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    RTL is my first interest, all other companies - including those that I have chartered from - are secondary.

    Various collections of schedules, reports, flyers, maps, signs, fare media, license plates, other memorabilia, bus model collecting.

    Research and photography of urban transportation for archival and historical purposes.

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  1. 21849 on the 49 this AM rush! I love it!!
  2. The following buses are parked behind Garage 2 at GASH 22009 22010 22017 22018 22023 22025
  3. In my experience, when the bus randomly shuts off, it is either due to an alternator issue or low fuel!
  4. Congrats to @Enviro_1203 and @Flalex72, our new section moderators! Yes, you are seeing correct. There will not be one, there will be two moderators here. @A. Wong will promote your board status shortly.
  5. Effective this morning, cars hoping to park and ride at Terminus Brossard-Panama no longer can use Philippines as an access road. A new entrance and exit has been simultaneously opened on the Pelletier Blvd overpass. This morning, Longueuil Police vehicles were present at major traffic lights with the idea of controlling the traffic lights, but as usual they were not doing anything. It was quite the mess... police cars blocked Philippines to car (and sometimes bus!) traffic, as well as the two lights leading to the former Loblaws. They were really trying to force cars to go all the way to Pelletier. I hope that the pm rush goes better. As an aside, the traffic light in our former transitway ("Tunnel Panama") has been reappropriated for the new traffic lights at the Pelletier overpass. The tell tale sign are MTQ crests on the aluminum poles.
  6. 21821 today on the 21 midday 20530 on the 30 today am rush!
  7. We are closing out the decade with a Christmas lights type activity on 21 December. Please visit the QC section for more details.
  8. YUL Bus Charters presents YULetide Cheer 2019 Saturday 21 December 2019, Trois-Rivières, QC A "Christmas Lights" fan trip will be held for the first time in the Mauricie region between Montreal and Quebec City. Félix Parent-Rocheleau has kindly and generously offered us the opportunity to ride his 1982 GMC New Look bus in Trois-Rivières, QC. He believes that this will be the last year that the bus will be sporting the STO livery. Next year, it is hoped that the bus will be repainted in CITF colours. Therefore, this is the last chance for night photos in the current paint scheme. Similar to the previous joy ride, this fan trip will have two segments: day time and night time. The first segment is an afternoon joy ride. Now that Société de transport de Trois-Rivières (STTR) has a revamped network, we will visit a few bus terminals to observe the service changes. We will also make great efforts to see one of the Grande West Vicinity buses now in service. An added bonus will be a trip north to the city of Shawinigan, QC where we will see the municipal bus service now provided by Autobus Fleur de Lys. Cost: $20 We will schedule a 45 minute food and restaurant break between the segments. The second segment is an evening joy ride. Félix will be posing the bus on the old STTR network. Bring your tripods and spare batteries! Don't forget to dress warmly. Cost: $20 If you come for both segments, the cost remains $40. Please note that all proceeds go towards the continued maintenance and operation of bus 8202. Thanks to all co-owners of 8202 for the opportunity to ride their bus! A late dinner may be organised after the evening joy ride by somebody other than me. Thank you for your understanding. All details (time points) will be e-mailed to confirmed participants only by e-mailing us at the usual gmail address. We go good weather or bad. Let's close out the decade on a high note! SMS (Francophone friends: Please pardon the unilingual invitation. The objective was not to offend anyone by writing only in English, but merely to save time.)
  9. The speculation can stop now. At 1 pm, GASH took delivery of 22009 and 22016 fresh from NovaBus. What we see above is a missing decal for a fleet number, nothing more...
  10. After discussion with other admins, we have agreed to take on a local moderator to help the team out - specifically in the National Capital Region section. We are searching for someone who will take his/her role seriously and for the long term. Although it is a diminished capacity compared to the full admin role, it is nevertheless important for the smooth running of the section. This is an unprecedented move for us, as during my tenure as administrator, we have never posted an open call for such a position. Criteria: minimum 5 years seniority on the board reputation for posting qualitative contributions resident of the immediate Ottawa-Gatineau Metropolitan Area recommended, but not required, to be a transit employee ability to manage stress, be diplomatic, and be an example to follow for other posters strictly enforce board rules. You will be paid at the same rate as all other admins, which is nothing. Instead, you will have the satisfaction in knowing that your efforts will directly contribute to a better section, and in turn, a better CPTDB. Thanks for your interest, SMS on behalf of the Admin team
  11. Yesterday, our oldest vehicle C2-0002 on the 46 in am rush!
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