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  1. The new parking lot is actually temporary. The old one will be converted with an underground parking for employees and a new extension of the building. Work should be completed by next year and will include space for 52 buses. More info : http://www.stm.info/en/about/major_projects/solutions-300-new-buses/three-existing-bus-garages-expansion
  2. Interesting! The bus went to the farm and back, and normally no bus run there (except Camp de jour). The driver's uniform didn't look like the one of the STM, so maybe it's a test drive from Novabus?
  3. I saw the new Novabus HEV yesterday morning at Cap-Saint-Jacques. It features the same seats as STL. There was a paper on the front door but the bus left before I had a chance to see it. On the top of the run box there was a paper with a man stick. @West Island Transit Fan This might be the bus you saw.
  4. It says 2018 on the download page but when you open it says January 2019.
  5. Interesting to see two 747 buses on the 68! Interesting to see two 747 buses on the 68!
  6. If this bus was doing the 8:30 departure from Grenet, I don't think it's a renfort. It's been my daily morning trip for the summer and I always had a 747 bus on run 68-8. If I remember correctly, the bus does one trip on the 175 to L'Oreal, 68 to Anse-à-l'Orme and then multiples 747, starting around 3pm. It's quite unique to see an airport livery in Cap-Saint-Jacques nature park!
  7. The new server is now up and running. Thank you for your patience!
  8. I have been aware of this problem. My server is not able to reach STM servers, but I don't know (yet) why. I am trying to put a new server online but it will take some time. Sorry about this!
  9. If it's not enough, the last transmission from the "bus" was 13 days ago! Timestamp 1560983780, June 19 2019 at 18:36:20.
  10. I have made good progress in development and I have now received permission from exo to use the data for the different sectors as well as for the RTL! You can notice that on the new version there is no more popup. Instead, there is a bottom bar with basic information, and if you open it, you will find the rest. Note that heading and speed is not available for STM buses.
  11. The system had trouble for all day. This morning, at around 6, only 15 buses were tracking. We are now at about 130 wich is still not a lot. SL is really affected (almost no buses in all west island). What's weird is that iBus announcement are still working but no drivers are logged in. Normally there is no announcement at all. Maybe it's a scheduled maintenance?
  12. I am now back from vacation and I can speed up the development of version 2. Thank you all for your answers in my recent survey, very appreciated! I found a way to access data from several sectors, as well as RTL, but these are not public. For RTL, exo Laurentides and exo Vallée-du-Richelieu, the data should be complete. However, for exo Le Richelain, exo L'Assomption, exo Sainte-Julie and exo Sud-Ouest, I have some buses, but I do not know at which level the installation of the SAEIV system is completed. Finally, I have to confirm with exo if I can use the data! More messages on the progress of the project will follow in the upcoming weeks.
  13. Thank you @Frozen Yogurt for the update! NouvLR is very fast with the construction of a train station in a weekend.
  14. Monday was my last visit to Canora and Mont-Royal station, as we know them today. I'll be on VIA Rail Canadian for the next weeks, so I'll miss the opening of the new Canora/Mount-Royal station. The REM stations are really starting to get shaped, with concrete and metal bars already in place. Canora is a bit more advanced than Mont-Royal. Photos The new train yard for Mascouche Train at Autoroute 40 is in preparation. Currently, underground cables are being removed. Between Alexander Street (Pierrefonds) and Bois-de-Liesse nature park, preparation for double tracks have been done. The new bridge at Bois-de-Liesse will be build this year. Finally, a new garage is currently being built at St-Eustache. Near completion, it will be the home for exo trains and then REM trains.
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