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  1. I drove C21002 in overtime tonight for extras for St Jean Baptiste Day activities. I was only needed to do half a trip on the 8 and half a trip on the 19 from the intersection of Cousineau and Gaétan-Boucher in St-Hubert, both metrobound. Very quiet crowds compared to years past.
  2. Well boys, yesterday I had the pleasure of driving 2-0015 on the 84 in AM rush. P9-921 was sighted on my deadhead back to division this morning. A new board starts on Monday, let's hope that they won't mothball the first gens for the summer. Usually they have a rotation going on.
  3. Some drivers I know hate driving a bus with a jump (ie idiot) seat and for this reason love any third gen or higher. Other drivers are paranoid about cameras (take this as you will) and would likely prefer an older bus. Or maybe this operator was a fan who wanted to take out the oldest Equipment as possible!
  4. Who is to say that we cannot offer yet another activity then? We need to make up for lost time in chartering their Classics, if the STO plans on mass retiring their high floor buses come next year. This activity will offer different photo stops from the CTHF charter, and the territory is so large in Gatineau that you need not worry about us over-doing it. In any case, this August initiative will be a minimum 3 hour charter and maximum 5 hour charter, however we are aiming for it to be in the environs of 4 hours, it all depends on turnout. No food stop! Eat before and after! I promise the Sunday charter will end at a very reasonable time for your return to Toronto. Most of you have indicated interest for Sunday, so it will take place then. Including the STO! Their resources might be stretched thin with their fireworks shuttles on Saturday night.
  5. Oui monsieur! No need for a back door with this company!
  6. Please visit the YUL Bus Charters - 2017 Activities thread in the Québec section for our latest idea: STO Classic charter in August 2017!
  7. I am considering hosting a STO Classic charter on either Saturday August 12 or Sunday August 13. Which date works better for you? Please send your answer to our charter e-mail yulbuscharters *at- gmail /dot. com
  8. Today it is 3060, but all of the above is the same.
  9. Speaking of Promutuel wrap, RTL's lone wrapped bus was on the 88 this morning.
  10. Maple Leaf all the way man!
  11. CITVR 3059-30-7 at Metro Longueuil this morning for route 200!
  12. However, and more to the point, the federal government agreed to finance part of it.
  13. Today I happened to take the 53 so I asked the driver, he said September. I also got a few shots of 3rd gens on this route, including one with a bike rack!
  14. It would have been fun to see short turns with the leased coaches! Oh well!
  15. Too bad... I guess I will be riding the 54 more often then! When will it be abolished?