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  1. @armorand Believe it or not, there’s shuttle bus classes going on, Definitely keep your eye out for postings, if posting becomes available apply ASAP and if you don’t get a call wait for a new “competition number” and keep trying. It will all work out and good luck!
  2. Yes there all cut in half when they get hauled away.
  3. Noooooooooo 2002! Or maybe someone bought it? EDIT! I just noticed the wall of the train been cut. Where the asbestos is thought to be had...
  4. Same system as the S200s. You can view every camera in the consist
  5. From what I’ve noticed over the years a huge puddle forms on Crowchild and splashes onto the right of way... that might have something to do with washing away the track bed ever so slightly
  6. Noticed the refurbs have no wall heaters along the floors through the intire car. They must have been removed during there refurb process... Wow!
  7. I would imagine non-revenue
  8. 2469 very clean and shiny. Does not appear to be at parts car, ongoing commissioning being performed. If you look closely you will see a Siemens tech on the roof...
  9. Car 2209 on its way to the pad from Anderson garage.
  10. The 5, 6 and 7s are pretty much identical now except for the refurbs. When the 5s were new the bodies were a little bit different than the 6 and 7s but later the 5s were modified. They accommodated the steps that the Denver cars had but the steps weren’t there.. the bodies sat a little bit lower near the doors. The 5s also had extra sanders and an extra sander door near each boggie. The onboard system is very similar to a U2 with mechanical counter numbers. Those mechanical counting numbers are still used with the refurbs. I’m sure other members can add to this
  11. LRT

    Green Line LRT

    Lol! Like on 7th ave??? Bahahaha
  12. I believe the wheels travel through a timed section. If the wheels travel through that section outside the allowed time the magnet becomes active and will shut down the train. There nicknamed “Speed dumps” Calgary had a “speed dump” on 7th Avenue back in the 80s near the old 8th street location but later removed when 10th street station was built.
  13. 80kph is the maximum allowable speed that the train can go. If the operator doesn’t keep it below 80kph an alarm will go off and you have about 3 seconds to keep it under 80kph if not the train will shut down and “overspeed” There is no system that shuts down the train if you are exceeding the speed limit. It is the responsibility of the operator to stay within the speed limit in a specific section of track. Just like driving your car. The “CTS/M” displays the digital penalty numbers and bypass counter numbers on the Series 6,7,8 and 9 (U2s, series 5 are anolog numbers). Those numbers are logged when the train goes “online” and must stay the same when the train goes “offline” If a train goes past a red light on mainline the train will automatically stop and the penalty stop number will go up. Rail control will be notified and will be noted in the Ctrain log. If a light remains red and does not upgrade then control will advise the operator to bypass the signal. The bypass counter number will go up and again, the operator will log the bypass in the Ctrain log. Hope that sums it up.
  14. No not to my knowledge. But the S200s do have softer wheels and are prone to flatting and wearing out more quickly. The make a heck of a lot of noise too! Sounds about right to me... Full power acceleration going downhill would make passengers fly around to the software helps with that. However full braking going outbound at 39ave station with a 9 causes some hard braking around 10kph-0kph pulling into the station because of the slight downhill grade.
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