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  1. On transsee, it showed that more clrvs which included 4003, 4069, 4085, 4114, 4131 also ran on the 504 was it in service??? If it was than ALRVs are back on the 511 and 4226 should be active again
  2. If 4204 is back it might have just been getting repairs done
  3. Are the alrvs actually on 511 again? I thought they only appear on 501 now
  4. 4249 tracking near Roncesvalles at this moment Also the wiki should be edited because cars 4087, 4182 and 4243 should be marked as retired
  5. Also 4098 is at hillcrest now. She last ran on May 13th on 501
  6. jor

    TTC Photography additions

    😂 I tried to get a good photo but it didn’t work out Also I have already read the guidelines Can u submit some of my previous photos because there is nothing in the way of some of them
  7. Car 4022 has stopped tracking now
  8. 4185 for spotify
  9. jor

    TTC Photography additions

    Got pictures of 4050. 4143, 4146, 4207, 7956
  10. jor

    Stalker Buses

    I've seen bus 1701 like over 15 times
  11. I got a few pictures of 4207 also, which I rode i saw that 4207 went to russell loop and turned back to go westbound I think he was talking about 4215
  12. 4221 tracking at queen close to glen manor for a while now. Is something up with it?
  13. It has been at exhibition loop since 4 hours ago and it is still there at this moment
  14. 4221 is now back on the 501 and is tracking there Edit: Also 4207 went past Russell and is going to Neville Park
  15. Did you forget 4215? I didn't hear any news about it being scrapped yet.