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  1. Let’s not forget about these!
  2. Rumour has it the ETS hydrogen bus was spotted in Airdrie on Edmonton Trail late this afternoon. (My daughter spotted it )
  3. Agreed! Those buses are definitely worn out but I do remember the 7700s when they’re almost new and they weren’t that great. I would really like to see Calgary Transit purchase electric buses like the ones that Transit is using. They have quite the set up out there to house those e-buses…state of the art garage! But because Calgary is such an oil city it may be a very long time before we see electric buses (with the exception of the electric shuttle buses that are supposed to be coming but I don’t think Transit purchased the buses anyway?), and to my understanding I believe they’re only going to invest in CNG for all future bus purchases (correct me if I’m wrong people)
  4. The 7700s are garbage! They are extremely underpowered, the turning radius on these things are horrible. They literally rattle my brain and are extremely fatiguing to drive. Heaters suck in the winter and stays on during the summer! Suspension on these things seem to fail more often than any other bus. Some of the early 7800s are in the same boat… The 7900s are my favourite. Lots of power, great heat a nice solid bus… dream to drive. Don’t ask me about the Excelsior’s or the Nova’s… I haven’t had the chance to drive those buses because they are out of a garage that I prefer not to work out of.
  5. Hell no! That was definitely a “rookie mistake”
  6. The most people I’ve ever moved at one time was 850 people… that was on a 4 car Series 9 during Stampede leaving City Hall outbound in 2019 though..
  7. Add the bus registration says capacity is 52 persons
  8. Because I can’t stand the 7700s!
  9. Route 10 had articulated buses yesterday and today
  10. Thank goodness it didn’t explode!
  11. 7979 made an appearance at VP today.
  12. Good riddance! I drove 7704 the other day. The speedo was out.
  13. Oh my… look at that! Looks like the rumour was true!
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