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    President and Co-Founder, YUL Bus Charters (established 2005, operational 2006)

    Bus driver with Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) since February 2011.

    RTL is my first interest, all other companies - including those that I have chartered from - are secondary.

    Various collections of schedules, reports, flyers, maps, signs, fare media, license plates, other memorabilia, bus model collecting.

    Research and photography of urban transportation for archival and historical purposes.

    All opinions expressed are my own and absolutely do not represent those of the RTL.

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  1. As of 1 November, new route 461 will kick in between Métro Radisson and Stationnement de Touraine (located at Montarville / A20) via Stationnement de Mortagne. The route will operate 7 days a week with the worst headway being every 30 mins, typical rush hour headway is every 10 mins (sometimes 5 mins, sometimes 15 mins). Obviously, with work in the tunnel every weekend until December, 61 (and ostensibly 461) will be going to Terminus Longueuil instead of Radisson. If anyone likes annual reports, 2020 was published a few weeks ago: https://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/en-CA/press-room/documents-and-practical-information/annual-reports/
  2. Hey guys, unfortunately I had to drive Longueuil bus 21420 on St-Hubert routes 3, 21 and 121 in pm rush yesterday but when I ran it back in to GASH, the vehicle was put aside to be shunted back to GALO along with 21903. There were a few accessibility violations last pm rush as well particularly on the 3 and 6 with 2008 amd 2009 units, the usual dispatcher is not there so obviously the replacements are not exactly on the ball when it comes to respecting ramp equipped buses. Oh well nobody died right.
  3. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    A buddy and I took a trip to Cornwall early last week, strange to see the place running with almost nothing but LFS after all the years of EZ Burners. We passed by the garage, still friendly as ever. Sorry to see the division manager took his retirement before we could say goodbye, I hope his successor is just as good and as easy to work with for future fan trips (unknown). Special props to our man Dean on the Riverdale run with a cutaway.
  4. Are the new express routes run by LFS? I am worried that the Northrop Frye bus will be a cutaway which is what we rode before the renumbering.
  5. Hi everybody... this AM, they needed an extra on the 901 am departure of the 1 (for the private schools on Tiffin) so I whipped out accessibility violation 20722 for a fin de parcours trip. Do not worry, a 2020 bus was tailing me 1 minute later. For anyone chasing BYD, today only the 284 has 32093. For the record, yesterday we were 0 for 5, no BYD for 294. Unsure about 208.
  6. Seems there is consensus above. Topic locked. SMS
  7. Bang on the money. 14 to operate midday albeit on an hourly basis I believe. Finally a little respect for those wishing to travel between Metro Longueuil and DIX30 without being forced to transfer at Panama. Some 21 trips in AM and PM rush will be converted to 121 trips. 30 and 33 will short turn at Panama (no TCV service). Still waiting for destination signs to be updated to this effect. The 33 never directly served Panama so this is a first. The local stop will be at the 15/115 flag. It would have made more sense to share the 44 flag (to M-N-O sectors of Brossard), oh well! Both routes will run strictly every 30 mins which is a far cry from pre covid levels. 35 and 39 will see rush hour service increased to ever 30 mins, therefore combined average between Panama and DIX30 every 15 mins. 86 and 87 allegedly to return to platform 5 at TCV (where routes 37 and 59 used to serve). It is currently vacant since the 59 still short turns at Panama, so it works in theory. 93 replaces 91 and 92. 98 sees a slight service increase. 128 has a new routing via route de l Aéroport and ultimately ends at Virette Parent in St Bruno. The long term plan is for this route to absorb the 98. 442 (Express Cousineau) will offer 2 AM and 2 PM trippers on an hourly headway. All 4 runs interline into or from accessible routes, so I would not expect vehicles older than 2011 on this new route.
  8. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Anyone want to take bets when this route will be renumbered to 16?
  9. It has come to my attention that a few photos of retired buses were removed from the STM wiki page. No problem! I replaced those low-res pics with scanned photos from the extensive archives of Robert "Bob" Lacombe. He was kind enough to showcase some great photos that ultimately were not accepted in the "40 years" book published in 2019. Bob hopes that everyone will enjoy the new photos! BTW the thumbnails of the removed photos will live on forever in the Internet Archive in spite of the deletion. Here is a link for posterity: https://web.archive.org/web/20210124092431/https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Société_de_transport_de_Montréal
  10. Slight bump. 7 copies remain on Boutique STM website.
  11. Hi everyone, The long awaited details of the new RTL network once the REM opens is now available online: https://www.consultationrtl.ca/
  12. Some friends and I went to check out the first day of the 810 shuttle so here are the results 810: 28-113, 28-114, 30-161, 31-081, 37-045, 37-062, 37-073, 37-080, 38-077, 40-148, 40-184 17: 28-132 64: 26-072, 40-162 128: 37-046, 37-078 177: 30-098 470: 30-859 (signed En Transit in black surrounded by orange pixels), 31-200, 33-818
  13. Our schedules are HASTUS, last version is 2012. Can't answer more. Hope this helps.
  14. AM rush RTL 21105, 21116, 21506, 21517 (later HLP), 21709, 21829 on 5 21515, 21839, 22013 on 15 C20707, 20715, 21101, 21307 (shot twice), 21832 on 42 21103, 21115, 21127, 21510 (later HLP), 21847 (later interline to 43) on 44 20721, 21110 (shot twice), 21052 (shot thrice), 21056 (shot twice), 21057 (shot twice), 21514 (shot thrice), 21714, 21904 (shot thrice), 22005 (shot thrice) on 45 C20704, 21117, 21125, 21836 (defective Axion sign) on 47 20516 on 55 20723, 21501 (shot twice), 21503 (shot twice) on 60 20715 (later HLP), 20717, 21118, 21119, 21306 (shot thrice), 21315, 21501 (interline from 60), 21509, 21513 (later HLP), 21527 (later HLP), 21704 (shot twice), 21820 (later HLP), 21821 (later HLP) on 90 20722, 21702, 21833, 21846, 22001 on HLP STM 40-244 on 21 26-022, 26-027, 26-030, 26-031, 26-034 (shot twice), 26-039, 26-068 (with crooked front logo), 31-167 (bike rack), 31-182, 31-232, 38-006, 38-010, 38-096, 39-021, 40-067 on 168 31-128, 38-006 on 168 École 26-040, 26-043, 31-151, 31-173 (bike rack), 39-039 on 178
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