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  1. Last night, I saw 41-019 on the 47 and 41-026 en transit heading down St. Joseph. I’ve been inactive for a while and didn’t even realize the 2021s entered service until yesterday
  2. Last night, 40-902 was heading westbound on the 40 by Sources.
  3. At the corner of Gouin and Sunnybrooke, I noticed and STL bus stop with the number 730 on it. Any info on where this route goes and comes from? Also, I noticed a panel at all the 968 stops with a panel with information regarding some sort of update or modification to the route. Does anyone know anything about this too?!
  4. 28-089 is on the 470 and 30-074 was on the 68.
  5. 40-170 has been parked at Fairview Terminus overnight since Sunday December 20th. There’s a paper taped to the door but I can’t read what it says. Also, there was an STM maintenance vehicle beside it for the past two days.
  6. 40-903 was En Transit on the highway 40 westbound near Sources around 3:30.
  7. Yesterday, I caught 39-091 on the 968 running out of Stinson.
  8. I’ve also seen a STL hybrid right in front of Walmart too. It was around a month ago.
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