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  1. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    Two days ago, 22-344 parked near SAAQ Place Desormeaux (Longueuil) signed Chauffeur-Eleve !
  2. They are most likely all parked for the summer and hopefully will return for the fall schedules. With further deliveries of 2018 LFS... their days are numbered.
  3. 9136 was chartered by us last Saturday. The STO took the trouble to reactivate the bus and shunt it from Hull Garage to Gatineau Garage. Judging by the cobwebs on this thread, we were the only ones to ride a Classic all summer.
  4. SMS

    STO bus spottings

    Of course the charter was happening. All STO charters organized by YUL Bus Charters are mainly advertised in the Quebec section of the CPTDB.
  5. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    Orion VIII was kind enough to purchase the limited edition Greyhound 1964 World's Fair new look by Rapido from CVRCO in Mississauga, ON. $69.95 + tx and to date still available online
  6. Well guess what guys, STO delivered on their word and 9136 was our charter bus. Great bus, great driver (Nick), great weather! We did soon to be abolished route 300, as well as some mileage to Tunney's Pasture and the Plateau sector of Hull, paying tribute to routes that will be modified shortly. It was nice to make new friends and to show everyone a good time. Thanks especially to OC operator Enviro_1203 who was kind enough to pose bus 6666 next to ours in front of Parliament Hill. Thanks to those who bothered to show up early, I hope that you liked the garage tour! Hope to do another charter if at all possible this fall! Enjoy the photo of our bus posed with Gatineau Garage in the background for a change instead of Hull Garage or elsewhere!
  7. SMS

    Société de transport de Montréal

    The taste for artics seem to have withered over time with ATUQ purchases, with the exceptions of Gatineau and Quebec City. The drivers union must be pleased with this news.
  8. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    The best would be to cancel the stop altogether and let people walk all of 150m to the actual terminal!
  9. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    21313 on the 13!
  10. SMS

    CTHF 2018 Fan Trips

    Thanks for trying!
  11. Registration is now closed. If you wish to be put on the waiting list, please contact me by e-mail or phone immediately. No private messages on CPTDB please.
  12. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Another worrisome item is that there is a fear of losing the gas tax funding, the opposition wants road improvements instead. The division manager also informed me that new Novas will continue to be purchased, but purely on a 1:1 replacement, no expansion forthcoming sadly, even with the new network. I would sooner believe that the El Dorados will be replaced first, as they have not undergone rebuild, and the demand for transit is on the rise, 40 ft buses are needed. There is a possibility that Cornwall Transit might acquire more used Orion VI, but that has yet to be decided upon. Finally, I was informed that one of the existing VIs will become a mobile voting booth for the upcoming municipal elections.
  13. SMS

    YUL Bus Charters

    Saturday August 4 2018, please contact us at yulbuscharters at gmail dot com for more info.
  14. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    I went to see the division manager a few weeks ago and I think that the redoing of the route network will be put off until next year. Which explains why I won't be doing a charter there this summer. It appears that it has something to do with your upcoming municipal elections. Based on the results of these, we will see if there will be changes or if you will have the status quo! Any news here appreciated. I still hope to undertake a Christmas Lights charter in December.
  15. Update: all information regarding the most pertinent details such as times and costs have been sent via email to interested persons. Therefore if you wish to be included, please email me directly at yulbuscharters at gmail dot com