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  1. Hi everyone, As you've probably seen by now, there's an update to the site coming soon, and it's available now to check out. Some of the changes and new features include: Directional arrows on bus icons. Faster map updates. Save up to 5 favourite buses, routes, or blocks to your home page. Block explorer - explore schedules and get a sense of how routes are interlined with one another. Updated fleet pages with direct links to the CPTDB Wiki. Clean and accurate new maps from OpenStreetMaps, replacing Google Maps. (Google Maps reduced their free tier quotas and increased their pricing, and it was not going to be feasible to continue using their services.) The full list of the changes can be found on the home page of each city. A huge thanks to everyone here for continuing to use and support the site ... Please feel free to shoot me a PM here or hit the contact link on the site if you have any thoughts or feedback you'd like to share.
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    General BRT discussion

    Some of the stations along the NW part of 16 Avenue are lit up now and they look good. Three strips of bright white lighting on the underside of the canopy. (Like the rendering, but not red.) And yeah, the digital sign at the WB SAIT station now shows real time info for the 19 along with Global News branded weather at the bottom, much like the CTrain signs.
  3. 1604

    2018 Arbocs

    Looks like it's not the only one:
  4. 1604

    Calgary Transit

    https://twitter.com/Terry_Cahill/status/1025476337438351360 Funniest thing I've seen in a while. NSFW language.
  5. 1604

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    I didn't realize the incident on July 6th involved a CT bus. Some additional pics:
  6. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    At the westbound SAIT station.
  7. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Option 2 makes the most sense to me too. Intriguing quote from Nenshi in this Global article:
  8. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/meet-the-max-city-proposes-366000-rebranding-for-brt-buses The report: https://pub-calgary.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=56585 https://pub-calgary.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ashx?DocumentId=56586 I'm not sure how they will differentiate the routes, sorry.
  9. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    The new BRT routes are going to be called MAX.
  10. 1604

    Onestop Screens

    New screens in the Chinook bus loop for real time bus info!
  11. 1604

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Over the July long weekend, Rundle and Whitehorn stations will be closed. Articulated (extra large) shuttle buses will connect you between Marlborough and McKnight-Westwinds stations and will run every five minutes. Why is this disruption necessary? We are completing a number of maintenance projects including: Preventative maintenance on the overhead contact wires between Marlborough and McKnight-Westwinds stations. Platform track surfacing. Repairing a rail crossing. Modifications to the approach warning system at Whitehorn Station. Building repairs at Whitehorn Station. Does anyone know what 'modifications to the approach warning system at Whitehorn' entails?
  12. 1604

    Onestop Screens

    They've added a third pair of screens to the west end of both sides of City Hall. I know we're getting into nitpicky territory but I always found it annoying how the real time signs are 'clumped' together at one end of the platforms along 7th Ave, so I'm glad to see this
  13. 1604

    CTrain Station Renovations

    Some photos of various station renos taken over the past couple weeks: SAIT University Barlow The connecting tunnels are still pretty much untouched, just some LED lights put in - the vintage ads are all still there. Station roof still looks much the same, unlike... Zoo Different roof with some new skylight-type holes in it (you can't see directly out but they do let in natural light).
  14. 1604

    General CTrain Discussion

    They updated the layout of the screens too: Some shots of the new station signage at SAIT: Glad to see the S200 icon becoming the new norm! Nice refresh. Looks like they're using the same physical signs as before so they can probably update older signage fairly easily. SAIT still has two of the previous iterations up too. I assume this style of signage is original to the system. They use "ACA" instead of "ACAD" which puts them at least prior to 1995. The current signage, designed by BOND Creative. I think this style was introduced around/prior to 2000? The oldest photo I could find where it's visible is one from June 2000 on Barp.ca