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  1. Operator has capability of turning off the "photocell" located on the top of the door.. so if there's somebody standing in the doorway the door will close without sensing anybody... relying on the pressure sensitive door edges for the doors to reopen. On another note is Indonesia getting the S200 Calgary spec car? Or is this just a photoshop rip off?
  2. Door issues are always a problem with new trains. Passengers need to adapt with the new doors behaviors as passengers are not used to how they work and preform. Common practice with the older cars like sticking their arm in the door and having the door reopen may not work this in the same way with the new cars so that passenger got a rude awakening getting her finger pinched!
  3. Calgary Transit

    Lets not forget Holly hasn't done announcements for over 5 years now... Karen Hutton currently does the announcements on the Ctrain and other properties... check her out!
  4. Calgary Transit

    Such a nice lady! Always happy!
  5. 1995 D40LF Fleet

    7558 Route 23 today! I spotted around 1600 at Marlboro station
  6. Let's start posting the flat car numbers on the S200 departures so that way there's less confusion. Thanks!
  7. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    2434 was received on flat car GBRX9221 and 2213 left on the same car. So if there's a SD160 sitting on the spur can we confirm the flat car? If we can...let's start posting the flat car numbers on the SD160s departures so that way there's less confusion.
  8. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    Could it be the same one that was loaded the other day? I can't see another one going out that quickly. Did we receive another series 9? I'm on the blue line this week so I'm unable to post and spot! There was a rumor in the summer that one of the refurbs was supposed to come back in December or January but was unable to meet that date due to delays at Siemens... So who knows!
  9. I'll stick this here... I found it on the net... thought it would be cool to document. Unknown car number
  10. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    Originally it was said that transit would delay the retirement of some of the U2 cars to accommodate the series 5-6 refurbishment. To be honest a few weeks back we did have some equipment shortages, Transit scaled back a bunch of 4 car consists and became three car consists to to avoid cutting keys making up for the shortfall... we even seen a four car U2 on the blue line because of that... I think we can blame the series 9s on that one.... there was quite a bit of series 9 cars out of commission due to issues.. and the backlog of series 9s sitting in Alyth because Transit didn't want them until Siemens can figure out what was going on with the current ones Transit had. Anyway... I made a list of cars and date of departure that have been sent to California... there's one car in the list that I can't remember the car number.. 2207 January 2016 2219 November 2016 2205 May 2017 22?? July/August 2017 2204 September 2017 2213 December 2017
  11. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I have no idea which car that was. I haven't been in Anderson garage for a while at this rate all our Series 5s will be gone!
  12. 2310 taken November 16th No bogies or T-boxes and temporary couplers
  13. 2310 on test track RIGHT NOW. It's the first time I've ever seen that car powered up since it's derailment!
  14. 2434 coupled to 2415 at Anderson in the yard... they got that one set up quick it looks ready to go!
  15. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Yes. Very unfortunate..