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  1. Effective Monday 22 June 2020, summer booking begins at RTL. If you consider that the usual offer of service during the summer is 90% of full levels, we are going down to 68.5%. So in a sense, there will be more service but not much more. The TCV extras to back up the 45 and 90 remain the 5, 42, 44, 47, and 60. A communiqué went out last Friday (as usual in French only) describing the service changes coming up. https://rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/fr-CA/actualites/communiques/2020/nouvelle-offre-de-service-au-rtl-des-le-22-juin/ Probably the most salient news in all of this will be the return of service for the fake BRT routes 410 and 417, which means the 76 will see a return to weekday service. Seems like the 10 and 17 were not cutting it anymore on weekdays. It deserves to be said that the 170 has continued to maintain weekday service to Papineau station during the pandemic, which goes to show how appreciated this route is by its loyal customers. From an operations standpoint, management did not offer us a double booking ie we did not book another set of work "just in case" everything opens up and service ramps up to what would be considered normal. I do not wish to cause concern - the RTL has proven that they can set up a work selection with a few days notice and book all drivers within four days (at least in the case of GASH). So if everyone is to return to work, we should be ready. We are also waiting for plexiglass shields to be installed protecting drivers, so that we can finally start to collect fares. As you can imagine, this cannot begin until the shields are in place. As such, rear door boarding and alighting still remains in effect. I will miss this board period, it will have been the best "work" that I have ever done since getting behind the wheel almost 9 years ago. For those interested in our labour pool, we have avoided layoffs thankfully. It is difficult to speculate that, if/when the second wave hits, we will return to the tâche system of keeping senior excess drivers at home on standby. I imagine that management will not allow this to happen again. Oh and finally, 24 June and 1 July are stat holidays so you can expect Sunday level service.
  2. At worst, I'd imagine that the STM would take delivery of the completed order next year. There are plenty of examples of a series with the following year's VIN.
  3. SQ and SSL (signature sur le st Laurent) went back on their decision; the reserved lanes will only be functional on an as-needed basis. This came into effect last Monday. Transit is clearly not a priority as long as the shoulder can be used for radar traps.
  4. Last day of the Auto Parc as we know it: 7 June 2020 8 June, we move to the temporary terminal https://rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/fr-CA/actualites/avis-a-la-clientele/2020/demenagement-du-terminus-panama-le-8-juin-2020/ Thanks to @eclair14 for the heads up
  5. As of Tuesday, the Champlain Bridge bus lane is back during both rush hours and for both directions. Seems like increased traffic volumes have justified the change. I know that from driving my car the Victoria Bridge now offers two Montreal bound lanes in am rush but I am hesitant to comment on pm rush since I have seen nothing. In any case, route 55 is not running, nor are the majority of our rush hour routes (exceptions apply).
  6. Yesterday 21821 on 21 in pm rush and I drove 3 trips of 43 in 21843 last night... zzz !!!
  7. Accessibility violations 20540 and 20914 on the 6 21511 on 704 parc-gash driver shuttle
  8. Accessibility violation live, the pm 177 is 20522
  9. Finally the lack of seating actually served a purpose! Yesterday PM rush 747 Airport Bus 29-149 on eb 215!
  10. Yesterday PM rush, I saw youse guys fave bus 22-215, it was ET facing EB on H-Bourassa behind Parkway Plaza just before Halpern.
  11. Yes. Sorry for the delayed response. That is for drivers only. I prefer to sign up the bus as Garage with PR code for NAVETTE so that customers do not get misled. In other news, if you see old buses out at night and on weekends, do not be surprised. A directive to this effect was sent out a few weeks ago. The idea is to save the newest buses with ac for when they will be needed in the summer. So this is merely an exercise in balancing out the km. COVID-19 booking continues for the foreseeable future. When there are changes, I will write an update. With the premier yesterday extending the shutdown by a week in the Greater Montreal Area, all drivers remain on spareboard with weekday service called holiday +. Weekend service remains the same. Finally, I would like to state for the record that an unofficial extra numbered 821 currently exists for the benefit of AFFI shift workers. The 821 operates express between the metro and Grande-Allée/JA Bombardier as per my understanding.
  12. If that is the case, then perhaps 211 could return to 10 min max route status 🤔
  13. Artic on the Liège bus LOL As for hitting the curb, it is up to STM to contact voirie at the City to fix the problem.
  14. I thought that it would be good to include the memo from the website, in case we wanted to search quickly re: COVID-19
  15. I need to offer a retraction for the GASH 704 shuttle... evidently a 90 minute round trip was deemed inefficient and drivers were still taking the cushion with the 5/50 to parc and 21 to mtro… so the 704 now has a 3rd routing apart from the GALO shuttle. Tonight I am driving the 704 from GASH to MTRO. 5 mins recovery at mtro, 20 mins travel time between both points, turn and burn at division (on paper). 1 bus every 45 minutes. Tomorrow I am driving the 704 from GASH to PARC. 4 mins recovery at each end, 11 mins travel time between both points. 1 bus every 30 minutes.
  16. I would also like to add that an extra is provided for route 61, and there is some exceptional limited service for route 25. The Boucherville industrial park serves some distribution centres that have been deemed essential (I can think of Sobey's and Provigo). Here is the communiqué in French
  17. Correct - I apologize for the omission. It deserves to be said that routes 5, 42, 44, 47, and 60 will all stop at Panama, especially in PM rush. Usually this does not happen at rush hour depending on the direction. I have a little more news on the driver shuttle. Both garages have a shuttle and both are numbered 704. The Garage Longueuil shuttle offers hourly service between galo and mtro (Terminus Longueuil), their only relief point between 8 am and 250 xm. They allow for 20 mins travel time and 10 mins recovery per direction. The Garage St-Hubert shuttle maintains pretty much the same hours (8 am to 245 xm). GASH relief points are mtro and parc (Terminus Panama). The shuttle operates every 90 mins using the following routing: GASH - PARC - MTRO - PARC - GASH. Travel time and recovery times are as follows: GASH - 15 mins - PARC (10 mins) PARC - 15 mins - MTRO (10 mins) MTRO - 15 mins - PARC (10 mins) PARC - 15 mins - GASH (turn and burn). Starting in the mid afternoon, certain layovers are lost and the driver must turn and burn. Shuttle operates 7 days a week.
  18. That table has since been removed sadly. It looks to me that we are basically offering Easter Monday type service on weekdays meaning that certain routes during peak hours other than 45 and 90 operate service to TCV. Quick examination of those routes are 5, 42, 44, and 60. These specific routes are selected when the 45 cannot handle loads coming from said routes. I am only looking at GASH division since I work there. A COVID-19 board period has been in effect since yesterday and in effect for an undetermined period of time. Instead of half of the drivers being on paid leave per week, the situation changed 24 hours after the memo was issued. There are no layoffs for drivers at RTL. Drivers that have enough seniority can book to be on-call at certain hours of the day. A new driver shuttle (internally numbered 704) does the rounds between GASH, PARC, and MTRO since yesterday. If such a shuttle exists for GALO, I do not know it. I am off Monday Tuesday so I do not have much more news.
  19. Better late than never I suppose. Friday midday sightings on the 30: 22-337 and 24-221
  20. Accessibility violation on the 21 this morning rush: 2-0224
  21. Changes happening on a daily basis at RTL! Since yesterday: Samuel de Champlain Bridge reserved lane no longer in function due to virtually no traffic; Victoria Bridge no longer has 2 lanes for peak hours. It is always 1 lane per direction all day every day. Therefore route 55 pm has no choice but to get to St-Lambert via the new Champlain Bridge. Since today: All articulated buses sidelined. Route 45 exclusively operated by conventional buses. SCOOP: effective Monday 30 April and for 2 weeks, there will be a special COVID-19 schedule. In order to comply to Premier Legault's stay home order, half the employees (336 drivers) will work at both garages (GALO 185, GASH 151) while half will be on paid leave for the week. Then it is the inverse for the week effective 6 April. The reduced hours resemble service similar to Easter Monday on weekdays; Saturday and Sunday service remain pretty much the same. There is a relatively thin spareboard as well. For the week effective 13 April and going on as long as needed, we will be operating on a summer schedule. Obviously no school extras and slightly reduced service but not as drastic as you will see for the next 2 weeks. The news only came out today and I am sorry not to offer more details. It is hoped this will slow down the rate of COVID-19.
  22. New schedules effective 6 April but not as previously thought. We are going to a summer schedule (no school extras and slightly reduced service). Decision was made Sunday. At GASH division, sign up begins today and exceptionally continues into the weekend. With roughly 80 drivers booking per day, this bus garage can sign all drivers within 4 days. Drivers with pre existing conditions (ex diabetes, respiratory illness), drivers over 70 years of age (yes it exists), and obviously drivers already on leave are not allowed to work. Some drivers have even taken retirement. And worse, relief is not necessarily in sight due to the halt of training. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the RTL will exceptionally offer overtime to drivers on vacation! It is confirmed that transit is an essential service so this is us doing our part. Please do not "bus fan." Go out only if absolutely necessary!
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