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  1. I have moved all posts regarding NRT from the Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Welland Transit threads into here.
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  3. I was watching KOMO from Seattle and a story said that a Community Transit bus was invovled in an accident with a driver who lost control while sending a text message. I saw an RTS that did not appear to be damaged at all. Use this thread to discuss King County Metro and Community Transit.
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    We were told to stay on topic in the 06 thread, so lets move that chatter here. My active roster shows: 40 1991 Orion V 9101-9140 10 1992 Orion V 9201 9210 12 1993 Orion V 9301-9312 35 1997 Orion V 9701-9735 7 1997 Orion II 9736-9747 (5 are retired) 35 1997 NFI D60LF 9751-9785 42 1997-98 Orion VI 9801-9842 13 2001 Orion VII 0101-0114 (0112 is sidelined, possible retired) 10 2001 NFI D60LF 0151-0160 44 2003 NFI D40LF 0301-0344 72 2005 NFI D40LF 0501-0572 53 2006 NFI D40LFR 0601-0653 = 373 Total buses after retirement of 1989 and 1990 Orion Vs, 5 1997 Orion IIs and 1 2001 Orion VII. I have heard that next year, the following are slated to retire: 7 1997 Orion II 9736-9747 35 1997 NFI D60LF 9751-9785 If the 1990 Orion Vs had not had frame problems, they would have also retired next year, menaing we would only have gotten 33 2006 D40LFRs, but more in 2007. Mississauga Transit decided in 2005 that they would no longer buy any articulated buses. In that case they would need: 12x21=252 seats (12 1997 Orion II) 35x58=2030 seats (35 1997 NFI D60LF) 2282 seats need to be replaced in 2007, so if they buy 12 D30LFRs (12x25=300 seats) then they need to fill another 2030 seats, which can filled by 51 D40LFRs or 35 D60LFRs. I would assume that they would also order expansion buses, probably between 8 and 12 D40LFRs or 6-8 D60LFRs, so we probably wont see 0777 next year like we wanted 0666 this year.. How did you find that out, Jan? There was no tender put out for them, as I look at every Mississauga tender. What the city says in its budget will happen. And ride one of them, I don't think you'll want to ride a 97 D60LF any later than next year.