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    OC Transpo's best bus is a NovaBus Classic.

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    In order:
    1. OC Transpo
    2. STO

    Favourite OC bus models:
    1.GM/MCI/NovaBus Classics (prefer NovaBus though.)
    2. 1989/1992 D40s (Greatly prefer the 1992s due to the black window frames and the A/C housing.)
    3. 1991-1992 Orion Vs (I seem to be a lot more into these as of recently)
    4. 76xx-82xx Fishbowls
    5. 1998 Orion Vs

    Favourite low floor models:
    1. ISL D60LFs
    2. Inveroes
    3. D60LFRs
    4. Double deckers
    5. Hybrid VIIs (something had to come in last, plus would have been better as a diesel bus.)

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  1. This may be a long shot, but does anybody know where this place would be? These two photos on Instagram are of 8921, 9233, 9256, and another unknown Orion V (has a rear window, pink seats, and is in the maple leaf livery) looking absolutely dreadful. I think I can even see 8110 behind 8921 if I look closely. photo by user octranspo10 on Instagram. Photos were taken in September 2018.
  2. I second a sighting subforum! Maybe transfer the threads about Invero rebuilds, Invero retirements, D60LF rebuilds, my Classic retirement thread, Nova deliveries, double decker bus deliveries, and the STO sightings thread all into one dedicated subforum so that we can easily access them. The current forum can be relegated to informative threads such as the GOA thread, the misc. question thread, etc. Doing that would make it more organized. I mostly go to the Ottawa section for those threads anyway.
  3. The wiki is now completely up to date as of November 8, 2019.
  4. My pet peeve is when passengers try to push another person out of the way just because they need to get off. Ever heard of saying "Excuse me!" before getting off?
  5. Sorry for bringing this post back, but have the display monitors on 8001-8075 and 8101-8143 all been relocated? I have marked on the wiki that 8144-8160 have changed monitor placements compared to the older DDs but that point may be moot now that I hear about the older DDs having the position changed as well.
  6. 8144 on 85 Bayshore at 15:15 at the Civic Centre. I can't recall if it was reported, but 5177 still has a red priority seating decal on the passenger side of the bus right next to the blue one. This bus was on 53 Carlington at Parkdale/Inglewood at 15:20 (boarded the bus).
  7. 6354 and 6364 both still have bike racks on.
  8. All buses that aren't on his list still remain active for the time being.
  9. Wasn't STM 12-099 the first NovaBus Classic produced? I recall 12-001 to 12-101 being built by MCI except for that one-off bus. Our 1993 NovaBus Classics were also the first batch to be completed by Nova.
  10. I wonder why they were retired in the first place if they're being brought back... They should have postponed Invero retirements until the new Nova order comes in.
  11. 8057 on route 80 Tunney's Pasture for some reason (was at Merivale/Summerville at 15:25.) I usually see a 40 foot bus on this route. 4465 was on route 85 Bayshore at Carling/Cambridge (specifically run 85-4 which is a 60DD run)
  12. 6388 53 Tunney's Pasture going down Parkdale at 15:10. 8041 55 Elmvale at Carling/Royal at 08:23 (boarded the bus). 6353 on 80 MacFarlane at Carling/Royal (at stop right opposite where I boarded 8041) at 08:15.
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