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  1. Positive Covid case contamination.
  2. An unusual sight, a U2 car is in the shop at AG and there was a 3-car consist for the rush hour on the Blue line this morning.
  3. A couple of U2s were out again yesterday as part of an EM training.
  4. Yes, tomorrow is the swap day. 2218 in, 2221 out.
  5. As I wrote earlier, that particular design will not be used and the other two options do not include a center-mounted stanchion.
  6. What you see in the photo is just a mockup and will not be used as you'd have to dismantle the whole thing to open the overhead panel. Two other doors on that car have different grab bar configurations as Tech Services are trying to find the best solution to improve street level access on the 9's. Of course, pending favorable feedback, similar setup can be used on the 10's.
  7. "Motorman" is an outdated term, we've been using "operator" for at least 20 years.
  8. The door warning sound conversion has been going on for a while already but there still are some cars with the "cricket" like audible signal.
  9. My guess is those are supports for the LED lights.
  10. They're probably replacing the frog on the outbound track where we had the 20km/h slow order.
  11. Yesterday (Tuesday) morning at 7th Ave and 1st St SW. The tail end was very close to the eastbound tracks so there were some Ctrain delays.
  12. There were some U2s at AG last week, did they get moved?
  13. You can see a regular operator in the cab with the destination signs set for revenue service. Car 2021 was commissioned in February 1981.
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