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  1. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/ I'm almost sure we could apply... "We" could have fun and these girls could have their board back.
  2. People who get paid more than I do hand him a script so if it's wrong, it would be the mayor's problem. We all knew that plan wasn't realistic the second those words came out of his mouth.
  3. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    Then where do members like "us" go?!
  4. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    Wow, that's sad but at the same time, it's mature. Wish I could say that.
  5. 7575

    General FML moments

    I have Ariana Grande stuck in my head. 99.9 Virgin Radio is to blame for that. FML
  6. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    I think I'm talking about the video game console these kids talk about all day and what they bitch about when their mommy tells them to go to bed.
  7. Leave your resolutions here. Here are my 2. - Eat healtier - Instead of going to the gym twice a week, I'll be trying four times a week
  8. 7575

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Oh sorry I didn't see that I only got a glimpse of it leaving.
  9. 7575

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    It didn't get an escort when it was arriving or departing CUTA 2018. Maybe the switch of facility played a role but currently, 2252 needs to be escorted on charters.
  10. Thanks for the compliment buddy, means so much..
  11. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    I was talking about Canada/Ontario. I'm sure there are still a few still tripping in America
  12. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    Bush 41 dying was a shame for me. Nowadays, when 'Fort Nite' gets some bad update, these schmoes are freaking out and crying. Cry over real shit, not some childish update to your X box.
  13. 7575

    Missing in Action buses

    Run by the government.