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  1. Hi friends! I'm gonna be in Ottawa on business from Friday and when I'm not in the archives researching, you can bet your ass I'll be doing something transit related. I need some recommendations: What's worth photographing... besides New Looks... ? What routes are good to ride? Note, this is not my first trip to Ottawa, I've been on the 95 and 97 many times... what else is good? Thanks.
  2. SMS

    Metro Transit

    I'm gonna be in MSP next week and I want to do a day of fanning... I plan to check out the Hiawatha LRT and try to get some D60(HF) action... anyone have recommendations?
  3. Parked outside include: P0 (first generation LFS articulated demonstrator); Buses numbered 0701-0708, without livery, probably for RTC because fleet numbers were also on the windshield below the Balios; STO diesel hubrid in wrap 0701
  4. I don't think this was ever posted here but did you guys know about route 804 of the STL? It is a pilot project community shuttle for Sainte-Dorothée. http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/pa1/circuits/di...p?m=g&c=804
  5. Here are some sightings of active GM Classics that I saw over my two-day trip to Quebec City: MONDAY 8620 8529 8539 8615 8611 8345 inside RTC Garage 8511 awaiting work at RTC Garage 8604 inside RTC Garage 8419 awaiting work at RTC Garage 8345 on the eastbound 801X at Cartier Metrobus Station at 7:02 pm!!! 8535 8421 TUESDAY 8539 again 8611 again 8528 on the eastbound 801X at Place Québec Metrobus Station at 7:05 pm!!! I might get a RTC fleet roster soon and I'll be able to share this information with you. It seems that the RTC does not retire buses according to a fixed year policy; they retire once they can't repair a bus anymore.
  6. Too difficult to crew out, so KISS method applies.
  7. Here's how I've analysed it: STM in Montreal uses the "X" system for "extra" service on the line. The school is never mentioned on the destination sign, and only the old-school method of using window signs would specify where the bus actually serves. The X begins at a school and travels the shortest distance possible to its actual route where it will proceed to its actual terminus with very rare cases of short turning. There may be Xs leaving in either direction, or the same direction (one-way). There may be just one bus per direction or several. Example: 106 Newman is a mainline route in LaSalle. The 106X buses (using plural on purpose) serving Cavelier de LaSalle High School offer significant extra service towards Angrignon Metro Station when school is finished. The 106X officially begins a few hundred meters away from the real 106 routing and just joins in the fun later on. Sometimes the school extras will be signed as ÉCOLE or SPÉCIAL instead of an X. When we had rollsign buses, École was an exposure. Service can be cut from these lines at any time and are not necessarily guaranteed. Bus stops are the same as the regular route. Our hybrids have been used on school extras and the proof is the vandalism on the bus. The STM also has a select few dedicated lines for certain schools and this is the exception rather than the norm. Some of these lines are fairly old: http://stm.info/bus/planibus/56.pdf for CEGEP Ahuntsic http://stm.info/bus/planibus/77.pdf for CEGEP Marie-Victorin http://stm.info/bus/planibus/103.pdf - this is a regular route but note the special short turn for St Luc High School http://stm.info/bus/planibus/126.pdf for Polyvalente Émile-Legault http://stm.info/bus/planibus/210.pdf for CEGEP John Abbott It should be noted that everyone is welcome to ride an X, but they do so at their own risk! I've rode a few Xs before, some with Pyerre, and some without. It can be a funny experience, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking too! When Pyerre did the 171X from Émile-Legault, because of the shortage, he'd have to short turn at Cote-Vertu Station; otherwise the bus would have proceeded to Henri-Bourassa Station. STL in Laval has a dedicated network of routes for schools, all ending with the suffix "c" and specifying the school that they serve which is cool. On the rollsign equipped buses, ÉCOLE does the job as there are no letters to accompany the numbers. I don't think their numbering scheme reflects the normal STL routes at all, which I find somewhat confusing and disappointing. The STL is contracted by the school boards to provide service. I believe that they are trippers (actually, all STL routes are trippers - there are no relief points) and they only offer one bus, so if you miss it you're out of luck. Some start very early in the morning (6:30 am, and perhaps some even earlier than that) which greatly surprise me. The elementary schools get PM service only it seems. The High Schools have many routes and for the most part offer AM and PM service. All High Schools have their own network map in PDF which is really impressive and some routes are shared between two schools which I find is really rare as this kind of sharing doesn't seem to occur quite often in these parts. Bus stops are wherever STL flags are present or at major intersections. For a list of all routes which include some maps, see http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/pa1/circuits/listeecoles-fr.asp and I have yet to ride on one of these routes. RTL in Longueuil has a pretty unique system whereby their school route number is based on the actual regular route that it duplicates service with. So the 204 Centennial serving Centennial High School is a direct offshoot off its parent route 4. Another example is 328 École aérotechnique, which as well is a direct offshoot off its parent route 28. The school routes are in the 200 through 500 series and all electronic destination signs will affix the school served. When it comes to rollsign equipped buses, ÉCOLE is the only option offered except that it is in yellow. In the cases of route sharing between schools, the electronic destination will read "Collèges"! But again this is fairly rare. I've ridden on a few school routes with Tristan and once the kids asked me if I worked for the RTL because I was obviously not a student at their school. Generally only students will ride these routes. Bus stops are wherever RTL flags are present. Bus stop flags with school routes affixed only appear at the endpoints of the routes, obviously one of these would be at the school. Articulated buses can be seen on certain extras. I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say about your network's school extras and perhaps even your experiences aboard school extras!
  8. SMS

    Société de transport de Montréal

    Farewell Saint-Denis, we hardly knew ye!
  9. SMS

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4512 seen testing on Queen West Saturday night!
  10. 3444 sighted Friday on Hwy 401 W in Prescott ON on delivery. Destination sign: 69 Warden South...
  11. We are shutting down for the year. See you in 2019!
  12. SAVE THE DATES: Saturday 5 May - Shawinigan RTCS/TUM. Priority bus ex-RTL 1998 LFS, if not backup is ex-RTC LFS (trip likely to begin in the afternoon) *** please note: it is possible that we may offer a shuttle using a historically preserved bus leaving STTR garage in Trois-Rivières to arrive at the Shawinigan bus garage. Charter costs do not include the shuttle. Donations will be expected to share fuel expenses. Sunday 6 May - Trois-Rivières STTR. Priority bus STTR 9701 (the oldest vehicle in the fleet), if not the vehicle will be selected by volunteer operator Félix Parent-Rocheleau (trip likely to begin in the morning) *** after the event, it is likely that Félix will sortie his fishbowl for a tour of the city. Please note that this is NOT a charter but a joy ride / fan trip. 2018 is the final year that bus 8202 will be in its current livery. Also note that STTR has planned a major network change effective this summer. Times, costs, and food stops to be determined. Minimum 3 hour LFS charter per day. Yard visits should be expected at the end of each event. A weekend pass will be issued at a discounted rate compared to pricing for individual days. If there is not enough interest to justify the trip, we will consider a STO Classic charter on one of the days mentioned instead. Please indicate attendance (yulbuscharters at gmail dot com). Another close collaboration is expected with local transit experts. We hope to offer yet another successful and memorable charter weekend in the Mauricie region! Regards, SMS, President, YUL Bus Charters PS management reserves the right to restrict and/or refuse admission
  13. RTL slated to receive 5 of these BYD buses, to be based out of Longueuil bus garage. No idea of routes yet but let's hope not to see them on heavy 8 or 73 for instance.
  14. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    21844 often on the 44 in PM rush! I get a real kick out of this at RTL but the odds are easier for it. The bus routes here can have low numbers and every year we buy new buses, so the probability is pretty good for everything to line up. There is zero tolerance at (I suspect) most bus companies for jumping the gun ahead of time from a terminal. So either this driver was ridiculously late or the driver was an extra. Fairview usually has a CO to monitor the drivers, and even if no management is present, the technology is out there to describe everything. I do not see why the driver would risk a summons and possible suspension, even if he or she was doing the crappiest shift of all time. Please post RTL first gen sightings in its dedicated thread, thank you!
  15. I don't know why the usual posters in this thread did not comment, but I will offer the choice... the thread can be renamed if we have consensus. I personally have no vested interest since I don't care for most STM buses, least of all 2002 buses that I frequently drive at RTL... I thought that the reference for the retired buses was the first post on Page 1 courtesy of updates from Joseph and others. That being said, I do not think that the topic title is inaccurate. At the same time, if there are true fans of the 22-XXX series, they can converge of this topic and post here instead of wasting time and bandwidth in Today's Sightings thread.
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    Cornwall Transit

    Thanks for the clarifications, it's true that I missed the launch date posted above. Here is hoping that the modified network works out. However I was also curious to learn if and when the restructuring of the system will take place. Earlier, there was talk of eliminating the downtown transfer point with through service, and having the transfer instead at St Lawrence College. I guess that this is not what is happening in a week's time?
  17. I'm ready to project that the STL will offer free bus service on 24 and 31 December. If this trend continues as it has from 2007 and possibly years before, I would like to fan on the 24th if I am in town and I wouldn't mind some company too! Addenda: the tradition has existed at least since 2004 according to STL communiques
  18. There is a new dial-a-ride service in St-Bruno-de-Montarville: http://www.rtl-longueuil.qc.ca/fr-CA/services/alademande/ French only
  19. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Any ideas when the new network will be going live, please? We would love to do a Cornwall Transit fan trip with the old routes and the old system before they vanish. Here is hoping you can also be our operator.
  20. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    Today 21606 on the 6 and 21705 on the 5!!
  21. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    Thanks for the update, 13382. Can you please tell us if a new system map will be printed?
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    We don't have a metro specific topic so let's start one! The first item worth talking about is that the pilot project on platforms indicating where the doors are is back! http://stm.info/info/infostm/2009/090417.pdf
  23. Note: I would like to apologize to FelixINX and other board members for accidentally deleting the original thread and posts. I had hoped to merge them as requested and sadly in the process they were lost. Please continue to post all questions and concerns here. Let's all wish FelixINX the best of luck for this great new app. I wish this was around ten years ago!
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    Today's Sightings

    0011 run had an LFSe last evening pm rush on the 36. Many years ago, I guided a driver on 216W who mistakenly took Pitfield Blvd at the A13-A40 junction.
  25. No problem finding 22-000 in Cité Multimedia during PM rush, in the past few days, I can attest to having seen these on 168, 178, and even on the 61.