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  1. Here is the group photo taken at CEGEP de l'Outaouais, Campus Gabrielle-Roy! Thanks to those who made it out to this great fan trip!
  2. I can't really write long trip reports anymore, having very little free time nowadays. We undertook four fan trips in the span of six weeks, and they were all very well attended. The highlight was the STO 9136 charter. At one point, we had 41 passengers aboard! Thanks to all those who contributed to making our fan trips a success. I am taking a well-deserved break and I am unlikely to offer any more fan trips between now and mid-September. The group pictures are attached from Cornwall Transit, STTR, TUM in Shawinigan, CEGEP Gabrielle-Roy and Parc-o-bus Allumettières in STO land (featuring guest appearance with privately owned 8776), enjoy!
  3. I am finally catching up to sightings from last week during the BHA convention. I did see 9136 on Monday 3 June in pm rush on the 100 direction Labrosse on the Rapibus corridor in the vicinity of the Casino while I was on a westbound 400. I opted to alight at Terrasses de la Chaudière to witness the transit scene. At about 5:13 pm, 9134 was on a Plateau-bound 25. Not long after, I got on 9136, now signed up as a 59 direction Aylmer. This was not long before 5:30 pm. On Wednesday 5 June, our charter bus was 9136. I was a little glum to receive a bus I had already chartered, but the spirits of the 39-41 participants were not dampened. I think that everybody enjoyed the comfortable seats in this vehicle! The STO was kind enough to program WELCOME BHA 2019 on the Luminator destination sign, echoing a favour that they did for me back in 2017... On Thursday 6 June, we saw the following buses at Hull garage: 9135, 9134, 9132 in the active/repair lines (there may have been two other buses but I did not photograph them); 9411, 9516, my engagement bus 9131, and 8907 in the dead line. PM rush in downtown Hull (Laurier at Maisonneuve / Portage Bridge): 9136 on 55 Ottawa via Portage at 3:52 pm, 9138 on 59 Ottawa via Portage at 4:01 pm. Finally, on Saturday 8 June, I undertook a private night charter, the bus assigned was 9134. Despite the Balios (I prefer the green flipdots), everybody had fun. This was our first night charter with the STO. From what we can extrapolate above, 9134 and 9136 appear to be the most reliable Classic buses in the fleet. It is no surprise then that these buses were dispatched to us.
  4. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    21421 on the 21!!
  5. How about a little gratitude for Enviro_1203 who chooses to share information concerning his employer instead of keeping the information for himself? Derail the thread? This all started with "why did you have to make the text so big?". The discussion was on topic up until that point. I'm going to be as blunt yet polite as possible. Most of us have been doing this gig / hobby for 10+ years. You don't have to tell us how it goes down. We already know. If you or anybody else has nothing to contribute, there is nothing wrong with staying silent. Posting for the sake of posting, or writing what everybody already knows are not valuable contributions. In one week, STO_1601 will be welcomed back and given a final chance. It is up to him to see where we go from here. The administration is serious about the quality of posts, especially in the Ottawa section. I hope that everybody now sees that we mean business. SMS
  6. "Revenge"??? Oh grow up. STO_1601 has a week off the board to think about what he said. Anybody else want to mouth off? SMS
  7. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    36-901 with destination sign set to "Chauffeur en formation" two mornings in a row at Mansfield and St-Jacques, clearly training for route 36 and using the charging station at SV-OACI. PM rush, 21847 on the 47!!
  8. It has been a couple of months since there was a contributon here... C2-0005 on the 90 this am rush! Truly a rare to see
  9. Avonmore (all the way in Snowdon) does not intersect Brynmor. A little more care in what we type here, please!
  10. A Transit Model Thread with substantial information already exists in the Transit Lounge. Thread closed.
  11. You got your wish. Thread moved. Thanks go to Ashton Wong for agreeing to the change. SMS
  12. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    This morning I took bus pics near TCV. Here's how many liveries I nailed (not counting doubles and one triple): RTL: 130 STM: 20 Transdev ghost white livery buses: 17 Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu: 14 exo: 13 BLUS: 8 CIT Roussillon: 8 CIT Vallée du Richelieu: 2 Ville de Sainte-Julie: 2 CIT Haut-Saint-Laurent: 1 It took a lot of time to compile this information in a spread sheet afterwards, send photos to RTL colleagues and other friends... there is a reason why I do not do this every day anymore!!
  13. SMS

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    39-016 on 35 run 168 this am
  14. We will consider the proposal and return shortly with a decision.