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  1. They had the right idea in the 50s and 60s until this arty farty trip came to town.
  3. I've ridden a bus that broke down (Orion VII hybrid. First and only bus I rode that broke down in over 30 years of riding the TTC), a streetcar that broke down (CLRV), a subway that broke down (H4) and an RT train that broke down (don't remember the number but the train had to be pushed by the second unit). We need to go back to horsecars. Horses don't break down unless you fail to feed it. 🙄
  4. Purple stain? Sounds like what Barney the Dinosaur leaves on his mattress.
  5. NICE. Sounded like he's having a good time there. Hope that bus is still running.
  7. Roky Erickson, the lead singer of the 13th Floor Elevators, one of the first psychedelic bands died at age 71. 😥 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/jun/01/roky-erickson-us-psychedelic-rock-star-dies-aged-71
  8. Right, thanks for that. At least in a weird way, those circuits are failsafe. Probably would ave been cheaper to just p2p wire and save the additional cost of importing printed circuits from god knows where. Wow. Thanks for telling me that about circuit breakers. I don't think we've had that problem with ours since it seems to trip properly. It looks pretty robust and weather proof although it's sitting in a warm, dry corner of the basement. See, that's why I only deal with FOSS software. I only use Windows for games but I am noticing a serious decline in the quality of software from these multi-billion dollar companies. If that software you are speaking of were open source, they could just get someone to patch it themselves and upload a commit so everyone can get the fix and that usually happens very quickly. Now get this, Windows is going to include the Linux kernel soon. That's just what we need. "Linux on Windows". I don't even wanna list the potential problems with that. At least that douche Linus can line his pockets. Glad I switched to BSD.
  10. Yeah. Isn't something like that a fire risk? I am no expert but sending 240V across a thin strip of copper seems wrong to me. The lead generation. LOL. It's a wonder they stayed so healthy. I guess all the farm-fresh stuff they had offset the lead, mercury, and cigarettes....lots and lots of cigarettes. Our place is from the late 60s but it's showing its age. I personally wouldn't live in another old house unless it was modernized. Our old apartment had an old school fuse box instead of the "stab lok". No to mention how hot those old houses get in the summer. I also used to live in one of those post-war low rises that are so common in south etobicoke. Made me appreciate the finer things like forced air natural gas heaters instead of radiators. That's interesting. BSD devs are among the best of the best. I wonder how he got so far without having to prove anything. Not sure how one can learn a programming language via YouTube or Instagram but this kind of thing is becoming a trend in all fields. People lying on their job applications about their qualifications. At least in the IT world, the consequences at worst would be financial. When this stuff happens in kitchens, people can wind up in the hospital.
  11. Circuit boards on something like that is ridiculous. LOL. What kind of soldering iron would you use for something like that? 500 watt? LMAO. As for ours, they just gave up and replaced it. Good help is hard to find. I should have called you up.
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