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  1. 21-253 on the 74 this pm
  2. CITVR flat front RTS 637 on training run at Panama this pm rush!
  3. There will also be a pre-convention activity on Wednesday, June 7. Details to follow.
  4. Nonsense - how long did the last OC Transpo strike drag on for?
  5. I have yet to drive the charter routing, which will hopefully be done on or around 9 April. The aim will be to host the charter in the environs between noon and four pm. You will make your Megabus back to Toronto I guarantee it.
  6. Typical! The old timers voted for their pensions whereas junior drivers get screwed over with crappy relief points for their work. Senior drivers almost always choose garage garage.
  7. Please visit the Quebec section for the newly updated posts in the YUL Bus Charters 2017 Activities thread!
  8. Due to the labour situation (pressure tactics) at STO, they cannot guarantee charters anymore so management has put bus rentals on hiatus until the issues between them and the bus drivers union is resolved. Since nobody can predict when the situation will be resolved, it is pointless trying to plan a charter around this. We were therefore forced to look for other opportunities. We are due to visit Sherbrooke this year as we last visited in 2015 and before that 2013. They have advised me that only two of their 1997 Classic buses remain (47100 series) with retirement happening before our typical May weekend. As a result, we have decided to advance the timeline of our activity. NEW SAVE THE DATE: Sunday 23 April 2017 in Sherbrooke QC. Details to follow. Please note that in the event that both Classics are retired before this date, a (49100 series) 1999 Nova LFS will take its place. This will be our last opportunity to ride a Classic in the Eastern Townships and the odds are that we will be the last patrons aboard their last high floor buses before the buses are rendered out of service and decommissioned! To be honest with everybody here, I am considering a Saturday night charter on 22 April in Longueuil QC with a first generation LFS (either 9-817 or 9-913), but I hesitate to offer it if there is little to no interest. We would offer photo stops with great lighting conditions and above all opt for abolished routes still somehow in the programming of the destination sign. Anyway as always, please indicate attendance and not just outright interest to the usual charter email yulbuscharters at gmail dot com. We thank you for your continual support.
  9. You guys are welcome to start a new thread for sure! Happy hunting.
  10. Don't be surprised if they want to raise it to 12.5 or 12.75 hrs (the latter is the maximum here at RTL). No wonder drivers snooze behind the wheel on break when they have to sacrifice their day for the company!
  11. I'm going to McCafé this week for free coffee. I win every time!
  12. Nothing will be confirmed until next week at the earliest.
  13. If that's true, they ought to have started in the dead of winter.
  14. P9-817 on route 86 in pm rush yesterday I was lucky to drive 2-0009 last week, it was decent
  15. The STM plays it off as customers will only wait 30-45 seconds more for their MR-73 on the orange line, but keep in mind that even when it runs with all the trains, they are all crushloaded at rush hour especially on the eastern branch! The lesson that ought to be learned is that the STM needs to keep a strategic reserve of MR-63s instead of retiring units that could still help out. Yes space might be an issue but I am certain the overpaid executives can figure it out.