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  1. Don't give them any ideas to have to charter 2 chase cars. One for front and back.
  2. Saw one of the PCCs heading south on Bathurst near College around 12:30PM yesterday.
  3. I remember that. If I'm not mistaken, that's when they put those black numbers on the rear.
  4. I see. Thanks for that. the more you know.
  5. be glad the TTC is actually shelling out the dough to preserve them in the first place. Money that could be allocated to revenue generating vehicles.
  6. It's crazy how fast the exteriors deteriorate when they either stop washing them or whatever. I can see why they stopped but that made no difference considering the state of the H6s and T1s on the BD about a decade ago. Last time I saw those Gs was in 87 so I don't remember them being in bad shape.
  7. They painted Gloucesters 5098/99 as well for that 1984 celebration. that's why those two cars have the numbers higher up on the door pockets.
  8. OK. I think I may have had the same prism but I don't really remember because I only used it once. I don't even think I used the speedgrip. I thought it was too bulky. I liked just holding the camera "cube" and focusing right there on the glass. I could frame and focus the picture a little better than squinting my eyes through the viewfinder except the image was backwards which wasn't a real problem. The depth in those photos I took are unmatched by any camera I've used before or since. Medium format is worth every penny. Can't imagine what large format looks like if there's such a thing as large format slides LOL. You could probably ride a large format carousel. 🤣 I didn't know that about the Westinghouse equipment still being supported today. I guess since they rebuild those cars really quickly (in a matter of months) maintenance repairs wouldn't be that much. I am still concerned over those cars running in regular service. Other places have respect for history. I'd hate to see those cars treated like other transit vehicles here: scratchiti on the windows, boxes of KFC with bones, garbage, slashed seats, and then the risk of having them run around today's Toronto drivers who seem to have a penchant for driving into houses and buildings. A local museum would be best. That way they can charge for rides. LOL. I don't know what the hell they were thinking with that RT wrap. And the fact they have the stops listed on the side. It screams "look at me! pointless! flashy! and goes nowhere!" Next thing you know they will wrap the BD cars green and the "line 1" cars yellow. Yeah 4549 went through rebuild first. I can't remember when 4500 was unveiled. I have photos of the 509 opening with the cars. I will upload a couple later. It's unfortunate they couldn't get authentic font numbers for it but the rest of the work was incredible. It was nice seeing an "as new" PCC in my lifetime. 2766 must have taken a while. I didn't see the 80th anniversary unveiling either. Sorry to hear about your data being lost. That list I pictured above was just typed up from another I had handwritten. Nothing will ever surpass the archival quality of pen and paper. Again, that's why I like film over digital. I have every negative I ever shot (except that 80s "instamatic" 110mm shit I started out with), I lost 99.98% of all digital photos I took. One little scratch on a DVD or an ill-timed blackout can wipe out a lifetime.
  9. Nah. The camera was fine, I just bought the wrong battery for it. I can't remember the exact type of battery but you had to buy a specific version (I think it might be a different chemistry) of it that they sold at Vistek. I was using the cheaper Duracell equivalent which only made it through about 2 or 3 rolls. I also had the prism with the meter in it. I saw someone having the same problem on an internet forum back then. The old handheld meter was indeed pretty accurate but I never really relied on meters. Eventually I just took the exposure by "feel". I never had great luck with meters except when I owned a Nikon F5 which never took a bad photo. EDIT: I think this was the forum post LOL! https://www.photo.net/discuss/threads/why-does-my-bronica-sq-a-drain-batteries-daily.12670/ "Also for the Bronica site (before it's untimely demise). Use Silver Oxide batteries. Alkalines are eaten like popcorn, and Lithiums, although they can deliver high voltage, are usually formulated for long shelf life. Silver Oxide batteries deliver the short duration, high voltage punch to power the circutry as well as fire the shutter. Since I switched to Silver Oxide I have much better battery life. I still keep a spare and remove the battery when the camera isn't being used. This advice applied to the ETRS, ETRSi and The SQA I currently use." I was wondering why they stopped doing the PCC trips on Harbourfront but I wasn't expecting it to be political. Same s*it, different day. Granted, those cars are really starting to get old and I imagine expensive to repair. Every time I rode one on Harbourfront they didn't carry as many people as one would expect a vintage streetcar would unlike NYC when they run their vintage subway trains in regular service around Christmas. Maybe they figure it is not worth the wear and tear to send them out every weekend, especially since they are not generating that much revenue (most people boarded off transfers). It's sad but I always follow the $$$. Years ago it was viable to run the Witts as a tour tram since those cars weren't even 60 years old at the time. Now, there's no way they're sending the Witt out unless it's a real special occasion. It's too delicate and in far too much danger with today's drivers. LOL. What a draaaag it is getting oldddd (keith richard solo). It's so weird seeing some of the younger transit fans talk about the newer vehicles and spot them. They are all the same to me but I used to foam the GMs in the same way: "This bus has the old futura numbers, that bus has the older style tailgate, this bus has a set of old coloured doors". I even still have my foamsheet where I listed vehicles that had special "features" like in my example. I'm sure every generation says the same thing but I am kinda glad I was fanning at the time I was. 1999 was a good year for fanning as there was so much variety around the GTA and beyond. Nowadays, transit system seem too homogeneous in their fleets. I was only a few years older than that kid but it seemed like he never aged. Last time I saw him I think was on the 2000 Markham transit GM charter. EDIT: Pic 1: The Witt at Davenport Pic 2: 4549 being rebuilt Pic 3: My "foamsheet" last updated in 2002.
  10. I think I had the same model Bronica. It only had the one lens but came with the speed grip and a prism. I kept buying the wrong battery for it which would drain very quickly. I wanted that chimney stack finder but I couldn't afford it at the time. It also came with two backs. Both square which was great. As for metering I bought a vintage meter that must have been from the 50s or 60s for $10. That was cool too as it didn't require any batteries and worked quite well. I just had a quick look on Ebay and WOW. The Seikonic costs more than the camera itself. Jack Doyle must have had some serious clout because not only did they save those cars, they restored them the following year and one of those PCCs was ready for the 509 opening. They did a stunning job on those, especially the Witt. I remember when they stored them at Russell. My first photos the year before were of those cars and to be honest, I was more excited to see the PCCs than the Witt. It brought back a lot of memories. My first ride on those sadly was on Doyle 1998 charter and we got to ride the Witt twice around the yard. I can still hear the motors whining when the operator cranked it when he drove through the yard tracks. I have a couple photos of the Witt sitting in a cage from the Hillcrest tour the following year. And yeah they had a lot of trouble with 4500. If the kid is who I'm thinking, I remember him and his mother on some charters including that 98 charter. Good to hear he's living his dream of operating them. I remember a lot of the dudes I see in those photos too.
  11. You have a point. The bus itself is probably the cheapest part of private ownership. You still have to find somewhere to store it and fix it.
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