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  1. Here is the group photo that we took at P-O-B Allummetières which might give you an idea of what the bus looks like.
  2. Cornwall Transit

    I got an answer from the top: Cornwall Transit expects delivery of 3 new LFS units towards the end of December, and the Vs will be retired in January 2018. So we will still have time to offer a Christmas Lights Charter.
  3. The front is all white. There are colour logos along the side but no blue stripe along the length of the bus, sadly.
  4. Well, we chartered 9117 on Sunday...
  5. Thanks to all who attended especially our friends from south of the border. Great bus, great driver, great company! We were initially not slated to get either MCI Classic due to repairs and maintenance, but the STO sure surprised us with 9117 and it's one-off white painted front (despite still being in the original colours). This time, we stayed west of the Gatineau River and took our group to parts of Hull and Aylmer that we have never visited before. Thanks for complying with our directives, because of this we hit up the vast majority of our photo stops, all respecting sun angles and appropriate destination sign exposures. I sincerely hope that the next charter will be longer and have greater attendance. The STO as usual treated us very well with lots of maps and schedules offered, and a brief yard visit at Hull Garage. Thanks also to our man at OC Transpo who offered us a side by side opportunity with his double decker. Cimon, we got it for Yiu! For sure we will return to STO in 2018 and celebrate the opening of the light rail with a Classic (we hope)!
  6. P9-929 on the 84 this morning 9-923 at Panama yesterday pm rush among a couple other 99s formerly at GALO yet now affected on GASH routes
  7. Today's Sightings

    RTL 20104 towed to GALO yesterday and parked out back for PM rush awaiting maintenance and hopefully not decommissioning. Lots of baby buses on the 45 in PM rush, I have no specific numbers bus I saw 2007, 2008, and even 2017 hybrid on the line. Boo!
  8. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    Why run MPM-10 on green line and mix it up? Garage Beaugrand has to maintain three different rolling stocks. They should all be on the orange line first.
  9. Final call - we leave STO Hull garage at 1245 pm sharp. Our first photo stop is especially timed. Do not be late.
  10. The CIT thread...

    Gaudreault vehicles, you mean Keolis?
  11. C2-0002 on the 25 right now!
  12. On Friday I drove 2-0015 on the 29 and 81 in pm rush, very good bus.
  13. 9-923 on 47 this AM
  14. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    81-501 / 80-001 / 81-502 still alive as the middle element of a yellow line run this morning!
  15. 9-923 on 34 this AM