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  1. Some improvements are planned, I just have to find the time to build them! Regarding the reCaptcha error, I don't see the icon which may indicate that there was a network problem on Google end (if this was a one time issue).
  2. It does work as intended. User might have entered the wrong label when making a submission. Maybe the fleet label has changed, maybe exo use the same VIN for multiple buses? There is multiple reason why this would be the case. I'll still approve your submission for now!
  3. Thanks for your contribution! Are you sure about the first VIN? I can't find it in the database.
  4. Initially I was looking for all VINs in the wiki but a good chunk of the fleet numbers were incorrect as they change (eg when changing sectors or operators). You can always send me the list by PM instead of using the form, if it's quicker for you. Thanks for your contribution!
  5. Regarding the route column on the table page - Everything is now fixed as of 2.4.3! You can search the route ID, route short name and route long name OR only the route ID (if you tick the box) Sorting will sort the route ID Sorry for this bug !
  6. Have you selected the agencies in the settings? The settings may not have been migrated to the new version.
  7. Both are now fixed as of this morning (version 2.4.2)!
  8. Fixed Will be fixed tomorrow. It's not a bug, it's actually a feature! Some people like the new layout and some don't, so I added a option to go back to the old layout in the settings menu.
  9. Transit Tracker 2.4 - A new experience This update aims to improve the user experience through the app, especially for new users. Here are the key points: A new "landing page" which presents the different regions (as in the screenshot above). Navigation between tabs is now located at the bottom. New location for settings. Automatic dark mode. And much more! Please note that you may not see the new version instantly, since the site is now served from a new server (your browser may take up to 24 hours to detect the change). https://www.transittracker.ca
  10. Update on exo fleet number situation: I have manually tagged 388 out of 559 buses, with the wiki as the main source. There is still 171 vehicles with no label, and I believe there will be a little more each day as more buses are entering services. I expect that some fleet numbers will be incorrect due to various reasons (wiki information incorrect or not up to date, typo made by me). If it's the case, please report it. And a big thanks to everyone that has contributed and adding some fleet number, it really helps!
  11. Looks like exo has changed the vehicle.id field. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a permanent change. I will be manually adding the fleet numbers according to the wiki pages. It is possible that I cannot find all the buses, in this case, a form is available if you know the fleet number. For those who download the data, you have to be careful since the buses will be there twice, once with the VIN and once with the fleet number (in the ref column).
  12. This is due a database update, the buses were not active at that time.
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