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  1. It seems like the Terminus Mansfield has been adopted with great success. Passengers are using the new facility, there doesn't appear to be access problems. This has the added benefit of improving access to quai sud of TCV and permits us RTL drivers to get to quai nord easily.
  2. Hello, if host one, I will post it in the Quebec section, in the YUL thread. Thank you for your interest!
  3. P9-817 on the 85 this pm rush
  4. I think that Garage LaSalle is being renovated in part to finally accept artics. This would be a welcome move for routes like the 105 and 106.
  5. I can share some details of this pilot project with you. It is called Chrono RTL. Only ten buses are equipped (21001 to 21005 and 21101 to 21105). They will be deployed on routes 8, 29, 71, and 123. Indeed it is a GPS unit whose main goal is to get drivers to adhere to their schedule. It will also have the added benefit of eventually sharing real-time bus tracking information with passengers. A survey has been distributed to drivers to indicate their observations and opinions on this project. It looks like the days of speeding and cutting the ends off routes are numbered!
  6. If that were the case, then they would save themselves the trouble of coupling and decoupling between the yellow line and Garage - Atelier Beaugrand!
  7. OK great! So they can run the dedicated airport shuttles with air conditioning like those early 31-000 series buses right?
  8. Once again the yellow line is left in the dust. I realize that it is difficult to justify better than ten minute headways off peak but at least can we have our nine car trains back???
  9. Yes it is on a trial basis. I have driven 21102 with it but it was not activated.
  10. Actually, according to one of my STM contacts, all 107 hybrid buses from this year's order are slated to go to Stinson garage. So maybe there is hope for an air conditioned ride on the 747 after all! According to the latest roster that I have received, the order goes up to 36-051 for the hybrids. Mont-Royal bus garage currently accommodates 151 buses, whereas the larger Stinson can service 280 buses presently. Since this is a 747 discussion, LaSalle garage can only hold half of its designed capacity (181 buses). It will be interesting to see if LaSalle will once again take over full control of the 747 once the renovations there are done. I don't want to comment on whether the STM is mismanaged or not, but I would hope that complaints are addressed to customer service if not directly to the politicians and decision-makers faces at the monthly board meetings instead of to the poor driver! I would also like to think that the 747 can coexist with the REM since they serve different destinations directly, but this is now going off-topic.
  11. Well guys, last Friday I had the dubious pleasure of driving P9-928 on my pm rush piece! Sounds good, looks good! HEH!
  12. If the only difference is the fleet number, then I can make an exception to Lay's Law
  13. In all seriousness, what is the difference between each numbered unit? smallspy do you care to comment please? Is it worth it to buy every single one or is it pretty much the same if we merely bought just the one?
  14. SAVE THE DATES YUL BUS CHARTERS 2017 WEEKEND: Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 May 2017 UITP CHARTER: Saturday 13 May or Sunday 14 May 2017 BUS HISTORY ASSOCIATION PRE-CONVENTION CHARTER: Wednesday 7 June 2017 (SUBJECT TO APPROVAL) All activities are TBD (to be determined) and as usual management reserves the right to restrict/refuse admission. Meaning that if you weren't welcome in the past, don't bother asking to come.