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  1. Hello everyone! I invite you to fill out the Transit Tracker survey for the year 2022. It will allow me to better understand your use of the application, your appreciation, as well as gather your opinion on new features that will be deployed soon. It's also the occasion to share any comments of new or improved features you will like to see in the app. The survey should take less than 3 minutes to complete. Click here for the survey Thank you for your participation and for helping me build a better application, year after year (for almost 4 years now)!
  2. Does anyone has the same problem as @jge0364 (with version 2.7.2)? I am not able to reproduce this issue on my end.
  3. Not for now, but it's planned for the next version. I will introduce a setting to choose which columns to display on the table, and there will also be more choices than the current table!
  4. New feature, tags! Since yesterday, some vehicles have tags, allowing you to quickly see specific information about a vehicle. The tags are visible in two places: in the list and under the vehicle number after a selection on the map. Here are the two tags that are now displayed: Electric buses Garage assignments for STM buses, offered in collaboration with FleetStats, made possible by @Blue Hybrid Bus! Suggestions are welcome for other tags! Fill out the contact form by clicking here. Coming in the next few months Still work in progress, but here is an idea of what I'm planning on building in the next months. Filters on the map Choice of columns for the list Favourite vehicles (quick access and notifications)
  5. Sorry about that, it has now been fixed! With the latest update, you can now see more info on each vehicle (now for Novabus and Newflyer, more brands in the future). You can also see the latest info recorded by each agency. The bug you described have also been fixed!
  6. They could, but they are only ordering one model for now. I don't have any inside info on what their plans are.
  7. You are correct, the wrong field was used. This has been corrected and will be pushed on the next update. And thanks for the feedback, the page will be improved to include more info. I'm also trying to include a VIN decrypter to automatically show info about a vehicle.
  8. The rumor have been confirmed with their latest PDI (check for "Modèle d'affaires autobus - Phase 1", page 31). They will buy around 160 buses and build two garages. The garage will support electric buses, since that's what the next ATUQ order is. And exo is part of the order. Depends on who wins the contract. Yes, recent history say it's gonna be Novabus, but since this is a really different contract (as far as I know, this is one the largest electric bus order in NA). Novabus hasn't made a lot of slow charge buses, not sure how this might impact the bidding process. The call for tenders will end at the beginning of August, we will probably see prices at the end of that month. Exo has also made a call for interest on electric Midibus (30'), but no tender for that.
  9. Sorry about the delay, I'm really busy at work. Looks like this was a issue on STSH side. I've check on my logs and I can't find anything that failed. It works now but I'll keep looking if this issue comes up again.
  10. Thanks for letting me know, I haven't noticed it. The location of the feed has changed, but I've updated it to the new location. The format of the feed has changed and they're using an unusual format. If you notice anything wrong please let me know so I can look into it.
  11. I couldn't say it better than you... The cars are probably not certified yet, since they come from China and this is CRRC's first car in Canada. I also don't understand why the cars were heading towards Central Station? They could very well have entered the yard directly from the Victoria Bridge. This order is getting worse and worse every year.
  12. It's something I've already thought about, but for now I don't intend to integrate the schedule. If I ever would, there would also be the real-time schedule which is more complex and requires more resources (on the server side), especially given the scope of Transit Tracker. I'm not saying no, just not now
  13. The naming convention is use the fleet label that is displayed outside the vehicle. FDL is the only exception (it's a temporary contract).
  14. Please send your suggestions through https://api.transittracker.ca/vin , it's easier that way. Thanks!
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