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  1. no service woodbine to pape due to a power off situation at track level, has been going on since 6:10 pm. UPDATE: cleared at 6:40 pm.
  2. Anyone here want an old winnipeg transit sign? Saw it and thought you guys might enjoy it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Bus-Stop-Street-Highway-Transportation-Metal-Sign-Gas-Oil-Garage-Car-/142246904969?hash=item211e938489:g:AsEAAOSwal5YK6-3
  3. I know the machine does work, but if i already have a transfer loaded on my presto card it seems like a waste to tap it and lose more money. It also seems like a waste if i have a transfer on my card already to pay another fare as "alternate payment method". If they want people to switch to that card, they should just eliminate the 129A and put a yrt route there to avoid problems like this, as more people switch to presto, more fare disputes will occur.
  4. Does anyone know if drivers are supposed to give transfers when you tap with presto, for transferring to route 129? As i tapped on the 16 today and asked the driver for a transfer so i could switch to the 129, but he said that i could just tap again on the 129 and it would be accepted as a transfer, and wouldnt give me one, even after i explained to hime that it wouldnt work, as the contracted routes presto machines dont accept yrt transfers. Fortunately i found a transfer on the seats so i didnt have to tap again on the 129, but if i didnt i would have had to pay an extra fare.
  5. TTC needs to make up their minds abut what automatic entrance is closing. And i dont even know how they managed to spell west "westin".
  6. Right after this cleared, service was suspended warden - kennedy for signal problems, when that cleared service was suspended ossington - jane for a trespasser at track level at lansdowne, which, according to brad ross, was due to someone running through the tunnel. They ran from dundas west all the way to ossington.
  7. 8159 is on 51 again today, i wonder if it will move around to other routes as well or if they are keeping it there for now.
  8. Miway 0711 on route 3 at islington at around 4:20 pm. Sorry for bad pics, i took them quickly and didnt have time to go over to the 3 platform and take better ones.
  9. It isnt out right now according to transsee and torontobusmap. Buses on 51 are 8310, 8215,1803, 1561, 1534, 1375.
  10. Line 1 closed from wilson - downsview due to signal problems, since around 11:40 am
  11. @TransitfanJas0nAre you going to try and ride any high floor nabi's?
  12. My alarm didnt go off yesterday so i missed the last bus to buffalo that would get me there before rush hour ended, so i cancelled my nfta fanning trip. However, today i had 2 hours to spare so i went on a small trip around niagara falls. -Started at the niagara falls transit center. Was hoping that a 2100 series gillig, gillig trolley, or 1500\1600 lfs would show up. However, none did in a short period of time, so decided to check if any were at portage terminal. -Rode 2402, a 2004 30 foot gillig on route 50 to portage terminal. Waited to see if any of the above buses would show up. -2116, a 2001 40 foot gillig came on route 52, so i rode back to niagara falls transit center on it. It was a very nice bus.
  13. Was on nfta bus 2116, and there was a sign that said to buy tokens or flash passes to save time and money. Problem is that they got rid of tokens a long time ago, and passes are now slid through a card reader and not flashed, plus they arent even called flash passes anymore.
  14. TTC doesnt know how to spell investigation.
  15. Line 1 closed from lawrence west - downsview for a fire ivestigaiton at wilson.