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    President and Co-Founder, YUL Bus Charters (established 2005, operational 2006)

    Bus driver with Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) since February 2011.

    RTL is my first interest, all other companies - including those that I have chartered from - are secondary.

    Various collections of schedules, reports, flyers, maps, signs, fare media, license plates, other memorabilia, bus model collecting.

    Research and photography of urban transportation for archival and historical purposes.

    All opinions expressed are my own and absolutely do not represent those of the RTL.

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  1. Thread renamed. It is a little clumsy. If anyone has a better suggestion, I will happily rename it. SMS
  2. Fall Colours charter proposal In spite of the continued pandemic, we are offering events surrounding the CUTA Trans-Expo Transit Show in Montreal on Tuesday 25 October 2022. Most details such as locations, times, food stop information, etc will be e-mailed to confirmed participants. These are proposed ideas and are all subject to approval. YUL BUS CHARTERS PRESENTS FALL COLOURS WEEKEND 2022 Sunday 23 October 2022 - privately owned ex-STCUM 1978 GMC New Look (the original Réchaud-Bus) 20-029 returns to Montreal We are offering our second joyride in Montreal with privately owned bus 20-029, which is normally based in Trois-Rivières, QC. Thanks once again to the owner Mélissa Lavoie who spearheaded this initiative with us and is willing to have her bus return home. All proceeds from this event will go toward the continued maintenance and preservation of this bus. Details of where the event will begin and end will be e-mailed to charter participants only. Since the bus does not have a working front rollsign, window cards will be used for bus routes. The routing of the fan trip will be devised with the help of local subject matter experts. I will also request a garage visit from STM, however I cannot guarantee that they will grant us permission. There will be a reasonable lunch stop factored into the event. Cost: $60 Monday 24 October 2022 - 2005 Nova LFS Charter at Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) - Homage to former routes that received the covid axe! Priority will be given to 20501-20518, if not the vehicle will be a later model second generation Nova LFS. With the help of volunteer operator Tristan-Philippe Roy, this event is sure to be yet another success. Inspired by the upcoming network revision with the opening of the first phase of the REM (see https://www.consultationrtl.ca/), the objective of the fan trip is to offer an interesting itinerary on routes that have not seen service since April 2020, and/or are about to be abolished. Tristan and I have already come up with some great ideas on where to route our charter. Remember that this will be our first conventional bus charter on the South Shore in almost 8 years: the last 40 footer RTL fan trip was held in December 2014 with a Classic. Much like the joy ride of the day before, details of where the event will begin and end will be e-mailed to charter participants only. A half hour lunch stop has been planned. Sadly it will not be at Alfa Hot Dog this time, as it takes us too far from where we need to be. Cost: $40. Details to follow in the next few days. Due to the nature of these events, there will NOT be a Weekend Pass available - the joyride and the charter costs are mutually exclusive. I hope that some of you will attend, so please bookmark your calendars. It is not enough to indicate mere interest on the CPTDB. You must indicate your presence by writing to the dedicated charter e-mail yulbuscharters (@) gmail dot com. COVID-19 note: mask use is optional and we are not asking for proof of vaccination. However, everybody will be required to sign a waiver prior to boarding the vehicles. Thank you and hope to see you in great numbers! NB: Management reserves the right to restrict and/or refuse admission.
  3. The event was unannounced because it was for TTS members only; at any rate, the organisers had no problem selling out the charter and therefore there was no need to announce it to this forum.
  4. For those interested in logistics, a big switch will take place today at the St-Hubert site. Roof work is being done above Garage 1 aka Garage Grande-Allée so in order to reduce the number of buses in this building, only artics and series 2018 through 2021 will be parked here, whereas series 2005 through 2017 will be parked in Garage 2 aka satellite. It has been years since 2nd gens have been regularly parked in the satellite. It will be weird to have all buses on weekends come out of Garage 1, something I have never seen in all my time here.
  5. Yesterday RTL went live with the fall booking. The stops at Panama during AM rush did not indicate where the 31 and 46 actually stop. This was resolved by the pm. Also, there are mistakes with the 31 and 46 pdf schedules, I will let you good people figure it out for yourselves. It is very embarassing how half assed the management of this company has become. On Sunday, the PDFs weren't even uploaded to the website. I really don't know what's going on. https://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/CMS/Media/7764_189_fr-CA_0_horaire_31_20220822.pdf https://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/CMS/Media/7766_189_fr-CA_0_horaire_46_20220822.pdf
  6. Write to them and see? Otherwise it will have to be from a scrap yard.
  7. Relating to above, the introduction of route 428 has meant the removal of the internally numbered 210 Amazon - Terminus Longueuil shuttle for employees only. Also, the 428 schedule is with the 128; the 28 has its own pdf schedule now. Spoiler alert for service changes effective 22 August 2022, here are the most important modifications: 29, 76, and 88 become accessible routes Routes 31, 46, and 120 return with modifications (see PDF attachments). Routes 31 and 46 will not return to TCV and the routes are transferred from galo to gash. 31 will operate all day whereas 46 is scheduled to operate am rush, midday, and pm rush. Route 120 will remain at galo, with a simplified direct routing during rush hours only to the industrial parks and ultimately ending at Stationnement de Mortagne. Note that these changes are in line with the new network that the RTL proposed on their website as a result of the REM. 45 will actually see service increases in morning and afternoon weekday rush hours (there does not appear to be any other extra service to TCV on any other [existing] bus routes) Seasonal route 298 will not be in service come the fall 605 Agora and 660 & 670 Antoine-Brossard transferred from gash to galo While this may seem very good, there is no return to pre-covid midday schedules. Routes like 29, 44, 49, 74, 75 continue to operate hourly. Lig_31.pdf Lig_46.pdf Lig_120.pdf
  8. Yesterday PM rush 21301 on the 1!
  9. Minor service changes upcoming for the summer booking effective 27 June 2022: 128 will pass via John Molson Street, however this has been in effect since 14 March 201 as mentioned above has been modified with additional departures (at the cost of less break) since 9 May Seasonal route 298 returns with additional stops offered between Metro Longueuil and St Bruno de Montarville 428 claims to be a new route but has been in effect since at least 2 May, will operate 7 days a week between Metro Longueuil and St Hubert airport industrial parks via Route 116. Finally, a new shuttle 781 operating 7 days a week in Boucherville between Terminus de Montarville and Quai Yvon-Julien.
  10. Yesterday PM rush 20522 on the 22!!
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