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  1. Version 2.3 is now online! I have added support for multiple GTFS Realtime fields, updated the map table and added route shapes. Theoretically, if the STM adds the occupancy status to its feed, it should be automatically visible in the application. With these new changes, I will add new agencies that were previously incompatible: Société de transport de Sherbrooke GO Transit Grand River Transit Guelph Transit Barrie Transit Expect to see them in the coming weeks!
  2. The number of passengers (or capacity information) should also be available for Azur trains on the Orange line, starting in October. I wonder why the STM never made this data public before, as it was already available for them. Better late than never, I guess.
  3. Transit Tracker 2.2 is now available. This update focus on the performance of the app, with the most noticeable difference being the map tab. On phones and even computers, the map was previously "laggy" and unresponsive. By changing how the map is rendered, there is now a big performance gain. Also, there is a new links section in the bottom sheet (when you select a vehicle and then expand the footer). You can now access the new GTFS Tools website by @Gerbil and FleetStats by @Blue Hybrid Bus and @West Island Transit Fan. I am also gradually adding CPTDB wiki pages for all agencies.
  4. Great work @Gerbil! The new search schedule feature is awesome!
  5. ALP-45DP are heavier when compared to F59PH, maybe the tracks are not solid enough? It reminds me of the derailment at Gare Centrale a few weeks after their introduction. -- On another note, exo has released three illustrations of their new CRRC bilevel cars. No delivery date so far. https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/202006/03/01-5276283-des-trains-a-moitie-pleins-pour-la-rentree-prevoit-exo.php.
  6. Thanks for your comment, however, I don't plan to add such features in the future. However, you should be able to see the headsign for must vehicles and the direction for all, except STM (they don't provide it). The goal of Transit Tracker is to provide an overview of the public transport network and to find out which buses are on which lines. The main "selling point" of my app is the ability to see fleet numbers. You can also see buses on special lines, like school and industrial extras. The app was never intended or made to be used as a schedule app. I don't have the resources or budget to add this functionality and there is plenty of app that do it way better that I could ever do it, like Chrono and Transit.
  7. Transit Tracker version 2.1.0 is now available. For this version, I have worked on the user interface like the home page and settings page. There are no new features, but I hope it will make the experience better for new and existing users. I also made improvement regarding the reliability of the application, which was not really good in the past week, everything should be fixed now. If the app is empty after the update, please clear your browser cache: https://support.qlik.com/articles/000041435 I have also created a Twitter account where I will tweet some stats, updates and news about the application: https://twitter.com/ttrackerca For users of the first version (on Github), you will see a dialog inviting you to use version 2 in the upcoming days. The version 1 will continue to work, but I will not make any further updates.
  8. It was with some emotion and a lot of nostalgia that I took some pictures of the very last train to pass under the tunnel yesterday. It's unfortunate that I couldn't be onboard given the circumstances, but I have many good memories of this train. The Deux-Montagnes line is the reason why I am so interested in public transport today. When I was a kid, we used to take the train to the book fair every year, and I often spent the trip in the front cabin with the engineer. The train is now part of my daily life, since two years, and this electrified line always fascinates me. Goodbye Deux-Montagnes line ♥️
  9. If VIA Rail's high frequency train plan goes ahead and shares tracks with the Vaudreuil-Hudson line, maybe the ALP-45DP will be used in electric mode? Otherwise maybe exo will exchange some locomotives with GO for their partial electrification in the future. On another subject, Ben Lomon shared a photo that shows some MR-90 cars without pantographs. Is it the beginning of the end, or the beginning of the conversion to simple non-powered cars?
  10. Unfortunately, Transit Tracker v2 will not be accessible for the next days. My server had a problem yesterday and has not been able to start since. You can still access version 1, which is on a different server : https://felixinx.github.io/mtl-gtfs-rt/ Sorry about this interruption and I will let you know has soon as it's back online. EDIT: The app is now working on a new server.
  11. Due to new instructions of the government, all REM construction sites will be closed. The Mount-Royal tunnel will stay open for now. It wasn't announced before, but the 919, 964 and 968 will not run this week. I doubt they will run next week.
  12. The 700s have received "allo exo" decals while the MR-90s got nothing. For me, it's clear that the MR-90s will stay on the Deux-Montagnes until June 2021, but we could be surprised! Also, if you use the old Comets, you will need locomotives. As @Frozen Yogurt said, there is only one link left, wich will probably be removed in a couple of months. So what will be running the shuttle will either be scrapped, transported by truck or if Junction de l'est is still open in 2021, by rail. Concerning the Chinese Bilevels, can they run on the St-Laurent bridge to Candiac? Two levels cars didn't work out in the past, I don't see why it would now.
  13. 38-013 was on the 20 going East near Ste-Julie at 10:30, En Transit. Any idea where it's going?
  14. REM shuttles should have been given to a sub-contractor. However, the 919 and 968 are still scheduled on Galland coaches, and the 964 needs at is peak 16 buses. But there is also 60 new buses. Why do they have to remove so much departures? What is the current situation of bus shortage?
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