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  1. General Route Discussion and History

    Winter signup route changes: Route 100 weekday: 3 all day keys (one, two, three), 1 AM peak, 1 PM peak, no more interlining with route 300 Route 100 weekend: 3 all day keys, interlined with route 95 (one, two, three) Route 145 weekday: 2 all/mid day keys (one, two), 1 PM-late night key, 3 PM peak only keys, 5 AM peak only keys Route 145 weekend: 2 all day keys (one, two) Route 430 weekday: 1 all day key, no weekend service
  2. Hi folks, The above situation has been resolved ... hoping we can get this thread back on topic now. Cheers
  3. Feature Photo Submissions

    Your picture is up for the week! Thanks for the submission.
  4. Various Email Additions

    And a picture of 5809, one of the 2017 New Flyer XD40 buses:
  5. Feature Photo Submissions

    Your photo is up for the week! Thanks for the submission.
  6. SD160 roofline upgrades spotings

    2241 has been repainted and has a roofline. This picture could go in any number of threads - there are at least two other new things in this photo, not to mention the unusual train movement.
  7. CTrain Station Renovations

    Marlborough Station is finished and looks great - some photos:
  8. Feature Photo Submissions

    Thanks for the submission, your pic is up.
  9. General Route Discussion and History

  10. Feature Photo Submissions

    Your photo is up for the current week
  11. Calgary Transit - Two Tone Blue Fishbowls

    That's what I heard too but I've watched all of season 1 (set in 2006) and I'm nearly done season 2 (set in 1979) and the only Fishbowl I've seen is this one, which makes several appearances in season 2: Season 3 is supposed to be set in 2010-2011, I guess it could show up but that seems unlikely.
  12. Stoney Bus Garage

    Some construction pictures have been added too. http://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TI/Pages/Transit-projects/Stoney-CNG-Transit-Bus-Garage.aspx
  13. The original press release says: "The first S200 vehicle slated to ship in 23 months with the full order to be completed by December 2016." A later PDF from the Siemens website says: "63 of the vehicles to be delivered before the end of 2017" A CBC article from March of this year says: "Nineteen of those vehicles have already been received, with the balance coming over the next year and a half."
  14. General CTrain Discussion

    Some new safety/accessibility features at Bridgeland. Other stations have received similar treatments - I know Lions Park and Southland have the new yellow tiling around stairs.