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  1. I'm pretty sure 4242 is scrapped, since 4215 took its spot also it cannot track I rode 4242 on the 504 in 2017. Its condition didn't look the greatest at that time
  2. I saw a post about 4242 officially being retired and scrapped https://twitter.com/hashtag/russelldivision
  3. jor

    What models of buses have you rode on?

    TTC Buses GM NewLook (2240-2485), (2700-2858, excluding 2766) GM Classic (6210-6293) Orion V (7000-7134) Orion V Ex-CNG (9400-9449) NovaBus RTS (7200-7251) New Flyer D40LF (7300-7350) Orion VII S50EGR (7400-7883, excluding 7666 and 7794) Orion VII (7900-7979) Orion VII (8000-8099) Orion VII Hybrid (1000-1149) Orion VII NG Hybrid (1200-1423), (1500-1689), (1700-1829) Orion VII NG (8100-8219), (8300-8396) NovaBus LFS (8400-8617), (8720-8964), (9200-9239), (3100-3369) NovaBus LFS Artic (9000-9152) NovaBus LFS hybrid (3400-3569) Subway Hawker Siddeley H4 Hawker Siddeley H5 UTDC/Can-Car Rail H6 Bombardier T1 Bombardier TR UTDC ICTS Streetcar SIG CLRV L1 (4000-4005) Hawker Siddeley CLRV L2 (4010-4199) UTDC/Can-Car Rail ALRV L3 (4200-4251) Bombardier Flexity Outlook (4400-4603) NYC Subway R32 R46 R68A R160 R188 (A's and B's) Buses NovaBus RTS MCI D4500 (I forget what others) GO some bilevel coaches and MCI buses YRT New Flyer D40LF (I forget which fleet numbers since there are many) NovaBus LFS Artic Vancouver UTDC ICTS SkyTrain Paris Metro MP59 MP73 MF67 MF77 MF01 MP89 MP05 Paris RER
  4. The last ALRV I have ridden was 4230 on Jan 4
  5. Last photo of 2018 first photo of 2019 lol I don’t take too many photos
  6. But I thought 4221 had its lights on at Russell recently
  7. Come on will ALRVs ever return? It's not looking good for them Also I think 4237 is the last non-refurbished ALRV on TTC Property Which ALRVs can still track?
  8. They probably will. I think 4249 will be the last one standing
  9. Will ALRVs start running when the weather gets warmer? Or will they just suddenly retire?
  10. I saw 4165 on the 506 with a 505 church rollsign
  11. Unfortunately looks like 4242 is retired. I looked at Russell and saw it with its trolley pole tied down