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  1. The following buses are retired behind Garage Longueuil: 9-714, 9-814, 9-707, 9-905, 9-817, 9-907, 9-819.
  2. Today's Sightings

    More accessibility violations, 20904 on the 1 yesterday PM rush and today AM rush 21123 on the 1, with 20534 on the 80 midday! Pathetic!
  3. Today's Sightings

    Yesterday more AV in PM rush with 20520 and 20526 on the 28, and a 2004 for several hours on the 74/75 interline. Today I lost transmission fluid on my AM route and broke down in front of UdeS with 2-0228. At least I managed to limp it to the metro! Got changed off to a hybrid instead...
  4. STO 7901 Spottings (2018)

    It is the charter organizer's prerogative to start and end the charter where ever is most judicious. The STO Hull garage is easily accessible by transit, a one seat ride from downtown Ottawa. Terrasses de la Chaudiere is not an ideal location due to limited parking. The STO has always allowed my group to park on STO premises by the original garage, and we always get the best bang for our buck when we start and end at the garage and do not pay unnecessary (not to mention unreasonable) deadhead costs. If you are willing to spend upwards of 3 hours on a charter bus, I don't understand complaining about having to take the bus to Hull Garage. Keep in mind that guys from Montreal are doing all of the organization since nobody locally based wants to do it. Having said all of this, please keep your eyes peeled in the Quebec section, which is where I typically advertise my fan trips.
  5. Today's Sightings

    Today AM rush: 21313 was on the 13! Another day, another AV sighting, this time 21014 on the 1. Yesterday 20537 on 77. Accessibilité universelle en tout temps my eye!
  6. STO 7901 Spotting (2018)

    Topic closed.
  7. STO 7901 Spottings (2018)

    Hey guys, for sure we would like to do a STO charter this year, but the emphasis will be on a Classic. Usually, the STO is nice enough to let us see 7901 at Hull Garage at the end of my charters (typically we start and end the fan trip at the yard). You could ask STO customer service if the bus is running, and if you are very lucky, they will answer you with the run information. There are no guarantees, however.
  8. C2-0001 was on the 613 school extra just now!
  9. Today's Sightings

    AV sighting yesterday morning, 20837 on the 4, the problem is that the sighting was just after 6 am, when the garage is full of accessible buses that can be dispatched. I drove 20413 for my pm piece, in the morning it was on the 13.
  10. Cornwall Transit

    According to M. Wright, 0359 is retired.
  11. Hey guys! P9-920 still alive and seen yesterday AM rush on route 123, and today on Marie-Victorin Blvd in Fatima section after 1040 am!
  12. Today's Sightings

    Any bus dispatched is better than no bus. There is also the remote chance that it could have been interlined but I do not know crew guides at STM. It might also be the renfort from Lionel-Groulx sent out on open work.
  13. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    I suggest that you contact Daniel Lamoureux who is in charge of the retirement of the Vickers cars. firstname.lastname at stm dot info
  14. Today's Sightings

    Yesterday PM rush 20916 on the 1, even more accessibility violations whoohoo
  15. No problem finding Nova artics on the 45, 7 days a week. According to tristan, only the four 2006 Van Hools remain in service. The odds that the majority if not all of these units are running the 45 are slim although not impossible.