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  1. The 96 is crewed solely by Oshawa drivers. Steeprock crews were used initially when the 96 started for one board period.
  2. Excellent photos. Does anyone know what the commissioning tests involve? For example do they have to run for a certain amount of hours and miles without breakdown or failure?
  3. Time to bump this thread with the arrival of the New Ride Guide and Ride Guide Lite. The new updated version of the RGL has debuted on many buses this week and features a new updated system map. Some highlights include new colours that depict GO Train lines. These are the same colours that GO used to identify their rail corridors eg. Brown for Stouffville. Of particular interest are green lines which denote all express and rocket routes. A separate streetcar network map is included that is similar to the map installed on streetcars. The new Ride Guide has been completely revamped and is now the same size as the RGL. Both have the same white cover depicting an artists drawing of different neighborhood's and streets in Toronto. An updated Blue Night Network map is included as well. On the reverse side information about POP, trip planning, subway service alternatives during a disruption, subway station and route map, ten minute network, bike repair shops and Wi-Fi mobile services can be found. I have also noticed that the TTC website has updated all of their maps as well as individual route maps. If you prefer the old school maps with the myriad of information that was given before you may not like this updated change. And a quick note but I no longer see MapArt copyrighted too. Overall an excellent map, well done TTC .
  4. Sometimes I wonder why bother with yearly fare increases. Just increase our fares to YRT levels and leave us alone for about 8 to 10 years. Surely that would be adequate sustainable revenue from the firebox to support the service growth that we require. Failing that, if we could re-instate our 75/25 funding with assistance from the Feds, Province, and City we could have sustainable funding for the future.
  5. Any idea what "Classic" fleet numbers from CT will be making their way to Cold Lake Transit?
  6. Personally, I would like to see the Obico property become "The Kipling Complex" similar to Wilson. TTC could close the current Queensway garage and combine the Subway Operations, Maintenance, and Storage to take pressure off Greenwood. With the age of the Queensway garage this could be an opportunity to bring a western division up to standard with additional storage for future needs.
  7. CIUT 89.5 FM, and WBLK. Used to be a big fan of 88.1 CKLN FM back in the day.
  8. Does anyone know if a Mi Guide was published after the January 28, 2013 guide? Just looking to update my collection. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Looks like there a changes on the horizon for Wheel-Trans although it seems some of these are being implemented now. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/transportation/article/1304184--makeover-recommended-for-ttc-wheel-trans#comments
  10. The Fall 2012 Ride Guide will be in circulation soon with Downsview subway station on the front cover.
  11. Interesting considering the festivities on NYE, guess that applies to C-Train too? Also noted in the holiday schedule that 202 only operates between MKW and CC. Not enough ridership warranted for the WLRT portion? Remember back in the 90's when all routes operated on Sunday schedule too. Any idea when CT reverted to this specific list of routes for Xmas?
  12. Curious to know how crews are changed off on the 202 and 201. I assume crew changes are done at Anderson for the 201? Also are trains parked overnight at 69th St?
  13. Thanks D40LF appreciate it! Also, does Customer Service still reside on 7th Avenue or are they planning to move?
  14. Alarm indications are provided to operating crew on a screen panel in the locomotive and cab-car. When an alarm has been activated the crew will advise the CSA over the PA; or through two-way radio of the alarm and coach number. The CSA will investigate and upon completion of the incident, will reset the alarm or notify control of the situation.
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