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  1. No way really? I did a bypass then the lights were out recentlyish
  2. @Gsgeek540 On another note, the in-street train stop has been removed at Mcleod trail east bound. Not sure why though....
  3. No they never moved it. Best place to relocate the loop would be on the west side of 7th street (exactly 1 block east) that way the request is sent and the flashing "R" will begin to blink and should upgrade right away. If it doesn't upgrade 4 car trains should hold at 8th street untill a routing is established.🚦
  4. There aware of the problem.. It's a signaling issue. The "call on" for 18A is on the west side of 8th street. The request does not go through untill the lead cab crosses 8th street. Also the operator has no idea that a redline train is about to come around the corner otherwise the operator with a 4 car train would hold at the 8st lights. AND if it's a 4 car redline train coming around the corner the east bound train needs to clear the interlocking before the westbound can go through. So 8 street station needs to be clear and 8st traffic light need to go green. AND! If emergency vehicles are going down 8st, the 8st traffic lights go green (north & south bound) so the emergency vehicles have priority. Trains are forced to wait for a green for up to 5 minutes now causing a blockage with the four car trains and not to mention the delays on the avenue. Not to worry... The operator with that four car train blocking 8th is freaking out too! 😆
  5. Yikes! That's not good. I've heard that consist had drivability issues and door issues last week too.
  6. Seen 2420 today in the yard at Anderson 2424s "operator steps" look to be finally modified with larger steps. The existing steps on the S200s are way too small and shallow for feet to fit into. Oh boy you dont need to apologize😆
  7. That's actually a nice looking bus!
  8. I ment space as far as the amount of cars Siemens can work on. I should of been more specific.
  9. My experiences on a U2... I've had a screw come loose and jam my drive / brake lever and get jammed in the linkages I couldn't go into breaking when I was pulling into Anderson that was fun. I had paragraph damage on my Center car and I had to zero out the motors and drag the entire contest back to Anderson with two functioning cars (at track speed screw emergency drive! 😀) Had an electronic fault and have the disc brakes come on at 80 kph on my trailing car couldn't release the brakes flattened all the wheels. Frozen main Breakers when they used to park them remotely at Dalhousie that was a common thing. If you blew a main breaker it would never be able to close. It would have to be done manually Cam controller go boom when I went in to braking going into Canyon Meadows a few years back lots of smoke stunk like hell. Blew a traction motor or 2 Blew a resistor bank or 2 Blew rotary converters a bunch of times Electronic fault pulling into Rundle disc brakes came on and almost had no dynamic braking had to use lots of track brakes and then have the whole ordeal clear up soon as I came to a stop I had a dead man pedal / overspeed issue between Canyon Meadows and Fish Creek outbound and the train came to a screaming halt and then wouldn't move so I release the disc brakes and coasted from all the way to Fish Creek with a Calgary Stampede Crush load and parked it there. Numerous electronic faults resulting in flattening wheels And of course an infinite amount of door malfunctions but I can honestly say I've never had a wheel chair ramp failure on a U2 they're indestructible U2's are so fun to drive! I definitely have a love-hate relationship with them.
  10. Cars 2310 and 2329 are in the body shop undergoing body work. Car 2310 has received a new "A end" cab and the old one is sitting on a bus lane and Anderson. They're doing a lot of work on these two cars pretty much a body refurb new paint and stuff... hopefully we'll see them in service soon.
  11. 2422 and 2433 are now at Anderson still wrapped up so maybe we might see these two cars go through some type of testing next week. 2424 is definitely undergoing testing or commissioning of some sort at Anderson. From what I hear Siemens is only allowed to work on three cars at a time, so until the latest three cars are in service we won't be receiving any more cars due to space. If we do receive more cars that's an indication that three more cars will be entering service. Get them in get him out mentality by the sounds of it
  12. My U2 broke down in the NE last week....
  13. Not sure where to put this question so I'll put here. Does anybody on this board have an idea on what the current mileage is on ETSs SD160s? Calgary's oldest series 8 SD160s ( 2301 - 2338 ) is fast approaching almost 800,000 kms and newest unit is about 730,000 kms Just thought it would be cool to compare the 2 cities Thanks all!
  14. I've been trying to post this for the last few days but cars 2421-2418-2414 are running a new software and are not allowed to run with any other s200 until they all run the same software together. And then.... Oddly enough yesterday morning car 2421 was a problem car and the entire contest and was pulled out of service. Eventually that contest was back in service later in the afternoon. I also heard from the operator that was operating that contest yesterday morning that the doors were operating with a delay when activated. The door's unlocked button had to be pressed for 2 to 3 seconds before the doors were activated.
  15. If they had locking gates then people could get trapped on the tracks. In my opinion they should just keep everything the way it is because safety measures get abused anyway.