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  1. Due to new instructions of the government, all REM construction sites will be closed. The Mount-Royal tunnel will stay open for now. It wasn't announced before, but the 919, 964 and 968 will not run this week. I doubt they will run next week.
  2. The 700s have received "allo exo" decals while the MR-90s got nothing. For me, it's clear that the MR-90s will stay on the Deux-Montagnes until June 2021, but we could be surprised! Also, if you use the old Comets, you will need locomotives. As @Frozen Yogurt said, there is only one link left, wich will probably be removed in a couple of months. So what will be running the shuttle will either be scrapped, transported by truck or if Junction de l'est is still open in 2021, by rail. Concerning the Chinese Bilevels, can they run on the St-Laurent bridge to Candiac? Two levels cars didn't work out in the past, I don't see why it would now.
  3. 38-013 was on the 20 going East near Ste-Julie at 10:30, En Transit. Any idea where it's going?
  4. REM shuttles should have been given to a sub-contractor. However, the 919 and 968 are still scheduled on Galland coaches, and the 964 needs at is peak 16 buses. But there is also 60 new buses. Why do they have to remove so much departures? What is the current situation of bus shortage?
  5. Planibus for March are now out : http://stm.info/en/info/networks/bus/planibus-schedules Routes serving Cote-Vertu station have a notice regarding the summer closure : rerouted or transfer on shuttle buses.
  6. After months of development, I am proud to present version 2.0.0 of Transit Tracker today! Since the beginning of July, 6,386 vehicles have been added, including 150 trams and 78 trains. As of today, you can download the data presented in the application, view vehicles in the greater Toronto area and activate the dark theme if you are a fan! And for STM vehicles, you can now see related trips using @Gerbil application. Thank you to all beta testers!
  7. Yes I'm working on a dark mode, but probably not in the next release! Edit: I had extra time this week (finally!) and dark mode will be in the next update!
  8. @Blue Hybrid Bus I need more info, I will send you a PM. @Frozen Yogurt headsign should now be fixed. The download interface is almost finished. For now, you can use the following link : STM My March break is next week and I will try to finish up version 2.0!
  9. This is bad... All VIA trains are cancelled until further notice, on most routes. https://www.cn.ca/en/news/2020/02/cn-initiating-progressive-and-orderly-shutdown-of-its-eastern-ca/ How can't they run any trains?
  10. It is temporary, but it has been like this for at least a year, if not two. Trains have to slow down because of work going on at and around Berri-UQAM. If I remember correctly, there is the same kind of slow order at Vendome.
  11. Beta 5 is now online. If your browser has a cached version of the app, you might experiment some UI bugs. This will be sorted for the final version, before February. @Blue Hybrid Bus The problem should now be fixed!
  12. I've learned a lot since version 1 and I am really happy on the UI of version 2. I'm glad you like it! Regarding the difference in vehicules count, it happens sometimes but I don't know why. It's the main reason why it's still in beta...
  13. exo in Montreal doesn't share the ridership by station. His predecessor, the AMT, use to do it back in 2009. The STM, with the Metro, only gives the first and last 5 stations. Metrolinx has a annual map of ridership across GO stations, wich I love. There is also some explanation on why there are some change.
  14. Unlikely since the oldest articulated are from 2009, wich will be replaced around 2025, wich is after the first articulated electric buses. And for now I don't think there is any plan to expand the articulated bus network, especially with 300 buses on the way this year.
  15. Thank you for your feedback! Trip information (including headsign) have been added to version 2.0, wich is now in beta at transittracker.ca.
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