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    STO Photos

    Your constant badgering to become an editor is not gaining you any favour. All I want are the issues fixed. This is not a witch hunt. You however did not hesitate to throw other editors under the bus. What is this, elementary school? This is probably why you are not granted editor status.
  2. SMS

    STO Photos

    I would like to call on the wiki moderators to note the above, perhaps wiki privileges should be removed if care is not taken to do the job right the first time around @Articulated @Kevin L
  3. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    Only one articulated on the SPS? Sucks! Well, I was supposed to drive 20806 this morning but due to a transmission problem (would not shift beyond 40 km/h, the rpm was in the red zone in my head), I determined that it would not be a good candidate to cross the bridge. So hello from sitting spare at the division getting paid to adminstrate the board. 😉
  4. SMS

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    Thread reopened. For how long is completely up to you as a collective, of course.
  5. Attention all posters in this forum: The administrators have agreed that we will staunchly enforce the above rules. Failure to comply will result with consequences that shall be dealt with in the following manner: Thread lockdown at our discretion for an undetermined period of time. We may investigate the possibility of shutting down the entire Ottawa section if persistent bad behaviour becomes commonplace. 7 day suspension for offending member(s). Permanent ban. Even though the above dates to over ten years ago, it is still relevant. I suggest a thorough re-read. The nonsense will no longer be tolerated. Police yourselves so that we don't have to. Thanks for your attention. SMS
  6. Attention Ottawa posters: The CPTDB is not to be used for off-topic posting or instant messaging chit-chat within threads. Offending posts will be erased. All posters are encouraged to use the private messaging function for personal communication. Please stay on topic and remain professional in your posts. This in turn encourages fruitful and enlightened discussion. Thank you for considering these points. SMS on behalf of the CPTDB admin
  7. SMS

    Metro Transit

    I'm gonna be in MSP next week and I want to do a day of fanning... I plan to check out the Hiawatha LRT and try to get some D60(HF) action... anyone have recommendations?
  8. Hi friends! I'm gonna be in Ottawa on business from Friday and when I'm not in the archives researching, you can bet your ass I'll be doing something transit related. I need some recommendations: What's worth photographing... besides New Looks... ? What routes are good to ride? Note, this is not my first trip to Ottawa, I've been on the 95 and 97 many times... what else is good? Thanks.
  9. SMS

    STO Photos

    Problems with the STO wiki page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Société_de_transport_de_l'Outaouais#Active photo for 9225 shows 9224... Also, 9132, 9135, and 9138 are currently active. I do not have time to make the corrections myself, any help appreciated.
  10. SMS

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    I would suggest reading the Ottawa Section Posting Etiquette at the top of the topic listing of the National Capital Region. We are not in the mood to dole out suspensions (we have busy lives outside of the board), but we will do so if we are pushed in this direction and if we see it fit. In addition to the rules posted therein, I would also like to mention that micromanaging this thread, section, or forum is wholly inappropriate. Board members are urged to report offending posts to the administration. We will take over from there. This thread will be reopened after a reasonable cool down period. I think that at some point on Tuesday is fair. We sincerely hope that posting will continue in a fun, fruitful, and respectful environment. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the long weekend. SMS
  11. If motor coaches would return to the 747, I am not sure that the route would be operated by the STM. The point of the 747 is to serve Lionel-Groulx and the downtown core as a one seat ride from YUL airport, therefore I don't think that a Berri-YUL express would fly (pun intended). Let's think about other cities with airport buses. TTC 900 only goes to the nearest subway station, Kipling. OC Transpo route 97 does not provide any true express service to the central Transitway. Our 747 demand peaks at Lionel-Groulx and decreases going east (for eastbound service) which is why there were (or still are) 747 buses short turning at Groulx.
  12. I don't think this was ever posted here but did you guys know about route 804 of the STL? It is a pilot project community shuttle for Sainte-Dorothée. http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/pa1/circuits/di...p?m=g&c=804
  13. SMS

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    Alright that's enough. SMS
  14. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    21105 on the 5 this pm rush!
  15. I would also like to mention that the STO charter is sold out as well. News shall follow next week for the participants, especially once the convention coordinators give me the e-mail list for those attending.
  16. SMS

    TTC 2252 GM Fishbowl Charter

    Rather than clean up this off topic nonsense, let's let it sit here as a testament to how ridiculous it is to berate a charter organizer for his hard work. It is his call to say how the fan trip is organized. I should know, I have been doing it since 2006. The next wise guy to comment off topic will face consequences. Fairly warned! SMS
  17. I am happy that I am not the only one who sees through the STM PR machine BS. Historians will astutely note that the predecessor of the 435 "Express" are 535 R-BUS Du Parc and 545 R-BUS Cote-des-Neiges which also started off as a split route with 535 going to Atwater and 545 going to either Champ-de-Mars or Berri at various points. The split flopped and the 535 merely swallowed up the 545.
  18. 23-228 on 178 as usual this pm rush
  19. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    20530 on the 30 in pm rush!
  20. SCOOP: there will be an air show at YHU (St-Hubert Airport) 1-2 June, with 25k people expected to attend. RTL will provide shuttles. A special OT sign-up similar to what happened for Jeux du Québec in 2014 will take place. Tons of open work will be available for both divisions, and even people on vacation will be allowed to book on OT (not normally allowed). More details to follow of course.
  21. SMS

    Tire changes

    Thread moved. SMS
  22. SMS

    Mauricie Transit Discussion

    That would be the second day of YUL Bus Charter 2019 Weekend!
  23. Yesterday 39-010 was on 10 run 747
  24. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    Not as much as they liked 545 NAVETTE Av, Bd, 
 superfluous when all things are considered. Having a two line exposure for example Bd on top and Edouard-Montpetit on the bottom is pretty useless when the 25-000 series and higher destination signs are capable of displaying so much more.
  25. 23-239 on the 55 this evening