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  1. 1101 had the fire suppression activated tonight. I am not sure if there was actually a fire or if something else caused it to be activated.
  2. Its the transsee bus tracker. If you scroll to the bottom theres a fleet vehicle search. https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=broward
  3. There was a collision tonight at kipling stn between ttc 7965 and 8035.
  4. Does anyone know the status of the last 5 remaining 2007 and 2008 nabis (numbers 0707, 0720, 0724, 0744, 0812), as they are still listed on the wiki as active but i havent tracked any in service in a long time. 0924, the last remaining 09xx nabi, is in service today on route 50.
  5. Thats not a special sighting, the 51 is supposed to use artics.
  6. TTC: Just saw a train of T1's with cars 5163-5162-5063-5062-5262-5263 leaving runnymede stn eb a few mins ago. All 6 cars on the train were xx62/xx63 pairs.
  7. 0904 has been scrapped by EG truck parts in miami. I am assuming that also means 0900, 0901, 0902 have also been scrapped there, as the 4 buses were sold in a lot together.
  8. I have heard that they are not supposed to be used on those routes when possible due to noise complaints. However if there is no other buses availible they will occasionally dispatch an orion, so they arent completely banned. 8033 was actually on the 30 yesterday as a changeoff.
  9. Looks like it was redirected from a 97/320 run to cover the missing 352 run.
  10. Gillig phantoms 548 and 549 have been posted for sale on govdeals. https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=4620&acctid=4740 https://www.govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=4609&acctid=4740
  11. Here is an interesting slide i found for sale on ebay. Looks to be some kind of utdc icts test train. Link to the ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/384426804898?hash=item59819f86a2:g:RWwAAOSwpvRhWmGk
  12. Yes they are removing them. Most of the queensway buses i have rode this week dont have them anymore.
  13. 0707 is on the 505 züm bovaird tonight, looks like it was a changeoff for 1062.
  14. Looks like route 57 will be modified in january. It will go from renforth station to sheridan college in brampton, and will no longer go to meadowvale.
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