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  1. Just wanted a consolidated thread regarding NYCT/MTA. Some questions... 1. Have they completely resolved the third-rail issues surrounding the R142/A on the Flushing line? What else is keeping them from being on the Flushing line? 2. Any more news regarding the next-generation trains for the A division? 3. When are the R38s set to retire, and what will replace them on the C? 4. Will the B ever get R160s? Thanks! Rode some R40 Slants on Friday, and it appears that they're not that hard to find, at least on the B line. I hope that continues! They're in pretty good condition, too. Also noticed that the R160s are quite prevalent on the Q and W. The 4 ran local to Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, and the 5 ran express from 42nd Street to 125th. The local trains were quite packed. The 7 was running express Eastbound on Sunday due to construction, and we were held just outside of 61st Street station for nearly 30 minutes. Is it construction/trackwork season right now?