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  1. I wrote to my contact at STO asking what the situation is with the Classics. She replied that they will receive 43 new buses in 2020. The expectation is that the Classics will retire then - but since ridership is increasing, there is a chance that their lives will be prolonged. We will see!
  2. I rode it yesterday midday! Is it the latest delivery? It sure looked clean and fresh.
  3. Let's put it another way. You currently have the feature photo on the main page. How would you like it if your photo was circulated without giving credit to you?
  4. Gentlemen, let's keep it polite in here. Next unwarranted smart aleck comment gets thrown out for an undetermined period of time. I'm not bluffing.
  5. Last call for charters next weekend
  6. Information for the Saturday joyride sent by email. The event has a morning and an afternoon segment. Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to join us.
  7. No love for the route name on the latest 14 planibus! http://www.stm.info/sites/default/files/planibus/en/14.pdf
  8. 22-407 and 408 painted buses were En Transit near TCV yesterday PM rush
  9. I forgot to mention that yesterday 31-168 was on the 168!!!
  10. Just to clarify, this is a service improvement? Because 4 - Riverdale service ends earlier than the other routes?
  11. 29-044 seen in pm rush outside tcv with the rear panel having a blue stripe! How many stm buses have both liveries on one bus??
  12. The last outbound 409 of am rush on Wednesday 25 September was 22-390, I got on it and the driver was very good too!
  13. I agree. If we want sightings from metrodemontreal, we can bloody well go there ourselves. If we want to read Roger Morriset ourselves, we can go on facebook. The purpose of the thread is to post sightings taken by ourselves, not by proxies. Please refrain from posting sightings other than your own. Thank you.
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