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  1. Downtown West/Kerby and 6th Street now have the new PA speakers. Centre St got them a little while back too. Kerby has 2 sets of new LED lights - I assume as a trial before they are rolled out more broadly: Also, there's mention in the CT Recovery Strategy of an interesting upgrade coming:
  2. I like it! I'd much rather sit on clean, hard plastic than dirty/dusty/stained fabric. The red looks good too, gives the interior a bit of a refresh .
  3. My Fare adds seniors, low-income pass options for Calgary Transit riders https://livewirecalgary.com/2022/02/10/my-fare-seniors-low-income-pass-calgary-transit/
  4. Nice sky this evening - a couple snaps from the East Village:
  5. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/plans---projects/electric-bus-pilot-project.html
  6. Some of the downtown stations are getting new PA speakers - at least City Hall, 1 Street, and 7 Street have been done. Significantly louder and clearer than before. Big upgrade IMO.
  7. It's currently on 10 St SW just south of 7th Avenue! Pretty cool surprise going by there this afternoon.
  8. CMLC posted a timelapse of the first 3 months of construction on Twitter:
  9. This is very impressive. Great read, thanks for all your work -- not just on keeping a piece of history alive but meticulously journaling its story along the way. Awesome stuff Nick.
  10. Schedule information for the fall signup is now loaded into T55.
  11. https://www.calgarytransit.com/content/transit/en/home/news/the-upass-returns.html I noticed the app got a small visual update too.
  12. Announcement at Oliver Bowen tomorrow afternoon with the Prime Minister and Mayor.
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1917640771962/ Video of an XD40 driving through some flood water edit: longer version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSDodgtNwKU
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