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  1. Peeling the old stickers off and repainting the series 7 cars is keeping the body shop busy.
  2. I wonder what else is going to go wrong with the S200, now we have cracking floors on multiple units.
  3. Yeah, it had a close call but at least it survived...
  4. A brand new coupler on car 2310 and the old cab form the same car.
  5. Car 2217 is wrapped and ready to go south and 2222 is stripped out ready to be wrapped.
  6. Morning rush hour at AG... a sad sight.
  7. Car 2215 is on the pad waiting to be offloaded and car 2214 is wrapped and ready to take its place on the flat car.
  8. Car 2214 is stripped out and ready to be wrapped.
  9. Northbound lead car 2336 - first set of wheels on the front bogie jumped the track and the first set of wheels on the front bogie of the center car 2334 jumped the track. South car 2328 was not affected. It would appear that the rails were not fastened properly and the train split them apart.
  10. Sounds like it was car 2328.
  11. No, I don't but it could have been an SD.
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