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  1. Thank you. It's actually not quite a Greek salad, since it only has 3 of the components (cucumber, tomato & red onion) plus dressing & salt/pepper. The pastries are bureks (2 potato & 2 mushroom).
  2. Potatoes, salmon and salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, avocado and lime juice.
  3. I've been noticing that a lot too. This has been going on for a while now (sometimes different links, but same idea overall). I just report them whenever I see them (a couple of times I got those spam comments on my videos as well, but I moderate all comments on my videos and took those spam comments down). Interestingly it's always from a different account, all of which are completely blank if you click on their profile.
  4. Trying Pizza Pizza's funnel cake stix with strawberry dip, along with some coffee. Edit: made myself a cup of wild-berry tea after finishing the coffee, since technically tea is a better pairing with this kind of snack, helps balance the sweetness.
  5. I was expecting the comments to be entirely different. At this point all I'm hoping for is that widespread public outrage will force the airhead politicians () to walk back this utter idiocy. My parents are currently overseas taking care of the grandparents, and they all should've already been back by now, but because of this bullshit they won't be able to return until hell knows when. Aside from being a rip-off, the hotel stay would only put my grandparents at far greater risk than quarantining at home. Rather than robbing the wallets of the travelers they're forcibly confining, th
  6. Looks like this bears repeating. Unfortunately there's just no way to end it all as abruptly as it all began. Yes, that seems to be the general consensus among scientists. Given that smallpox has been declared eradicated thanks to the vaccine, most if not all people should already be immune to it (or get vaccinated), so there shouldn't be the same disastrous situation even if the smallpox virus were to be released again (and I really don't wanna jinx it given how this year is going ).
  7. Boiled potatoes, canned pink salmon and salad with tomato, cucumber, onion and avocado.
  8. TBH the only way I like my coffee is microwaving a cup of milk and adding a teaspoon of instant coffee. Coffee made with hot water generally tastes pretty awful to me, even if I add milk/cream to it. When I buy coffee, I always add at least 2 packets of sugar and 2 packets of milk or cream, but it's still not as good. So I usually either drink coffee at home, or buy a latte or hot chocolate.
  9. Banned for being out of ideas
  10. Actress Conchata Ferrell died at 77 yesterday. She will be missed.
  11. Time has come to say goodbye to our old car (#1), a 2002 Mercedes E320, that served us well (for the most part) since 2005 and that I got to drive since last year when I got my G2. We also briefly (2017-2019) had a second identical model (#2), also built in 2002, but it ended up not being roadworthy (tank leakage, and one instance of a shaft falling off) and so was scrapped last year. For the past while, car #1 had engine misfiring issues, but was still working fine for the most part, until last Friday when a brake fluid warning popped up while I was driving. Just in case, I decided to pull ov
  12. We now have another regular cat visitor to our backyard, who looks somewhat like our cat: A few days ago this guy came to our backyard while my cat was outside along with the black cat who lives 3 houses down the street and comes by our house nearly every day (I always give him a treat), and the two of them kept staring at him, while he was staring at them: The whole interaction could be summarized in one picture: Meanwhile some squirrels were freaking out up in the trees, seeing that not 1 but 3 cats have taken over down on the ground
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