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    In order:
    1. OC Transpo
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    Favourite OC bus models:
    1.GM/MCI/NovaBus Classics (prefer NovaBus though.)
    2. 1989/1992 D40s (Greatly prefer the 1992s due to the black window frames and the A/C housing.)
    3. 1991-1992 Orion Vs (I seem to be a lot more into these as of recently)
    4. 76xx-82xx Fishbowls
    5. 1998 Orion Vs

    Favourite low floor models:
    1. ISL D60LFs
    2. Inveroes
    3. D60LFRs
    4. Double deckers
    5. Hybrid VIIs (something had to come in last, plus would have been better as a diesel bus.)

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  1. Found some photos from Felix Tse's old "Greater Transit Bus Page" website https://web.archive.org/web/20050620004814/http://gtabus.natransit.com/: 9242 (freshly rebuilt/repainted) seen going eastbound on Gladstone Ave on November 20, 2000 (photo by SangWon Cho): 7844 (freshly repainted with white bottom) seen on route 32 passing Elgin Street on June 15, 1999 (Photo by Felix Tse): Rear view of 8222 at Place D' Orleans Station on June 2, 1999 (photo by Stephen Kwan): 8222 with 8757 and 8735 at Place D' Orleans Station on June 2, 1999 (photo by Stephen Kwan): 8222 seen at Baseline Station on June 2, 1999 (photo by Stephen Kwan): I also found the following photos on Stephen Kwan's old site https://web.archive.org/web/19991111150154/http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/busgal/ottawa.html(but I am not exactly sure who took these photos): 9210 (seen here equipped with a Balios sign) is getting ready to do a run on Route 86 Elmvale (unknown photographer). Not sure of the date either, but I know it's likely from 1998-1999: 9224 is seen here (still with a Pylon rollsign) getting ready to do a run on route 175 Billings Bridge (again, not sure of the date; unknown photographer): 9243 is seen here on route 124 St. Laurent (unknown photographer): 7455 is seen here at Hurdman Station (unknown photographer): Lastly, 1763 is also seen here at Hurdman Station shortly before being rebuilt to OC Transpo specs (unknown photographer). I'd guess that this was most likely taken in 1998*: Also according to the second website, 4001 was the only Orion VI to lack air conditioning initially, it was retrofitted after the bus had been completed unlike the other VIs which had already been built with air conditioning. *from what I can gather, there were still 17xx fishbowls with the original spec in service in August 1998, I also found a photo of another freshly out of rebuild in April 1999 on Barp.com
  2. Here's some photos recently posted by Paul Bateson on his Flickr page: 8409 at Carlington Mall on August 23, 1986: 8216 also at Carlingwood Mall on August 23, 1986: 8422 at Confederation Square on August 24, 1986: 8209 at Carlingwood Shopping Centre on August 26, 1987 shortly before being retired from service: 8543 also at Carlingwood Shopping Centre on August 26, 1987: 8766 at Confederation Square on August 26, 1987:
  3. 7632 is extremely interesting (Photo by Bob Hussey)...... As far as I know, it was the only late 90s'-early 00's rebuild fishbowl to ever have a black bumper at the front. If I'm correct, 7621-7633 were the 1976 V730 fishbowls with black front bumpers, therefore making this bus really unique. I was also cross referencing this old list from June 2003 and it seems that the other 76xx fishbowls on the list were past 7633, therefore having silver bumpers. And yes, everything on the list had been recently rebuilt at the time even if it was in the older all white livery! I was able to confirm that 7635, 7644, 7650 indeed had silver bumpers. Interestingly, I also see 8106, 8114, 8118 and 8239 as being "all white", so they either got repainted again later or it was a typo (this list was obtained from the "Blast from the past PT3" thread)
  4. interesting fact: The fishbowls would have been gone by the early 2000s had they not decided to rebuild more to keep with demands of ridership (they decided to rebuild some again starting in 1999, for anyone wondering, this explains why the 78-82xx fishbowls lasted longer than the 84xx Classics). The fishbowls got rebuilt in 1993-1995ish followed by rebuilds again in 1999-2004 (I know all 80xx, 81xx, and 82xx received second rebuilds along with a fair number of of 79s and 78s). This is roughly what I have for rebuild dates if anyone is interested: 80, 81, 82xx Fishbowls: 1993-1995 for first rebuild, 1999-2004 for second rebuilds (maple leaf livery was introduced in 1999 but 1999-2002 rebuilds had the white bottom livery, while all rebuilds from 2002-2004 had the new livery) 84xx Classics: 1996-1997 for rebuild (from photo evidence, they started being rebuilt in 1996-1997) edit: source for the meeting for second fishbowl rebuilds here: https://app06.ottawa.ca/calendar/ottawa/archives/rmoc/Regional_Transit/01Sep99/tcm1sept.html
  5. Here's some OC GM New Look photos that were recently uploaded on busdrawings.com (all credit goes to Luke Olszewski for taking them). The fishbowls look great in the maple leaf! These were at Hurdman station on July 21, 2005:
  6. Just upgraded from my 6S Plus to an iPhone 13 Pro a few weeks ago. A week later, my 6S finally broke down and now it keeps boot looping even when connected for several hours. Prior to this, it would often restart on its own, sometimes about three times a day. It's a good thing I got a new phone when I did, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get all the data off my old one. Had I waited any longer, my 6S probably would have died completely and my data would have been lost. The 6S was a great phone (it served me really well during the pandemic when doing online school), but it really needed to be retired asap due to getting slower and restarting a lot.
  7. And then there were four... 8603, 8605, 8608, 8615 are the only old livery Novas in service now.
  8. All remaining TTC LFSs in service with the older livery: 8596, 8597, 8603, 8605, 8608, 8613, 8615, 8616, 8617 Updated January 15, 2022
  9. The buses in the auction actually were ex-OC Transpo buses, so they're definitely correct.... the only difference is that they got upgraded to Cummins ISL9 engines instead of keeping the S50 engins they used to have. They're actually 2004s too, so the claim of being nearly two decades old isn't actually too far off. I also looked up one of the VINs in the auction and it led me to this page..... https://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/St._Louis_Metro_2201-2215 It also says that most of them were put up on the same website.
  10. It's likely because the part below the windshield was actually taken from a retired new livery hybrid.... it doesn't have that curved black paint on the front (but still has the large numbers though) here's a photo of it by transit_86 on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CU4AClOMn_3/?utm_medium=copy_link
  11. On the way to Costco today to prepare for a family gathering in two days (we were on the highway), our GMC SUV caught fire (it seemed to be a small one, nothing inside seemed to have gotten torched) and we had to pull over immediately. We had some people telling us they saw small flames under the car and to pull over immediately, and we also saw lots of smoke coming out. We evacuated quickly and we waited for the police and firefighters to come attend to the car while we tried to flag down a tow truck (luckily there was one behind us). We got out safely and nobody got hurt or had effects of smoke. The car turned out to have a gas leak (with flames starting underneath the car) and it was quickly taken care of. We managed to get our jackets out quickly after we got the green light from the firefighters and the tow truck guy offered to take us back home first while he towed our car.
  12. This is quite interesting (joiner style photos taken by Jason Machinski on Instagram)..... 9254 is seen at Rideau Centre on a 87 Carlingwood with a D40 ahead of it on a 97X in May 2005 according to the description. (not too familiar with routes so not sure which destination it's headed to). The D40 in particular is interesting because it's still unrebuilt and in the older livery (I thought they were all repainted by 2003, I guess not). EDIT: Hold on a minute, there's no octranspo.com decals on either bus (they started appearing in 2004, which 9254 had as of August 2004 according to tombuspage's photo of it), so that plus the D40 in the old livery makes me think it was likely taken earlier than 2005.
  13. It's likely a replacement for 1002 since it retired just after it got WiFi activated
  14. Nitpick, but it actually can't be from 1993 because the TTC V has the newer CLRV livery instead of the older version with the grey paint. Considering this, it might have been taken in 1996ish at the earliest (not sure when the older Orion Vs first got repainted). The passenger side mirror also gives away the fact that it's a 1991 Orion V.
  15. Yup. From what I gather, it also broke down twice recently (it got towed on May 7 (presumably) according to a video online), so it's a mechanical failure that wasn't worth fixing.
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