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  1. Minor service changes upcoming for the summer booking effective 27 June 2022: 128 will pass via John Molson Street, however this has been in effect since 14 March 201 as mentioned above has been modified with additional departures (at the cost of less break) since 9 May Seasonal route 298 returns with additional stops offered between Metro Longueuil and St Bruno de Montarville 428 claims to be a new route but has been in effect since at least 2 May, will operate 7 days a week between Metro Longueuil and St Hubert airport industrial parks via Route 116. Finally, a new shuttle 781 operating 7 days a week in Boucherville between Terminus de Montarville and Quai Yvon-Julien.
  2. Yesterday PM rush 20522 on the 22!!
  3. I certainly don't want an apology. I have pored over the maps in details because these changes will directly affect my livelihood. I have an interest to learn the modifications, and once made official, I will post them here. I would like to see the 747 run to Angrignon Metro once the REM serves YUL.
  4. I don't mean to single the poster above out exclusively but I just want to state some facts. The RTL is not banned from operating in downtown Montreal. They are merely strongly discouraged from crossing the new Champlain Bridge. There will be additional services crossing to downtown Montreal apart from the 55. According to the following links, route 170 will be extended from Métro Papineau to TCV: LINK 1 LINK 2 Boucherville express trippers 86 and 87 will continue to operate to TCV, most likely via J-C Bridge exclusively as opposed to am rush only. LINK 3 The following link describes the changes that should be implemented, however none of these should be considered as final as more changes will follow at a final date. LINK 4 I am not at liberty to discuss the changes that have already been modified from what is on the consultation website. Truthfully the drivers are not completely in the know yet, and I suspect we will find out the changes at the same time as the general public.
  5. Good morning everybody... I drove some extras in OT this morning... C20901 accessibility violation on 21 (unscheduled short trip between Bellevue sud and Grande-Allée direction mtro) operating over 691 Lucille-Teasdale.
  6. I have a question. Suppose someone has been claiming the tax credit legitimately or not. What is to stop the CRA, when this person sells the property, to come at them for a piece of the capital gains seeing as how it was a workspace subsidized by the Govt of Canada?
  7. The following buses (aside from 21054) are retired behind gash: 2-0015 2-0201, 202, 204, 205, 206, 208, 209, 211, 213, 214, 217, 218, 219, 220, 224, 228, 229, 231, 232, 233, 235, 236, 237, 238, 240, 241 20301, 302, 307, 308, 311, 316, 319, 320 20403, 404, 405, 407, 408, 410, 411, 412, 413, 415, 416, 417, 418 TOTAL: 48 vehicles
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    I hope not!
  9. But the 25 does not serve Assomption Metro. Surely you mean Prefontaine
  10. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    I'd like to know at what point the CAD AVL system changes the destination signs as of next week, would it be before arriving at Pitt and Second? Thanks in advance. I can only assume Riverdale is not mentioned in the list above due to not interlining with any other route. At what point will Riverdale become on demand, if at all? Thanks again.
  11. Hi everybody, bit of breaking news... 461 kicks in on Monday 13 December 2021. I expect the website to be updated momentarily. At the time of typing, there is no news release or schedule available online. Please note that the RTL platforms at Radisson for routes 61 and 461 will move to the new terminal on rue du Trianon north of rue Faradon beside Place Versailles. The reserved lane on A20 is only open partially westbound, still nothing eastbound, and the RTL expects to open segments once they become available...
  12. Yesterday I drove 22118 on the interline of 44/43/60/132. Currently it is on the 21.
  13. To my disgust, 31-166 has the clown font on the sides of the bus
  14. The terminals are not yet ready (neither are the bus lanes) so the unveiling of the 461 has been put off indefinitely. Drivers who signed this work are forced to sit spare in the break room at GALO and may be sent out based on seniority. At the same time, service has been beefed up on the 61, and the return of rush hour route 9 on a 30 minute headway was implemented as of 1 November 2021 instead of 3 January 2022. Speaking of January 2022, I do have some spoilers of what is to come (major changes only). Return of route 9 (already taken place) Route 22 extended to stationnement de Mortagne Route 35 to receive 15 min headway instead of 30 during AM and PM rush. Don't forget that route 135 is not likely to return. Return of route 37 during rush hours operating every 30 mins and will load at Panama at platform 17 (routes 13 and 526) Routes 41 and 43 will see a service increase of every half hour at rush hours, therefore combined average of 15 mins. Route 50 will see a service increase of every 30 mins during rush hours Route 77 will see service increases at rush hours (not specified) Return of route 82 with half hourly service during rush hours Route 99: increased service during AM rush only Return of route 199 wth 2 morning trippers and 3 pm trippers Return of SkiBus 299, with stops added. 534 Centennial extended to Place Java (I really don't know why, this is an industrial park. Maybe trips will be interlined with the 35) 607 Agora will have an additional departure in the PM 613 Colleges will be extended to Tiffin and Patenaude 640 Antoine-Brossard, 1 extra trip in PM. Same for 656 and 664 660 Antoine-Brossard will have 1 extra trip in AM and PM. Same as 670. Seems to be the covid extras given out in OT are becoming permanent additions in the crews. Minor changes for 675, 676, 678 Jacques-Rousseau. 695 Lucille-Teasdale will have 1 extra trip in AM and PM. PS I managed to download a 461 schedule before it was taken down, so if anyone is interested, maybe I can upload it here for your viewing pleasure.
  15. After two weeks of much deserved vacation, I decided to come in and do a little overtime on my off day. I merely did some extras 20704 on 532 Centennial AM (1 regular 1 extra) 20904 on 660 Antoine-Brossard PM (2 regulars 1 extra)
  16. Dead link! Like the train! Hard to be a fan of a train that doesn't even move! OK I'll just show myself out now
  17. As of 1 November, new route 461 will kick in between Métro Radisson and Stationnement de Touraine (located at Montarville / A20) via Stationnement de Mortagne. The route will operate 7 days a week with the worst headway being every 30 mins, typical rush hour headway is every 10 mins (sometimes 5 mins, sometimes 15 mins). Obviously, with work in the tunnel every weekend until December, 61 (and ostensibly 461) will be going to Terminus Longueuil instead of Radisson. If anyone likes annual reports, 2020 was published a few weeks ago: https://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/en-CA/press-room/documents-and-practical-information/annual-reports/
  18. Hey guys, unfortunately I had to drive Longueuil bus 21420 on St-Hubert routes 3, 21 and 121 in pm rush yesterday but when I ran it back in to GASH, the vehicle was put aside to be shunted back to GALO along with 21903. There were a few accessibility violations last pm rush as well particularly on the 3 and 6 with 2008 amd 2009 units, the usual dispatcher is not there so obviously the replacements are not exactly on the ball when it comes to respecting ramp equipped buses. Oh well nobody died right.
  19. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    A buddy and I took a trip to Cornwall early last week, strange to see the place running with almost nothing but LFS after all the years of EZ Burners. We passed by the garage, still friendly as ever. Sorry to see the division manager took his retirement before we could say goodbye, I hope his successor is just as good and as easy to work with for future fan trips (unknown). Special props to our man Dean on the Riverdale run with a cutaway.
  20. Are the new express routes run by LFS? I am worried that the Northrop Frye bus will be a cutaway which is what we rode before the renumbering.
  21. Hi everybody... this AM, they needed an extra on the 901 am departure of the 1 (for the private schools on Tiffin) so I whipped out accessibility violation 20722 for a fin de parcours trip. Do not worry, a 2020 bus was tailing me 1 minute later. For anyone chasing BYD, today only the 284 has 32093. For the record, yesterday we were 0 for 5, no BYD for 294. Unsure about 208.
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