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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the ALRV's didn't come back. When were they last in service?
  2. 7575

    Streetcar News

    That's odd. 4430 was parked just before the intersection with 8 TTC employees on board and no power in the car. I briefly saw 4498 and it had power but was pretty much abandoned. TTC support trucks, a supervisor and two mechanics. You are correct, 4461 was used to shunt 4498 back to Leslie however I'm pretty sure the original malfunction was on 4430. It's making me think 4430 broke down but was able to be restarted but 4498 also broke down but was un-able to be restarted. UPDATE: 4495 is at Leslie with a mechanical shop hold. 4430 is in service on 504.
  3. 7575

    Streetcar News

    4430 has broken down/suffered mechanical failure. TTC work trucks on scene.
  4. I would never go as far as to risk going to prison, getting a criminal record and losing my children. It's happened before though. If I had to guess, it's a grown-ass man sneaking into the carhouse and removing the plates but don't quote me on that.
  5. Same. Maybe Langille's? Would you settle for a bus builder's plate?
  6. Men sneaking in, stealing the builder's plates and bringing them home to their children who are camped out in front of their computer with CPTDB in one of the tabs. Speaking of builder's plates, does anyone know where I could get one?
  7. 7575

    What are you eating right now?

  8. 7575

    Streetcar News

    No, sorry. I meant Bombardier said 9 months left in September.
  9. 7575

    Streetcar News

    They said 9 months in September. Maybe June?
  10. Maybe kids are sneaking into Russell with their fathers and are removing the plates. I've seen it before.
  11. 1037 is repainted at Hillcrest. Crews are just putting the finishing touches on it.
  12. Does anyone know what the Events Support buses were doing today? I saw 4 buses pulling into Birchmount at around 1pm. Also, can anyone provide an update on 8924 and 9003?
  13. 7575

    Paperbus Thread

    Unit #2808 would be great. Thank you.
  14. 7575

    Paperbus Thread

    Can you do the Billy Bishop Shuttle? Much appreciated.
  15. 7575

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It's funny how nap time is required in Kindergarten when you don't want to take one, but it's forbidden in high school when you need to take one. Every time I'm left alone in an examining room, I get the sneaking suspicion they're watching me on a hidden camera like it's some new reality show. The GPS lady always makes me feel better about myself because she can't pronounce the Spanish street names either.