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  1. 30-152 was on the 213 at 7 this morning. This bus was clearly in some form of accident recently. The whole left side advertisement was ripped off of the bus and so was part of the left wall... exposing the internal metal wall of the bus. In my opinion, this bus should not be in service. If I cross roads with this bus again, I’ll take a picture. 30-163 is on the 170. also, 39-099 is on the 200 running out of SL.
  2. There are 150 of them. I’ve seen 39-148 which is not yet in service.
  3. Caught 31-116 on the 68 with bike racks. 36-049 was on Pierrefonds.
  4. 24-260 was on the 205 early this morning.
  5. Today was very interesting. I caught 25-217 on the 213, 24-286 on the 208 and once again, I saw 39-077 on the 64.
  6. 39-077 was on the 68 running out of SL.
  7. Anywhere we could find this photo? 39-107 is on the 141.
  8. It’s crazy how we’ve all seen this bus multiple times. I think it might be all of our new stalker bus. Or maybe it’s just easier to notice.
  9. 25-231 is on the 164 running out of SL.
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