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  1. Unidentified SD160 ready to go south. Wrapped up and waiting inside Anderson garage. Also noticed the pad has been cleared and salted. Maybe a delivery is on its way??
  2. Maybe they’ll send another train to replace the parts of car 2423... lol
  3. Car 2423 has been cannibalized for parts. What a sight to see. I can only compare this car to the car in San Francisco that has been cannibalized for parts that has been posted somewhere in this thread recently.
  4. Car 2325 is one of the Series 8s that is being used with the refurbs. Here’s a picture of 2325 on track 9 (presumably parked there awaiting to be used on the wheel lathe) out side at Anderson today. Has a sign on its windshields mentioning not to be used in revenue service.
  5. Some of the wall heaters on the SD 160s have been disabled for whatever reason but if they’re working they sure are toasty
  6. To my understanding those mixed consists run great the only issue they’re having is the destiination signs and the cameras / monitors compatibility
  7. SD160s have them too. There's other GFCI outlets in the train in the overhead cabinets in the coach of the train. I think they were installed for maintenance purposes. Plug in laptops and such.. ect
  8. Thought this would be fitting to stick this here... https://www.nbcbayarea.com/investigations/muni-crews-use-parts-from-3m-train-car-to-keep-new-fleet-running/2196082/
  9. I've personally evacuated a train in "a tunnel" simply wait for help every car gets evacuated one car at a time and everyone walks out. That's about it. As far as the evacuation exit in the Cemetery tunnel I don't think its ever been used.
  10. It sure was. Its been in service for about a week or so. I just haven't had a chance to post it.... even drove it! Lol... weird fleet numbers over the doors too..
  11. It arrived yesterday. Should be unloaded soon. Another car sits at Anderson wrapped up ready to go to California I'm assuming it will be loaded on that flatcar. It's been sitting around at Anderson for close to a month You beat me to it!😂😂
  12. A real train horn is an airhorn. None of Calgary Transit's LRVs are equipped with air compressors so that's why they went electronic. The series 5, 6 and 7s and maybe even the series 8s are actually equipped with a real mechanical bell and as long as they haven't gone through the refurbishment project they're still equipped with that mechanical bell The problem with the bells is in the winter time they would fill up with snow and they wouldn't work. That's why they went with electronic MP3 version of a bell back in 2010 I believe.
  13. It's a software issue. But you can smooth it out with the drive brake lever
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