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    Cornwall Transit

    Is anyone in a position to upload a Cornwall Transit map prior to the changes of 10 December 2018 please?
  2. SMS

    Metro Transit

    I'm gonna be in MSP next week and I want to do a day of fanning... I plan to check out the Hiawatha LRT and try to get some D60(HF) action... anyone have recommendations?
  3. I don't think this was ever posted here but did you guys know about route 804 of the STL? It is a pilot project community shuttle for Sainte-Dorothée. http://www.stl.laval.qc.ca/pa1/circuits/di...p?m=g&c=804
  4. Here are some sightings of active GM Classics that I saw over my two-day trip to Quebec City: MONDAY 8620 8529 8539 8615 8611 8345 inside RTC Garage 8511 awaiting work at RTC Garage 8604 inside RTC Garage 8419 awaiting work at RTC Garage 8345 on the eastbound 801X at Cartier Metrobus Station at 7:02 pm!!! 8535 8421 TUESDAY 8539 again 8611 again 8528 on the eastbound 801X at Place Québec Metrobus Station at 7:05 pm!!! I might get a RTC fleet roster soon and I'll be able to share this information with you. It seems that the RTC does not retire buses according to a fixed year policy; they retire once they can't repair a bus anymore.
  5. Hi friends! I'm gonna be in Ottawa on business from Friday and when I'm not in the archives researching, you can bet your ass I'll be doing something transit related. I need some recommendations: What's worth photographing... besides New Looks... ? What routes are good to ride? Note, this is not my first trip to Ottawa, I've been on the 95 and 97 many times... what else is good? Thanks.
  6. I've made the amendments. Could you please tell me where the 2009 convention was held? This is the only host city that we are currently missing.
  7. SMS

    RTL 219XX Sightings

    I don't think that adding USB ports is a priority for the RTL. My director of our union local says that the 2019 order should all eventually be shipped from GASH to GALO, when this happens is just a matter of time. I hope that we get our 2018s though.
  8. Can you believe that YUL Bus Charters is now in our fourteenth year of operation? After record-setting years of hosting successful activities both locally and out of province, we continue to pursue our mandate in offering quality charters that you have come to expect from Montreal's premier bus enthusiast group. This post is merely a SAVE THE DATE announcement, all details such as costs, times, etc will be announced at a later date in the next few weeks. These are proposed ideas and are all subject to approval from the bus companies in question. YUL BUS CHARTER WEEKEND 2019 Saturday 4 May 2019 - Ontario Tripper 2019 at Cornwall Transit We are offering our first Cornwall Transit Orion VI charter since 2014, with vehicle 9882 or 9881 requested. The charter will begin and end as usual at Cornwall Transit Garage, 863 Second Street West, Cornwall ON, K6J 1H5. The objective of the fan trip is to pay tribute to the old network that existed prior to the changes effective 10 December 2018. Tentative time: 10:30 to 2:30 pm. Parking available on premises. No formal lunch stop will be offered but we will promise a bathroom break approximately midway through the event. Sunday 5 May 2019 - Nova LFS Charter at Société de transport de Trois-Rivières Priority bus STTR 9702 (the second oldest vehicle in the fleet), if not the vehicle will be selected by volunteer operator Félix Parent-Rocheleau (most likely 9806). The charter will begin and end as usual at the garage, 2000 Bellefeuille, Trois-Rivières QC, G9A 3Y2. The objective of the fan trip, much like the one above, is to pay tribute to the old network prior to the forthcoming changes that shall come this summer. Tentative time: 9 am to 1 pm. Parking available on premises. Following this activity, a joy ride to Shawinigan will be undertaken using privately owned GMC New Look 8202 leaving Trois-Rivières direction Shawinigan. Charter costs do not include the ride aboard 8202. Donations will be expected to share fuel expenses, suggested donation will be same as last year: $20. An hour lunch stop is planned between the LFS charter and the New Look trip. Details, pricing to follow in the upcoming weeks. I hope that some of you are interested, so please bookmark your calendars. It is not enough to indicate mere interest on the CPTDB. You must indicate your presence by writing to the dedicated charter e-mail yulbuscharters (@) gmail dot com. Thank you and hope to see you in great numbers! NB: Management reserves the right to restrict and/or refuse admission.
  9. Coongratulations Tom. That is great news. I wish the baby health. Come if you can, and if you cannot, then there are no hard feelings. The charter will go on even if we are five guys!
  10. Details for this private charter will be unveiled to interested BHA participants in mid-May, once the charter routing has been finalized. My vice-president kellergraham is working hard on finding timed transfers based on the outline that I gave him, and which at the moment will remain confidential. I have estimated the cost of the charter to be 40 dollars, and priority will be given to BHA convention attendees to board the bus. Since we expect turnout to be high, it is unlikely (albeit not impossible) that we will allow members of the public to board our vehicle. The BHA convention coordinators have also authorized me to restrict and / or refuse admission per my discretion. In the interests of hospitality, we will prioritize those who are coming the farthest for this event to get on board our private charter. This is all that I am willing to write about this subject at the moment. As an aside, I am waiting from the STO for an updated fleet list, and once this is received, I will share the information in the appropriate forums and threads.
  11. I have edited the wiki page for BHA reflecting the fact that the convention next year will take place in Iowa and not Washington DC. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Bus_History_Association#Future
  12. http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showtopic=47...mp;#entry146185
  13. SMS

    YUL Bus Charters

    Please visit the QC section, we are proposing YUL Bus Charters 2019 Weekend the first weekend of May!
  14. SMS

    Cornwall Transit

    According to a sure source, 9882 is slated to be retired first among the three remaining Orion VI. Since we are now in mid-March, I'd love to learn of new changes if any. I am currently planning a fan trip in Cornwall for early May.
  15. SMS

    RTL 219XX Sightings

    I drove 21909 this week and I think that the new window is great!
  16. SMS

    CIT Sightings

    So today I rode exo secteur Richelain route 321 between TCV and La Prairie this pm rush for the first time since it now operates under contract to Transdev. 307305 could not even make it to Taschereau and Rome, it unceremoniously broke down in front of Reno-Depot because the Allison transmission gave out, stupid piece of crap! Not exactly the most positive experience, and not impressing considering that the act that they followed was La Québécoise! Anyway nobody died and we were transboarded onto the next two buses that followed at 5 min intervals.
  17. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    Some people lack class. This teen was lucky STM cops were not riding about, he would have gotten more than tossed out! Anyway, a friend drove 21843 on the 43 yesterday! 21904 has recently joined service... but it has already broken down. So much for the newest buses being in the best mechanical shape.
  18. SMS

    Société de transport de Montréal

    Good for you I guess, I plan on boycotting the REM! I won't even take it for free. Transitfan39 is right, back on topic please.
  19. Is this still the case? Would you also like to comment on the eventual closing of Station du Dépôt?
  20. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    On Saturday I rode 21821 on the 21! As usual the bus had to smell like pot, typical Grande-Allée trash!
  21. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    I might have an answer for you: if the maxi is removed while the door handle is open for the front and rear door, then an alarm will sound.
  22. An Orion I is being used as a Trace Atmospheric Gas Analyzer (TAGA) unit for the Ministère du Dévéloppement durable, Environnement, Parcs et Faune (MDDEFP) Québec. One such TAGA 6000 has been recently sighted by stm_5307N and myself on Autoroute 440. For more information about the TAGA 6000 unit, I found this PDF in English courtesy of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment: http://www.google.ca...h-dbfKWLDZVAcsA The TAGA 6000 page on the MDDEFP website (French only): http://www.ceaeq.gou...n/taga_6000.htm According to busfan0947, this is a 30 ft unit built in the 1980s. I could not find a thread in the Quebec section appropriate for this vehicle so here it is.
  23. Parked outside include: P0 (first generation LFS articulated demonstrator); Buses numbered 0701-0708, without livery, probably for RTC because fleet numbers were also on the windshield below the Balios; STO diesel hubrid in wrap 0701
  24. SMS

    Today's Sightings

    I would guess that the spare buses strategically parked at metro stations are bouche-trou but only a stm employee here can confirm this. Anyway today AM rush 20705 on the 5 and 20934 on the 34 yesterday!
  25. SMS

    Transit Model Thread

    Tonight I took the plunge and bought one of the above. The website performs an estimate (currency conversion) based on $60.15 USD. Shipping costs are supplementary to the price of the bus. As an example, they wanted $36.73 for shipment to my front door... I said nuts to that, I'll pick it up at a po-box across the border for $13.40 instead. For the record and at the time of writing, Awesome Diecast is still offering Los Angeles and Toronto (Maroon and Cream) for $78.78 CAD. The latter is definitely a rip off compared to TTC Shop pricing, but may become attractive if they become the only game in town. To my relief, I finally found a buyer for my ETS deluxe bus. I am glad that it is going to a friend as well. I tried looking on the CVRCO website for this, but it is on "backorder", whatever that means, for $34.95. Credit Valley is also taking "advanced reservation" (sic) for a TTC decal sheet ($14.95), but my contacts at Rapido say that they themselves are plum out. Looks like the heady time to purchase items from the first run has come and gone.