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  1. This is due a database update, the buses were not active at that time.
  2. A tree fell on the catenary between Sunnybrooke and Roxboro. The electricity was cut only on the last half of the line (after Bois-de-Liesse) so one trainset from the Mascouche line and one trainset from the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line were used (along with the one on the DM line, so three total). They ran electric mode in the tunnel. Then diesel mode after Bois-Franc. I've read that it was unsuccessful. According to this post, the cars were moved one by one by truck to Saint Jerome, then by train to Pointe-Sainte-Charles, waiting an uncertain future.
  3. You are correct, it was for the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line. The service was announced as exo duo and the bus line was 300 (Vallée du Richelieu). https://exo.quebec/fr/actualites/exoduo exo duo.pdf
  4. The line seems to end in the parking lot at Roxboro-Pierrefonds. My guess is this shuttle line for students who used to take the train to Charlemagne.
  5. The first Metropolis cars have rolled out today! They will be running between Brossard and boulevard Milan for at least 12 months. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI8sNH0Hdxi/?igshid=mqeefk5opisz
  6. The new Mirabel station on the exo 2 - Saint-Jérôme line will open on January 4, 2021. Unfortunately, there is no platform for the siding, so 4 evening trains towards Montreal will pass on the siding without taking passengers. https://www.nordinfo.com/actualites/la-gare-de-saint-janvier-sera-fonctionnelle-au-debut-de-lannee-prochaine/
  7. It will be two different order, but since they will probably have the same specifications, Bombardier Transport will become part of Alstom next year and the Government will most likely require a percentage of local content, I expect Alstom Metropolis cars built in Lapocatière.
  8. Le REM de l'est - https://www.cdpqinfra.com/en/projects/overview/rem-est 23 stations across 32 kilometers and an investment of 10 billion $. My personal opinion: an excellent project for the mobility, and they seem to have learned from the negative points of the REM 1 (line A). The aerial structure on René-Lévesque is not ideal, but with 10B$, I hope they can do a good architecural job. The only downside, for now, only 2 cars? Why not 4?
  9. The STM put their API back online yesterday afternoon, everything is now working correctly.
  10. I had not taken into account the cost, just the passenger experience. There is a number of cases where a full boa train allowed me more flexibility, for instance to move to another car when my car is full (REM will have capacity indicators, so this is not a big problem). Also, just the ability to move to the good door to catch my connection can save a lot of time. But, I would never pay more to get this flexibility, I could easily live without. I don't think such automated technology exists, but ideally there could be a four-car boa train, where the two center cars could be removed at the
  11. The coupling and decoupling procedures will probably be automatic, so it should be quick. It's all come down to cost, if it's cheaper, they'll do it. But I do agree that a full walk-through train would have been better from a passenger perspective.
  12. The STM API is still down for third party developers and I have no control over that. I just send them an email to see if they have an ETA, but I think it's just not their priority for now. All others agencies are working.
  13. I've never heard this scenario before, but it's really interesting. I'm wondering how it would be possible to split up cars midway on a trip? The actual is scenario is four cars in peak and two cars in the rest of the day, with an uncoupling done at the end of each line.
  14. A law like this would definitely help, but we also need executive power to apply these rules. It's interesting if we take a look at Amtrak report card over the years. CP always gets on top while CN is always near the end of the list. Is CN just bad at keeping a schedule or they just don't care about passenger trains (which wouldn't be a big surprise)? I wonder if VIA as a host railroad comparison too. It will be different, since Sudbury-White River is the only route running only on CP rails (as far as I know), and CN is the biggest host by far.
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