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  1. Well if the MR-90 will not be used again, you can either dismantle it on site or put the transport costs at the expense of the scrapper. And I guess single level cars are easier to transport by truck than double deckers?
  2. I don't know what is their source, but I would be highly surprised to see bilevels on DM. First, how they would be able to get the locomotives and cars out of the line? The only two connections are Gare Centrale and Jonction de l'Est and both will not be accessible, unless the REM permits exo to travel on their tracks but the width is larger. Second, exo is already out of locomotives. They will buy new locomotives soon, but never for January. Regarding the rendering, I really don't like it. It looks empty!
  3. FelixINX

    Today's Sightings

    Nope, this is not my picture (from ICAO). I went to Square-Victoria-OACI an hour ago but a diesel was there!
  4. FelixINX

    Today's Sightings

    36-902 also carries a Hydro-Québec wrap. Via ICAO twitter.
  5. FelixINX

    Today's Sightings

    Hydro-Québec have been adding a lot of ads in the Métro lately, like "de l'énergie renouvelable de Côte-Vertu à Montmorency". While it's not written explicitly, the ads share the same design as their 75th anniversary website : https://75years.hydroquebec.com
  6. The date for the closure of Chevrier tunnel will finally be April 22. However, it looks like a reserved lane will still be available on some portion of the highway. https://exo.quebec/fr/service-clientele/avis#36978854
  7. I can not agree more with you that there is a question of making money in this project. But there is a difference to be made: we already know how much Projet REM will get from the ARTM for every passenger/km traveling but we don't know how much the ARTM will charge. In fact, the ARTM launched today a new platform, Talk Fares - Parlons Tarification, where they explain very well how the pricing is currently and how it could be (with examples from other cities). You'll also find that the goal of the authority is that users pay only 31% of the total bill for public transit. When the new fare harmonization will be completed (by 2024), the ARTM will be the only to control the fares and all the OPTC (STM, exo, STL, RTL and REM) will have to comply. Fun fact, the ARTM is responsible for buying and installing the fare gates in the stations. *Projet REM is not only the CDPQ, it's also the government. So if the REM makes money, everyone make money!
  8. From 6am to 9am, the capacity will be of ~50,000 persons. I don't know what are the numbers for the RTL, exo and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, but I doubt they will be a capacity problem at the beginning. In long term, I can definitely see a problem, but the question is when. What I've heard is the opposite: the REM should take some load off the yellow line. By the way, the new fare harmonization is coming from the ARTM, not exo 😊
  9. Vivre le REM is a new event launched by the REM team wich connects future users of the train to professionals building this network. I was invited to today's first event. The final design of the Metropolis cars were unveiled. They also presented the living environments around the stations, the stations itself and the layout of the cars. I liked the concept where professionals from both consortiums (construction and rolling stock) were present. I was able to ask specific questions and have answers with technical terms. They know what they are talking about! Rolling stock pictures and information Cars boards Stations boards Living environment boards @SMS Unfortunately no news on the bus way closure, the two guys from NouvLR were architects I think, they didn't have a clue about the closure.
  10. FelixINX

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    According to both sources, the law doesn't allow "virtual mirrors". As I don't think the law have changed yet, I would be surprised to see a test vehicle in a middle of a series, but you never know with the STM!
  11. FelixINX

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    That's special! Do you have an idea on how the driver would be able to see? Screens inside the bus?
  12. I have an event with the team behind the REM Friday. I'll try to see if they have news for the busway.
  13. It's not just a rumor, it's planned! The date hasn't been announced yet, but the southbound busway will be closed from the end of the bridge. This will add between 2 to 10 minutes to the return trip. https://rem.info/sites/default/files/document/Transitional-network-20190208-EN.pdf
  14. Update for the STM: 191 buses will return on the road tomorrow. The rest will gradually enter as the repairs have started today (the parts were not available before).
  15. FelixINX

    Montreal realtime transit viewer

    v1.2.5 is online For technical reasons, service workers have been removed. The service workers are responsible for using the browser cache, so expect a longer loading time for the pages. The data should now be the one up to date. I can not find fix on my side for Firefox browsers. However, on your side, you can resize the window each time you open the list. The easiest way is to use the combination CTRL+SHIFT+I two times! If you still have problems, you should manually clear your browser cache. If you do not know how, contact me in private message. Thank you for your patience!