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  1. thats a PR sign code, the bus op can choose to put it up if they want to, and it will flash between that and whatever regular code is up.
  2. 8909 has been unwrapped from the rapidTO livery.
  3. 0724 and 0744 are both out on the 14.
  4. 8 older nabis out for PM rush tonight including 0505 on the 81.
  5. 0505 is tracking on the 28! I was starting to think the 2005 nabis were all retired because i havent tracked one in a long time. Good to see one out today. 0707 is also on the 28.
  6. Both 0720 and 0744 out right now, 0720 is on 22 and 0744 is on 11. UPDATE: both of these units stayed out all day, and 0707 is also now out on the 6.
  7. 0720 may be going out on the 28, its currently sitting inside the ravenswood garage signed into the 28. UPDATE: it did end up leaving ravenswood, drove around randomly for a while without actually going on the route, and now its back at ravenswood still signed in.
  8. 0301 is currently tracking on the 16, it hasnt been in service since october 21 2020.
  9. 0744 is tracking on the 36, oldest bus i have tracked in service in quite a while.
  10. Wilson does not have runs on those routes. However, i believe wilson is one of the only (if not the only) divisions this board with rad buses that start early enough to cover those runs.
  11. According to the wiki, there are 16 pre-2009 nabis remaining at BCT. The remaining units are: 0501, 0506, 0511, 0512, 0710, 0720, 0724, 0736, 0744, 0803, 0808, 0816, 0818, 0819, 0828, 0839 . Of these units, 3 are currently tracking in service: 0803 on the 88, 0808 on the 14, 0828 on the 9. Has anyone spotted or tracked any of the other buses on that list recently, espescially the 05's?
  12. You might want to check your sources on this... according to the wiki, most of the buses you listed have been sold/auctioned off. And as far as i know, BCT doesnt have a historic fleet.
  13. Vicinity 1840 is tracking on the 2 barton.
  14. They now display kipling terminal.
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