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  1. General CTrain Discussion

    Operations Control Center
  2. General CTrain Discussion

    New chimes might have something to do with the new OCC opening up soon...
  3. General CTrain Discussion

    Cool! Where did you hear it?
  4. General CTrain Discussion

    Does it sound like the same chime that plays in the West leg?
  5. Cars 2432-2430-2428 coupled together on test track again today. Flat car that's been at haysboro for the past few weeks has finally been moved. I would imagine a delivery will be made soon and we will see a bunch of new cars going to revenue service.
  6. Cars 2432-2430-2428 coupled together on test track.
  7. I'm almost 100% positive it is 3718. The fleet number looked slightly different over the passenger door. It went by me at 1st Street West going south
  8. I don't understand why they would run these temporary units? Why can't they run the old units until the new ones show up? I just seen a temporary unit drive by at a big orange flag on the back of it...
  9. General CTrain Discussion

    Nice to see they're finally installed. I hate coming through there there's always someone that runs in front of the train at the last second.
  10. Interesting. I forgot to mention this but I am almost positive that I spotted a new articulated New Flyer Excelsior unit number 3718 about a week or so ago.
  11. Red Deer

    Just seen a Red Deer Nova bus on a flatbed heading towards Calgary on Highway 2 in Airdrie I could have sworn it was unit 810 but I could be wrong went by real fast...
  12. ZF transmission Website says ZF transmission is a standard option.
  13. Nice looking bus! I see exterior cameras on that bus. One above the operators window and another behind slightly above the front door.
  14. I found out why the operator steps are different on each end.... actually they're different on each side of the vehicle. It's because of clearance issues with the Boggies. Wow is that car ever "off route" 😆 Looks to be just the shell of the A or B end and no boggies. Very cool!
  15. San Diego MTS

    That sucks.... too bad there like in mint condition..... I would love to get some parts off some of those things for a keepsake. They look like they're in very good condition but I'm sure one of the stipulations to get funding for the new S70 cars was to put the U2's out of service.... Has anyone ever seen a U2 run with an SD 100 up there in the past? Anyway...Here's some of my crappy pics I took of them last week. @XN40 Thanks again for letting me know some of the spots I could take pictures of them... unfortunately I was with my family and they made things a little difficult logistically... Enjoy