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  1. I am now back from vacation and I can speed up the development of version 2. Thank you all for your answers in my recent survey, very appreciated! I found a way to access data from several sectors, as well as RTL, but these are not public. For RTL, exo Laurentides and exo Vallée-du-Richelieu, the data should be complete. However, for exo Le Richelain, exo L'Assomption, exo Sainte-Julie and exo Sud-Ouest, I have some buses, but I do not know at which level the installation of the SAEIV system is completed. Finally, I have to confirm with exo if I can use the data! More messages on the progress of the project will follow in the upcoming weeks.
  2. Thank you @Frozen Yogurt for the update! NouvLR is very fast with the construction of a train station in a weekend.
  3. Monday was my last visit to Canora and Mont-Royal station, as we know them today. I'll be on VIA Rail Canadian for the next weeks, so I'll miss the opening of the new Canora/Mount-Royal station. The REM stations are really starting to get shaped, with concrete and metal bars already in place. Canora is a bit more advanced than Mont-Royal. Photos The new train yard for Mascouche Train at Autoroute 40 is in preparation. Currently, underground cables are being removed. Between Alexander Street (Pierrefonds) and Bois-de-Liesse nature park, preparation for double tracks have been done. The new bridge at Bois-de-Liesse will be build this year. Finally, a new garage is currently being built at St-Eustache. Near completion, it will be the home for exo trains and then REM trains.
  4. No it will not. The non concurrence sector stop at A13 for the island (see image below). Same thing for the "bassin de rabattement" (what would be the correct term in English?). To answer your second question, addition priority measures are in study, but Côte-des-Neiges, du Parc and René-Lévesque already have those. On the 445, it's another story... the northbound route will not have anything. For me, the 445 make sense and is a great alternative to the problem on the Beaubien-Berri-UQAM section of the orange line. But I don't see why the 435 is part of this Mouvement. The only reason I could find for the splitting of the 435 is the closure of the Mount-Royal tunnel in January. With two lines, the 465 would be able to stay all day, serving Mount-Royal station user to downtown.
  5. The STM will be launching the Mouvement Orange this summer. The goal is to get people off the metro, between Berri-UQAM and Beaubien. Line 445 will be created, line 435 will be replaced by 465 (from Mont-Royal to St-Laurent only) and an increase of service on the line 480. Also, 2 additional trains will be joining the Orange line during peak hours. http://www.stm.info/en/info/networks/mouvement-orange
  6. This picture came across my Instagram feed : https://www.instagram.com/p/BxDDu_BHKHr/ The 968 sign is now (finally) on two lines bus now says "Trainbus Roxboro / Côte-Vertu". I'm pretty sure this is because they will be multiple Trainbus Côte-Vertu in January (one for Roxboro-Pierrefonds, Sunnybrooke, Bois-Franc, Du Ruisseau, Montpellier). Maybe the others shuttle are already programmed?
  7. Oh I completely forgot about this one! So then I don't know for why 804 again...
  8. I already saw the 804 with another full size bus. Du Collège shuttle had the number 810.
  9. The RÉGÎM partnership (as a replacement of the Gaspé train) is back this summer between June 21 and September 2. https://www.viarail.ca/en/transportation-services/our-partners/regim
  10. I know exactly the location and the procedure, by passing 10 times a week there 😏 If I remember correctly, the other substation is at Gare Centrale, so it will not be operational from January. My question is rather if it is possible to remove the power break to connect Bois-Franc to the rest of the line? --- The Île-Bigras shuttle has been extended one more week!
  11. They ran a request for information about two months ago for 300+ electric articulated buses. New Flyer was probably one of the interested company and sent one of their bus!
  12. I saw the same livery, so it's probably the same bus! It was back at Stinson yesterday evening and was still there this morning at 7am.
  13. A demo New Flyer XE60 is currently parked at the back of Stinson.
  14. Azur 10-48 set had some problems this evening on the orange line. The announcement system was off, the driver had to call each stations. I think he was also running in manual mode, because we were going quite slow. In addition, the green doors bands were not lightning up before the doors opening.
  15. The initial plan of the AMT was indeed to carry out a mid-life refit but when the REM was announced, this plan was abandoned. After a disastrous 2018 winter, exo did not have the choice to make some replacements, but it was only necessary for them to take at most 5 years. For customers, we can not see the difference, except that the latest cars to be upgraded have polished aluminum, but it dosen't last very long! Also more recently, the blue AMT bands are beginning to be removed, but without adding exo decals like the rest of the fleet. Although the multilevel was to allow more upgrade of the MR90, I doubt they add much capacity. The DM line at rush hour is filled, both standing and sitting. On the other hand, for MLs, there are many fewer people standing because the corridors are smaller. I even sometimes wonder if the line will remain electric until it closes. Currently, there is a power break between Val-Royal and Bois-de-Liesse, near the Saint-Laurent ecocentre. Will the section between the ecocentre and the Bois-Franc terminus be fueled in January 2020? I would love to see a second life for the MR90! Maybe on the lines 3 Mont-Saint-Hilaire and 5 Mascouche to add more peak departures? I hope at least to see one at the exporail! --- On another note, exo will be running a special shuttle service between Île-Bigras and Sainte-Dorothée over the weekend. This is a result of the flooding, which cause the île-Bigras bridge to be closed. The service will 24h run between Saturday (April 27) 5h00 to Monday (April 29) 5h00 with 30 minutes headway (except Sunday 0h00 - 5h00, 1 hour headway). Also, Tuesday morning will have service between 1h30 and 5h00. During the weekend, the shuttle will be run by the ALP45DP full trainset, in Diesel mode because the line will be unpowered for REM construction. Monday and Tuesday, a road-rail vehicle will run the shuttle.
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