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  1. High school kids? More like 3rd graders. Electronics and vehicle nerds in high school were all watching AP Physics C tutorials and Electroboom. University students would want AvE Now a days, just give me the manual and I'll make do.
  2. The TR program was done fairly well, but there were still teething issues with the order then and today. Operational issues: - Longer dwell times due to door cycle issues - Less reliable door system - Lack of options if doors get stuck - Lack of spaces to hold onto in the trains - Accessibility Issues Cosmetic aesthetic issues (these really don't matter at all) - Lack of front window (an improvement from an operations perspective) - outdated screens - Inconsistent passenger announcements - Broken LED station displays Almost all these issues have been fixed or mitigated.
  3. Basically a trip arm at terminus stations that activate when a train is in the tail tracks. They don't have signals attached to them and are speed based. They ensure trains don't enter a terminus station too quickly and risk overrunning the platform and colliding into a train in the tail tracks.
  4. On top of it, this is the worst time to do this; we're still in the middle of a pandemic.
  5. I hope you're right about the interest, because currently there are no bidders.
  6. https://govdeals.ca/index.cfm?fa=Main.AdvSearchResultsNew&searchPg=Classic&inv_num=&category=00&kWord=&kWordSelect=2&sortBy=ad&agency=6513&state=&country=&locID=&timing=bySimple&locationType=state&timeType=&timingWithin=1 4040, 4053, 4069, 4104, 4110, 4123, 4179, 4184, 4187, 4193 are up for sale. They're being sold 'as is', basically, no warranty.
  7. Yesterday as I was getting off the subway, some chick ran her face right into my head as I was getting off the subway. She was trying to make the train but probably a risky move given this pandemic.
  8. There also weren't any transportation alternatives to the streetcar after WWI. There also weren't alternatives methods of conducting work.
  9. It'd be for the Fall, but we're all extremely worried about the economy and how it will affect our degrees.
  10. Welp, there goes my shot for working at the TTC during one of my co ops.
  11. Today I was heading to work on the Spadina subway. As I usually take the first northbound train, I try to get to St. George early. Despite all efforts, despite getting there early, my train was a good 13 minutes late without reason. The first northbound train is always the most full train but because of the delay, it was standing room only and no one was following social distancing guidelines. Thankfully I was able to snag the good seat and take a nap for the majority of the trek up to Vaughan.
  12. I feel you — fanning in Toronto and Waterloo has become sort of a chore, especially with fewer and fewer subway operators being okay with photos. Sure, the subways are still fun (except for Line 1), but the streetcar network is as dull as ever, and the buses seem to be becoming more and more monotonous. At least the novas have some variety and we've got the few BEBs, but that's very insignificant. GRT has been in the sh*tter for quite some time. Ever since the last high floor bus left the fleet, everything is boring. Sure, the D40LFs were fun while they lasted, but they, along with the Orion VIIs are long gone. I do love a good 2013-2015 excelsior, or even a 2004/05 Nova, but everything else is bland as hell. GRT had the large restructuring back in 2017 and 2019, but both those honestly made routes more difficult to use as a commuter. I can't even think of one route, outside the 5, 6, and 31 (All routes that didn't or barely changed during the restructuring) that's a genuinely fun ride these days. At least we have iON though — it brings some much needed variety to the system. In all honesty, Philly, NYC, Boston, and Chicago are the places to be for fanning, especially rail fanning.
  13. High Park Loop on the 506 (even with the flexities), any of the surface sections of Line 2, the maple leaf park next to the Union Station rail corridor if you fancy VIA/Heavy rail equipment, Russell (especially if you like the CLRVs). Always sit in the first car of a train on line 2 — you can look out the front window. Rosedale station is a great spotting spot. Line one north of St. George has some amazing stations (Dupont, Yorkdale, Pioneer Village, Sheppard West, VMC come to mind and while the platform shots may not be the best at most of those (except Dupont and Sheppard West), you can definitely get cool perspective shots at all. The Sheppard line is a fun little stub run. I'd do it just for novelty's sake Make the trek out to Halton if you have a car too.
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