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  1. Miller will now have most out in service by tomorrow so you dont need to rush out and track those 2 down.
  2. 1412 is on 90/90B run this afternoon... Should anyone wish to track it down. Cheers!
  3. Because GO Train passengers are "special".
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dude seriously.. stop riding transit....
  5. LOL.. " Well what did they EXPECT!? You keep pushing cash fares up so OF COURSE people will use tickets/presto/passes which are CHEAPER! The constant "presto is cheaper and easier" and "your best option is tickets or pass" probably helped with that too! So they basically screwed themselves by pushing so much Presto, Ticket and Pass use, that now they are blaming that for the fare increase? What a load of bull! And then with the increase they will once again make a big push that passes, and Presto are your "best value", and then once again in 2015 or 2016 will probably see yet ANOTHER
  6. Some of the YRT branded van hools were being used for the special olympic charters today. Spotted the following on Don Mills Road -> 501, 503, 504, 505, 508, 514... seemed to all be travelling to/from Seneca Newnham. Some of the signs saying "Richvale CC"., "Special Olympics"., "Charter"., and "Not In Service" with a window sign such as Seneca and Ray Twinney.
  7. The entire fleet has been setup that way for at least a couple of months now (unsure about the Viva's though). However, it's whether or not the external speaker is actually audible. So if you are just starting to hear them now, it could be they are starting to slowly "fix" them. There was a survey that went out to drivers a couple of months ago internally from YRT about them and most of the comments from drivers were along the lines of "what external announcements?".
  8. You are coming from Brampton off the 501? The TTC 165 will still shoot into Wonderland. Perhaps that routing may interest you.
  9. Was only giving my own opinion. The Millway/Edgely routing doesnt swing completely offroute like that Wonderland off-shoot. And for the most part there are only a few trips in the morning and few in the evening with large loads going to/from wonderland. Rest of the day is pretty dead (at least it was when I was driving it about 4 years ago). But go ahead, keep complaining to YRT. Perhaps you guys will end up getting your own special bus like that route 85A lady who gets her own bus from Rutherford GO (and she only pays 75cents GO co-fare).
  10. I'm sorry, but as someone who at one point drove the 20 with the detour into the park, this "detour" removal is long overdue. All of the passengers that have ever boarded my route 20 bus at the Wonderland stop have been young and very able bodied to be able to walk at most 5 minutes to Jane. The "detour" can take as much as 10-15 minutes sometimes when you consider going into the park, looping around that loop, sometimes getting stuck in by other buses and large crowds and other cars, in addition to loading the bus and waiting to make that left or right back onto Jane. Keeping the bus out
  11. No, No, No. Don't listen to what others are saying. Be prepared for anything. Best to start training now. Goto the gym. Run a few kilometres a day. Maybe run up and down the CN tower stairs a few times. I'm serious. You will be thanking me later.
  12. Some major changes taking place the June 30, 2013 board period. A few points: Route 85 - will be renumbered to route 16 and service 16th/carrville from Markham Hospital to Bathurst Street (operated by South-East division). Route 85A will service Yonge to Napa Valley and be operated by South-West division Route 85B wil be cancelled and replaced by route 244 - Beaver Creek shuttle in the east end. Apparently (not confirmed) the west end will be replaced by new route 21-Vellore Local from Vaughan Mills Mall into the Vellore community (244 by SouthEast division, route 21 by South West divisi
  13. True. They are also at Richmond Hill Centre, although one would never know they existed.. lol.
  14. Ummm, those have been there for a while now. I would guess at least 6 months, Mr. GRT man.
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