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  1. Are they going to buy them after December? 4 buses is not enough for only electric operation. New buses are also described as "additional buses".
  2. 4 midibus from BYD (in Spring 2020) 30 XE40 from New Flyer (end of 2019 or beginning of 2020, not sure) 3 new LFSe for the 36 (not sure when) The goal is to test what is the best option (long or quick charge) for the STM before going all electric.
  3. Good find! It's unclear if spring is the public launch or the test phase.
  4. I was going to forget these four... I can not wait to see the exterior design, interior layout and livery. So different for the STM.
  5. Nice but still no open data on realtime buses. Hope this will change at some point!
  6. Conception might be late but construction is on schedule or ahead of schedule for some parts (according to CDPQi). If the tunnel needs a new wall, it's gonna be a completely different story... To be continued.
  7. Hmm. In my opinion you shouldn't post something that is not your sighting. And at least, you should add credit.
  8. You will never see more than 90~100 persons standing in a MR-90 cars (I've tried 4 different departures in the last three days). This document is old and my guess is at the time they counted people between the seats (try to put 126 dots on the schema without using the end of the car). The rear of the bus is actually quite different from the middle of metro car. When you are in the middle, you can exit from the rear or the front, in a bus, only from the front. In the Metropolis, they could put seats up front but there is the view (my personal favourite 😉). I'll suggest you the following video which explains the different seats layout for NYC subway. In the end, it's not a question of who lies. There is no doubt there will be more capacity, maybe not as big in a 10 or 30 minutes time frame on the DM branch, but still important enough. Also, TOD are placed where there will be less users or more space (Rive-Sud, Pointe-Claire, Kirkland, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue).
  9. A mass transit design-build project is new for Montreal. For myself, I'm happy to see such a good progress. 4 years of closure is enough, let's hope it will not take longer! It's interesting to compare a smaller period, I never thought about it. However, there have never been more than 4 trains per hour, even with the old schedule (2009, 2011 and 2014). Also, 200 person by car seems a lot, normally there are less people standing because of how the car is made (I'll try to count tomorrow!). For the REM car, they will benefit from a different seat layout wich will allow people to stand up between doors which is currently hard on Azur or MR-73 cars. Even with 2000 place by departure, the REM still gives between 6400 more places (2,5 minutes, 600 capacity) and 23200 (1.5 minutes, 780 capacity) each hour. And I agree with you on the transition network. This should have been the responsibility of CDPQinfra since day 1 and we have been left without options for way too long. There is nothing wrong with that, and even, I like it! It allows me to learn more and I imagine it's the same for everyone following this discussion.
  10. The REM will still have much more capacity than the current networks. Only on the Deux-Montagnes line, between 6 am and 9 am, the capacity will more than double. On the South Shore, it will be 56 160 places. I do not think there will be capacity issues in the short or medium term. Even in the long term, the frequency can be increased to 1.5 minutes giving 93 600 places. Yes the Deux-Montagnes line could have been upgraded for much less but 1. the frequency would not be as high, 2. the operating costs would be higher and 3. we would not take advantage of the integrated network that the REM brings. Connecting the South Shore to the airport in one trip is extraordinary. Even if I think that the REM will be positive for the entire metropolitan area and especially for the Deux-Montagnes line and west island where I'm currently losing a lot of time, I still have some fears. I do not know if the financial model is suitable for the project. However, I think it is far too early to pronounce on whether it is good or bad. To my knowledge, a government trust fund that is funding a transit project is a first. The biggest mistake that could be made now would be to approve a REM 2 (to Chambly or Laval or East) without knowing the outcome of phase 1. This is a good point, yes I will have to spend an hour more in the bus and metro every day in January. But at the same time I wonder: how to transform the DM line into REM while guaranteeing a similar journey time? I see construction more as a "mal nécéssaire" that will end up be profitable for us and future generations. What bad decision in my opinion from CDPQinfra to call it a light rail! It's a subway more than anything else! Dedicated tracks, automatic, fast, high floor and capacity.
  11. Thanks for your comment! Data is provided by agencies and they are not consitent. STM has current status and current stop sequence while exo have speed and bearing. Meanwhile, STL dosen't even have trip id! I have completely forgotten the sorting, I'll modify it for the next build. transittracker.ca will be the new home for the application. I plan to redirect the old GitHub address to transittracker.ca after the end of the beta.
  12. Beta version of Montreal Transit Tracker version 2 is now out! https://transittracker.ca Please note that this is a beta version, expect some bugs. Please report any bug to me here or by private message. Know issues : For now, the app will not load on old browsers such as Internet Explorer. Edge is also affected. Map : performance issue with a lot of buses Hope you like it!
  13. For most users, TRAIN and TRAM will be unneccessary (train shuttles will be free). People will OPUS+ on december will not have to pay for January, February, March and April. After, they'll only pay STM pass. From what I heard in the train, some users will receive a compensation case by case (such as Canora/Mt-Royal and Deux-Montagnes user going to Montmorency or Mansfield). This is also my biggest question. Apparently, the 300 additional buses will be delivered earlier (maybe that's why we're already seeing 40-XXX). But you know STM... they have space and drivers...
  14. Announcing Montreal Transit Tracker version 2.0 The beta version will be out by the end of the week!
  15. Starting on January 6, new routes will serve as REM shuttles : 919 Trainbus Namur/Mont-Royal/Acadie - 15 min headway 964 Trainbus Bois-Franc/Côte-Vertu - synchronized with trains, free shuttle, boarding through all doors 3 buses at the time (I expect 15 buses for one train) 968 Trainbus Roxboro/Côte-Vertu - 8 min headway peak and 15 min during the day, reserved lane on Gouin and Pitifield Train service between Bois-Franc and Deux-Montagnes will be free. OPUS à l'année will offer 4 free months for actual Deux-Montagnes customer.
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