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  1. Proterras On today are 3725 6 Bay 3726 79 Scarlett Road 3728 & 3732 47 Lansdowne
  2. 4133 is stripped EDIT: Tho retired 4133 is still picking a fight as it's pole is up and still powering the side lights.
  3. 407 b/c why will I want to get stuck in the biggest parking lot? H4 or H5?
  4. Funny enough the last TTC bus to have flipdots was the D40LF.
  5. ATAF 3440 with it's flipdot sign (picture) Vehicle of 2019 None Event of 2019 ALRV last day Disliked move reducing buses on the 45 Kipling WTF moment none Transit agency of 2019 ATAF Vehicle of the 2010's Orion VII NG Diesel Event of 2010's TTC Orion VII OG charter Disliked move of 2010's TTC buying the Orion VII NG Hybrids WTF moment of 2010's none Transit agency of 2010's none I sadly have no pictures from 2010-2016
  6. The ATAF in Italy use flipdot signs. I haven't seen these since 2016!
  7. Well I ate it a hour ago (Italian time) spaghetti
  8. Got to go in the leaning tower of Pisa today!
  9. There is a Westjet D40LFR for sale http://usedbusesforsale.net/2007NewFlyerD40LFR-454.php EDIT: @Thomasw posted that it was sold to Bronco Transit. So disregard this post
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