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  1. Let’s absolutely be sure that these buses are “retired” because once they’re retired they never come back into service. Just because they haven’t been in service for a few months does it mean they’re retired. They could be waiting for parts, repairs who knows! I’m starting to notice a lot of these posts are not confirmed yet making it onto the board “as retired” then “back in service” let’s start confirming the information before we actually post it.
  2. For whatever reason 6081 was at Victoria Park and went out on a route 3 on Friday morning
  3. Well… at least the floors are made out of wood!
  4. Ok.. here’s the scoop…. At least 33 operators will be sent down to Edmonton for the week of the Pop’s visit to help out. As far as buses go who knows what will see go out there. Possibly a mixture of articulated buses and who knows what else… let’s not forget Calgary Transit has a garage full of surplus buses right now. They will probably most likely be stored and maintained at 1 or 2 of the garages in town. Should be quite the scene to see.
  5. Hello! Nope. Probably won’t see them till the Fall.
  6. Aww… can we build up the suspense a little bit?
  7. Yup. You heard me right keep an eye out for them!
  8. It’s been like that since it came back from California a few years ago. There’s a few interesting irregularities with some of these trains which is pretty cool to spot!
  9. I can guarantee you that was a rookie that was probably out mentorship driving! overshooting any of the downtown stations is pretty difficult to do
  10. No, since they started with car 2204 back in 2012… new paint and roofline stuff. So the 7s are off to Sacramento now? That’s to bad.. I love their original set ups they run awesome! The 8s need new paint I guess but not much corrosion compared to the original batch.
  11. So just about 13 years to do the intire fleet. Bring on the 8s. They need it..
  12. So that’s it? All cars SD160s (5,6,7s) finally refurbed?
  13. Yikes! What the heck happened? Hope the operator is OK! I don’t think that bus will be salvageable. More than likely all bent up.
  14. I definitely won’t miss these buses (7700s) I would love to see the Winnipeg buses come out and play.. I guess this coming fall we will all have a chance to check them out when AG opens. Honestly I think I’ve ridden in one once and never had the chance to drive them. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this Bus gig the past year!
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