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STM Bus Network Redesign

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Hey guys! Now is the time to voice your concerns about the bus network direct to STM! Don't be shy!


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14 hours ago, malikcollins said:

When they say redesign, are they thinking of rerouting some routes or something?

I would said a new network.

In the west island, it is expected that all bus will have as a terminus a REM station. The routes can also stop at a train station (exo1 line) but it canno't serve only a train station (based on the agreement between CDPQ infra and the ARTM). I didn't find the numbers but more than 10 routes will be deleted and more than 10 will also be changed.

So they are planning of rerouting routes and change the frequencies to better serve the REM, the SRB Pie-IX and the Blue line extension.

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