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  1. Downsview 108

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Nah not TO Agincourt IN Agincourt. I went to ASE II (basically the upstairs of a public school) You gave away your age tho, thanks. LOL
  2. Downsview 108

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I used to go to high school in Agincourt which would see me at STC every AM. Back then they had 3 1975 GMs that were all on the 129 rush hour extra runs. 8034, 8058 and 8111 (last water bumper in TO). There was the odd time one of those would show up on another route. I understand that it was not uncommon to see 8034 (last linen rollsign in TO) on the 85 or 39. Those other routes you mentioned I'm not sure. I basically never saw 8058 post rebuild. In fact, the last time I saw 8058 was at the division when the gentleman Bus Medic mentioned above gave me and a buddy a nice evening tour. I believe this was Dec 2000. The main equipment I remember on those routes at that time (1998-99) were: 134. Classics 85. '96 OBI V 95. D40-90 57 was almost exclusively 96 orion V 131. Anything could show up on this route. 171. This route was exclusively Orion III and was PACKED like you wouldn't believe. 21/128. 96 Orion V although it wasn't uncommon for a GM to show up on either, esp the old 128. I have photos of a d4087 and even an orion III on the 128. Ok back to GMs...
  3. Downsview 108

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Everyone there loved that bus. I remember seeing that dude on a visit there in 2000. There was a young black lady who told me the legend of 8058 on another. Good times. The malvern crew then were the nicest people on Earth. I seem to remember the Malvern guys put the non power steering buses in one section and the rest in another. Not sure why.
  4. Downsview 108

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

  5. Downsview 108

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    Bus life is about 12 years (???). The magicians at the shop keep them going longer. If you're expecting a personality in a hunk of rubber, plastic and metal, you need to find a new brown acid dealer.😉 I hated New Looks until the late 90s. LOL Those old 81 D901s were so much on their last legs in 1999 it's a wonder the wheels didn't fall off on that last ride. My personal choice would be a D700. The only model I was alive for that I didn't ride (barring test buses). Trust me. You will miss the plastic buses when they're gone. LOL
  6. Downsview 108

    Your first OS and your all time computer models

    The Apple IIGS was the best Apple product ever made.😂 You could get it to be half Mac half IIe. I also had a complete PS/1 kit with a printer you could hear for miles.🤣
  7. Downsview 108

    TTC in the news

    https://www.680news.com/2018/09/01/streetcar-stabbing/ 😢😢😢
  8. Downsview 108

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    And Dayton rims.
  9. Downsview 108

    GTA Transit Current Photos

    Because anyone of us can go outside and see what is posted here.
  10. Downsview 108

    2018-2019 TTC Fleet Predictions

    I predict at least 3200 more dumb tennybopper posts by 2019.
  11. Downsview 108

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    I remember my school chartered that for some trip that I didn't go to. Missed a nice shot opportunity though. They also had an ex ttc gm that sat somewhere near king and Bathurst.
  12. Downsview 108

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    That will never ever ever ever happen Ever
  13. Downsview 108

    TTC Service Changes

    Omg I'm tearing up lol😢😢😢
  14. Downsview 108

    TTC in the news

    Metro parks took over the ferries in 1962.
  15. Downsview 108

    No Dogs on Go Transit

    Mic drop.🎤