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  1. P1 at high park this morning, fatal.
  2. Line 2 closed ossington to jane. Ive been hanging around jane stn for a while, and lets just say that this shuttle is one of the worst i have seen in a while. My reccomendation is to take the exhibition express and then the 509 to get downtown, the shuttle and 26 are both absolutely insane
  3. Some old classics i saw on the way back from ottawa, a plymoth and a 50's chevy!
  4. A few random things i spotted or found out about cornwall transit that i havent seen posted above. -V's are almost exclusively used on cornwall business park routes, as the wheelchair lift doesnt work. (According to an op). -The V's should be retired by the end of the year. (According to an op). -VI's can be easily found at rush hour on rtes 1, 2, 3. -The seat inserts have been replaced on the VI's since being bought from miway, however the wheelchair vertical pads still have the miway brown vynil. Pic below of 0359.
  5. Anyone know how easy it is to find the cornwall transit orion V's and VI's? I was planning to try and find some, as im heading to cornwall.
  6. Thanks to cthf for the great charter! I took a few phone pics to upload here.
  7. Miway 1045 (vii hybrid) on rte 101. Although it isnt that rare to see a local on an express, i dont think ive ever seen a hybrid on 101.
  8. Decided to take a small trip today to try and get a very rare miway sighting. -started at runnymede stn. -Rode a T1 with SCS to kipling stn. -Rode 8010, an airport orion VII, on 192 to dixon and jetliner. -Ran to bresler drive & campus road. -Rode miway 1072, an express D60LFR, on route 107 to city center terminal. This is rare for this route, as it is normally a 40ft route. -Got off and took some pics of the bus and a 2003 D40LF. I then waited for any 2003 D40LF's heading towards islington. -0308, a 2003 D40LF, came in on route 76. Rode to islington subway. The driver was very friendly and made fun announcments during the trip. Got off and took some pics of it leaving. -Rode a T1 with scs to runnymede stn. Total trip time was just over 2 hours, i started at 3:10 PM and finished at 5:20 PM. It was a very successful trip, getting to ride an artic on 107 and a 2003 D40LF ! Thanks to @benz.citaro.fan for alerting me about 1072 on 107.
  9. All trains were bypassing bloor-yonge stn earlier for a police investigation, according to a witness on reddit, someone was yelling racist remarks and threatening to throw people onto the tracks.
  10. Power is out at chester and broadview stns, although track power still working.
  11. Enviro500 What rte would you rather ride a yrt V on, 18 or 303?
  12. Uhh, i said yrt 501. Last i checked, there was only one yrt vanhell numbered 501. Also, can we please stop posting in this thread without answering the last question and posting a new question. Its quite annoying and gets very confusing. Considering nobody asked a new question, i will post one. NFTA 20XX LFS or the new NFTA cng LFS.
  13. TTC: -rode an orion vii NG hybrid on 79A to runnymede stn. -rode 1530, an orion vii NG hybrid on 77 to queensway & windermere -rode 8178, an orion vii in the new paint scheme, on 501L to long branch loop. This was my first ride on a ttc orion in the new paint scheme. -rode MiWay 0301, the oldest miway bus in service, on route 5 to dundas and dixie. -MiWay orion vii 1010 came on route 101. Let it pass and rode MiWay 0873, a D60LFR, on route 1 to aukland road. -Rode T1 5254 with SCS on line 2 to runnymede stn. -Rode an orion vii OG hybrid on 71B. Included below are pics of both 0301 and 8178. Sorry if they arent the best quality, i decided to quicky take a few phone shots to upload here.
  14. Some TTC schedule fails: -Two 80 queensway buses very close together. This is one of the routes with the worst frequencys, so this means something is wrong. -A very large gap on the 71A yesterday. There should have been a bus at 3:07 and 3:35. Neither showed up (i watched the rte using the tracker), so i had to take 41>2>79.
  15. I forget if i bought that from ebay or from a certain member here directly.