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  1. At 08:30 this morning, I was still half asleep and heard the doorbell ring. I got out of bed, got dressed and went downstairs, but there was no one and nothing left at the door.
  2. Me and my cat both having a midnight snack (I'm having the pink-flavored pudding and he had some cat treats).
  3. Chocolate & cherry ice cream with cherry-flavored Bailey's, sprinkles and coconut flakes.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A_i8qdfW5u8
  5. One thing that's really troubling is this: if the fatality rate is as low as it's claimed to be (around 3% or less), why is it that on average, 1 person dies for every 5 that recover (as of right now there are 274K deaths and 1.31M recoveries worldwide) - doesn't that mean the fatality rate is actually about 20%?? Although Canada's rate of death vs recovery is somewhat below the global average, it's still high enough for me to be worried about my family's well-being if any of us do end up getting it. I really hope an effective antiviral treatment becomes available soon, so the situation gets under control before a vaccine is approved (presumably) next year.
  6. Mushroom soup with croutons and a toasted bagel with Boursin, spicy sausage, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onion.
  7. Would be interesting to see if they do end up moving forward with the T1 life extension as a result.
  8. Something I've noticed: on the entry to some pocket tracks, like between Chester and Broadview, one of the rails at the point of intersection appears to be continuous, like in this picture, thus making it seemingly impossible to switch tracks to access the pocket track. What is the reason for this, and is there a way for the track to switch in these cases?
  9. I didn't come up with that myself either (guess I should've made that clear in my original post). And it's not really a prediction, just speculation and hypotheticals.
  10. Unfortunately, demoralizing is exactly what a lot of the media is doing when all we hear is that the virus will continue to spread for weeks or months, and that the economy is already suffering.
  11. As of last weekend, I stopped taking transit as a precaution, and cancelled my monthly pass autorenewal for the time being. My gym closed down last Monday, so now I'd have to do exercise at home or go for a walk in the park. The rest of my family are also self-isolating at home with limited outdoor activities that don't involve close contact with other people (i.e. jogging, biking or skiing). There is a limited amount of hand sanitizer in our house, and over a week ago I bought a can of Lysol spray and started using it on just about everything, including my phone, clothes (especially after going outside), various surfaces inside the house, etc. The pandemic has also put my job search on hold, since most places are closing, people are getting laid off and told to stay home. The only thing to keep me busy at home is studying computer science and do other work on the computer. It's extremely frustrating how there are no signs of improvement, with the media ominously telling us that things will only get worse and worse. What's equally disturbing as the pandemic itself (if not even more so), is the global economic crisis that is expected to follow, which opens up all kinds of terrible trains of thought about the potential collapse of civilization as we know it. Personally to me the idea of living in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world seems worse than dying. It's a damn shame that civilizations and societies never have, and are still not expected to, remain stable over timescales of decades or centuries. Here is an interesting (albeit disturbing) read discussing 11 different scenarios that might happen within the next several decades, including a global pandemic, which is what we're seeing now. Hopefully, after this pandemic ends, we won't need to worry about any other apocalyptic event happening for the rest of our lifetimes. Jheez, I really hope a treatment/cure is developed soon. Unfortunately by nature I'm usually not a very optimistic person and always tend to assume the worst (especially when that's the message coming from the media), but I'm trying my best to focus on any potential good news and remain hopeful. My grandparents living in Russia (both well in their 80's) also remain optimistic, saying that, having grown up during WW2, they fear nothing.
  12. Pretty sure spaceflight would be suspended as well.
  13. Had a dream of seeing 546X southbound at Rosedale, with 5461 having a yellow ad-wrap similar to what 607X has now, but advertising Oh Henry/Coffee Crisp (also reminiscent of 585X M&M wrap). Then 607X arrived northbound in its previous purple wrap from a few months ago.
  14. Some homemade Pad Thai with some tropical fruit juice
  15. Had a dream that New York did the last run of its R32/R42s in Toronto, as an extra run on line 2 (Yonge - Kennedy - Kipling - Yonge). I was waiting on the crowded eastbound platform at Yonge as several T1s passed by very close together (as soon as one pulled out of the station, the next one was already halfway in the station, like the rush-hour headways in Moscow). Then an R32 showed up displaying "A" in its destination sign. There was an unusually large gap between the train and platform, and the train was slightly above platform level, due to different dimensions of NYC cars vs Toronto. I got on the 1st car, which had a 1970s interior like the R46.
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