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  1. Yup, that's exactly what it is but at least the avenue is open again.
  2. They did get some trains to the West and NW early this morning by reversing them down 7th Ave.
  3. We were told that it will take at least 4 days to get it fixed and have trains back on 7th Ave. Sounds like after weeks of marking cables under the pavement along the avenue, they missed a spot and the Enmax remote control drill found it.
  4. Yes, it's made up of cars 2019 and 2027.
  5. So far, we got 26 out of 72 refurbs back with only 6 more 'Series 6' left to do. The rest are all Series 7s. It took nearly 2 years to get the first 15 S200s in so if the Series 10 cars really start coming in next year, we will be well into 2024 before the order is complete so the U2s will have to be around until at least then.
  6. Yes, the series 10 should go into production in October, we were just testing a new driver's seat for the new trains.
  7. They were pretty nasty to drive especially on the route 7 for straight 8 hours but they looked a bit different. I Googled the photo and the credit goes to the unknown author.
  8. That's an excellent website documenting the challenges of owning a 40 year old transit bus, it kept me reading all the way through and I really enjoyed the pics too. I'm pretty sure I drove the bus back in the day in its original double blue livery and it's great to see that at least two of the CT fishbowls will be preserved for future generations. Too bad none of the (fishbowl) Flyers with the rear spoiler survived.
  9. 3 U2 consists departed Haysboro on Friday morning.
  10. 1046 was northbound on Crowchild at Brentwood at 11:30.
  11. Yesterday morning there was a U2 consist out of Haysboro used as a replacement for a Series 8 consist that had some camera issues. There aren't any U2s out of Haysboro today.
  12. Here's the answer to my inquiry from last year: Probably going to end up taking a cab off one end and chopping one half even shorter beside door 2 and then putting the cab back on. So essentially creating a symmetrical mini train. Also going to be putting it on it's own wheels so we can tow it on the streets.
  13. Haysboro barn - none of the resident U2s went out today.
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