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    In order:
    1. OC Transpo
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    Favourite OC bus models:
    1.GM/MCI/NovaBus Classics (prefer NovaBus though.)
    2. 1989/1992 D40s (Greatly prefer the 1992s due to the black window frames and the A/C housing.)
    3. 1991-1992 Orion Vs (I seem to be a lot more into these as of recently)
    4. 76xx-82xx Fishbowls
    5. 1998 Orion Vs

    Favourite low floor models:
    1. ISL D60LFs
    2. Inveroes
    3. D60LFRs
    4. Double deckers
    5. Hybrid VIIs (something had to come in last, plus would have been better as a diesel bus.)

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  1. It's likely because the part below the windshield was actually taken from a retired new livery hybrid.... it doesn't have that curved black paint on the front (but still has the large numbers though) here's a photo of it by transit_86 on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CU4AClOMn_3/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. On the way to Costco today to prepare for a family gathering in two days (we were on the highway), our GMC SUV caught fire (it seemed to be a small one, nothing inside seemed to have gotten torched) and we had to pull over immediately. We had some people telling us they saw small flames under the car and to pull over immediately, and we also saw lots of smoke coming out. We evacuated quickly and we waited for the police and firefighters to come attend to the car while we tried to flag down a tow truck (luckily there was one behind us). We got out safely and nobody got hurt or had effects of smoke. The car turned out to have a gas leak (with flames starting underneath the car) and it was quickly taken care of. We managed to get our jackets out quickly after we got the green light from the firefighters and the tow truck guy offered to take us back home first while he towed our car.
  3. It's likely a replacement for 1002 since it retired just after it got WiFi activated
  4. Nitpick, but it actually can't be from 1993 because the TTC V has the newer CLRV livery instead of the older version with the grey paint. Considering this, it might have been taken in 1996ish at the earliest (not sure when the older Orion Vs first got repainted). The passenger side mirror also gives away the fact that it's a 1991 Orion V.
  5. Yup. From what I gather, it also broke down twice recently (it got towed on May 7 (presumably) according to a video online), so it's a mechanical failure that wasn't worth fixing.
  6. 1652 and 1674 moved back to Malvern, while 1534 is currently driving down Warden Ave. according to Transsee.
  7. 1200-1684 used an older revision of the PCS that was slightly more reliable. Starting with 1685 (and carrying over to the 1700s), they moved to a new PCS which was slightly less reliable. In addition, the major reason why they specifically chose to rebuild the 1200s instead (while they were still deciding to keep some NGs and retire the others) was because of the PCS reliability. They later did some 1500s too but those rebuilds are a bit more limited in terms of scope. None of the 1500s actually got a full rebuild. They merely had repaints, some body work, and a replaced engine on some (according to an old post on here from three years ago, albeit done before the actual refurbishment), but that was it (no new rear doors on any of them either). In addition to that, the 1200s that were rebuilt got new rear doors and modified heaters, as well as an entirely rebuilt powertrain (which explains the bumpers having fleet numbers that are not the same as the recipient body they're put in). I'm not sure what else was done with the 1200s or the 1500s. It's not specifically the rebuilds that made the earlier ones more reliable, but due to the PCS revision on the 1700s instead. I thought the Novas were supposed to replace the S50 OGs?
  8. 1128 is still at Malvern, but 1633 moved back to Mount Dennis.
  9. It's been scrapped according to someone's post on Instagram. Here is a photo by user transit.enthusiast:
  10. The S50 VIIs aren't a really good example to use as they were retired prematurely due to emissions concerns. They would have lasted a few more years otherwise. The ISL OG VIIs are only 13-14 years old right now, so I think they still have some life left in them. Historically, buses with major issues (eg. CNG VIs, D40-87s, D40-90s, CNG 1990 Vs, etc) were the only ones that were retired prematurely (14-15 years old), due to structural issues and in the case of the VIs, difficulty with converting them to diesel. The 7900s/8000s don't have any real issues so I can see them going until 2023 or so.
  11. True... I forgot about that revised model. The first run PS3s are hard to come by in perfectly working condition. I actually found mine in a Value Village for $10 and it was working perfectly. The Wii, regardless of model (except for the Wii mini), is extremely easy to hack with homebrew. Fun fact: Wiis without GameCube ports actually DO have the hardware inside them to play GameCube games (the motherboard was literally unchanged, Nintendo even left solder pads on for the ports haha) but Nintendo simply cheaped out by changing the disc drive and removing the ports. The software to play GameCube games and delete/copy/transfer memory card saves was even left in but it's unaccessible.
  12. I had another console enter my collection! This one is a limited edition blue Wii (it's really hard to find here in Canada, it's slightly more common in the US, Europe, and Australia). I really like the colour, but it's a shame that Nintendo took out the GameCube ports and compatibility on the blue Wiis, as well as the revised black and white ones. Oh well, I have another Wii I could use so not a big deal.
  13. Some interesting bugs I found: When logged out, I noticed that the National Capital Region section has disappeared (tried refreshing and opening a new tab). However, when I log back in, it shows up fine. I was using that section earlier today while logged out and it was working fine. Speaking of logging in, I noticed that I couldn't log in with either the red or blue themes. I have to go into the Chameleon theme and log in fron there. This is a very minor bug, but I also noticed that all the sections just randomly had the word "New" next to them and they were bolded as if I hadn't read them.
  14. I just found out that a new friend I have been speaking to on another forum for a few weeks online is unfortunately likely no longer with us. She made a post saying that she wanted to let her friends and family know that she did not want help or support and that she was seriously considering suicide. I spoke to one of my other online friends who knew her online (she had been unresponsive which was very unlike her) and she said that she tried to contact our friend after seeing the message that our friend posted about her thinking of suicide but our friend kept stonewalling her and dodging her questions although she did start opening up at some point in our conversation. I really thought we were going to talk her out of suicide but it sadly didn't work. Despite us both trying last night to make her feel better by telling her that we would always be available for her to talk any time and offering to help with whatever she was going through, she sadly was intent on suicide. The last known message she sent was at 10:30 last night and in that message, she said something about sneaking out of her house (where her boyfriend also lives) last night and "going somewhere". She also apparently "timed everything out". She hasn't responded to our messages since. I hope she's still alive...
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