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  1. 0631 already got navy livery, I took this last month.
  2. As of February 23, 2020, prevost x3-45 0629 is the only bus that still have white livery. Took this bus recently from Toronto to Sudbury.
  3. Spotted some ex Go Transit Bus doing as 2nd life for Miami Dade Transit. Saw it there while on vacation in Miami.
  4. Did Hawker Subway got wrap long time ago before their retirement cause it is extremely rare to me?
  5. Is Greyhound is still using trailers or are they done with trailers after October 31?
  6. Why novas hybrids need more training if they had experience with novas desiel? Is there is any difference with hybrids bs desiel?
  7. I see, this reminds me of Brampton transit about airport route. From airport at airport rd is for pick up only while going to airport is drop off only just in airport. Mississauga going to Toronto after entering Toronto is drop off only while going to Mississauga from Toronto is pick up only but only in Toronto area. The driver had to follow the rules or if the passenger get on at Islington and get off at cloverdale, the driver would be in trouble for doing that.
  8. and there is also with stop announcements where this would say” stop requested “ and also include the current time as well.
  9. Uhhh. Houston we have a problem with 2011 XD40 recently. I got a video from my friend Snapchat and I don’t know what happen to it but I wasn’t there. Anyone know what happen to 2011 XD40 but I don’t see the fleet number. Here is the video down there. EFA1E000-D530-45AA-A22A-98DEE9CC6082.MOV
  10. I was in Shenyang China but I was one year old. It I never heard because I was deaf on that time.
  11. Yooo. It’s Kevin from Carassauga transit volunteer 

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      Yo wassup

      Are you @kevinlucurlingteam42 on ig? I followed you

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      Yes it is. Is j.wxng your account.

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