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  1. Tea and an oreo cookie where one half happens to be inside out 🤣
  2. Had 3 different dreams in 1 night: 1) Being on a plane that made an emergency landing due to a passenger who was either sick or somehow had his arm catch fire. The plane went in a dive and landed at an airport in Africa in the middle of pouring rain and strong wind, then had to emergency brake and steer off to the side due to a much bigger aircraft coming in front of it preparing for takeoff. 2) Witnessing a P1 at Donlands station. 3) Riding a 81-717 on line 2 of the Moscow metro (from Theatralnaya station southbound), and passing a yard full of NYC subway cars right before the terminal station.
  3. Subway was shut down Broadview - Woodbine due to a police investigation at Donlands. Just cleared up now
  4. Had a dream that I rode one of Japan's bullet trains. I got on, then a couple minutes later the chimes rang, doors closed, and the train began accelerating, with the auto announcements announcing the speed (as shown on the LED sign inside): 160 km/h, 200 km/h, and then 505 km/h. It was underground, then emerged above ground into a quiet residential neighborhood in NYC, and the train was now going relatively slowly on the road, approached a stop sign, where a silver Dodge Caravan began crossing the intersection from the left, but the train didn't stop at the stop sign due to lack of space to come to a full stop, and kept going, forcing the Caravan to dodge out of the way. Probably a reflection of last night's incident of potential road rage. Some idiot who appeared to be racing with another car kept trying to cut us off/merge into us, then drove slowly right infront of us, and when we changed lanes to pass him he tried to cut us off again.
  5. I'm back in New York for the long weekend, coming back Tuesday night. This time I have 1 extra day to explore the NYC subway (my list of stations to visit included Manhattan Bridge, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Livonia, Sutter ave, Court sq, etc). I brought my laptop with me so that I don't have to wait till I get back to post the videos (and was also able to successfully upload them through my phone) - going forward, I will try to always bring my laptop with me on my travels, and post new videos while travelling. I posted 9 videos yesterday, and 6 today (1 of which was also filmed yesterday). Tomorrow will be my last day to film (I'm also hoping to ride the PATH train), because I'll be leaving Tuesday morning. Edit (06/08/2019): yesterday (Monday) I uploaded 6 more videos (decided not to upload the PATH train), bringing the total to 21 new videos from this weekend, and 34 NYC subway videos in total. Hopefully next year I will make a return trip to the EEU, specifically the same 3 cities (Prague, Warsaw, Budapest) and get more videos of 81-717s.
  6. Wouldn't it be funny if they wrapped subway cars like that? 🤣 Imagine a TR with this wrap (the opposite of what 5200's got). Edit: on second thought, this wrap would look best on the H5's😏
  7. Usually I prefer to take transit if/when possible, but sometimes Uber is a more convenient option to get you door to door, with minimal walking and no transfers - i.e. coming home late at night, or when the commute is far and transit service is too infrequent, taking an Uber is the only way to get there on time. And I frankly couldn't care less that cabbies hate them, I'm with Uber on this one (especially after what cabbies did in Toronto & Paris), and now that I've had the app for over a year I won't need to get in a cab ever again.
  8. asteroid impact that flattens a whole subway yard, shutting down an entire subway line, leaving no choice but to bustitute subway service...
  9. Today I had a dream of a 81-717 whose interior was completely covered white with cocaine (except the windows). And back on May 19 I had a dream that I ran for the subway and the door closed on me, so I forced it open and got on, and shortly after while the train was moving, a supervisor (Michael Sage) showed up, looked around, and some guy sitting beside the cab (an undercover apparently) pointed at me, and Sage gave me a ticket ($304 fine), saying that charging the doors is equivalent to trespassing on the tracks.
  10. https://www.iflscience.com/space/this-is-the-most-convincing-evidence-weve-seen-that-the-moon-landings-were-faked/ It's sad (and hilarious) to see conspiracy theories going around claiming the Moon landings were fake. And this guy's "arguments" don't even make any sense, just makes himself look stupid (especially using words like astropilots, astrologers, telly - not helping with credibility on his part). He sounds like a typical flat-earther. Faith in humanity lost😔 I did get a good laugh about the so-called "Vin Diesel" [Van Allen] radiation belts. Edit (24/07/2019): Reading some of the comments to the article, apparently he's just being sarcastic. I sure hope so!
  11. Were they at Davisville yard or in service on line 1?
  12. Little FML/WTF moment: at 2:35 am this morning I was startled awake by the sound of something falling & tumbling on the floor. I got up to have a look, and found my phone on the floor at the other end of the room, beside the door. I must've fallen asleep with my phone and it fell off the bed, though I'm not sure how it could've ended up all the way across the room.
  13. My first phone was a Nokia C300 in Gr 12. In 2014 I moved onto the Samsung Galaxy S2 (mom's ex-phone), then in 2016 the day before we were supposed to fly to Prague it stopped working, I was really frustrated because I intended to use it to film the Prague metro (and Warsaw metro), so my mom gave me her phone again (also an S2) while she got a Note 2. Oddly enough, the first S2 actually took HD videos (looking back to my 2014 videos), while the second only took 480p. Eventually I wasn't satisfied with the S2 due to its limited video quality and poor performance otherwise (slow, frequently freezing & crashing, wouldn't support many apps), so I kept wanting to get a new phone, but wasn't sure where to begin. I finally got one in May 2018, the Galaxy A5. While it's still far from perfect (sometimes freezes too, and uses data at an obscenely high rate compared to the S2 - I thought newer phones are supposed to be more data-efficient, not less), it's overall much better, especially since it can take HD videos (no, I usually don't carry a "proper" camera around everywhere). My brother suggests that I should get an iPhone instead though.
  14. Yesterday I had a dream that I ran for a southbound train at Bloor and missed it, and there was also a northbound train leaving the station. Once the train I just missed also left the station, the next northbound train arrived, and it was a T1 (5344 I think). I wanted to run for it but unfortunately wouldn't make it to the other side in time.
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