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    In order:
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    Favourite OC bus models:
    1.GM/MCI/NovaBus Classics (prefer NovaBus though.)
    2. 1989/1992 D40s (Greatly prefer the 1992s due to the black window frames and the A/C housing.)
    3. 1991-1992 Orion Vs (I seem to be a lot more into these as of recently)
    4. 76xx-82xx Fishbowls
    5. 1998 Orion Vs

    Favourite low floor models:
    1. ISL D60LFs
    2. Inveroes
    3. D60LFRs
    4. Double deckers
    5. Hybrid VIIs (something had to come in last, plus would have been better as a diesel bus.)

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  1. Also looks like they replaced the original fleet numbers below the destination sign with numbers in the new Frutiger font.
  2. I just found out that a new friend I have been speaking to on another forum for a few weeks online is unfortunately likely no longer with us. She made a post saying that she wanted to let her friends and family know that she did not want help or support and that she was seriously considering suicide. I spoke to one of my other online friends who knew her online (she had been unresponsive which was very unlike her) and she said that she tried to contact our friend after seeing the message that our friend posted about her thinking of suicide but our friend kept stonewalling her and dodging her questions although she did start opening up at some point in our conversation. I really thought we were going to talk her out of suicide but it sadly didn't work. Despite us both trying last night to make her feel better by telling her that we would always be available for her to talk any time and offering to help with whatever she was going through, she sadly was intent on suicide. The last known message she sent was at 10:30 last night and in that message, she said something about sneaking out of her house (where her boyfriend also lives) last night and "going somewhere". She also apparently "timed everything out". She hasn't responded to our messages since. I hope she's still alive... 😥
  3. 6369 was jackknifed at Merivale/Carling (went out of service) at 8:20 this morning.
  4. I noticed that on the wiki, 8161-8179 has been listed as having ISL9 engines in them. I thought they had L9s in them since they are 2020 models? I also find it interesting that 8144-8160 have EPA 2013 ISL9 engines despite being 2017 models and 2017 being the year that the L9 replaced the ISL9.
  5. My chemistry teacher told me that I'm the first (and likely only) person in the history of his teaching career who he has taught not twice, not three times, but four times. He says that getting him five times is basically impossible so it doesn't look like anyone will beat my record any time soon. I previously had him for grade 9 academic science (my very first semester in high school), grade 11 university chemistry (two semesters ago), grade 12 university biology (last semester), and now grade 12 university chemistry (this semester). This is also the third semester in a row I've had him and they were all also coincidentally second period except for grade 9 (I recall having him last period). He has taught grade 9 academic science, grade 10 applied science, grade 11 university chemistry, grade 11 university biology, and the grade 12 university versions of chemistry and biology as far as I know, so I've had him for almost every possible class that he teaches except for grade 11 bio and grade 10 applied (obviously). My teacher often gets repeat students (mostly twice) but almost never three or four times according to him. All of the other people in my small chemistry class have only had him for grade 9 so I have much more experience with him than everyone else. I didn't think it was actually possible to have a teacher four times because it's so unheard of and because most teachers at my school only teach two or three different classes at most afaik and never deviate from them. I know of a handful of people who've had a teacher three times (including me with this same teacher at one point) but damn. For all I know, I could actually be the first person in the history of my school to have ever had a teacher four times.
  6. I notice that they've gone back to the older fleet number font that they used on the 8000s as well. It also appears that they're using it on all sides of the buses instead of only front or only side. Minor detail, but interesting nonetheless. They only put one rear fleet number this time instead of two. One observation I had was that 8101-8160 have inconsistent fonts for fleet numbers, using both the font for the 8000s but also the new font as well in some places. 8101-8111 in particular only use the new font for the large fleet number at the rear if I recall correctly. I think the new livery definitely gives these buses a much-needed refresh but I'm still used to the older livery. The back though, I'm not too impressed with. Edit: I also don't see any cameras on the rear this time.
  7. 6537 was on 55 Elmvale but it got stuck at Carling/Melrose S at 8:45ish. The driver had to flag down 8020 to take us. It was also on the 55.
  8. Here's 5163 signed as X Special at Carling/Holland. This was today around 10:20.
  9. It's really rare when it occurs for me. This may have been just a random one time thing. However, I think I know the cause of the two previous events (they both occurred in 2017 fairly close to each other). At the time, I was taking some medication for a few months that made it difficult for my kidneys to get rid of all the protein that accumulated. To compensate for this, I had to drink almost 4 litres of water (along with some soda, juice, or milk) every day (doctor's orders). Because I found it difficult to drink in the morning because I was nauseated, I would often have to drink most of my water during the evening/night hours. I often stayed up until 2AM to get my required intake in. The two bedwetting incidents were most likely caused by me drinking way too much during nighttime. As for this most recent incident, I have no idea. I don't recall drinking a lot before I went to bed that night. After doing some research, I found that it's a somewhat common phenomenon (called "false awakening") to have your mind somehow incorporate the signal that you need to go into your dream, causing your bladder to sometimes actually release urine in real life when you dream that you're in the washroom for example. It's most common among bedwetters from what I've read but it's not unusual to have it happen once or twice.
  10. 4755 on 56 Tunney's Pasture at Carling/Sherwood at 15:07. 6392 on 81 Clyde at Caldwell/Morisset at 15:35.
  11. These two photos did not come out right at all. My iPhone just wouldn't focus. In the case of the first photo, I was too close to the bus to get all of it in the frame plus it was unfocused. The second just refused to focus but would have been decent otherwise.
  12. Edit: quoted wrong post I'm going to say not. 2008 Orion V with EPA 2007 ISL/B400R (those are uncommon) or 1992 Orion V with 6V92TA/HTB-748?
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