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  1. LRT

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    It's a known issue on the 9s. They do pop open on there own. Operators set the trains up and if a panel is found open service personnel from the garage will secure them. These 9s fit and finish are not the greatest. Some of these cars rattle pretty bad.. it's not surprising to have panels pop open on their own.
  2. Calgary Transits's Ex 3209 Pettibone in Edmonton. It's being restored to its former glory!
  3. 2064 was in service on Thursday on the 201
  4. 4 was tentative. Last I heard was 3-4 cars
  5. LRT

    CTrain Station Renovations

    NEW platform signage at SAIT featuring "Red Line" designation and picture of a S200 replaces the U2. Looks good! I'm sure eventually this will be applied to all stations in the system.
  6. Here is car 2066 back in January when Edmonton Transit first viewed the car. It may have been in and out of service since then but I'm not sure
  7. I was surprised to see that your track maintainers dealing with the loading. I'm used to see electromechanic loading and unloading train cars. The only time I seen track maintainers load trains is when they derail at Tuscany...LoL
  8. There was actually 3 Edmonton Transit trucks there and one rental by the looks of it... It was white I could have sworn it was another crane truck that I seen later this evening. Edmonton Transit crew is gone now and they spray-painted "do not hump" in pink spray paint on the side of the body. The ETS guy who was a former electro mechanic was telling me that they're having issues with the SD160s and they're relying on the U2s to maintain service and pick up the slack.....
  9. They have a portablehoist that picks the car up then they use a forklift to move the flatcar in place. I guess they also have a ramp that they never use too
  10. And too make it official... Spotted two ETS service trucks...IN CALGARY! Wow...what a day of acrivity out here. CP rail, ETS and Calgary Transit working together. Definitely a first!
  11. LRT

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    And.... 2205 is at Anderson. Right on! It was indeed 2207-2303-2219-2318 1st time on mainline!
  12. Here she comes... she went online from Anderson and she never went offline officially.... just towed to the spur. Goodbye 2066
  13. Calgary Transit's ex2066 made its way from Anderson garage to Southland station under its own power then was towed to the CP Rail spur track. Edmonton Transit is loading the car as we speak on a flat car. Pictures to come!
  14. If everything goes as planned car 2066 will be moved to the haysboro spur today. Edmonton Transit is on scene as we speak. Strange to see Edmonton Transit trucks in Calgary!!