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  1. A few nice photos courtesy of someone on reddit
  2. Are the power problems on the NE blue line resolved? Anecdotally, it seems as though the NW and S legs received many more new prebuilt substations than I've seen put into place on the NE leg. But maybe they are able to upgrade the existing substations and that's enough. I really don't know.
  3. To be fair, that was quite a while ago and lots has probably changed. ZF must be doing something right for Calgary to have now ordered over 260 buses with their transmission. Other cities like Vancouver and Red Deer seem to have 'switched' to ZF for all their recent orders too.
  4. It's interesting to hear the other side of things. Calgary's Xcelsior HVAC options are off/vent low/vent high/heat/cool, and I've often wished we had the aforementioned setup where it's either on or off, and beyond that everything is automatic. I've been on many buses here where the temperature inside is uncomfortably hot, and the HVAC is set to either vent or is turned off altogether (which isn't fun since there aren't any windows to open!). When the HVAC is set to heat or cool, it does still automatically scale the fan speed, floor heaters, etc. to the preset temperature. How good are people about not opening windows on your air conditioned buses in the summer when it's running?
  5. Me too! But that's apparently how MediaWiki rolls. This was part of the previous debugging and should be fixed now! Can you let me know if you're able to reset it here?
  6. Oops. Trying to hunt down a couple of technical issues and accidentally left it on. I've turned it off now, although you might see it briefly reappear later.
  7. [citation needed]
  8. Thank you, the photos were really helpful! All the above issues should now be resolved.
  9. Hmm, that's not good! It's possible something went wrong with the most recent software update. I will take a closer look tomorrow. This might be related too but I don't use either of those features, could you let me know how they look different now?
  10. Looks like they've changed it to http://clts.transloc.com/
  11. I was looking at the photos again the other day and I realized: the train icon is not a generic clip art train symbol... but actually an S200. Really cool that someone went to the time and effort to create that just for us. They've updated the display slightly. Removed the Calgary logo in the upper right, the blue along the bottom is darker now, and 'Please stand back, train approaching' was replaced with a phrase you may have heard once or twice before: 'Please stand behind the yellow line' And I'm not sure if this suggests a large replacement of the existing LED signs is coming or not, but I also noticed the screen has gone up on the exact same mounting bracket as the LED sign it replaced.
  12. Mississauga and Saskatoon are now live on the site.
  13. Sorry, what I meant is that there is no explicit reference to the route branch numbers. So while the route map shows the different branch, and the trip schedule reflects the branch, there's no specific reference to, for example, 1C instead of just 1. But I may be able to add this in manually. Ideally, my hope is that MiWay can update the provided data to reflect what's shown on destination signs instead of just a general direction (e.g. "westbound"). I will look into what is feasible to try and make this happen. Thanks again for the suggestion and information!
  14. Cold Lake has launched GPS bus tracking: http://clt.transloc.com/
  15. Gotcha, thanks. Hamilton is doable, but it will take some reworking to implement. Mississauga doesn't actually provide specific branch numbers in the schedule data, so that could be more difficult. I definitely see the value in making it clearer which branch each bus is actually on, so I'll see if something can be modified without too much hassle (though probably Hamilton only for now, unfortunately).