vandals. That's what the best solution to the above problem would likely be.
  6. Indeed. 4104 pushed it to Russell. But 4104 later rejoined service on the 511. 4068 and 4105 are at Lesile. 4103 had a breakdown in late October on the 511, reentered service as a 506 tripper a few days afterwards and has not ran since. 4098 is simply a yard mule from what has been seen by others
  7. I'm at least glad to hear 4003 will be used a lot. What a workhorse it is to be used 41 years after being delievered by a museum. As for 4094, it's still out on 511 so I still have high bets it will be one of the last.
  8. What are you talking about? The plan has always been to put Vision on the Flexities eventually. I hear they are still having issues with it, but eventually and fairly soon enough the Flexities will all get Vision.
  9. At the moment, 4193 appears to be having mechincal issues at Bathurst Station, and due to that 4040, 4164 and 4170 are having to divert to Spadina Stn.
  10. Bathurst is scheduled for all CLRVs. I've heard from several sources that 4094 might be done for reveune service, so there goes one of my picks. Not retired, just done from service it seems. Not sure about 4075.
  11. Just rode 4178 on 511. 511 all Flexity except for 4178 today.
  12. Same but I would add 4048, 4074, 4081, 4091, 4179, 4187, 4193 to that list.
  13. Safe to say it's retired, since it has not been out since that time...
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