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  1. Saw this on IG, one of the old ac transit nabi's.


  2. Had multiple reactions today with @43 Kennedy. Bad 👎: -Supervisor at the lawrence stn bus terminal who said we couldnt take pics inside the station without permission from transit control, but we could on the street (which isnt true). He then stood watching us from down the platform. -Operator of 8414 on route 127 pulled down all the sun visors to cover all the windows around the drivers area while parked at the loop, when she saw us taking pictures. Then, we were taking more pictures of the bus on old weston. The operator saw us, STOOD UP WHILE DRIVING, pulled the sun visor down COMPLETELY BLOCKING THE WINDOW WHILE THE BUS WAS MOVING. Then she kept giving me dirty looks while waiting for the light to change. Good 👍: -A fare enforcment officer at spadina asked us why we were taking pictures of the buses. We told him we were bus fans, and he said we could take as many pics there as we wanted providing we eventually boarded a bus. -Operator of 8006 asked us why we were taking pics as he was curious, we told him we were bus fans so he chatted with us for a few minutes, he was pretty nice.
  3. Trip with @43 Kennedy today. -1407 (orion vii NG hybrid)on 71A to gunns loop -4150 (clrv streetcar) on 512 to dufferin -9029 (nova lfs artic) on 29C to wilson stn -76XX (slowbox vii og egr) on line 1 shuttle bus to downsview stn. -met up with @43 Kennedy and got pics of 8334 (orion vii ng) on 84S, and 8183 (orion vii ng repaint) nis. -rode 74XX (slowbox vii og egr) on line 1 shuttle bus to lawrence west stn. -got pics from outside the station of 1108 (malvern vii hybrid), 8409 & 8431(queensway nova lfs's) all on route 52G. -rode 8409 to lawrence stn. -Took more pics of 8409 and 1773 (malvern vii ng hybrid) on 52G. -Rode 54XX (TR) on line 1 to eglinton stn. -Rode 8440 (nova lfs, normally at arrow but temporarily at eglinton division) on 34S to bermondsey road. -Rode 8104 (orion vii NG) on 91C to woodbine stn. Found $1 while waiting for this bus. -Rode a T1 without scs to spadina stn -Got pics of 8423 (queensway lfs) on 127. Waited for it to go in service, then rode to townsley loop. -Got pics of 8423, 8425, and 8414 on 127. Operator of 8414 was being dangerous to avoid getting her pic taken. -Rode 8006 (airport orion vii) on 168 to dundas west stn. Chatted with the op for a few minutes at the station. -Got some pics of 8006 leaving and ALRV 4204 on 504. -Rode a T1 with SCS to runnymede stn -Rode 1407 on 71A. Please also view the reactions to transit fans thread.
  4. So, i was debating going for an orion V ride tonight, but decided not to, as my presto card needed filling and i didnt feel like filling it. Then, i saw on transsee that an orion V was on a 304 trip that was usually a D40LFR. Kinda annoying, but not too bad, as i have rode a V on that trip before. Then i see this, a V on route 91, a route that i have never seen a V out on before, AND i would have been at finch just at the right time to catch it.
  5. Line 3 suspended entirely since around 9 am for a power off at track level at stc. Must be serious, its been closed for 4 hrs now.
  6. According to the board signup for next board at queensway, queensway has 506 carlton.
  7. You should check stubhub closer to the date of the event, there will often be tickets for sale there, and sometimes for less than original cost
  8. Line 2 was suspended friday night from jane-kipling, here is why (from twitter)
  9. Here are some items i have for trade. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/vBK14 Please pm me images of items you have for trade. Right now, this is only open to gta members. oakville transit button, yrt roadeo pins, 2007 ttc maps, brampton transit hat are traded Some items i am espescially interested in (i may be willing to purchase these items as well for a good price if none of the items i have for trade interest you). -any transit signs -older transit tickets -operator badges -older pins\buttons -any pre 2000 bct (broward), mdt (miami), or nfta items -Items from pre-yrt systems -Any older ontario items (pre 1990). Thank you.
  10. Heres a few schedule cover designs from over the years. They go (from left to right) pre 1978, early 1978, late 70's, 1986, 2004. Also a 1986 & 2005 system map. Let me know if you guys want to see more old bct schedules, these are just a few of mine.
  11. Rode 8620, 8622, 8623 today. One thing to note is that the seating arrangement in the rear has changed from previous ttc novas.
  12. YRT 904 - 2009 D40LF on 320, which is usually an eldorado BRT.
  13. Best plan IMO is to take the second 303 bur oak express from finch at pm rush, it leaves at around 4:25 or so but its usually at the terminal by 4, in the layover area. Get off at butternut lane and take viva purple or 1 to montgomery, then catch the same bus you had on 303 going west to finch on the 5:50 300 business express. You can get on the 300 on the NE corner of highway 7 & montgomery. 99% of the time this trip is a V (at least on fridays it is, thats when i usually ride it). This trip should cost you one express fare, and should get you back to finch between 6:30-6:50.
  14. The current one we have now is actually going quite well, we have learned from the ircchat failure. You have to pm me if you want to join, then i will give you instructions and the entrance code.
  15. I think you put this in the wrong thread