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  1. Well, there are people at the top who think that the S10s are still a possibility and discussions regarding "improvements" are ongoing. The accident damage on car 2423 has been fixed by the body shop but now the value of the missing parts is in the hundreds of thousands and car 2469 that's still sitting in Sacramento is in similar condition. Car 2467 also has a large number of parts missing.
  2. It could be a while before 2467 enters service after its close encounter with the bumper.
  3. That's still 2203 waiting to be picked up.
  4. It's almost the middle of December and they're still going strong.
  5. One got offloaded (not sure what number yet) and 2203 got loaded for the trip south.
  6. The red bell is on series 7 car and the mud covered one is on 2213 refurb.
  7. Car 2423 was involved in an accident at 4th Ave almost a year ago and never got fixed and so it became a parts car. The rest have cracking chevrons (part of the suspension) so they're being slowly repaired as it takes 100 man hours per car to fix the problem.
  8. One end of car 2467 is sitting on a shop bogie.
  9. Rail grinder Fairmont 3061 is being loaded to get new (and hopefully working) engine.
  10. Looks like a refurb but I hope it works better than the Fairmonts.
  11. The main reason for the switch to the 5, 6 and 7 series style couplers on the series 8 cars is the price which is nearly 50 percent lower than the original 8's coupler.
  12. That's not a refurb though, just new paint.
  13. By the looks of it, it could have been at Alyth and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway. 😁
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