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Found 10 results

  1. Similar to the GM fleet reminiscing, I created this thread to share the memories and photos of your experience with the TTC's non-GM Fishbowl fleet prior to 2002 such as Classics, Flyers, New Flyers, Orions (I, II, III, V, VI and pre-refurbished VII), and NovaBUS RTS. If anyone has photos prior to December 31, 2016, feel free to post your old photos from old shoe boxes, slides, even library microfiche or whatever is there. Just don't claim that they are your own if they are not. The following photos are sampled below from my collection: Thanks to @Grapejuice for this inspiration for this thread.
  2. Hello Everyone, I will be hosting a charter with a 1999 Nova Bus RTS on Sunday June 28th, 2015. The charter will be held on a CIT Vallée-du-Richelieu Nova Bus RTS, preference has been given to 600309. The charter will start and end outside of Terminus Centre-Ville on the corner of Saint-Antoine and Mansfield at the CIT Sud-Ouest Route 1 and 28 Stop and will begin at 11:30am, ending around 4:30pm. We have also planned a supper event after the charter to begin around 6:00pm and ending at 8:00pm. During the charter, we have selected some unique photo stops, as well we have been granted a tour of the Transdev Beloeil Garage. A 35-Minute Lunch Stop is planned along the Richelieu River, we suggest to pack a cold lunch as we are on a tight schedule. The photo stop just before the lunch break will be at Mail Montenach, which has various restaurants and a Super C Grocery Store where stuff can be purchased. For people who have Facebook, please join the event page to get any updates as soon as they are available, as there may be a delay between when we update the event page and post it here. CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf CITVR Nova Bus RTS Charter.pdf
  3. Hi all, In response to the limited number of Classic and RTS buses Fredericton Transit has remaining in active service, and their alleged wish to retire many of them, I thought it would be a good (and interesting) idea to make a thread where anyone can post when they have spotted/rode one of these buses. I got this idea after seeing a couple of other tracking threads here. The others are for only one type of bus, but I figure since FT has such a small fleet, and there are so few buses of each type left, it would be okay to combine both into one thread. The general consensus is Classic 8921 was retired this summer. (The Wiki has yet to be updated to reflect this. I've applied for Wiki editing rights, but if any editors can place 8921 in the retired list, that would be good.) This leaves two Classics, 8941 and 8961. According to the Wiki, all nine RTS buses Fredericton bought are still in service. I've so far spotted all but 8013 and 8014. (I would think given the numbering there must be (or used to be) an 8011 and 8012. However, I've never heard anything about them and I can't find pictures of them on Google Images, so I'll assume for now that they never existed.) I ride the buses twice every weekday, so I'll probably post here at least 2 or 3 times a week. Given the limited number of members from Fredericton on here, perhaps I'll be the only one to ever post here. Here is a list of the older buses I've ridden in the past three weeks. All were on the 11 Prospect route: 2/18 8961 2/19 8982 2/21 8021 2/24 8941 2/26 8941 On February 25 I spotted 8981 on 11 Prospect, and today I went to Kings Place and spotted 8982, 8983, 8984, and 8991. I rode one of them on 11 Prospect, but I forget which.
  4. Word of mouth spreads fast. As was hinted in the TTS 2015 Fan Trips thread, yes a TTC RTS charter has been planned for the end of February. I would like to stress that this charter is taking place at night whereas the TTS charter is taking place during the day, and the two charters will not necessarily be covering/touring the same areas of the city. So now there are two RTS charters, not intended to compete with one another but to provide double the opportunity. A select few like to throw words around like it's nobody's business. Keep those kinds of opinions to yourself, most of which are based on false assumptions and stereotypes. Don't want a flame war? Don't start one. With that out of the way, here's what was posted regarding the charter on Facebook, in more detail: With all the uncertainty surrounding the retirement of the TTC’s Nova Bus RTS buses, charter ideas have sprung up again. For those longing for a rush of nostalgia, there is a plan to take an RTS out to Scarborough, East York, and the eastern part of Downtown, mainly covering the routes that Danforth Garage operated with the RTS before it closed down in March 2002. Every effort will be made to charter a bus with a perfectly working Luminator MegaMax 2000 sign and no bike rack to replicate an RTS out of Danforth Garage in the late 1990s/early 2000s. Here are the details of the planned charter in point form: - Date: Saturday February 28th, 2015 - Duration: 4 to 6 hours (hoping for 6) - Start Time: 6 PM (but please try to arrive before 5:45 PM to sort out registration) - End Time: depends on duration – 10 PM, 11 PM, or 12 AM - Break: yes, if charter is 5 or 6 hours in duration; a coffee shop is located nearby for food and/or washrooms - Areas/routes being covered: Scarborough, East York, Downtown (east of Yonge) - Main focus of charter: routes operated by Danforth Garage prior to its closure - Pick-up and Drop-off Location: Ellesmere RT Station - Cost: $50 to $60, depends on attendance - Payment Method: cash, in person at pick-up location Ellesmere RT Station is easily accessible by subway or RT, has ample parking available at no cost (free on weekends) immediately next to the station on the east side (accessible from the east service road off Ellesmere Road), and reasonably accessible by bus (about 5 minutes walking distance from the nearest 95 York Mills bus stops on Ellesmere Road at the west service road). Kennedy Road is the nearest exit off of Highway 401. The pick-up location will be on the west side of the station under the Ellesmere Road bridge (the 95C bus stop is nearby, but the branch does not operate on weekends). For those driving, access to the pick-up location on the west side of the station from the parking lot on the east side of the station is via the station entrance (stairs down, tunnel, stairs up; a fare is not required to cross over to the other side). The original plan for this charter was for it to take place sometime in the summer, but because about half of the RTS buses have been pulled off the road and an increasing number are receiving Luminator Horizon designation signs, it was decided to have the charter before the beginning of next month (as it is feared even more will be withdrawn). If you are interested in/able to attend the charter, please indicate so in a reply below. Also feel free to ask any questions.
  5. Detroit Diesel 6V92TA

    T-Drive Nova Bus RTS-06 WFD

    Does anyone know the exact release date of the T-drive Nova Bus RTS-06 Wide Front Door? I am trying to confirm that 1997 Nova Bus RTS-06 WFD's were V-drive only, but I am not 100% sure if that is truly correct.
  6. Does anyone know whether or not the GMC RTS II Articulated Bus, model T9J204, would have been successful if it were to have materialized beyond the prototype phase? Specifications did exist: the powertrain was a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA MUI engine producing 315 hp @ 2100 rpm (#2 diesel fuel) and Allison V735 transmission. In Canada, though, a GM articulated bus did exist, but only for that market (and delivered to just four cities there, all in the province of Ontario: Mississauga; Ottawa; Hamilton and Toronto), only for the 1982 model year and just 53 units made. Essentially it had the GM Classic front end fused to the "New Look" body. The powertrain was a Detroit Diesel 8V71N engine producing 255 hp, mated to the Allison V735 transmission. 10 years later, MCI (which took over bus production from GMC in 1986) dusted off this model as the TC60102N, which now shared its entire body with the Classic and used the Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC engine (making roughly over 300 hp) and Allison VR736 ATEC transmission, but again this wasn't anything to write home about: equally as short-lived, it was (as before) never ordered outside of Canada, and this time only being delivered in Quebec City, QC and Halifax, NS (the latter of which got most of these). ~Ben
  7. http://www.arb.ca.go...ents_biodsl.pdf All VINs corrected from the mistypes in the original link: 1G0YT82J0BV811198 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8703 1G0YT82JXBV810754 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8259 1G0YT82JXBV810771 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8276 1G0YT82J2BV810795 - delivered as SCRTD no. 8300 All examples delivered with the Detroit Diesel 6V92TAC engine and Allison V730 transmission. ~Ben
  8. Honolulu "The Bus" (Honolulu, HI) 1993 TMC RTS-08 WFD VIN codes to be verified: Units 51-62 are model T70-608 (35' x 96") Units 201-283 are model T80-208 (40' x 102") Powertrain (both): Detroit Diesel 6V92TA DDEC (277 hp) with Allison V731R ATEC transmission Units 51-62 51: 1TURDT9A1PR829318 52: 1TURDT9A1PR829383 53: 1TURDT9A3PR829384 54: 1TURDT9A5PR829385 55: 1TURDT9A7PR829386 56: 1TURDT9A9PR829387 57: 1TURDT9A0PR829388 58: 1TURDT9A2PR829389 59: 1TURDT9A9PR829390 60: 1TURDT9A0PR829391 61: 1TURDT9A2PR829392 62: 1TURDT9A4PR829393 Units 201-283 201: 1TUMDT9A4PR829162 202: 1TUMDT9A8PR829181 203: 1TUMDT9AXPR829201 204: 1TUMDT9A6PR829244 205: 1TUMDT9A8PR829245 206: 1TUMDT9AXPR829246 207: 1TUMDT9A1PR829247 208: 1TUMDT9A3PR829248 209: 1TUMDT9A5PR829249 210: 1TUMDT9A3PR829251 211: 1TUMDT9A5PR829252 212: 1TUMDT9A7PR829253 213: 1TUMDT9A9PR829254 214: 1TUMDT9A0PR829255 215: 1TUMDT9A2PR829256 216: 1TUMDT9A4PR829257 217: 1TUMDT9A6PR829258 218: 1TUMDT9A8PR829259 219: 1TUMDT9A4PR829260 220: 1TUMDT9A6PR829261 221: 1TUMDT9A8PR829262 222: 1TUMDT9AXPR829263 223: 1TUMDT9A1PR829264 224: 1TUMDT9A3PR829265 225: 1TUMDT9A5PR829266 226: 1TUMDT9A7PR829267 227: 1TUMDT9A9PR829268 228: 1TUMDT9A0PR829269 229: 1TUMDT9A7PR829270 230: 1TUMDT9A9PR829271 231: 1TUMDT9A0PR829272 232: 1TUMDT9A2PR829273 233: 1TUMDT9A4PR829274 234: 1TUMDT9A6PR829275 235: 1TUMDT9A1PR829295 236: 1TUMDT9A3PR829296 237: 1TUMDT9A5PR829297 238: 1TUMDT9A7PR829298 239: 1TUMDT9A4PR829338 240: 1TUMDT9A6PR829339 241: 1TUMDT9A2PR829340 242: 1TUMDT9A4PR829341 243: 1TUMDT9A6PR829342 244: 1TUMDT9A8PR829343 245: 1TUMDT9AXPR829344 246: 1TUMDT9A1PR829345 247: 1TUMDT9A3PR829346 248: 1TUMDT9A5PR829347 249: 1TUMDT9A7PR829348 250: 1TUMDT9A9PR829349 251: 1TUMDT9A5PR829350 252: 1TUMDT9A7PR829351 253: 1TUMDT9A9PR829352 254: 1TUMDT9A0PR829353 255: 1TUMDT9A2PR829354 256: 1TUMDT9A4PR829355 257: 1TUMDT9A6PR829356 258: 1TUMDT9A8PR829357 259: 1TUMDT9AXPR829358 260: 1TUMDT9A1PR829359 261: 1TUMDT9A8PR829360 262: 1TUMDT9AXPR829361 263: 1TUMDT9A1PR829362 264: 1TUMDT9A3PR829363 265: 1TUMDT9A5PR829364 266: 1TUMDT9A7PR829365 267: 1TUMDT9A9PR829366 268: 1TUMDT9A0PR829367 269: 1TUMDT9A2PR829368 270: 1TUMDT9A4PR829369 271: 1TUMDT9A0PR829370 272: 1TUMDT9A2PR829371 273: 1TUMDT9A4PR829372 274: 1TUMDT9A6PR829373 275: 1TUMDT9A8PR829374 276: 1TUMDT9AXPR829375 277: 1TUMDT9A1PR829376 278: 1TUMDT9A3PR829377 279: 1TUMDT9A5PR829378 280: 1TUMDT9A7PR829379 281: 1TUMDT9A3PR829380 282: 1TUMDT9A5PR829381 283: 1TUMDT9A7PR829382 ~Ben
  9. Could anyone please verify (meaning, double check) these GMC RTS II VIN numbers for TriMet (numbers 900-974)? 1982 GMC RTS II T8J204 Powertrain: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA engine / Allison V730 transmission 900: 1G0YT82J9CV820872 901: 1G0YT82J0CV820873 902: 1G0YT82J2CV820874 903: 1G0YT82J4CV820875 904: 1G0YT82J6CV820876 905: 1G0YT82J8CV820877 906: 1G0YT82JXCV820878 907: 1G0YT82J1CV820879 908: 1G0YT82J8CV820880 909: 1G0YT82JXCV820881 910: 1G0YT82J1CV820882 911: 1G0YT82J3CV820883 912: 1G0YT82J5CV820884 913: 1G0YT82J7CV820885 914: 1G0YT82J9CV820886 915: 1G0YT82J0CV820887 916: 1G0YT82J2CV820888 917: 1G0YT82J4CV820889 918: 1G0YT82J0CV820890 919: 1G0YT82J2CV820891 920: 1G0YT82J4CV820892 921: 1G0YT82J6CV820893 922: 1G0YT82J8CV820894 923: 1G0YT82JXCV820895 924: 1G0YT82J1CV820896 925: 1G0YT82J3CV820897 926: 1G0YT82J5CV820898 927: 1G0YT82J7CV820899 928: 1G0YT82JXCV820900 929: 1G0YT82J1CV820901 930: 1G0YT82J3CV820902 931: 1G0YT82J5CV820903 932: 1G0YT82J7CV820904 933: 1G0YT82J9CV820905 934: 1G0YT82J0CV820906 935: 1G0YT82J2CV820907 936: 1G0YT82J4CV820908 937: 1G0YT82J6CV820909 938: 1G0YT82J2CV820910 939: 1G0YT82J4CV820911 940: 1G0YT82J6CV820912 941: 1G0YT82J8CV820913 942: 1G0YT82JXCV820914 943: 1G0YT82J1CV820915 944: 1G0YT82J3CV820916 945: 1G0YT82J5CV820917 946: 1G0YT82J7CV820918 947: 1G0YT82J9CV820919 948: 1G0YT82J5CV820920 949: 1G0YT82J7CV820921 950: 1G0YT82J9CV820922 951: 1G0YT82J0CV820923 952: 1G0YT82J2CV820924 953: 1G0YT82J4CV820925 954: 1G0YT82J6CV820926 955: 1G0YT82J8CV820927 956: 1G0YT82JXCV820928 957: 1G0YT82J1CV820929 958: 1G0YT82J8CV820930 959: 1G0YT82JXCV820931 960: 1G0YT82J1CV820932 961: 1G0YT82J3CV820933 962: 1G0YT82J5CV820934 963: 1G0YT82J7CV820935 964: 1G0YT82J9CV820936 965: 1G0YT82J0CV820937 966: 1G0YT82J2CV820938 967: 1G0YT82J4CV820939 968: 1G0YT82J0CV820940 969: 1G0YT82J2CV820941 970: 1G0YT82J4CV820942 971: 1G0YT82J6CV820943 972: 1G0YT82J8CV820944 973: 1G0YT82JXCV820945 974: 1G0YT82J1CV820946 And here are the VIN numbers for the Lane Transit District rejected 1980 GM Canada "New Look" T6H4523N buses (LTD unit numbers in parentheses) Powertrain: Detroit Diesel 6V71N engine / Allison V730 transmission 200 (719): 2GHYT76W7A3500028 201 (720): 2GHYT76W9A3500029 202 (721): 2GHYT76W5A3500030 203 (722): 2GHYT76W7A3500031 204 (723): 2GHYT76W9A3500032 205 (724): 2GHYT76W0A3500033 206 (725): 2GHYT76W2A3500034 207 (726): 2GHYT76W4A3500035 208 (727): 2GHYT76W6A3500036 209 (728): 2GHYT76W8A3500037 210 (729): 2GHYT76WXA3500038 ~Ben
  10. Could anyone please verify the VINs for these C-TRAN (Vancouver, WA) 1982 GMC RTS II buses? Model: T8J-604 (40" long x 96" wide) Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V92TA MUI Transmission: Allison V730 2001: 1G0YT86J6CV820385 2002: 1G0YT86J8CV820386 2003: 1G0YT86JXCV820387 2004: 1G0YT86J1CV820388 2005: 1G0YT86J3CV820389 2006: 1G0YT86JXCV820390 2007: 1G0YT86J1CV820391 2008: 1G0YT86J3CV820392 2009: 1G0YT86J5CV820393 2010: 1G0YT86J7CV820394 2011: 1G0YT86J9CV820395 2012: 1G0YT86J0CV820396 2013: 1G0YT86J2CV820397 2014: 1G0YT86J4CV820398 2015: 1G0YT86J6CV820399 2016: 1G0YT86J9CV820400 2017: 1G0YT86J0CV820401 2018: 1G0YT86J2CV820402 2019: 1G0YT86J4CV820403 2020: 1G0YT86J6CV820404 2021: 1G0YT86J8CV820405 2022: 1G0YT86JXCV820406 2023: 1G0YT86J1CV820407 2024: 1G0YT86J3CV820408 2025: 1G0YT86J5CV820409 2026: 1G0YT86J1CV820410 2027: 1G0YT86J3CV820411 2028: 1G0YT86J5CV820412 2029: 1G0YT86J7CV820413 2030: 1G0YT86J9CV820414 2031: 1G0YT86J0CV820415 2032: 1G0YT86J2CV820416 2033: 1G0YT86J4CV820417 2034: 1G0YT86J6CV820418 Thank you, Ben