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  1. I think that it is funny that they are using that logo at the front of the bus, when an older hybrid will have STS written in big letters in the same place. What's up with that?
  2. 2-0015 on the 54 on Tuesday after 9 pm!
  3. Underground parking for drivers... ridiculous. Good to see STM is flush with cash. Technically the RTL does not have any 2001 buses. A common misconception is that some of the 2-02XX series includes 2001 LFS because the 2-01XX Van Hools took up the entire series but this is not true. 2-0201 and highers has a VIN not older than January 2002.
  4. Correct, it is finally off property. Best bet is that it is going to Racine's yard to die. RIP
  5. Here is the 355 pdf for comparative analysis https://www.stm.info/sites/default/files/planibus_sept2019/fr/355.pdf 355 becomes one of the more frequent service night buses in Montreal as a result! In addition to what mtl66 wrote, there is one other new precedent set... a night bus route with two terminals. Why not give it a new number altogether? This would avoid confusion. I hope that the destination sign for the southbound (westbound) service will say the service ends at Notre-Dame. Also interesting to note that the routing of the night bus does not detour, but perhaps this is not news to some of you. It is to me... I do not like anything about or around Pie-IX
  6. Chrono and fare box removed. It is a total loss. They will not be fixing it or necessarily replacing it (no need for more artics because of the REM). There are hopes that 20603 can return from retirement to make up for this loss, but I remain skeptical. There is no driver error here this time. Shop talk says there was a loose hose in the back which was the catalyst for the aforementioned thermal incident. It was a good thing that there were no casualties. This could have easily gone the other way.
  7. 21054 has a thermal incident just before the Pledre reserved lane. It is now out of service and decommissioned, sadly kept out of sight beside garage 2 at gash.
  8. Am rush 22-323 on 178 22-407 or 8 on 74 Both painted buses
  9. I drove route 621 just after 12 noon with 21529. Summer school extra! The last time I drove this route in summer, they allowed me to drive a Nova LFS Artic. I asked to take one out but they said to merely use a conventional vehicle.
  10. 79-526 was on the yellow line last week with no door closing chimes installed whatsoever 😶
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