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  1. 2422 in service today! It was coupled to 2420 and 2421 The special "new software consist" that was running has been broken up those cars are now running with other cars. From what I hear these cars are running well now. Car 2427 has been in Haysboro garage for over a week now. Car 2428 is still at Alyth Car 2429 has left California and hopefully it will be unloaded before Stampede starts.
  2. 😀 To be honest I seen the same guy on the Avenue yesterday!
  3. Wasn't me...
  4. That's not good. But expected..
  5. Unfortunately I didn't know where it was going but I just found out that it's on its way to saddletowne probably there by now Well since its public now here's a pic of The Scout
  6. Just left Tuscany station! (1312) get your cameras ready!
  7. Found 1630 at Saddletowne today. I noticed it had damage below the rear door. In some of the pictures above that were that were taken on May 30th still had damage under the rear door. Thought it would be cool to show the rear tire on this thing just one big fat tire instead of the conventional dual wheels that these buses usually would have.
  8. It's a ramp car. I took a look at the damage car 47, it's definitely going to need a new coupler, right lower quarter repair to the cab and a section below the door that I could see it's mostly cosmetic. Depending on the overall condition of that car which looks decent and it being a ramp car it'll probably be repaired but that's just my guess. The damage on the Audi will probably be able to be buffed out😀
  9. Lots of carnage on the West end of City Hall South Platform
  10. Hopefully it's cleaned up by now
  11. Yes! An Edmonton connection! 2101 ex 3001. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it today. WOW! This car deserves its own thtead now. Stay tuned!
  12. I guess this would be a good place to post your scout sightings. She's all done up and she looks great! Expect some kind of a news release or something...
  13. What year is this from? November 29 is not a Tuesday this year, besides having not happened yet.... 2016