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  1. Ha! emdx did that one years ago. http://www.emdx.org/rail/DeuxMontagnes/Tunnel/index.html
  2. At worst, there is always the el cheapo method of 204/209 to 211 or any express bus from Gare Dorval to Groulx stn. There should also be no changes to the night bus system (354) considering that the garbage train (REM) should not be operating overnight.
  3. SMS

    CIT Sightings

    As of late, the 35 ft Orion V ex-SJSR now running in all grey Transdev livery and seemingly based out of the Boucherville division for service on 325 Longueuil - Ste-Julie during rush hours!
  4. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    It was also nice to see the Réchaud bus a week ago at Bellechasse for the employees only sale.
  5. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    The day goes by much faster driving those long, crappy routes. I would probably sign that over doing a million trips of 777 Casino.
  6. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Why would they not come back into service? No transit system is in the habit of retiring brand new buses because of a scrape up. Relax buddy! Your tax dollars are working hard for you.
  7. I don't know if you are being facetious but if so, well done. If the Caisse wants their pet project to fail so badly, I say let them. Tell me who else can provide contingencies on such short notice.
  8. Nobody knows anything at RTL so the best thing to do is adopt a wait and see attitude. The one thing I do remember on this topic with regard to the non-competition clause was that new parallel services would not be allowed, so there may be a chance of maintaining minimal service to TCV... but I remain pessimistic. I would like to think that we can provide SPS shuttles but this needs to be enshrined in our new collective agreement in 2022. As an aside, I sincerely believe that TCV can serve as a very good terminus for the 747.
  9. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    Only... this is why I went to Dawson College. I don't know why the STM keeps on screwing over the west island but I have some theories. Maybe they expect the students to just give up and take the slowcal 200.
  10. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    What is the pricing, please?
  11. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    Rapido Trains has unveiled a second issue of New Looks exclusive to the STM boutique, this time in Lucien-L'Allier brown (14-013, 14-045, 15-018, 15-039, 15-061)as well as the usual Mediterranean blue (17-006, 17-025, 18-042, 18-077, 18-093). Pricing is similar to last time ie 64.95 for standard and 84.99 for deluxe, all prices CAD. Visit https://www.boutiquestm.com/fc/modeles/
  12. Classics ostensibly would be needed the most in the winter bookings when service demands are high... whereas in the summer, there is less service and therefore less demand for those buses. I have not made any decisions with regard to what buses I will charter in 2019, considering that 2018 is not yet over. It is a good idea, nevertheless.
  13. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Thread closed.
  14. The short term calls for further hiring of bus operators and a gradual increase of the bus fleet because we are actually looking to increase and improve service. I expect the subsequent phases of the proposed Réseau rapide d'agglomeration (following the first phase, being the Roland-Therrien express service) to begin not long after the REM is open to Brossard. There will be a surplus of vehicles and operators no longer crossing the Champlain Bridge in droves. Management has promised the union to give drivers job security after three years of employment. Therefore there should not be as much layoffs compared to OC Transpo… sorry to say,