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  1. It looks like 506 will be the last route the clrvs will ever run on
  2. Now 4207 is back at Russell. Was it in service this morning?
  3. Check this article out for some more CLRV scrap pictures: https://canavbooks.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/ttc-clrv-recycling-phase-in-high-gear/ P.S: Notice how CLRV 4115 lost more of its front before the others because it caught on fire unlike the others
  4. 7575 could be using 7808’s parts and then getting repainted
  5. TTC 9011 on 41 Keele at Keele and Wilson TTC 3531 on 995 York mills express at york mills and leslie TTC 9214 on 17 birchmount at birchmount and lawrence
  6. 4195 is MIA last ran on jun 15 on 506 Also 4146 is MIA last ran on jun 8 on 506/306
  7. 4221 now reporting current data and tracking on one of the western tracks at the front of Russell
  8. 4117 is running on the 501A right now at roncesvalles and queen
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