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  1. The 1st batch do. They cut the outer walls out of them.
  2. The ultimate uncoupling! What a view! Can you imagine being a passenger and the articulation came apart that way! Wow
  3. That's right it's not going to happen
  4. Not for the faint of heart... You have been warned.
  5. LRT

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    No they're still there.
  6. LRT

    General CTrain Discussion

    Oh those key holes! Lol In no particular order, Car isolation. Locks all the doors in that particular car in case somebody pukes in it. They can turn that car off and maintain the rest of the consist in service. Door isolation. In case the door malfunctions they can turn that door off. Alternatively that can also be done in the cab and the operator doesn't have to get out of the cab. Crew access. When the train is out of service that's how they operator gets out. Simply unlockes that door for 30 seconds
  7. LRT

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    That's a hell of a good question. Series 7s and 8s have one less per truck. Back in the day they said it was a cost-cutting measure. Just a guess here but if they are to be compatible with the series 8s the mechanical systems would probably have to be compatible as well. Thus removing whatever is not compatible with the 8s. Like I mentioned before the refurbs are built like 8s now (ie. doors use series 8 electronics.) I believe one of the sand boxes inside the car would be missing as well. Next time I'm around a refurb I'll check.
  8. LRT

    General CTrain Discussion

    They remove the plexiglass and pull the handle. An alarm goes off in the operator cab that indicates somebody pulled the emergency door release in the specific car / door. When they're done they simply reset the handle. There is no key needed.👍
  9. LRT

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I'm looking at 2205, 2219, 2207 they sure look like they were repainted?!?! Very shiny! Ok... for comparison... here is a picture of car 2222 Series 6 (non refurb) sand fillers doors (the 2 doors on the left and right) And here is a picture of car 2219 Series 6 (refurb) sand filler door (the 1 door is missing and replaced with a plate) So the refurbs definitely had one of the sanders removed from the power trucks. Just like the series 7s and 8s.. ( they came that way from factory) Here's a closer look of the plate.
  10. LRT

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I also noticed on the refurbished seried 5s that they have removed one of the sanders off the A truck and B trucks.
  11. LRT

    Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I finally got to DRIVE one! Lots of gusto... better dynamic braking, smoother disc brake application thanks to a software upgrade. They also added a cruise control feature just like the S200s. Feels like a better train that's for sure. The refurbs are basically a series 8 "electronically" including the door functions. Cameras and passenger emergency systems are S200 biased with that said that's the issue they are having running the refurbs and series 8 together. The camera's are not compatible. Yes, that small bubble in front of the dash is a forward facing camera and a cab camera has been installed as well. Cab windows appear to be tinted now. Better A/C flow in drivers cab. These cars have been completely rewired from coupler to coupler.
  12. If I can try to remember back in my bus driving days I'm pretty sure that fan facing the passengers right above the wheel well helped control the window from fogging up.
  13. Most of those fans were designed to keep the windshield from fogging up. It kind of sort of works but not really though. The installation of a shield would dramatically increase the temperature around the driver's area that's for sure!🤠
  14. Not at all! They suck ass! They are so loud and all they do is push around the hot air. They're used in the Calgary U2's and the original SD160s Yuck!
  15. If they stuck a roof top cargo carrier (Costco) on top of that thing it would greatly improve the looks.. that's for sure