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  1. I saw the test bus twice today. I first saw it at Côté-Vertu and the highway 40 heading east around 5. I then saw it heading south on boul des Sources after midnight. Perhaps there are more than one of these buses. The destination sign said “Special”.
  2. 29-134 broke down on McGill Av and was replaced by 31-063. It was probably doing the 35. 38-015 was on the 215 and I saw 31-196 on the 196.
  3. Since the STM is testing with this bus (a model they already have).. I assume the the 40 series will come equipped like this. Why else would STM be testing buses they already own?
  4. 31-035 on the 201 and 37-036 is on the 202.
  5. The run number started with a 91 and was 6 digits.
  6. I also saw that bus. Maybe the 40 series will be configured like this.
  7. Caught 24-224 on the 470 twice today. This overcrowded rush hour bus seemed to be in worst shape than some of the 2002 buses out there.
  8. 30-253 is back in service on the 174 after a month of inactivity.
  9. Just saw a mini Exo bus heading north on Des Sources and Pierrefonds. I wonder what it was doing there.
  10. Just saw a brand new Nova Bus LFS hybrid with the new drivers window and the rear destination sign in the top right corner heading east on the highway 40 by Sources.
  11. Just a little thing I’ve been thinking about... next year, do you think the new buses will be numbered 40-XXX or do you think the STM should go back to 20-XXX since it’s 2020?
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