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  1. This thursday, exo team was on every platform of the exo 6 Deux-Montagnes line with a quick survey to fill in the train. It did includes questions like from where you take the train to where, your ticket (TRAM, TRAIN, monthly, 6 pass), what transit you take before and after the train, when you take the train... Also, I saw "would you take an express bus from your train station to a subway station?"... interresting... I hope to see some buses to downtown not Côte-Vertu. Also, here is how the new solo card will lopk like 🙂
  2. FelixINX

    VIA Rail Canada

    VIA just launched a new brand platform Love the Way, it will replace the last brand platform Why not the train. Also, VIA did open a position for a Railway Car Technician in Churchill. This is a sign that VIA is preparing for the reopening of the line!
  3. FelixINX

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    There is some bus with number painted over (in some colorful way) at Stinson. I see them everyday from the train.
  4. FelixINX

    VIA Rail Canada

    The new VIA e-Boutique is up! https://viaboutique.viarail.ca/ Appart from a new layout, nothing new on the product side (yet).
  5. This afternoon, five trains from the exo6 - Deux-Montagnes line were canceled during rush hour. A teenager was hit by a train at the Bois-Franc station. At the last news, he is in a critical state. I hope he'll be fine.
  6. I took the train today on the exo 6 - Deux-Montagnes line. My departures were 936 and 941. Both departures were on the MultiLevel trains. We came in at Gare Centrale 5 min late and at Roxboro-Pierrefonds 3 min late. The "single person" doors are a real problem for this line. It takes a lot more times to load and unload passengers and the new schedule (last june) does not seem to have taken into consideration these issues. Also, between Bois-Franc and Autoroute 13, there is a spot were the MR-90 lose electricity and runs on batteries (due to differents power plants). I didn't see any power loss in the MultiLevel, does the train have really big batteries or it switch in diesel mode for this portion?
  7. FelixINX

    Today's Sightings

    Any news about 36-901 at SL?
  8. FelixINX

    Today's Sightings

    My question is why an electric bus is at SL? I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. --- EDIT: Maybe it's the end of the Cité Mobilité program. It's been 3 years in June.
  9. FelixINX

    STM 38-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    38-051 has been spotted about a month ago I think. It's first unit with the new driver window and new seats. 38-050 has also been spotted, it's the same window has before. 38-078 his the highest unit I saw myself.
  10. December 2019. We should expect a new compensation when the line is entirely closed starting December 2019.
  11. FelixINX

    Photos on the CPTDB Wiki

    I agree with the fact that the wiki should impose a photo crop rule. At this moment, the tables are ugly, because no row is the same height. I'm wondering what other users think...
  12. exo will update their bus schedule on the 20th of august. Now all sectors have PDF that look's almost the same. All trains line now have new colors schedule. The exo1 Vaudreuil-Hudson line now has a new schedule starting the 20th of augus too. This includes some minors modifications to some train. The exo3 Mont-Saint-Hilaire timetable now includes the 300 express bus.
  13. Wow you can still see the AMT logo! Nice job! Was it on exo1 Vaudreuil-Hudson line?
  14. For the new Greater Montreal Agencies template, I have made this : It shows more clearly that exo, RTL, STL and STM dosen't belong to the ARTM. Also this version emphasizes that St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Joliette have no connection with the ARTM (except being in the same region). Link here : https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Template:New_Greater_Montreal_Agencies ---- @MTL66 Do you want help for the exo transition?
  15. FelixINX

    Today's Sightings

    ST 36-025 seen on the SL 206.