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  1. I agree that it doesn't matter, as I said in my post. I was responding to @lifty4ever's suggestion of repainting trains on each line to match the line's respective color, and why there's little or no point in doing so.
  2. I know that. I was being sarcastic / reminiscing about a bygone era. The color is best described as yellow-orange / school bus yellow. Coincidentally (or not), it's pretty much exactly the same color as that used to represent line 1. As far as painting trains the same color as the line they run on, specifically with that intent, that would only be practical on a stand-alone line (i.e. the aging line 3, and future 5, 6 & OL) where the trains are physically confined to that line. On a properly integrated subway network (like the existing lines 1, 2 & 4), the possibility of trains from line X running on line Y, however unlikely, should always be taken into account, in which case the color of the train would be irrelevant. If it's such a big deal (it isn't), a more practical option would be to have LED destination signs displaying the current route in its respective color, which can be easily reprogrammed to display a different route/color as needed.
  3. Any update to this? Where did this information come from? I can't find anything, neither through google nor in that twitter thread.
  4. This. (for anyone who's "confused", I'm referring to CNE's ketchup/mustard-flavored ice cream)
  5. I thought I posted this one before, but apparently not, so here it goes. When people complain about you using hand sanitizer, air freshener, or anything like that, because they don't like the chemical smell, or some other silly reason. Seriously, you're gonna complain about those chemicals instead of whatever necessitated the use of said chemicals in the first place??
  6. 2 weeks late to post here (forgot this thread existed, lol), but anyway: NYC Subway: 3 videos added (including 1 video of the subway shuttle & a Metro-North M8 at Grand Central) Long Island Railroad: 2 videos added NJ Transit: 1 video added I am now once again taking a break from railfanning in order to keep this latest batch of NYC videos at the top of the line (and will try to do the same after every international trip). Unless something really special/rare comes up in Ontario, I won't be making new videos at least until I make future travel plans. ...and this post did not age well at all
  7. Same with trams, subways, electrified railways, basically any electric vehicles in general.
  8. I'm with koodo, but my phone's mobile hotspot is password-protected so it's unlikely to be because of people sponging off of it. Moreover it shows the number of devices connected, which is usually up to 3 (mine and my parents'). It's just extremely frustrating how data-inefficient it is, when I got this phone back in 2018 I expected it to be far more efficient than my previous phone (using a lot less data for the same amount of browsing), yet it's the opposite. I've already increased my monthly plan from like 2 GB to 5, and so on, and eventually to 12, which should be plenty enough (at some point there was an option to switch to 16 for a slightly higher price, but at the time I decided it wasn't necessary; boy do I regret making that decision), and it used to be, until the last few months when I'd find myself having to switch it off & carefully monitor how much is used every time I turn it on. The worst part is how imprecise the number is, this time it told me I was at 100% & it was automatically paused even though it only showed I was at 11.96 (last month it paused when it was 12.something).
  9. https://stevemunro.ca/2022/06/22/the-gaping-hole-in-ttc-funding/ This article touches on the issue at hand, they've already contacted suppliers but haven't actually awarded the contract because a large chunk of the required funding is still missing, which poses the threat of jeopardizing the whole project. The T1s are scheduled to remain in service for "a few more years" anyway (until 2030/2031), but if they get a 10-year extension it'll be a LOT more than just "a few more years". Hopefully they'll be able to get the required funding in time (don't know if there's a set deadline) so they can avoid moving forward with the life extension option. This ain't New York, Toronto's subways were never meant to last 40–50 years instead of 30–35, and the T1s & TRs are no exception.
  10. So I was clearly not awake this morning. Was making eggs for breakfast, and instead of cracking one of the eggs onto the frying pan and tossing the shell afterwards, I ended up cracking the whole egg directly into the garbage (and I really hate wasting food). FML!
  11. 81-717


    I've been browsing tickets for the Maple Leaf out of curiosity (no immediate plans to book right now), and I'm a bit confused by the "multiple trains", "Segment 1 & 2", and the arrival/departure times (departs Canadian border at 10:37, but departs Niagara Falls NY at 12:17, nearly 2 hrs later). Is the 2-hr delay at the border simply due to passengers going through customs, not because they'd have to change trains?
  12. The amount of data my phone uses is absolutely batshit ridiculous. Yesterday throughout the day it had been sitting at roughly 6.9 GB out of 12 (total usage since the beginning of the cycle, which begins/ends on the 27th of each month), and normally the daily usage (on weekends when I'm out of town & have no wifi) would be anywhere from 100 MB to 1 GB or so, including browsing on my phone and turning on the mobile hotspot to be able to browse on my laptop. Then last night within a span of only about 45 mins (when I left the mobile hotspot turned on, but wasn't actively browsing the internet), the data usage suddenly spiked from less than 7 GB to nearly 11 (got the 90% warning via text). Seriously, where the fuck did all those nearly 4 GB go!? (according to my phone, the vast majority of data was used up by the mobile hotspot, but that still doesn't explain how 4 GB could've disappeared within 45 mins) Especially since I have an upcoming trip to New York booked next weekend, where I would certainly need to use data whenever I don't have wifi access.
  13. Some people decided now (nearly 2 am) is the perfect time to have a screaming match (girl voice shouting "leave me the fuck alone!", "I'll fucking kill you!", etc) out on one of the nearby neighborhood streets. This didn't sound like a victim screaming for help (at least I hope it wasn't that), but rather someone who got into a VERY heated argument/fight with someone they know (granted, the 2 aren't mutually exclusive).
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