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  1. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    20834 was on the 34 this morning! I don't know if it has been mentioned but 21016 has been wrapped for Promutuel Insurance.
  2. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    22 series buses spotted on 74 as well as 168/178 this morning
  3. SCFP Local 3333 union members voted 79% in favour of management's latest and most serious offer put on the table to date. Press release from SCFP in French: http://scfp.qc.ca/nouvelle-convention-collective-chauffeurs-dautobus-rtl/ We are back in uniform effective Monday and pressure tactics are to cease and desist.
  4. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    Got on 22-253 yesterday pm on 18 Beaubien
  5. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    21416 on the 16 in PM rush! 😆
  6. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    Hey guys! Yesterday PM rush, 20313 and 20413 were on the 13, and 21614 was on the 14!! 😍
  7. SMS

    STM 22-XXX Retirement Watch

    As long as vague sightings are tolerated here, why don't you guys hit up the 168/178 in AM rush? On Monday I saw a fair amount of these units on Robert-Bourassa.
  8. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    Thanks for the update Martin and looking forward to seeing MP 4500 one day! As for those Lionel collectors, they should have gotten in on the action earlier when they were dirt cheap. Good news on the ETS fishbowls, I love that blue and grey livery. Thanks for the tip!
  9. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    Update: After a very successful ten-day trip to the US, I was able to add some fishbowl models to my collection. At Patrick's Trains in Wheeling, WV, I snagged three Lionel City Corgis for $39.99 each, however the sticker indicated that the merchandise was used from a previous collector. I asked Patrick (the owner) to examine the contents and they were pretty much in mint condition, with the certificate # of production still inside (no low numbers though). I have the Lionel City Transit Corporation, Bus Services, and Transit editions. The hope is to get them sanded down and custom painted. An alternative would be to resell them. A quick search online shows that even the Lionel models seem to fetch a pretty penny these days (asking for anywhere from 1.5-2x what I paid). Pretty outrageous considering that most of the serious collectors that I know turned up their nose to this run! Perhaps this is an indication that the market for these buses is finally drying up?? With regard to the above quote... Finally, I caved and bought Port Authority (Pittsburgh) #2476 from Hobby Express in Cranberry Township, PA. I took the hit and paid MSRP $44.99 for standard (no interest in deluxe). I sure learned my lesson. I am not sure if I will complete the collection from Rapido's first run of fishbowls, but I will make an effort. The BHA flea market was a bust for Rapido buses! By the way, if anyone was looking for the HO scale version of Dayton MVRTA #110 by Busch, three were available at The Train Store in Columbus, OH. I do not remember the pricing (perhaps $45 US?) - I did not care to buy one, since I already have one. It is ironic that the hobby store that I visited in Dayton, OH did not stock any buses, let alone this one!
  10. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    I say write and complain to them, rather than just tell us, perhaps they will get with the program! Case in point, I am sure people have been complaining for decades in favour of north-south service on Sources Blvd. It is ironic that night bus service was available seven days a week since 2011 or so? I would have been a grateful user of the 209 on weekends to get to YUL, but as usual with the stm (not worthy of capitalization), it is too little and too late for me!
  11. SMS

    BHA 2018 Convention - Dayton/Cincinnati

    Thanks to all involved in the BHA convention this year, and looking very much forward to Ottawa next year. I have finally scratched riding a BBC off the bucket list!
  12. SMS

    BYD "E-Bus"

    Having said all of this, RTL has decided to jump in on the BYD bandwagon: http://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/en-CA/news/press-release/2018/rtl-grants-contract-for-five-100-electric-buses/
  13. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    I know that it is bad netiquette to dig up the past like this, but finally, can we see a pic of MP 4500 please Martin?