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  1. https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Subway ridership 2016.pdf Ridership Update
  2. I don't understand how this can happen. It shouldn't take 6 months to do a burn in for 14 vehicles.
  3. Some stations, particularly VIA stations make announcements when trains are approaching. It wouldn't be that expensive to implement elsewhere.
  4. Are there any plans for TTC presto fare caps? If so, would it be TTC ride based or payment based? If ride based, then prices could be capped off significantly for those using GO.
  5. We need to be "world class" by being so unique and so inefficient that people come visit us to experience the fruits of our incompetence.
  6. Signaling, land purchases, earth moving were included with track extensions because an increase per kilometer is only equal to about 1.5-2.5 million dollars per kilometer, depending on circumstances. Costs for additional maintenance facilities and rolling stock are tricky to determine, but say 4 million dollars per EMU, 4 car EMU trains every 15 minutes. Assuming all areas of the go network use this (to account for spare ratios). This should equate to about 60 trains, 240 cars. ~1 billion dollars. We'll say 14 billion to include an extra billion dollar contingency (even though all other aspects were at the very highest of potential costs). Again, where are the other 7.3 billion dollars going? That money could be used for projects like the DRL or Bloor Danforth capacity improvements.
  7. 21.3 Billion seems like way more than it should be. Assuming there are 50 grade separations/bridge replacements that need to occur in the system, at 50 million per grade separation, that'll cost 2.5 billion. The 150km of new track at 10 million/km should cost 1.5 billion, the 6 new GO stations at 300 million/station should cost 1.8 billion, electrification at 10mil/km of the 500km network is 5 billion, and upgrades to stations at 20 million/station should cost at most 1.2 billion. In total, this is around 12 billion. How can it almost double?
  8. Are these switches double track switches? I think at this point, any replacement switches that are double track would make all of us super happy.
  9. Engine efficiency is always something to be desired, even though we'll never be able to create a Carnot engine.
  10. Why the change in transmission? Also, the buses that around 21724+ seem to have different engines. Can anyone confirm?
  11. Are there new Xcelsiors? I saw 21730 recently...
  12. Just tell him it goes underground East of Sentinel and west of Highway 27. Maybe that will get him to shut up.
  13. Here's a better rendition. But seriously, what does he think this is accomplishing?
  14. Are there even stops planned between Jane and Steeles & Pioneer village? they seem like they'd be close enough given an average walking distance to transit being 800 meters.
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