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  1. 3726 has license plates now. It was out driving around on the streets today, not sure if they were just testing it or if they started training.
  2. 3727, 3728 , 3729 are the 3 newest ones to be delivered. Im not sure exactly when they were delivered but they are at mt dennis now. also, 3729 has started tracking.
  3. There are now 6 proterras total at mt dennis. They still dont have license plates on any of them.
  4. they have been putting one of the mt dennis rad buses on a special 32 trip for york memorial students that starts from royal york & trehorne. It goes south on royal york to eglinton, then east on eglinton to eglinton west station. It leaves royal york & trehorne around 3:05 pm. I know that a mt dennis rad was on there today and yesterday, not sure about before then.
  5. is 12302 on the 40 rare? i thought 40 was a 40ft route.
  6. yup it was a RAD bus, it did 4 round trips on 900.
  7. the third proterra just arrived at mt dennis.
  8. The numbers for the proterras are confirmed 3725 and 3726. They put a piece of tape with the numbers on them on the front window, until permanent number decals can be put on.
  9. A few shots of ttc D40LF 7343 on the 66. I still miss riding these buses, they were my favorite ttc buses of all time besides the 7200's.
  10. There is a proterra delivered at Mt Dennis.
  11. This looks like it was 0913, as it was scheduled to be passing upper wentworth/kingfisher around that time.
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