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  1. If it was a U2 they would have unloaded at the platform! Lol Looks like they unloaded on the wrong side of the train.. I would have made sure they would have unloaded to the center of the guideway. At least that's what they told me back in the day in training. Train traffic would have held until everyone was clear anyway.
  2. Um yeah! Big UH-OH! Can't wait too hear what happened there!
  3. The Series 8s still use the existing "electronic coupler head" but has been retrofitted with the original style SD160 mechanical couplers. They are still incompatible with the unrefurbished cars. I believe a few years ago it became difficult to get parts with the series 8 style coupler that's why they switched to the original sd160 style coupler.
  4. Definitely privately owned. This is the one that's parked out by Stoney Trail and Highway 2 an acreage.
  5. Noticed an El Dorado in Airdrie today! Still had its unit number on front end (1601 I think) it was painted in Calgary Transit colors in the front and it was displaying "OFF not in service" on its overhead destination sign. Looks like they sanded it down getting ready for some sort of the paint job. Strange to see it in Airdrie I thought Airdrie Transit bought them up at first.
  6. Noticed that the series 8s are receiving the series 5 - 6 and 7 style couplers (mechanical components not electronic) I forgot what type (manufacturer) couplers the series 8s use but they're going away with them by the looks of it.
  7. There's procedures that can be done but control needs to give permission. It's not hardwired at all it's all verbal and there needs to be a clear understanding between control on the operator before there's a procedure made. It got torn down when they twin City Hall platforms opened. To me that felt like yesterday when 3rd Street East and Olympic Plaza stations were opened.
  8. Found this in my closet today sure brings back a lot of memories and has the system ever changed over the years! I love my job!
  9. It's also a b***h if you stop your train in the middle of the figure 8 of the loop and control asks you to cancel your crossing gates or your selection at an interlocking like 01A (City Hall) Theres a dead spot in that area of the loop and the train cannot communicate with the system. 😂
  10. That's too bad I've always enjoyed driving that one.
  11. They actually do but very limited with the amount of time they have to complete the work
  12. 2467 on test track today
  13. During a destruption sometimes they'll send trains from Saddletowne to Tuscany or 69th Street to Somerset or vice versa to help out the other lines. As far as controlling the trains the objective during the evening rush hour is to get people out of the core. It's very cool! Then the red and blue line designations get messed up... lol
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