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    My interests include "the hobby" of course, my job and model vehicles. All opinions expressed are my own and do not represent those of the TTC. Bus driver 2017-2019

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  1. I might consider staying. We'll see though.
  2. Thank you! It was a fun ride.
  3. My reason? I don't know. I really don't. I just need to remove myself from an environment that has become hostile. I might re-consider leaving but the chances are slim.
  4. I have PM'ed the admins and it looks like my account should be deleted soon. Goodbye everyone. Thanks for the ride.
  5. So my external commitments have been sorted out and I will be going! Look forward to seeing y'all there.
  6. 4 Nova Hybrid, 1 OG HEV repaint and 1 OG DSL 80xx at JET today.
  7. Which is literally across the street from Eglinton Division. 9209 half wrap for Invisalign.com.
  8. Today's ride-along is coming to an end. We responded to 2 shoplifting calls, 1 "Police requesting assistance" and performed 4 traffic stops. We had an amazing lunch at St. Lawrence Market. Looks like I've made my choice on which unit I would like to go to after the police college.
  9. Half of an ALRV headed east on Kingston on a flatbed to scrap. Didn't get numbers. 10 minutes ago at Kingston/Midland. I'll go by Russell today to see what's missing.
  10. You're not even from Toronto so how would you know?
  11. Reporting to y'all from PSRT12 (Public Safety Response Team)
  12. This may sound stupid but I had an idea. I may be wrong but if I'm not, this might be a spot for stripped buses awaiting tow to scrap. Would the Leslie Barns parking lot have enough space for a couple of retired buses? It seems like there's always a few open spots on the east side of the lot. Not many buses would fit but it could relieve Malvern. Just my thoughts.
  13. Doing a few ride-alongs this week at Toronto Police. Touring the PSRT (Public Safety Response Team), 87 Division (Primary Response Unit), ETF and 41 Division. I've got to say, I'm excited for the police college now. I was skeptical at first but now I think I'm ready.
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