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  1. Oh that doesn't surprise me!
  2. I remember the Volvo in the man buses running in Edmonton in the late seventies they were so cool back then!
  3. Hey look what I got! It's BBC 158 in a form of a pin!
  4. That's 8 cars! AAH AAH AAH 💥☇💥☇
  5. New substation installed on top of the 36st tunnel!
  6. Looks like the 9s received updated fonts and messages on there destination signs! (4 car train displays and uppercase letters)
  7. Not really a series 9 post but it is a S200. Looks like Muni received there 1st S200 car. They want there cars in service this summer. I wonder if there cars will run more reliably then Calgary's. These things look completely different. Check out the articulation area.
  8. 1 four car. 1 three car I also noticed they finally dimmed the headlights on those cars. They sure were bright!
  9. I seen the same consists today. I also seen a 2 car S200 training train on the WLRT.
  10. Wow those buses can charge up faster then my phone!
  11. Oddly enough I noticed the other day that there are no D40LFs parked at OBMF.
  12. Rotten wet lemons..
  13. For gods sake really? Oh boy!
  14. 2413 in service during the evening rush today