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  1. The bodies and Frames used to be made out of metal but they're made out of rust now.
  2. Not sure... I guess there more nasty stuff in the U2s then fiberglass there worried about...
  3. For now...
  4. 2419 has arrived at Haysbro pad
  5. 2417 and 2418 2419 should be here real soon I should also mention that these cars arrived with there interiors more or less assembled. Other cars that arrived didn't have there cctvs installed or ceiling panels installed. All interior decals have been installed from factory as well
  6. Sure why not. It's visible from mainline anyway
  7. Spotted in Calgary on the Deerfoot.. ETS 6951
  8. Are these things even demonstrators? There permanently part of the fleet now right?
  9. I have a video but I can't share it here..
  10. Sounds like a transformer on fire on a power pole.
  11. More S200s on the way! 6 more according to CBC
  12. Delete... Excellent Nick
  13. 2417 on test track! I found it!!!
  14. Another Bump Series 9 simulator room at OBMF has been built and completed. It's in the staff room now and the staff room has shrunk quite a bit. I hear parts for the simulator are in. No word on instalation. I hear rumors that it will be a while before in gets installed.
  15. I was in Vancouver late last summer and tried out there Compass card. Very slick system seemed to work ok, I especially liked the electronic gates at the Skytrain stations. If Calgary Transit is going to look at a new EFC they should also invest money into Ctrain stations with some sort of electronic gate system like Vancouver. Also, I think it's time for Calgary Transit to dump the free fare zone downtown during rush hour and just have the free service during non-rush and weekends only. So many people live downtown now that it would help with revenue to fund this thing... Fare evasion is such a problem out here and should be treated more like a crime even though it is nobody really realizes that.