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  1. Miway: 0832 (eldorado) on 3 bloor
  2. Heres some pics of it from friday for those interested.
  3. Sad to say the new chat closed down today . A new one may be starting in the near future, if so i will let you guys know.
  4. Want to join the new chat? Its not closed.

  5. Line 4 suspended bayview - don mills for signal problems effective around 9 am. Shuttle buses running sheppard yonge - don mills. Clear just after 10 am.
  6. Next bus data currently not working for ttc. Torontobusmap, transsee, and the next bus text all are down.
  7. Alright, next time im here ill have to take the 56 into hawaiian and find one of those signs. I remember a long time ago, maybe 2008 or so, there was still an orange sign on an access road to the broward blvd tri rail. IIRC, it said county bus on it, but i really dont remember. Its probably gone by now. And cypress creek had normal signs as of last year, they were the new style (ugly) blue ones. As for gilligs, not as many were out today. 0312 was on 11 (its been on 40 alot recently) and another 03 was on 19. As for all the gilligs i rode, i would say 0322 was in the best shape and 0312 was in the worst shape.
  8. Seen today behind a mall in fort lauderdale, ex lynx phantom 361. 362 can also be seen there in the google street view screenshot, but it was not there today.
  9. I thought of that, the only thing is, i cant see why the general public would care about that.
  10. Anyone know what they mean by this? 510 doesnt go anywhere near there.
  11. Been here for just over a week now. I have noticed a few random sightings and notes. -The same buses seem to do the same trips every day. For example, 0322 has been on the same 55 trip almost every day. 0312 was on the same 40 trip two days in a row. 0602 was on the same 72 trip a few days in a row. -The gilligs have been out a lot, considering they are the oldest buses. -The day with the most gilligs out suprisingly, was sunday. We will see if this sunday has the same results. -This past wednesday, around 4:30 - 5:00, there was at least 6 trips in a row on 72 that had 13xx or 14xx nabi hybrids, no artics. -pelican hopper shuttle is not operated by BCT anymore, but by LSF transportation. -there is now 3 types (at least) of bus stop signs being used. The new blue ones, the old yellow ones with the honeycombs, and a sign that appears to be even older than the honeycomb signs at sawgrass.
  12. None of these are even remotley special, and could have gone in todays sightings.
  13. Check out what they got where im at right now, fort lauderdale.



  14. Decided to bring back this topic, since there was an insane storm last night in the fort lauderdale area. I slept through it, but my cousin in the same hotel said the lightning and rain was insane, he had never seen anything like it. The power also was going on and off every few minutes. There was also an EF-1 tornado about 15 miles west in the plantation area. Heres a good news article on it. Also, my cousin said a large red alert was on his phone stating that there was tornadoes in the area. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/broward/article138408873.html&ved=0ahUKEwiIxq_Hz9fSAhXFWhoKHcQZC8wQ59oBCAk&usg=AFQjCNG5zolRLimU2SKQacHLBGFfdo6u4A&sig2=Sy1C2wtP6ykmOaezxvvwIw
  15. Some rare miway sightings today 0935 - eldorado - 3 Bloor 0853 - D60LFR- 7 airport