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  1. https://www.ltgglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/SpectrumTitan-ProductSheetv2.pdf Some interesting pics!
  2. 1604

    Calgary Transit

    Unfortunately not - only buses logged in & with schedule attached show up online. It's also unfortunate because it means they won't appear on the real time signs at the MAX stations.
  3. 1604

    2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    Heard from Chris Cassidy that 1625, 1627, 1630, 1632, and potentially others are back at the Grande West facility in Aldergrove, BC.
  4. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    I rode the first MAX Purple into downtown this morning. It took about 6 minutes longer to make it through the transitway than the schedule indicates - and that was with generally fast station stops and not having to stop at one of the stations. Lots of red lights, including a couple where it was a pretty lengthy wait (26 St SE and 19 St SE). Glad they're aware of the issues and are working on getting them fixed. That said, it was still a fun ride. I love the stations and ROW along 17th, and getting to fly over Deerfoot at 80km/h was great. A+ indeed! This evening I rode MAX Orange from 31 Street to Saddletowne. It felt like a pretty quick ride, despite a 6 minute wait at Rundle - I love how direct it is. I can see how it would feel painfully slow if you're always under the speed limit though. I also rode a U2 with an entire bank of ads promoting MAX Purple - great to see marketing for the service.
  5. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Some photos of 44 Street Station taken tonight. Help phone Signage which matches the new CTrain wayfinding with the colour block (would've liked to see the MAX bus icon incorporated into these too) Real time signs Swung by tonight because I was curious and was about to post the same thing, haha! There does seem to be a small parking zone between the two bus zones (as indicated by a new 'Bus Zone Ends' sign I guess) but there are no actual parking signs so I could see this spot being a bit of a problem. I'm not sure it's going to be worth the hassle just to preserve parking for a couple cars. I like the location of the stop though - much nicer waiting area than where I had assumed it would be (nearside Stephen Ave). Side note - the stop number on both of the signs in your pic (4309) is wrong and instead corresponds to a route 55 stop on Falconridge Drive.
  6. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Real time signs now active at most of the MAX Purple stations, and glass has started to go in for the shelters. I noticed the station at the Blackfoot Diner is called 9th Avenue SE in the schedule data but 19 Street SE on the maps in the Rider's Guide. Anyone know what the actual signs on it say?
  7. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Most of the stations along 17 Ave SE are lit up now. Cabinets for the real time signs have started to go in. Located at the 'end' of the platform next to the emergency exits. Same style as the sign at SAIT.
  8. 1604

    Bus #7659

    Nice looking wrap!
  9. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Help phones have been installed at most of the MAX Purple stations.
  10. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/calgary-to-modernize-public-transit-system-with-conduent-transportation-technology-and-services-300741951.html Modernization of existing TVMs to begin next year. Nothing about mobile ticketing specifically mentioned, but the upgraded TVMs will "support a roadmap for future payment options".
  11. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    Great summary. Only thing I'd add (which ties into the no right turns on red) is the U-turn lights (and associated signage/lane markings) are now active at most of the intersections. Couple shots of the new signage - looks really cool. Unfortunately none of the signs along 17 Ave are lit up yet, but it seems like a decent number of the MAX Orange stations in the NE have them installed and illuminated.
  12. 1604

    Calgary Transit

  13. 1604

    General BRT discussion

    https://globalnews.ca/news/4571458/calgary-max-bus-rapid-transit/ Some shots of 8206 wrapped for MAX Orange in the video.
  14. 1604

    General Route Discussion and History

    With all of the emphasis (and soon, marketing) on how MAX provides a higher level of service than BRT, it strikes me as quite odd that the routes are numbered right in with the existing BRTs. Especially the 306. Not a fan - I would have thought they'd at least be in the 310s, for example. It looks like schedules can be browsed here, just set the date to November 19. No public release of the new scheduling data yet that I can see.