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  1. Beta 5 is now online. If your browser has a cached version of the app, you might experiment some UI bugs. This will be sorted for the final version, before February. @Blue Hybrid Bus The problem should now be fixed!
  2. I've learned a lot since version 1 and I am really happy on the UI of version 2. I'm glad you like it! Regarding the difference in vehicules count, it happens sometimes but I don't know why. It's the main reason why it's still in beta...
  3. exo in Montreal doesn't share the ridership by station. His predecessor, the AMT, use to do it back in 2009. The STM, with the Metro, only gives the first and last 5 stations. Metrolinx has a annual map of ridership across GO stations, wich I love. There is also some explanation on why there are some change.
  4. Unlikely since the oldest articulated are from 2009, wich will be replaced around 2025, wich is after the first articulated electric buses. And for now I don't think there is any plan to expand the articulated bus network, especially with 300 buses on the way this year.
  5. Thank you for your feedback! Trip information (including headsign) have been added to version 2.0, wich is now in beta at transittracker.ca.
  6. You are correct, the spur isn't electrified anymore, the power mode switch is at Canora / Mont-Royal. Also down the line : We can see foundations at Bois-Franc station (west of the existing platforms) and excavation of the underground passage There is a new bridge at Bois-de-Liesse nature park The new bridges crossing Rivière-des-Prairies are in construction (my picture is the one between Montreal and Ile-Bigras) The maintenance center at Sainte-Eustache is now complete and will be used by exo soon before the REM Also attached is the new structure at A40 layover facility.
  7. There will be a new GTFS set, but if I understood correctly, it might be after January 6. From STM developers.
  8. They are hundreds of students going from Montpellier to Canora/Mont-Royal each day. These stop flags are for Pierre-Laporte students. I have made some research and here are all the details : https://pierrelaporte.csmb.qc.ca/modification-du-transport-en-commun-2020/ Adding units might help, but maintenance capacity will still be limited for some months? I guess we will have to wait and see!
  9. I'm still waiting for a new GTFS set. I am also wondering if they will adjust all buses connecting to the Deux-Montagnes line. For example, my local line, the 205, had departures adjusted to the shuttle train, but it doesn't always work now. I don't expect the bus shortage to be finished before summer 2020. Yes St. Denis reopening will help but there is 3 CT receiving buses while still in expansion.
  10. 919, 964 and 968 will probably be cancelled for the next board period, see https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/caisse-postpones-mount-royal-tunnel-closure-until-spring. Since some coaches are already there and the contract is already signed, I guess the STM will keep them and use it on others lines?
  11. Gallant #4120 is in "formation" on the 968 even if the trainbus routes will probably be cancelled for the next board period, since CDPQi announced 2 hours ago that construction works will start in April instead of January. There is not a lot of place at the Roxboro-Pierrefonds loop but it's doable.
  12. The STM and the union reached an agreement regarding the Gallant coaches. The 919 and 968 will be served by 30 coaches, based at Stinson (apparently with St. Laurent staff). The 964 will be served by 16 regular buses. http://www.stm.info/fr/presse/communiques/2019/mesures-d-attenuation-pour-le-rem---la-stm-et-ses-employes-seront-au-rendez-vous-en-janvier-2020 --- I agree with you, in most cases limited stop express is useless (the 68 and 468 are always together...) But the 968 has a different mission: replace a train service. I'm sure that most of the person boarding outside of train stations are not current train users. Capacity wise we might be fine in January but when the train completely shut down in mid 2021, 8 minute bus service will probably not be enough. And a stopping service with coaches is probably not a good idea. Same here, especially when I miss my connection because of one passenger at a yellow light... My understanding is that the STM is ready for "intelligent light corridors" but the city doesn't have the infrastructure yet. Sorry my bad. 10 min max is all day, not only rush hour. But they started to remove some "chemises" and the change is... useless. Green to blue and bye bye the trainbus mention.
  13. The schedule is not very intuitive, but as @Frozen Yogurt said, there is multiple departures for each train. For example, the 8:00 train gets 16 departures. Wouldn't it be better to but 1 bus each minute on the schedule? 3 buses will board at the same time and I guess that a Chef d'opérations will control the departure. 964 is free probably because it needs fast boarding, also through the rear door. The train is also free. With the current service pattern, the 968 is really popular as a faster alternative to the 64+68 or 468. The biggest "regular" stop is probably Gouin / Alexander. And I might have found an answer to the stop flags of the 968. The service will now be in the 10 min max network, but they could have added stickers instead of new signs...
  14. I just boarded 39-150 on the 205. It was rushed into service as it doesn't have a farebox yet.
  15. They were no mention of limited service on the stop flags, so I don't understand the change. Planibus for Trainbus are online since last Friday on the Info-Mobilité page. For the 968, all stop on Gouin are served and I just confirmed this information with the STM. I'm still septic about the travel time, wich is about 30-35 min from Roxboro-Pierrefonds to Côte-Vertu. For a normal car, it takes 30 minutes. Even with reserved lanes on Gouin and Côte-Vertu, the bus will still be stuck in traffic before these lanes and will still have to stop everywhere on Gouin. I also have concerns about quick turnaround time at Côte-Vertu.
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