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  1. 2037 Is one of many lined up at Oliver Bowen. She’s done and awaiting disposal I believe 2055 is being used for shunting cars around.
  2. I believe that crack is occurring near the articulation.... Coincidentally has anybody notice the amount of flexing on the floor in the area of the articulation joint? Not surprised that the floor is cracking in that area at all.
  3. And people , objects still get hit.
  4. They already have bells, lights, signage. Sounds like a bottle picker may have been on the tracks, may have been the intoxicated stoned up or mental issues. I’ve seen it all... Honestly there not much more you can do.
  5. I’m willing to wager a dime that it won’t be. lots to be done yet, Hiring operators, staff training commissioning of the line, commissioning of the trains and other unforeseen delays. Its going to be interesting to see new operators operating a new system without LRT experience unless you see some new hires from ETS Possibly retirees from rail side (I might be completely wrong with this assumption) This is an intire different kind of project. Commissioning of the west LRT in Calgary took at least 6 months and that actually went extremely smooth. Can’t wait to see the line open otherwise!
  6. Because the S200s don’t have a station bars in the middle of the doorways, they installed these bars that swing out to assist boarding using the steps on the side of the train 😉
  7. You are absolutely correct.
  8. I’m looking at spending about $70 to get mine digitized. I used to have a scanner that could do slides but got rid of it years ago. London Drugs can do it on site. Maybe one day soon
  9. That would be nice to see. It’s definitely appropriate to see it in a museum setting such as ERRS. Not sure about the Calgary U2s though. They are in really rough shape
  10. I’ve got about 20 slides of Ctrain stuff from the early 80s that need to be converted to digital. Very cool stuff!
  11. So what the heck happened? Broken rail? Entered yard on restricted?
  12. Today is the 42 anniversary of the LRT. I can actually say that I was there for the inaugural run. Never forget the new smell of the LRT cars and stations. It was packed! One of the LRT car is on display in 1977 at Edmonton’s Klondike Days
  13. Wow am I ever blind! 😆 sorry about that.
  14. Really?? I thought that power was taken away from the peace officers years ago by the province. And now all of a sudden they’re ununiformed?
  15. This entire industry is messed up. No one’s been ready for anything like this. There’s operators in the US are dying like you wouldn’t believe. Even with the safety precautions put in place such as mask, gloves and a social distancing. Transit should be shut down. I get that it’s an essential service. Transit is helping spread this virus. People should be staying home. If you can’t get to work because transit’s not there all the more reasons to stay home. The government has made it so your employer can’t fire you because of COVID-19. The government has made it you’re unable to work they will financially help you. Different bank institutions and credit card agencies will help you defer your payments for up to six months without penalty. Stay home, reboot, reset. Life will come back as we knew it soon enough as long as everybody stays home!
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