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  1. TTC: 8000 on the 46. It was redirected from the 900 to cover a cancelled 46 run.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a reason why the 59 has been almost exclusively NG hybrids recently? It doesnt seem like a coincidence, considering wilson only has 22 hybrids out of about 238 40ft buses.
  3. No, thats an OT from queensway to cover a cancelled mtd run.
  4. The 46 has now become unusable at PM rush. This was how it looked yesterday at 5:20 pm, and its like this almost every night. Both of the buses going south in that screenshot were full by rexdale and bypassing anyone waiting after that.
  5. That video is from over 2 years ago, you can tell by the MiWay terminal in the background still being under construction.
  6. Where did you get this information? I looked up the history of 7961 on transsee, and it hasnt tracked in service once this month.
  7. 3 of the 4 attractions you listed are within a 5 minute walk of union station. Although thats true that a lot of people work and visit those places, i doubt many of them are specifically going to keele or woodbine stations as their final destination, meaning they would likely have to transfer onto line 2 or another bus route. You also have to remember that whenever an event/game is beginning or ending, the traffic on lake shore increases a lot, meaning the buses would get stuck. I cant think of any good reason why anyone would get off the subway to get on this bus that is going to take longer then staying on the subway would. As for exhibition place, the main EX is only on for about a month, and TTC does already run express buses to dufferin station during that time. Although there is some employees and smaller events there the rest of the year, the 29 and 509/511 are more then enough to handle those people. I dont know how eglinton works, so someone is free to correct me if im wrong. However i can tell you at queensway division, its normal to have at least 30 buses either in maintenance or waiting for maintenance at any time. They also need some spare buses availible for changeoffs, OT shuttles, etc. Adding another 15 buses for this route would be cutting things very close. They would also need to find more drivers for this. I can tell you that none of the divisions currently have many extra drivers to support a route like this. Most of the divisions actually have a driver shortage and are barely able to run the routes they already have.
  8. I dont think having a lakeshore express route between downtown and keele station is a good idea. You can currently take the subway between those 2 locations, which would likely be faster then taking this bus route, espescially at rush hour. I doubt it would get much ridership. If your goal is to reduce traffic on the west sections of the gardiner and lakeshore, a good place to start would be the marine parade area. There are about 30 condos in that small area, and another 15 towers planned on the old cookie factory land. The area has extremely bad transit service, meaning a lot of the residents in that area are forced to drive. Thats where a lot of the current traffic on the west half of the gardiner/lakeshore is going. The area used to have the 145 premium express to downtown, but it was never that popular due to the double fare and the fact that it only ran a few times per day. I think what would help that area is an express route that runs non-stop between marine parade and somewhere on line 2. One possible routing would be to have it run to keele station via parkside. I made a map of this plan, the quality isnt very good but it shows what i mean. One concern would be the fact that there is no empty platforms at keele station, however a possible solution would be moving the 80 back to high park stn to free up the 80 platform.
  9. Theres a few major problems that have combined to cause all this: -The main problem is that there was a serious reduction in the route supervision department a while back. As a result, a lot of routes dont get monitored at all, and late or bunched up buses just stay like that for hours. Control used to call buses and try and fix the route, but they have mostly stopped doing that in the last few years. -Another main problem is they eliminated most of the 600 RAD extra buses recently. These were extra buses that could be used to either fill missing runs, help out on routes with bad gaps or late buses, or be placed on routes with known overcrowding issues. Now if a run is missing, and no drivers want the OT on it, they either have to pull a bus off another route (meaning that run gets cancelled) or just leave the run cancelled. -There is the issue of some routes not having enough time (my post a few posts above about the 66B is a good example), meaning the bus/buses on the route are always late, and the gaps are always terrible. The drivers often call asking to get the route fixed and get ignored by control for hours, so a lot of the drivers on routes like this have just given up and run on their own schedules. -Some routes just dont have enough service and are always crushloaded, espescially around 2-6 pm. The routes that go between line 2 and north etobicoke (37B/937, 45A/945, 46, 927B/D) are all examples of this. -This one is mainly an issue on streetcar replacement buses (like the 501) and not regular routes, so its not quite as much of a problem. But they just run the buses on the streetcar times and dont make a new schedule for the replacement buses. The buses are considerably faster then the streetcars so either have to leave the ends very late, or leave on time and end up 20-40 minutes early by the time they are halfway through the route. All of these issues combined have caused the bus service, espescially in etobicoke, to become very unreliable. Its quite sad to see imo, the service in etobicoke used to be decently reliable and has deteriorated into this mess.
  10. The 66B after 7 pm on weekdays is a major example of this. They give 15 minutes each way even though google maps shows it takes 14 minutes to drive in perfect traffic conditions, and they also give zero layover time the entire night. As a result, the single 66B bus is running late almost 100% of the time on weekday nights.
  11. The 927 after 9 pm is probably one of the worst managed routes in the system, and has 40+ minute gaps literally every night. And then the bus finally comes at kipling and cant fit everyone, and also bypasses everyone waiting at east mall. Its been like this for a long time, i have submitted multiple complaints about the 927 service at night on both twitter and ttc.ca, and nothing has been done.
  12. As someone that regularily rides the 46, i can tell you that the service has become much worse in the last year. The construction at finch + no route management causes the gaps to become terrible. The 46 often ends up looking like this.
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