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  1. Which one would you like to play with? The series 8 simulator or the 9? 😁
  2. No it not you. My afternoon piece used to be a 4 car now it’s a 3 car. not sure why.... other operators are bitching because they have 3 cars now...
  3. Hey! Welcome! Well that’s news to me. I know they were short turning trains at Shawnessey because Somerset Bridlewood Station was closed because of a police matter. That would definitely explain it! if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.. don’t be shy and once again welcome to the board!
  4. Never mind 5 car U2s... check out this six car consist!
  5. Mixed consist cars 2209 - 2317 - 2329 - 2316 coupled together at Anderson
  6. Looks like 2223 will be next to go south. 2214 remains in no mans land at Anderson undergoing commissioning
  7. Time for an update. Looks like they the installed the final span segment over the Elbow river bridge today. Yesterday they removed a section of “red picket fence” on the east end of the ROW (Stampede grounds) along with some of the structures of Weadickville. New catenary fixtures (holes) have been accommodated in the past weeks. Stampede yard has been removed to accommodate the new signals building. Ctrack is still there for now. Hard to say how long it will be there... probably until the bridge is completed.
  8. Check out the new “low tech fastening system” they’ve developed on the series 9s to prevent the side panels from popping open while the train is in motion. This is 2464 Looks like ass!
  9. The original 202 line was also built with “staggered station loading” So the trains could be evenly loaded. Example... Whitehorn - trailing car loading first Rundle - lead car loading first Marlborough - trailing car loading first ect....
  10. Refurb 4 car consist broke down this morning. Parked at c-track
  11. Yeah... they’re getting hosed on that train deal. 25 years to complete??!! I’ll be dead by then!
  12. 2223 is probably one of the rustiest SD160s out there. Anybody know when it was repainted?
  13. 2215 2213 2209 2219 Was on the red line. Shortly pulled out of service due to a breaking issue. Train went back to Anderson
  14. 2206-2205-2201 On the Red Line today
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