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    President and Co-Founder, YUL Bus Charters (established 2005, operational 2006)

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    RTL is my first interest, all other companies - including those that I have chartered from - are secondary.

    Various collections of schedules, reports, flyers, maps, signs, fare media, license plates, other memorabilia, bus model collecting.

    Research and photography of urban transportation for archival and historical purposes.

    All opinions expressed are my own and absolutely do not represent those of the RTL.

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  1. I'm sorry that you had to deal with this @gmnewlook - clearly some people just don't get it. They will end up learning one way or another!
  2. Copyright infringement coupled with complaint from the original poster results in automatic suspension. End of discussion.
  3. For the moment, they are parked at GALO. I have neither the hope nor the desire to drive those buses.
  4. Some people are not getting the message so we will post this here. Veteren transit fan @gmnewlook had some of his photos from his Facebook group Transit in Quebec mercilessly copied and pasted on the CPTDB. Obviously, this is an abject assault against his integrity and asked the admins to take action. The offending party faces immediate suspension for two months. Similarly, I would like to state that "sightings" using tracker website or apps are increasingly becoming redundant, as we all have access to the same software. Whereas I would be less willing to suspend someone over this, I think that the time has come to curtail this type of posting. SMS
  5. 2-0015 still alive this morning on detour on JC bridge to TCV, route 30
  6. Thread locked. It will be reopened once relevant. SMS
  7. Today was very poor for service reliability this morning at the RTL. A collision caused the closure of the new Champlain Bridge for over an hour this morning direction Montreal. I was replacing a friend at work today so I had the joy of driving C2-0210 on the 144. From Panama to Bonaventure via the JC bridge (and Metro Longueuil - decided to do the passengers a solid), it took just over 1.5 hours. Of course I had school extra 670 after this. Some of the poor students waited out in the cold for over 40 minutes due to the delay and detour. I felt bad but people need to learn to dress to conditions. Finally, I would like to state that this bus had no turbo and it was pathetically slow.
  8. Yesterday in the morning the RTL had articulated buses on the 45, however these were most likely changed off as day turned into night. Looking out my window, the south shore does not seem so badly hit.
  9. Agreed, will not be available 11-13 June due to BHA in the Midwest. Anyway the consensus to date is that the charter should take place some time in August with bus 4202.
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