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  1. The website is online now: https://myfare.calgarytransit.com/ And the FAQ was updated with some new entries: http://www.calgarytransit.com/myfare
  2. Quite the client list on Masabi's site! Their system also integrates right into the Transit App for ticket purchases, which is super smart and convenient. (And would you look at that -- St Catherines Transit uses a white labeled version of the Transit App just like Calgary ) Here are the actual readers that are being installed: https://www.access-is.com/products/val100 Mentions supporting NFC so hopefully that's something we can move towards in the future.
  3. Some highlights from the SPC on Transportation and Transit last week (emphasis mine): New monthly surveys on satisfaction allowing for a new internal dashboard tracking the customer experience A map showing the PTN - "In Q1 2019, PTN service was provided to 15% of Calgary residences and 31% of employment locations. The PTN now totals nearly 76 kilometers and is nearly 20 percent complete." With the route 3 being reduced to every 12 minutes, I don't believe it would fit the definition anymore and so the map and these figures would likely be quite different. There are many lengthy documents to go over and I skipped over a lot here - I'd encourage anyone interested to go over the reports themselves. Also included was an in-depth study (191 pages) on at-grade CTrain crossings, a report on the Low Income Transit Pass Program, the Green Line Q2 update, and more.
  4. That sounds like a pretty rough ride. I don't think running a flat level of Sunday service works well for Canada Day (lower frequencies, last buses leaving downtown at 2345, etc). It doesn't help artics aren't sent out on weekends anymore. I also noticed 3-car trains on the system today. It's a busy day out there to not be running extra service. If you want to save yourself the phone call tomorrow, you can put in the request online http://www.calgarytransit.com/sr
  5. Went by as it was happening and there was an S200 consist sitting Out of Service on the outbound side of the station.
  6. 1976 system map someone posted on Reddit: https://i.redd.it/ocvb8uwh6mk21.jpg
  7. https://www.calgarytransit.com/news/calgary-transit-demand
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