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  1. For 10eBuses is it wil be xe40.
  2. Sightings at the Nova Bus factory

    Is miway 40ft novabus 1801-1812 still sitting there? The milocal livery with orange and white livery.
  3. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Non rebuilt who’s going to retire this year of 15xx and 16xx moved to Marlvern while all 12/13/14xx moved to mount Dennis and 10xx and 11xx moved to mount Dennis as well. This might be shortage buses if new more novas is in arrow road while the non rebuilt retired from service for Malvern gaurges. Is there is any point?
  4. TTC Orion VII Rebuilds (Diesel/Hybrid)

    So, when the new rear doors arrived, they will use new rear doors for the next rebuild.
  5. Nova Bus LFS (all models)

    Not yet but soon. Be patient.
  6. MiWay

    4458C261-1907-43EE-8299-769BB082D84A.MOV I send the videos but none of injuries everybody is safe but looks like most of students who were late for school.
  7. MiWay

    Miway 1037 will be gone for a while cause of accident with SUV this morning that I saw in person when’s I saw the bus with full of people ended up with front right ends. I saw the bus hits the SUV.
  8. You mean few months ago cause it was happen in last summer.
  9. MiWay

    Not really, it might come out with old driver window cause we don’t know when the new driver window start rolling up. MTA from New York Ciry will be the first to have new driver window.
  10. Novabus LFS show upon the weekend for their first time. According to transit 55 that it’s on service on 5, 9, and 45 today.
  11. 2018 novabus lfs 1801 spotted at Quebec Plant looks ready to delive. MiWay LFS Artics will entered service soon as long as D60LFR starts retiring. Both are according to Wikipedia.
  12. MiWay

    This bus broke down and this show that this bus was waiting for tow trucks to tow to central parkway guarge.
  13. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Yea agree with them cause 1405 looks completely totaled and this cannot repair it.
  14. MiWay

    According to Wikipedia, the LFSA are expected to enter around in May this year as now, there are currently training right now so this should be all driver to be trained to get done before May so LFSA can entered service around in May. LFSA looks like need some times to do more training than LFS as LFSA is a 60 foot and might get challenging than 40ft. So stay tuned.