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  1. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    2204 is next to go to California. It's been prepped and at Anderson (mirrors, destination sign, seat cushions and some electronics and dash components) not sure when it will be its way though... I think this is the 5th car to go!
  2. Car 2428 on test track undergoing testing
  3. Car 2429 was out on a commissioning test drive today. Still needs work and hasn't been coupled to another car yet.
  4. Just an update on these cars: I seen 2310 and 2329 today at Anderson garage. Bodywork looks to be complete they look brand new again! Lots if work to be done on these cars before we see them back in the Revenue Service. Both cars are still fitted with there temporary couplers. I spoke to another operator that's pretty knowledgeable about what's going on with these cars (and other stuff).... I guess they're bogies and 2310 t-box is being rebuilt. (t-boxes hold the trains electronic stuff 2310s t-box turned into an accordion when it derailed)
  5. There no longer being assigned on any particular key. Since then remote storage has been quite common with the 9s at the Tuscany yard. The 9s are also being stored at Haysboro as well.
  6. Calgary Transit

    Shuttle operators should be in the safe. (And me... as there's 800 operators Junior to me) Things should be all right with the LOA option.
  7. Looks like car 2321 has towed car 2206 (wraped in blue) it's off to California on flat car SP520640! To be loaded soon!
  8. Good question but sure on that one Looks like possibly at least one series 9 came in over the long weekend and has already been unloaded. Flat car SP520640 sits empty at the "pad"
  9. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Did you (or anybody) notice that the concrete platform section ends were also completely replaced? New lighting too!
  10. General CTrain Discussion

    Cute! Saving money and maintenance I see!
  11. Calgary Transit

    And a shot of 3002 on a test drive in that video!
  12. Calgary Transit

    That station was perfectly set up to extend the platform South for 4 cars. The signal was far enough South to accommodate the extension... now they messed it all up on the North end having an interlocking in the middle of the platform...
  13. Calgary Transit

    And the catenary is still there today at 4th Street Southeast between 7th and 6th Ave. I heard once upon a time (around the time the 202 opened up) there is actually a derailment in that location when the switch was used in revenue service
  14. Calgary Transit

    That is cool!
  15. 2430 on CT property as of noon today. 2425 in action today afternoon on key 6. Check out the new operator steps. 2425 is the 1st car inservice from factory with the new operator steps... all others before will be retrofitted. Enjoy!