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    Research and photography of urban transportation for archival and historical purposes.

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  1. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Anyone want to take bets when this route will be renumbered to 16?
  2. It has come to my attention that a few photos of retired buses were removed from the STM wiki page. No problem! I replaced those low-res pics with scanned photos from the extensive archives of Robert "Bob" Lacombe. He was kind enough to showcase some great photos that ultimately were not accepted in the "40 years" book published in 2019. Bob hopes that everyone will enjoy the new photos! BTW the thumbnails of the removed photos will live on forever in the Internet Archive in spite of the deletion. Here is a link for posterity: https://web.archive.org/web/20210124092431/https://cptdb.
  3. Slight bump. 7 copies remain on Boutique STM website.
  4. Hi everyone, The long awaited details of the new RTL network once the REM opens is now available online: https://www.consultationrtl.ca/
  5. Some friends and I went to check out the first day of the 810 shuttle so here are the results 810: 28-113, 28-114, 30-161, 31-081, 37-045, 37-062, 37-073, 37-080, 38-077, 40-148, 40-184 17: 28-132 64: 26-072, 40-162 128: 37-046, 37-078 177: 30-098 470: 30-859 (signed En Transit in black surrounded by orange pixels), 31-200, 33-818
  6. Our schedules are HASTUS, last version is 2012. Can't answer more. Hope this helps.
  7. AM rush RTL 21105, 21116, 21506, 21517 (later HLP), 21709, 21829 on 5 21515, 21839, 22013 on 15 C20707, 20715, 21101, 21307 (shot twice), 21832 on 42 21103, 21115, 21127, 21510 (later HLP), 21847 (later interline to 43) on 44 20721, 21110 (shot twice), 21052 (shot thrice), 21056 (shot twice), 21057 (shot twice), 21514 (shot thrice), 21714, 21904 (shot thrice), 22005 (shot thrice) on 45 C20704, 21117, 21125, 21836 (defective Axion sign) on 47 20516 on 55 20723, 21501 (shot twice), 21503 (shot twice) on 60 20715 (later HLP), 20717, 21118, 21119, 21306 (shot thrice), 21315,
  8. AM Rush exo Chambly-Richelieu-Carignan (all BLUS livery is green unless otherwise noted) 3622231 on 401 (car blocked) (BLUS blue livery) 803014 on 400 and later 500 (exo aqua blue livery) 804515 on 400 (exo aqua blie livery) 805015 on 400 (exo pink livery) 8047235 on 401 (white livery) 8056236 on 500 and later 401 (BLUS livery) 8062230 (last digit unsure) on 400 (BLUS incomplete livery) 8073238 on 400 (white livery with Transdev small logo) 8599230 on 401 (BLUS livery) 8609230 on 400 (BLUS livery) 508819 cutaway on 600 (carblocked - cannot comment on livery) 508919
  9. Hey guys! Wednesday PM rush 21844 was on the 44!
  10. My understanding was that Garage 1 (the closest to Grande-Allée) dates back to Chambly Transport and was built in 1962. Their original garage was located at the intersection of Churchill and Victoria. I can say with certainty that Garage 2 (Satellite) was built in 1978; a plaque by the main entrance proves this. I have seen on a fire escape plan that GALO is internally referred to as Garage 3 (since it was built third), but nobody ever calls it as such. GALO has been expanded twice over and there is no more room on this site to build further. It is about time that GASH received some love. My e
  11. Yesterday I was spare at the garage and was asked to send a changeoff for the 39 at Panama, so I brought the driver (mat. 10) 21839.
  12. Yesterday AM rush I drove 21306 on the 6! Yesterday PM rush 21821 was on the 21. Currently, 20801 is spare bus at Metro Longueuil. EDIT: 20801 did an accessibility violation on the 6, the bus that was changed off was 21220, now 21119 is spare bus (as of 7 am).
  13. SCOOP: New route 461 will be created to address LHL tunnel woes, and a 5 platform terminal will be constructed at the SW corner of Sherbrooke St E at du Trianon right next to Métro Radisson. It is time to talk seriously about this project, because the heaviest of work will take place between 2022-2024 according to https://www.transports.gouv.qc.ca/fr/projets-infrastructures/reseau-routier/projets-routiers/CMM/louis-hippolyte-lafontaine/Pages/refection-pont-tunnel.aspx Details to follow...
  14. At St-Hubert division, on weekdays during peak hours (4-730 am and 130-430 pm roughly), there is a dispatcher (agente de transport) who gives out what bus you will drive. Off peak, you call upstairs and a supervisor will give you a bus. Usually, the dispatcher knows the preferences of what vehicle a particular driver likes to operate. This goes back to the time of the Classics and Van Hools so nothing is new about that. Whereas at Longueuil division, you must scan your OPUS (employee) card to be attributed a bus. I can call for a bus within Garage 1 (at St-Hubert) to improve odds that an
  15. Since last week Monday, routes 6, 13, 14, 19, 54, and 59 were transferred from galo to gash. Also, since last week Monday, route 8 - Metro Longueuil - chemin de Chambly - Promenades St Bruno has become a universally accessible line. As far as gash is concerned, it is a matter of time until all of their routes are accessible. Every bus parked in Garage 2 (Satellite) is accessible (series 2015, 2017, 2018, 2020). In Garage 1 (Grande-Allée), apart from the 2010 articulateds, there are the following series: 2013 (accessible), 2011 (unofficially accessible) and a handful of 2007 & 200
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