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  1. 2215 2213 2209 2219 Was on the red line. Shortly pulled out of service due to a breaking issue. Train went back to Anderson
  2. 2206-2205-2201 On the Red Line today
  3. I don’t know! I’m off today 😩
  4. That’s what I thought. So is 2228 the second series 6 to get done? Series 5: 2201-2215 all done Series 6: 2216-2232 2228 Prepped and ready to go out. (I know there’s at least one series 6 that has been done but don’t remember) One of the training officers told me one day that car 2216 was very similar to the series fives. Does anybody know what that could be or if it’s even true? Series 7 2233-2272 None to date Maybe we can pin the status of cars that are going out and coming back so we don’t have to search through the thread. If anyone’s game for doing that and has the patience go for it... I know I can’t lol
  5. Here’s another ready to go out. Not sure on the unit number though. We must be getting close to getting all these fives out and redone. They definitely still needs some tweaking especially with the station stops too much braking causes rough stops. I also noticed in the shop a series 8 being worked on to accommodate the refurbs. It was one of the cars that had the new software installed that I drove about a month ago. It had a paper on the windshield saying not to use in revenue service. So it’s definitely not a simple couple up and go there’s a lot of modifications being done to all series SD 160s It’s almost been five years since the first car went out to Sacramento and 3 years since we got our first one back (correct me if I’m wrong) I believe the turnaround for a refurb to come back has dropped significantly I think close to four months has been the quickest one to turnaround. But I’ve been told when they come back they’re not working and most of the commissioning if not all of the commissioning in is done in Calgary by Siemens.
  6. Series 9 vs Pedestrian on 162ave at around 10am this morning. Trains terminating at Fish Creek Shuttle buses dispatched between Fish Creek and Somerset
  7. Yup there sure is! It will be changed off in about 45 minutes Due to a mechanical issue
  8. 2012 on the Red Line... Out Of Service “Training Train”
  9. Let’s keep this thread alive! Heres 2229 coupled to 2048! 😀
  10. 2204 awaits a new pantograph 2219 and 2207 being shunted around Anderson Garage
  11. cars 2216-2209-2203-2208 undergoing some sort of commissioning.
  12. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 3 refurb consists on the Red Line just this past Thursday before one of them took down the catenary at University Station IB They’re still pretty glitchy. One of the consists was having door issues. Another one is on top of a hoist at Anderson forgot to get the unit number. Key 1 is a refurb and is out today
  13. That sounds about right. Also it was a hot day and those things get extremely hot rather than air-conditioned counterparts.
  14. A 4 car U2 consist (2073 2009 2013 2061) almost came online this afternoon from Haysbro but at the last second.. it it got changed off for a 4 car SD160 ☹️ Controll didn’t want it to go out because it was an all night key.
  15. Very cool to see I never even noticed that! Advertisements were supposed to happen along time ago. Good to see they’re actually utilizing the signage in the trains.
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