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  1. Hey guys! P9-920 on the 99 this pm rush! Also, 9-921 and 9-922 are back at GALO (much to the chagrin of Tristan I am sure)
  2. P9-920 on the 20 this morning, and on Friday I drove 2-0007 in pm rush on the 54 and 180!
  3. MÉTRO

    Let's not also forget that the metro extension to Laval was opened later than scheduled and cost above the original estimates.
  4. Today's Sightings

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I agree it is not fun to ride sardine can STM buses. If you want to drive one day, give it a chance! I used to hate riding first gens, but driving them changed my perspective a little. Anyway to each their own. Let's not also forget how many STM first gens (and from other companies) burnt right down to the ground! 17-001 and the like. That was true scrap!
  5. In this era of fake news (nothing new either), I am very discerning about the manner in which I read news. I am very skeptical about the conclusions drawn in this article: http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/no-rem-train-line-will-not-restrict-montreal-transit-services-mayors-insist The fact that CDPQ Infra (not even mentioned per se in the article) desires non-compete clauses disgusts me. Transit needs to integrate, not isolate. I can understand that they would want several RTL bus routes for instance to serve Panama Station but Métro Longueuil still requires status quo service at a bare minimum. There are various trip generators in the Longueuil agglomeration (CEGEP, Pratt & Whitney, hospitals, distribution centres, ...) that are situated too far from REM stations to have their services mercilessly reduced.
  6. Today's Sightings

    You call that scrap? You should have seen STCUM's experience with the first gens! The third gens are great comparatively!
  7. I tried the 16:10 departure (the third of the afternoon) with 2-0232, the driver was one of the highest ranks out of GALO (30+ years of service, and surprisingly before that 3 years with Halifax Transit!). Very quiet route... there are more fingers on both of my hands than riders on this round trip. Clearly the memo hasn't gotten out. Anyway it is obvious that it is senior route as people on Roland-Therrien (where we serve only the express stops at Auteuil, Fernand-Lafontaine, de Gentilly, Curé-Poirier, and King-George) were telling us to go on and preferred to wait for the 410/417! Most but not all stops are served on Jacques-Cartier, interestingly enough. As can be expected, no changes at Stationnement de Mortagne, not even a port a potty. Hopefully this will change by the time the Lafontaine tunnel is closed. People will be screaming for alternatives at that point (the famous REM will not be ready next year... thank God).
  8. MÉTRO

    At least it isn't the pink line!
  9. I have replied privately to MTL66, but I have seen or heard nothing for why he received this sort of treatment. I guess that he had the misfortune of happening on this particular RTL employee at a bad time.
  10. Friday I drove 2-0001 on an extra for route 13
  11. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    I had the displeasure of riding the green line this weekend and I can tell you guys that I had no difficulty finding at least one MR-63 set on Saturday and Sunday respectively
  12. Today's Sightings

    AV sightings from Tuesday include 21109 and 21126 on 6, 2-0209 and 20512 on 106.
  13. YUL Bus Charters

    May Charter Weekend:
  14. SAVE THE DATES: Saturday 5 May - Shawinigan RTCS/TUM. Priority bus ex-RTL 1998 LFS, if not backup is ex-RTC LFS (trip likely to begin in the afternoon) *** please note: it is possible that we may offer a shuttle using a historically preserved bus leaving STTR garage in Trois-Rivières to arrive at the Shawinigan bus garage. Charter costs do not include the shuttle. Donations will be expected to share fuel expenses. Sunday 6 May - Trois-Rivières STTR. Priority bus STTR 9701 (the oldest vehicle in the fleet), if not the vehicle will be selected by volunteer operator Félix Parent-Rocheleau (trip likely to begin in the morning) *** after the event, it is likely that Félix will sortie his fishbowl for a tour of the city. Please note that this is NOT a charter but a joy ride / fan trip. 2018 is the final year that bus 8202 will be in its current livery. Also note that STTR has planned a major network change effective this summer. Times, costs, and food stops to be determined. Minimum 3 hour LFS charter per day. Yard visits should be expected at the end of each event. A weekend pass will be issued at a discounted rate compared to pricing for individual days. If there is not enough interest to justify the trip, we will consider a STO Classic charter on one of the days mentioned instead. Please indicate attendance (yulbuscharters at gmail dot com). Another close collaboration is expected with local transit experts. We hope to offer yet another successful and memorable charter weekend in the Mauricie region! Regards, SMS, President, YUL Bus Charters PS management reserves the right to restrict and/or refuse admission
  15. C for counter (compteur), to record passenger volumes P for priority (priorité) at traffic signals These prefixes have been made mostly redundant for newest bus purchases