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  1. MiWay D60LFR charter - Sunday, April 22

    Thanks to @Silly Tilleyfor the awesome charter. One of the best charters i have ever been on.
  2. What do you enjoy most about the hobby?

    For me, what i enjoy most is getting rare sightings. In my area thats really all i fan these days. If there isnt any rare sightings out, i usually dont even bother fanning that day. Some examples of rare sightings are in the pics below. I also enjoy getting pics of and riding older buses, but there isnt much of that where i live anymore.
  3. Today's Special Sightings

    8443 is on 55 warren park. If it wasnt for the storm i would go get this.
  4. General Subway/RT Discussion

    The ttc website said storm trains will be on the lines tonight and tomorrow night. Anyone know what time they should start appearing?
  5. Today's Special Sightings

    Miway orion hybrid 1041 on route 110.
  6. Today's Sightings

    Saw 5084 (wb lead car) going west through runnymede NIS at about 4:30 pm. The red door light was lit up on 5084.
  7. TTC Delays and Disruptions

    The west section of line 2 was really bad this morning. I was trying to get from runnymede to old mill, waited 25 mins before a train came with no room to get on. With transsee showing the next train as 10 mins away i just gave up on the subway. Ended up having to take 77 -> 66A to get there. Also only saw one eastbound train during my 25 min wait, which was packed as well. The crowd on the eastbound side was insane, as seen in the pic below.
  8. Feature Photo Submissions

    An mta budd R32 subway car is seen in service on the A line. Miway 2013 new flyer XD60 1356 on route 11. This bus is extremely rare for this route.
  9. Current TTC Wraps

    None of this makes any sense whatsoever or has anything to do with this topic.
  10. Sarnia Transit

    Caught orion i 043 in service yesterday pm rush on a shuttle between murphy terminal and lambton college. Also, I am 99% sure there was no orion v's out yesterday pm rush.
  11. Mississauga Transit Sightings

    1059 is on the 103.
  12. Mississauga Transit Sightings

    Almost nothing in this post makes sense. First of all, some of the routes you listed buses on, 2 and 18, dont exist. Also, routes 12 and 15 are weekday only routes, so there wouldnt be buses on them today. And almost all of your sightings arent accurate. 0301, 0501, 0901, 0721, 0851, 1001, 1051, 1101, and 1201 havent been out all day. 0801 is on 61, not 18 (which isnt even a miway route). 1301 is on 107, not 6. 1401 is on 107, not 2 (which also isnt a miway route). 1701 is on 109, not 8. 1351 is on 26, not 5. Maybe looking at transit55 before posting sightings from transit55 would be helpful.
  13. MiWay

    1747 just entered service on the 305.
  14. Feature Photo Submissions

    TTC nova lfs 8628 is seen at pearson airport terminal 1 on route 192. This bus is very rare for this route. Miway new flyer D40LF 0312 is seen during a storm at city centre transit terminal on route 107.