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  1. More then likely probably not. It was probably his relief that dialed it in as it stays programmed until the batteries are turned off or route is “zereo’d out” I’ve never seen badge #1 ride around with 201 in the destination sign. There’s 1 or 2 operators that typically use that trick.
  2. Simple trick that the operator knows about when programming the signage! Lol.
  3. Well..... “rumour has it” since the U2s haven’t run for so long they may need mechanical inspections. Also, from what I hear... the want to have a few spare U2 consist for change offs. I miss them too. For now... enjoy a few pictures of some in storage at Haysboro and OBMF I took yesterday.
  4. 2221 getting ready to head out from Anderson early this morning
  5. Yes, that one had an issue. It had a traction control unit fault. And yesterday I’m almost positive the same consist of had a friction brake fault.
  6. Ahhh... that’s cool but I don’t agree about the stanchion in the middle of the doorway.
  7. I see 2467 almost every day! It hasn’t moved for almost over a year and it’s got a ton of dust on it. it’s never been in service. It’s probably only seen the light of day a handful of times testing until it hit the bumper on test track. Seems like car 2422 has become a guinea pig car. currently testing new types of stanchions I didn’t get a very good look on the inside but I did manage to capture a picture today. Must be something to do with the series 10 improvements. I hope the stanchions get changed on these things. The angle on them
  8. That’s always fun.... “look for operator such and such and take him with you yada yada yada...” then a short turn happens with a relief at the same time.
  9. Operator swaps. Usually they try to restore the headway 1st, then they swap the operators to put them back on schedule and use the turnaround times at end terminals to make some times up.
  10. There’s a bit of a story to 2467. During a test run on test track it didn’t stop in time and it hit the bumper and caused damage to one of the trucks. The damage truck got sent back to California and God knows who knows what’s going on with that right now. I believe it is being used as a parts car but that would be Siemens call not Calgary Transit.
  11. Wow! Car 2467s interior lights are powered on! Still missing a truck and hasn’t moved in over a year or so at Anderson
  12. Looks like car 2221 is being prepped to go south.
  13. I believe 2413 hit a car at Memorial and Deerfoot outbound in the fall of 2020
  14. No worries at all. I just had a brain fart.
  15. So just to confirm. Was was the last U2-DC car ever built? Did San Diego ever receive newer units then 2083? This just came to mind... 2102 would of been the very last U2 EVER built. (And it’s gone) Right?
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