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  1. I believe this was an option added from the most recent order, same for the 18xx Novas.
  2. They are XDE60s, seats are different but similar in look to the Mariellas.
  3. It's a refurbishment, not really a rebuild.
  4. To the best of my knowledge, the D40LFs have just been refurbished (there are still a few 02s and 03s waiting to be completed). In the last 10 years, Brampton Transit has grown exponentially so it's hard to say how long they will wait to retire buses now because the mileage on buses nowadays is far greater than that of buses from the 90s and earlier.
  5. If I recall correctly it happened on the 52 at Charolais/Mill about six months ago. I'm not sure what they plan on doing with it but it is still plated unlike 0205 and 0315 next to it that are unplated.
  6. At first I thought some nasty virus was taking over my computer and then I howled with laughter when the lightbulb turned on in my head, well done.
  7. It's become so rare that I post on the CPTDB but I read this and just have to applaud the post, I agree with everything on the list especially the lack of leg room and neck issues. I can't believe it's 2017 and Nova STILL hasn't fixed those two issues. It's as if they've decided to negligently ignore the feedback from thousands of transit operators across the continent for the past two decades. A class action lawsuit might scare them into finally doing something about it (even if the lawsuit goes nowhere), but I seriously doubt that will ever happen. The dashboard I'll admit doesn't bother me, although I much prefer the New Flyer Xcelsior one, mirrors don't bother me but I'm also tall enough (6'5") that I never have blind spots (although looking left on the Nova and seeing the panel is irritating). The passenger view mirrors that were originally delivered with our (Brampton) 2014-17 Novas were insanely small and operators complained enough that they've been exchanged for ones very similar to those on the Xcelsiors. Suspension is very bad as well but I've noticed an improvement in the 16s and 17s BUT that also could be just because they're newer so time will tell. Everybody's entitled to their own opinion, and I totally respect that, but IMO other than the wider turning radius, there is NOTHING a Nova LFS bus has that is better than an New Flyer Xcelsior, NOTHING!!!
  8. The 505 extension was always planned for September 2018, never this September.
  9. 9969 and 9972 have been retired, leaving 9970 and 9971 as the last two active Vs. Both are due for MTO in February.
  10. Not yet, not that it matters anyways because they would be parked outside until the Sandalwood expansion is complete as there's no space for them in the current facility.
  11. The majority of which do make a huge difference though, easily saving ten or more minutes per one way trip if you add up all the red lights avoided.
  12. The Sheridan College terminal was expected to be built and operational for September 2015. However, construction has yet to commence and I presume the college is responsible for the delay as any other major Brampton Transit project has at least started construction on time and been finished within reason of the estimated completion date. I personally don't see the need for a terminal there as the walking distance from even the westbound Steeles stop to the campus is extremely minimal.
  13. 9849, 9855, 9856, 9860, 9861, 9862, 9863, and 9864 have been retired.
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