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  1. We have a chest freezer from 1982 by Moffat and it's still going strong. In fact, it has outlived every other appliance in the house except the blender which is also from 1982. 😂😂 I always say, CRTs have the best picture. Even crappy 240p YouTube videos look like HD on a CRT. I miss them but I don't miss the weight and size of them. It will be years before flat screens reach that level. We have one working CRT left and that's a 2003 JVC with the most beautiful picture you ever saw. I paid $30 for that and an old RCA DVD player which also still works. I don't use it because there really isn't anything for me to watch on DTV or satellite. I really don't watch TV anymore except for the odd vintage show on DejaVu.
  2. Philco Ford? As in Ford Motor company? LOL after a series of crappy Walmart TVs that broke down within one year to replace our Quasar (a 20" Memorex that would randomly go from 0-100 on the volume for some reason and a 24" Durabrand whose red and green guns partially died making the picture too blue until it died completely a year later) we settled on a similar 27" GE which was OK but died after about 8 years of use. You simply won't find a TV that will last 20+ years anymore.
  3. I have scheduled the weekend after next for foam. I may visit the yard. Relax. I haven't been inside Russell since 2002.
  4. Yeah those CFL bulbs were death bulbs. We only used those for a bit but I hate the colour they give off so we used incandescent and now we use LED bulbs tinted to look incandescent. I used to have that album and it is my fave Supertramp LP. Those Zenith TVs were beasts, especially those console ones. last time I watched one was in 2007. We never had a console TV, we had a 19" Quasar bought new in 1978 as our main TV and for a short period (very short period. He took it away that same night because we were messing with it as kids 😂) my dad bought a black and white 9" Philips portable. That's the only time we had two TVs until that Quasar broke down for good 20 years ago. Ah, the days when two TVs were a luxury. LOL I even had a babysitter that owned a handheld TV back in '87 or so. He wouldn't even let me watch that, it was so precious to him LOL. TVs were baller in those days. 🤣🤣🤣 Now you can buy a 60" flat screen for a couple hundred bucks. That's if you want to invest that much in the CRAP that's on TV nowadays.
  5. It wasn't too bad. The first two times I went in the fall. Loool those yellow cop cars. I wonder if the TPS filled their quotas back then from unsuspecting NYC tourists. 🤣
  6. Ugh. I've been to the museum on foot before. I can remember the route but I don't know if it is the same today. The bus rates sure as hell aren't. I remember it was about $18 round trip and I'd get the Guelph bus from York Mills and get off at "Wellington Road #44". The walk was brutal but nothing to me because I do a lot of walking but at that age back then, it took me an hour to walk the four kilometres from highway 7. Once I just used a Razor scooter and it was fun going from the museum on that but not towards the museum because there's a big long hill you have to climb.
  7. Speaking of announcements whatever happened to the "99 Kennedy, 99 Kennedy, 99 Kennedy please call" and the "299 St. George, 299 St. George, 299 St. George please call"?
  8. Agreed. When they came up with that absurd plan about twenty years ago, I actually hung around the station longer because I was raised on classical music. 🤣 "Hmmmm listen to Beethoven 5th symphony third movement or catch this GM in the old colours. Agonizing choice" 😂😂😂😂 I would love to listen to some chamber music on a bus.
  9. They're trying that shit again? Playing classical music to scare away unruly teenagers? 😂
  10. Hmmmm. I think I will take any song off the "Through The Past, Darkly" album by the Rolling Stones which I used to listen non-stop on cassette when I went for rides when I was a kiddie.
  11. Meh. You're better off not riding a car with a bunch of empty suits talkin bout BS even though they'd never ride the TTC with those commoners unless there's cameras about. I'd rather a nice, quiet ride on a regular service vehicle on the last day.
  12. Yeah DS9 was my fave. He also played Frasier Crane's mentor on the show Frasier. RIP
  13. Nice. I haven't seen one of those before. Looks like a more modern enlarger than what I had. I can't remember the make of the one I had but it was really old. I actually did process one roll which resulted in one of my favourite photos I ever took seen in the attachment. It's crazy how cheap film stuff became as soon as digital cameras became commonplace. I remember going to downtown camera when it was a disorganized mess and looking at a little zoom lens that cost $80. Fast forward less than a decade later where I bought two huge camera kits with everything you could possibly need, including star filters, for only $120 total. That included two giant zoom lenses. I actually have a film camera in my basement. It is a Minolta electronic one from the 80s. Minolta 7000 or something I can't remember. It doesn't work though. I'd like to have it fixed because it came with some nice lenses and even a three pack of film. I got that at an auction for like $10. 🤣🤣🤣 Gets on my tits how cheap this stuff became after having to scrimp and save to buy what little second hand equipment I used to own. EDIT. I just did a quick google search and found out mine was an Omega as well. An Omega D2
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