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  1. The real time signs at Crowfoot and North Pointe are functional now. I wasn't expecting them to be multi-colour. Up to 5 lines of departure info at a time, in different colours, occasionally showing a CT logo with the date and time. The sign at Crowfoot also shows CTrain departures on a separate screen. Not sure if the different colours between routes denotes anything. Speaker didn't seem to be doing anything yet. It was really hard to get a clear photo of what the signs were showing due to the refresh rate, so I had to mess with (cellphone) camera settings and the resulting image quality (even after some editing) is pretty bad. If anyone is able to get better pics, I'd love to see 'em.
  2. Existing signs at 4th Street, 3rd Street, and 1st Street Stations are down now too. Just Kerby, Centre St, and City Hall still remaining on 7th Ave, the latter two of which will probably be sign-less by this time tomorrow. Turns out they sure can. New brackets are up on the mounts at 8th and 7th Streets:
  3. 'Saddletowne' is spelled incorrectly (missing the 'e' on the end, just like the platform signs) on series 8 trains using the 4 car train code. @Jon Calon On another note.. I quite like the new system maps that are going up at stations.
  4. The existing LED signs at 6th Street, 7th Street, and 8th Street Stations have been taken down. I guess it'll just be the OneStop screens providing info at downtown stations in the near future. Hopefully they can do a good job of communicating info about delays/disruptions. Not sure if they can reuse the mounts at those stations because they're a different design than the ones at Kerby. Yeah, there are several different announcements that are played, though they're part of the existing train info system. Tons of signage/announcements telling people to stand behind the yellow line here.
  5. Noticed the Stampede Express bus stop signs are up along Harvest Hills and probably the rest of Centre Street too. --- Some blocks from the new schedule data. Route 167 - Walden/Legacy CCW AM - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4505710 PM - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4505709 one bus per peak period Route 168 - Walden/Legacy CW AM - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4505712 PM - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4505711 one bus per peak period 304 looks to be pretty much the same as previous years. Example: https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4509980 35 Parade day floaters, split between SG and VP. Signed as 'Stampede Parade' this year but (being a floater bus) no info beyond that. VP example - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4508281 SG example - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4508294 4 daily after-Stampede floaters, all are VP example - https://transit55.ca/calgary/block?id=4508693
  6. Just to elaborate on what Opal said about how at-grade crossings work in Calgary. The reason some intersections give green lights to directions that can't actually proceed is to clear any traffic that may be stopped on or near the tracks before the train arrives. By the time the train is actually in the intersection, the lights have usually reverted to allowing other traffic to proceed. In some cases, this ends up giving one traffic direction much more green light time than it would otherwise need, so if you're travelling in a different direction, you end up having to wait longer. I don't believe this is as much of a concern with urban low floor LRT because intersections generally have less in the way of crossing protection. But, of course, there will still be impacts on traffic and pedestrians anywhere the train crosses.
  7. Some neat info about it on the website: http://www.calgarytransit.com/scout
  8. Still working on the best permanent solution to this. Apologies for the wait.
  9. Absolutely, and I apologize that this was overlooked. There is much room for improvement here. We typically only respond to people who have been accepted. Providing feedback to everyone is something we need to work on.
  10. Bird spikes being put up at 69 Street as we speak.
  11. Seems like it is something to do with that code, although I'm not sure what specifically. I'll look into and update you once I have something.
  12. Info/schedules for the Banff service are up: http://onitregionaltransit.ca/banff/