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  1. The trend of accessible bus routes continues... 80 and 28 are the new lines chosen. Press release:
  2. P9-923 my bus this morning. It wasn't very good to be honest but it got the job done.
  3. 21-255 just passed by on 92 eastbound. I am at Starbucks Jean-Talon/Casgrain as I type this.
  4. Here is the group picture featuring 1997 Nova Classic 47103 with new Macadam bus 1991 MCI Classic 42101 which we chartered in 2013! Thanks for attending guys! I hope that you all enjoyed the hard work that my vice-president kellergraham and I put into the charter, trying out a modified routing from 2015 and visiting other properties of interest. We had superb collaboration from the STS. Everyone at the garage was happy to have us and it is tempting to return to Sherbrooke, even if the Classics will no longer be in service. The FHTCQ 15-140 charter is being planned in earnest. It is planned to coincide with the UITP conference in Montreal and shall be hosted in the afternoon of Sunday 14 May 2017. Interested parties should e-mail me directly at yulbuscharters at gmail dot com to reserve their spot. As usual, we will go rain or shine. With the help of MTL66 and our driver from 55-001 Dom, we are sure to have a great time.
  5. I rode RTL 21713 on the 1 this morning. When I arrived at mtro (Terminus Longueuil), 21703 was on the 4. And last week, I saw 21704 on the 1.
  6. Last call for anyone interested in joining us in Sherbroooke tomorrow. The weather is very promising and we have very good turnout. See everyone there!
  7. YUL Bus Charters will offer a charter on Sunday 14 May to coincide with the hosting of the UITP Conference. We have requested FHTCQ 15-140, ex-STM 1995 Nova Classic 15-140. Please read the YUL Bus Charters - 2017 Activites thread for more information. Yes I know it is Mothers Day.
  8. Québec City has always had a superficial interest in transit, forget about a tramway if BRT cannot even be justified. Meanwhile, what seems more interesting is new road construction (third link over the river) or expressway widening (A-73). Sad!
  9. It depends if the STO is interested in fleet expansion, it also depends what they do with their new garage in Gatineau. They could very well keep a few Classics in storage. I have not been able to procure a fleet roster from them despite being a charter customer for years. It would seem like a wasted investment for them to have purchased those ex-Calgary Classics if they were going to retire them right away. Then again, perhaps those buses were merely a stopgap measure.
  10. NEW MiDi sighting for Urbis in this livery (if you could call it that), 29723 signed En Transit on A20 wb in Boucherville yesterday pm rush. Also, CITVR RTS 600 still alive and also seen En Transit yesterday on Highway 132 in am rush heading to A20 eb.
  11. We sure do. P9-817 and 9-913 are the last two bona fide first gens we have. Then we have 9-920 through 029 and 2-0001 through 015 active. Then the common second gens start with the 2-02xx series. I see too many first gens in rush hours to make notes, especially while driving, so I just write down what I drive on the rare occasion that I get one.
  12. Time to buy a RFID wallet!
  13. Yesterday, 21-244 was on the 166 leaving downtown shortly before noon!
  14. Final details have been e-mailed to charter participants. If you would like these informations, please contact me at the usual charter e-mail yulbuscharters at gmail dot com, thank you!
  15. STO e-mailed me yesterday indicating that charters were once again available.