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  1. Far fewer doors and far less crowding, there are about 4 main sections of track where the majority of trips take place: Conestoga-UW, UW-Willis Way/Uptown, Uptown-Central, Downtown-Fairview. Because trips on the line are generally less than 5 km (and the only major transfer points are the terminals), there are never too many people waiting at a given station (with the exception being UW during the afternoon rush). 1K PPHPD is plenty for the time being. Another thing is that drivers tend to hold the doors here if they see a runner. The schedule is so heavily padded that they can easily make up the extra 15-30 seconds, and trains are far enough apart that they won't affect the rest of the system.
  2. There's also the fact that schedule changes to the streetcar network especially have resulted in longer trip times, further increasing the need for streetcars.
  3. 1. Accessibility isn't required till 2025, and even then, you could run CLRVs all over the place so that all routes are accessible. 2. Lack of long deadheading for buses 3. Electric traction 4. Capacity improvements 5. Even buses get stuck in the winter. 6. Fewer drivers (would probably end up recuperating maintenance costs but even then I'm not entirely sure). Regardless, if we're at the point where the 511 needs buses long term, I think it's time we get some more vehicles.
  4. Not to the extent Ottawa has had. The TYSSE opened late and had some scheduling issues, but they didn't happen every day and they were ironed out really quickly, it was also mainly an ATC issue. ETS Metro line screwed over cars mainly, the UPX had ridership issues, iON is running slower than it should be, the Canada line was underbuilt (but this wasn't an issue for the first few years), etc. The Evergreen extension was considered a huge success and the Orange line extension didn't have issues as far as I am currently concerned. These events are all issues, but not to the chronic absurdity of how OC Transpo has handled this.
  5. Wait what? New streetcars on the 511 in 2024? WTF??? EDIT: couldn't read other's comments for some reason. So this brings the total number of out-of-commission lines to 3, the 502, 503, and 511. Again, why can't they keep a few CLRVs for these routes? We all get that they're a burden financially, but bus service isn't going to make things better, especially during the CNE.
  6. So I was taking some photos and filming on the Sheppard subway today and apparently one of the drivers called the cops on me. I ended up going to Leslie station before they showed up, but I was later told that apparently both videos and photos for personal use are not allowed on the subway. Personally I think calling the cops is a little extreme (if they sent the station attendant out or a driver asked me to stop I would have and deleted all photos), but has anyone else had a similar experience?
  7. Isn't that just the inverted DC current used to power the train's auxiliaries?
  8. Vancouver isn't prone to ice. If there was just one ice storm, the system would grind to a halt.
  9. An update: I couldn't really check things numerous times this morning, but I've ridden the Waterloo spur section a few more times this afternoon (after the climate strike). Of the 6 trips I took, only one operated above 60 km/h. While trains my have permission to travel faster, I'm assuming trains are not running at the faster speeds to avoid scheduling conflicts. If this is the case, we won't see any real changes to the line's operation until Christmas.
  10. Some exciting news: This morning, the train was travelling above 50 km/h. My speedometer read a maximum speed of 68km/h, meaning that the line likely now has ATP in full or at least working operation (assuming the speedometer wasn't giving me some completely wrong readings, but it was evident enough that the train was travelling significantly faster than normal).
  11. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe each married pair has a cab in our fleet. What if we split our fleet and couple in a Vancouver car, so there are 2 cabs per train, (one on each end), and 2 non-cab cars in the middle? (C-V+V-C, Similar to the Crosstown design (kind of). I don't know if there are compatibility issues or whatnot, just thinking out loud.
  12. Most of these seem to be things that were either supposed to happen with the original RER proposal or the original UPX proposal. Electrification was always key for the line and I doubt they want to convert the Sharyo's. The platform thing is probably the big question mark, either they're going to convert everything to high floor (which I honestly hope they do), or they're going to reduce the UPX station platform heights (in my eyes, a stupid idea). The other option is 2-boarding level EMUs (ie KISS trains), but even those seem unlikely. The platform height increases at union seem to only be a few inches.
  13. Sorry, you've been spoiled by Andy Byford. He's no longer CEO of the TTC so don't expect explanations for every little thing the TTC does anymore.
  14. Meh, you have the high bridge streetcar line and (pretty much) a subway. Better than many other areas of the country.
  15. But is adding blue night service to the 506 the best use of resources? Part of me thinks the 505 and 512 would benefit just as much (if not more) from a blue night streetcar service.
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