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  1. Wow! I thought they're only scrapping 20 cars. I guess they want to push the series 10 purchase... That's going to be years away. Half the U2 fleet has been wiped out!
  2. And it might still be there for quite a while yet...
  3. This one? It arrived and was unloaded earlier this week. 68 down 1 to go
  4. LRT

    Green Line LRT

    Yes. Kinda cool
  5. Just noticed if you look a few posts above the one I made a few weeks ago there's a picture on the example of what I'm trying to explain.. lol one year ago!
  6. 2203 being stripped down and getting ready to be shipped out to California
  7. 2263 has been stripped down back to its factory shipped white
  8. Lots of spare parts for the pickens!
  9. LRT

    Green Line LRT

    People that live in those apartment buildings need to be mindful and make sure that when they're getting ready for work or maybe inviting their boyfriend over for a drink after a date... they need to close their blinds otherwise you can see everything.
  10. LRT

    Green Line LRT

    Maybe because I'm a train geek I really don't mind the noise..lol
  11. Found this at Anderson Station today... look familiar? Have we mentioned that 39th Avenue station got a bit of a facelift over the last few months?
  12. They want to keep it consistent so it looks familiar for passengers I guess.
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