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  1. Spotted the trio turning east onto St Clair from Christie just after 1:00, mimicking the 126.
  2. 1562 and 1633 are currently in a convoy along with 3402 which was the shuttle for some Novas moving to Arrow earlier today.
  3. I reported 1229 late if I recall, I spotted it about a week or so earlier and I then saw it again on the 27th, which is when I reported it. 1367 should still have its wrap, I recall seeing it either late last year or earlier this year.
  4. The trackers on 1242 and 1362 aren’t active, they are turned off. After a certain amount of time if the bus doesn’t report new data, the tracker will no longer show the last tracker location like in the case of 1206. You strangely made the same case with 1346 a while back which was already confirmed retired.
  5. 1661 is the Malvern hybrid that got wrapped for black history month.
  6. Pardon my ignorance, but I noticed that wiki was updated to list 0601 and 0602 as retired. I thought that these were still in storage along with a group of early 07’s. Has this been confirmed, or is it someone simply editing the wiki because they have been out of service for such a long time?
  7. I have been informed that D40LF 774 has been retired and is sitting in the bone yard with plates removed. 772 and 773 are no longer there.
  8. I’m very sorry to hear this. I’ve gone through this twice now and I am happy to know that you were able to see her one last time.
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