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  1. What are they writing off with these antics coming in?
  2. When I was a kid, I was on the NYC subway and witnessed someone walking on the tracks. They ended up touching the third rail, and grounded the current. The person was shaking violently, then, at once, the person stopped shaking and just started smoking.
  3. I had one for 5 courses — Grade 11 AP Physics, Grade 12 AP Physics, Grade 12 U Astronomy, Grade 12 AP Functions, and Grade 12 AP Calculus. Thankfully he was the best teacher in the region. Too bad he retired recently.
  4. This type of BS needs to stop, especially at stations like Highway 407. The alternative is a 20 minute detour. Even the TTC doesn't charge a grand for passing the bus loop.
  5. But that should be enough (except for the student/Child one), since if you're an adult, you don't get any reduced fare whatsoever.
  6. And sometimes they come out upside down!
  7. 767 replacement, routes include: Toronto-Ottawa Toronto-Denver Toronto-Montreal Toronto-Calgary Toronto-Edmonton Toronto-Quebec City Toronto-NYC Toronto-DC Toronto-St.Johns Toronto-Phoenix Toronto-Pretty much the entire Caribbean Toronto-Chicago Montreal-Ottawa Montreal-Some smaller European destinations Vancouver-LAX Vancouver-SFO Vancouver-MEX etc.
  8. Recent change by the board, they are mothballing them in case the 179s (or 211s) have problems later on. Hopefully they learned their lesson from the R160 fiasco that getting rid of all your old cars without fully burning in the new ones will lead to problems later on.
  9. Speaking of NYC, the R42s have their final run on Wednesday, and the R32s will be gone by March.
  10. 4000-4005 were built by SIG, so you cannot include those six. Hence, 90.
  11. I'd give Line 4 (including the Sheppard-Yonge platform on Line 4), Museum, the Dupont, St. Clair West, Spadina, St. Andrew, Union, Queens Park/St. Patrick, Old Mill, Rosedale, Pape, Victoria Park, Yorkdale, and Eglinton West some credit. Sure, they're not masterpieces like Sheppard West or most Moscow/Berlin stations, but they have a decent aesthetic (some are arguably better than the modern Russian ones you shared). Not sure you've spent enough time in NYC, because while the station's architecture is usually bland (from it being a cut-and-cover heavy system), the station mosaics are incredible.
  12. While I've always loved the design of Berlin's (and Moscow's for that matter) metro stations, I never really found an appreciation for Prague's. To me, the Skoda trains are the highlight there.
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