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  1. Yes, they are all retired.
  2. 9969 and 9972 have been retired, leaving 9970 and 9971 as the last two active Vs. Both are due for MTO in February.
  3. Not yet, not that it matters anyways because they would be parked outside until the Sandalwood expansion is complete as there's no space for them in the current facility.
  4. The majority of which do make a huge difference though, easily saving ten or more minutes per one way trip if you add up all the red lights avoided.
  5. The Sheridan College terminal was expected to be built and operational for September 2015. However, construction has yet to commence and I presume the college is responsible for the delay as any other major Brampton Transit project has at least started construction on time and been finished within reason of the estimated completion date. I personally don't see the need for a terminal there as the walking distance from even the westbound Steeles stop to the campus is extremely minimal.
  6. 9849, 9855, 9856, 9860, 9861, 9862, 9863, and 9864 have been retired.
  7. 9851, 9852, 9853, and 9857 have been retired.
  8. Just letting everyone know I will not be editing the wiki anymore if people keep changing "98xx, 98xx, 98xx-xx etc retired" to "some retired" and "02xx, 02xx-xx, 02xx" to "most refurbished". And also, 1401-10 are Clark, 1411-15 are Sandalwood, I know I've put that in twice and it's been removed.
  9. The 03s are not and approximately half of the 02s. I'd be very surprised if the 35 change happens, especially with the routing shown in the proposal as currently no buses travel westbound on Ebenezer Road. That doesn't mean it can't be changed but there's no benefit to it.
  10. This seriously has to be one of the most laughable "solutions" to anything I've ever seen in my life. In the event of a sudden stop, passengers have milliseconds, if that, to brace themselves and that's assuming they're aware of their surroundings and not sleeping, texting, eating, etc. Having those bars there will rarely change the outcome of the accident mentioned above or similar falls/incidents. The real solution is to eliminate those seats entirely and place a barrier between the next row of seats and the side facing seats with the wheelchair lock/seat belt attached to the front of the barrier. But again, accidents can happen on a moving vehicle anywhere at any time so this whole issue is redundant.
  11. Exactly, you're in danger no matter where you sit or stand.
  12. Must have been some intense braking, that or it was Mr. Burns in the seat.
  13. Rush hour only but it's not unheard of to see them off-peak.
  14. 01 Vs are still on property. 99 Vs days are numbered but since the September service improvements went into effect they've been used in service. 9970 was on the 10/20, 9971 was on the 11, and 9972 was on the 14/30 today. VIs are still very active.
  15. No the 2013s were 2012 builds, the 2012s were 2012.