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  1. Well, the SRT is also standard gauge, even though it too is completely isolated from any other rail line (the Eglinton LRT on the other hand is connected to the mainline at the back end of the yard, according to Google maps).
  2. Yeah we definitely had to bundle up a bit. And I wouldn't have left the candles on overnight.
  3. Our furnace is located in the basement adjacent to the exterior wall, and replacing it would require drilling a hole for the pipe to drain condensate. The good news is, we got it fixed today, luckily the issue was fairly minor (the control panel motherboard needed to be replaced). While some of the lighting in my house is incandescent, unfortunately they wouldn't be enough to heat up the interior to any appreciable degree. In my room I actually swapped the incandescent bulbs for the daylight blue-white bulbs, because I prefer white light over yellow light. My initial thought on keeping warm with no heating was to light a few candles in whichever room I'm in.
  4. The temperature settled around 10 degrees (14 degrees in the basement), and unfortunately we've been told that the heater we have is outdated (production discontinued a few years ago, and spare parts are becoming hard to get), and replacing it with a new heater wouldn't be possible because it would apparently require the installation of an extra pipe through the wall to get rid of condensate (not sure why that's an issue with newer heaters but not older ones). We were supposed to have someone come today to take a look and hopefully fix it, but unfortunately the guy had to cancel due to the ridiculous amount of snow today. Hopefully we'll get it fixed tomorrow at the very latest. Yesterday we all went to my brother's house for the evening (my brother's in Florida right now, where it's nice & warm), and brought an electric heater from there back to our house (good thing we didn't spend the night there otherwise driving back today would've been a living hell). So far it raised the temperature by a couple degrees.
  5. Heating stopped working at the worst possible time when the temperature outside hit -15.
  6. Spotted the same consist departing VP wb at 16:02 today.
  7. At this point, even I'm with the anti-vaxxers in that no one except oneself should have control over what does or doesn't get injected into one's body, and that it's high time to accept the fact that covid is here to stay so we might as well get on with our lives and let covid run its course.
  8. I'd love to be able to catch one of the retirement runs (was thinking the 26th), but unfortunately I don't think I can make it, especially if travel restrictions come back. Hate to say this, but this is probably the worst timing to do this kind of event, would've been better if it were postponed until the spring or summer.
  9. Is the CSX/streetcar crossing in Darby going to be grade-separated eventually?
  10. More like the Eglinton subway Where is it going to? (hopefully back to its original spot on Warden ave.) Edit: went by the area today, and there it was.
  11. Hopefully they'll get ALP46s if & when some of the GO lines are electrified.
  12. 81-717


    Are there any plans to resume the Maple Leaf train service between Toronto & NYC once the land border finally reopens?
  13. Anyone know the type of train seen here (with a very H4-like interior) & the transit system it belongs to? My guess would be something like the Comet series cars owned by Metro-North & NJ Transit, but having ridden both systems none of the trains I caught had this interior.
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