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  1. Someone wouldn't know humour until a bus ran over them!
  2. The TTC should really make some BLT or Turkey wraps for us while waiting to catch a train! Damn I'm hungry!
  3. So is anyone going to the Thursday meeting? I wouldn't mind introducing myself to some you transit nerds.
  4. Hell ya! Make our own version of the Golden Gate Bridge!
  5. A subway bridge would look totally cool going across Lake Ontario.
  6. In all seriousness, Finch extended to Barrie Kipling extended to Niagara Falls SRT extended to Port Perry Spadina extended to Wasaga Beach Sheppard extended west to Windsor and east to Oshawa w00t.
  7. Well, David and Red Rocket, I think I was aiming for "effect" more than anything else. I wasn't attacking anyone, so..... no harm in my post!
  8. I'm surprised random hooligans haven't written in a Black Sharpie marker the words "Fuck" or "Cock Suck" or any other vulgarity in front of the "ER" yet. lol Pardon my French!
  9. I would as well, only to promote better connectivity, however, it really isn't a necessary now. Bathurst and Sheppard is a high density node and is making do with the levels of bus service it gets.
  10. 38 Creditview: Smallspy and Orion9131 called you out. Don't bother arguing your biased point anymore, because you've just got burned.
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