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  1. CAD buses

    Seems as though another update has gone out - these stops are now announced. The missing stops on the 4 and 5 are added in as well. Edit: stops on the 5 and probably the 4 with "North Haven Dr" are still missing. Route 10 and 32 also announce all stops now.
  2. General CTrain Discussion

    Seemed like it was 100% displaying the old format too, not flipping back and forth between old and new layouts like in July. Some shots of the new crossing gates at Chinook: It's nicer having a fully open pedestrian crossing without the 'corrals' to walk through.
  3. General Route Discussion and History

    https://web.archive.org/web/20050404092204/http://www.calgarytransit.com:80/Routes/html/rte440.html It looks like it used to go down 23 Ave NE which has a few industrial businesses: https://www.google.ca/maps/@51.0733062,-113.9127471,3a,75y,268.08h,97.04t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sD0COlPNNO_rUW13K-V5tRA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
  4. Bus #7659

    7659 at Westbrook Station yesterday afternoon.
  5. Half of 2438 is on display at APTA EXPO in Atlanta:
  6. Feature Photo Submissions

    Your photo is up!
  7. General CTrain Discussion

    And the rest have now been painted blue:
  8. Feature Photo Submissions

    Your photo is up, thanks for the submission!
  9. Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    Spotted on bus 7933
  10. Bus #7659

  11. Feature Photo Submissions

    Your photo is up for the current week!
  12. Calgary Transit

  13. SD160 roofline upgrades spotings

    Unrepainted 2265 has a roofline.
  14. CAD buses

    I wasn't expecting this one: route 25 has announcements at most stops. A promising sign! I was curious about how this worked here but it seems to be just as good - the route 3 is on detour (completely skipping 4th St SB) this weekend and as soon as we turned onto Elbow Dr, it was announcing the first non-skipped stop (29 Ave). Transit55 is not working because CT's data feed is stuck - hopefully fixed tomorrow.