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  1. My first phone was a Nokia C300 in Gr 12. In 2014 I moved onto the Samsung Galaxy S2 (mom's ex-phone), then in 2016 the day before we were supposed to fly to Prague it stopped working, I was really frustrated because I intended to use it to film the Prague metro (and Warsaw metro), so my mom gave me her phone again (also an S2) while she got a Note 2. Oddly enough, the first S2 actually took HD videos (looking back to my 2014 videos), while the second only took 480p. Eventually I wasn't satisfied with the S2 due to its limited video quality and poor performance otherwise (slow, frequently freezing & crashing, wouldn't support many apps), so I kept wanting to get a new phone, but wasn't sure where to begin. I finally got one in May 2018, the Galaxy A5. While it's still far from perfect (sometimes freezes too, and uses data at an obscenely high rate compared to the S2 - I thought newer phones are supposed to be more data-efficient, not less), it's overall much better, especially since it can take HD videos (no, I usually don't carry a "proper" camera around everywhere). My brother suggests that I should get an iPhone instead though.
  2. Yesterday I had a dream that I ran for a southbound train at Bloor and missed it, and there was also a northbound train leaving the station. Once the train I just missed also left the station, the next northbound train arrived, and it was a T1 (5344 I think). I wanted to run for it but unfortunately wouldn't make it to the other side in time.
  3. I have a couple subway-related questions: 1) What causes that rattling noise right above the intercar door whenever the T1's are in motion (this happens often, both in the tunnels and outside, I'm guessing it has something to do with the wind, though I don't see why the wind would cause the rattling)? 2) What is the design life of the TR trains? Is it the same old 30 year figure, or are all current & future trains (starting with the T1's & going forward) going to be designed for a longer 40-50 year life?
  4. https://toronto.citynews.ca/2019/06/28/dramatic-video-shows-arrests-of-2-murder-suspects-at-victoria-park-station/
  5. When you hear the ice cream truck outside play the Maple Leaf Rag (that's a new one). Even my cat was a little startled 🤣
  6. My graduation/prom happened to be on the H5's last day of service, and I left school at lunch time hoping to hop on for just one stop (Wilson - Yorkdale) and get back to school by the end of lunch, unfortunately that didn't work out. When I came back to class, it was nearly empty, just me and a friend and maybe 1-2 other people. Totally not worth coming to class. I still regret (and will continue to do so for the rest of my life) not skipping the rest of the school day to get the last H5 (by waiting for it at York Mills since the ttc failed to get me to Wilson on time) and ride it for the full remainder of the run.
  7. Middle aged brown male wearing glasses and a black suit, filming at the northbound platform of Bloor station around 14:40-14:45. Anyone?
  8. Same here, was literally just wondering the same thing as I'm reading this. It doesn't usually happen with me... just sometimes (twice within the last few mins; refreshing the page worked the first time, the second time, not so much).
  9. This is a bit old (August 2017), but here it goes. On the last day of my Euro trip when I was going to fly back to Toronto from Budapest, my tour guide suggested it's best to split cab fare with 3-4 other people from the group since most people were going to the airport anyway, but I knew very well that I'll be taking the subway - specifically line 3 which had all the Russian subways (Ev-3, 81-717 and the new 81-717.2K which now dominates the line).
  10. (bump) Saw 5200's cousin on the highway on Sunday
  11. While cheating on him with Trudeau
  12. The TR was going westbound, so I assume it went out of service at Yonge. Isn't there a direct connection to line 1 from LB?
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