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  1. 1604

    Arboc #'s 1722 to 1834 retirement watch

    1735 now resides at a church in Bridgeland at 10 St / 2 Av NE.
  2. 1604

    CTrain Station Renovations

    Only caught a brief glimpse today but it looked nice. I'm a bit surprised they picked that station as the place to start, ACAD will have a new name soon and then the signs will be out of date.
  3. 1604

    General CTrain Discussion

    I could be wrong, but 'Not in Service' seems to show up when the car is on training and the interior signs are showing normal station info - possibly it's used for training to simulate revenue service? And 'Out of Service' is used the rest of the time. Not really sure - but I know I've seen both messages on series 8s before, and that seems to have been the difference between the two. ...not that they couldn't have changed every instance of 'Out of Service' to 'Not in Service' with the new programming.
  4. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Looks like there are queue jumps now being installed at Heritage Dr / Blackfoot Tr SE in both directions, along with an extra lane extending quite a ways back. EB BRT station at Deerfoot Meadows looked to be going in near the northwest corner of the Superstore. Funny you mention that - the new crossing at 6 Ave SW seems to have used a similar red concrete as the bus queue jump at NB 36 St / 16 Av NE.
  5. 1604

    Calgary Transit

    Don't think there's a rule against it/I've never had any issues. Asking the driver to turn the a/c on has always been successful for me too.
  6. 1604

    General CTrain Discussion

    I was actually going to ask if those were still there but I forgot. Good to know. Thanks!
  7. 1604

    General CTrain Discussion

    Nope 😐. But they did split up the announcements at the last stop downtown so info on which direction the train is headed plays with the 'next stop' announcement instead of having everything play when you're pulling in to the stop. Annoys me how fragmented the line names still are. The doors on the series 8s used to do that - not sure if they still do with the other changes they've made to how the doors work on the SD160s. But I agree. The series 9s in particular can be ridiculous - just standing in the general vicinity of the door sometimes causes them to recycle.
  8. 1604

    General CTrain Discussion

    Awesome, good accessibility improvement. Hopefully they rerecorded some of the other lines to include 'blue line' and 'red line' too?
  9. 1604

    1601-1624 retirement

    1612 was sold to Roam Transit in Banff:
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  14. Blurb and renders from http://www.calgarytransit.com/StationRenovations Looks like a fairly similar upgrade to what was done at Whitehorn although on a smaller scale (concession stand not removed, elevator not repositioned).