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  1. 2454 was on the test track today.
  2. Car 2314 towed it back to Anderson this morning.
  3. Now, were you sitting in the 2002 or the 2009 section? 😄 I think the other middle car in that consist was 2090.
  4. Car 2467 was crossed over into the yard last Wednesday. There were no new deliveries since.
  5. That's a temporary string of construction lights until the portal transition lights get fixed. Well, looks like the long anticipated 15 minute headway on the 201 & 202 on weekends and late nights is finally coming, starting with the September sign-up.
  6. According to the records, the turnaround time for car 2202 was about 320 days. It was shipped south in May 2018 and came back in June of this year so the turnaround time doesn't include the travel time.
  7. And it could be there for a while as the number of uncommissioned cars on the property has been exceeded.
  8. Nice lineup with car 2213 in the middle.
  9. Once all 12 revenue trains are on line after 5 AM, they don't come back in till after midnight so it's only the road tests that might be going in and out and it is possible that 2466 was involved in some yard movement and will be relocated to either the shop or storage.
  10. Still in Sacramento used for some sort of testing. Google holds the secrets. Negative
  11. The third car was mostly likely 2207 rather than 2227. I haven't seen any mention of it here but 2213 is back from refurb.
  12. Yesterday's arrival is #2466
  13. ^^^ Just to add, car 2465 had arrived back in May and another one got offloaded yesterday.
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