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  1. Calgary Transit

    This is the last weekend of seeing Articulated buses out on the weekends for awhile!
  2. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I can't see them repainting them this soon again either as it was not that long ago that they were painted after the wrap livery was pulled off. A good wash will probably be all they need.
  3. First Student Canada

    From earlier today: 160318-1236first093380 by busdrawings, on Flickr 160318-1237first105461 by busdrawings, on Flickr
  4. National Motor Coach

    Spotted 246 today, looked like a Ford F560 chassis with unknown body maker.
  5. 2018 Arbocs

    1207 has been delivered.
  6. Southland Transportation

    Spotted 7342 this morning, a Blue Bird cutaway, but I was unable to see the front end to state which chassis it was. Also, saw an unnumbered Blue Bird Ford E-450 this morning.
  7. Willco Transportation Ltd.

    Spotted 1524 this morning. I see it is already on the Wiki.
  8. First Student Canada

    This morning I spotted #3350, an International 3800 Blue Bird 12 row - 72 passenger unit with the flip board sign School Bus / Charter. It was headed north on Deerfoot at Country Hills Blvd, so I suspect this unit is based in Airdrie. I don't recall seeing this one in ages.
  9. First Student Canada

    Spotted 219627, a 9 row 54 passenger body International IC with tinted windows as well as 220616, an International IC RE300 fourteen row 84 passenger unit.
  10. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    These 3 units are from the 4 units that were numbered 89-1977 to 89-1980 and are seen at the Cardinal Coach Lines Yard in October of 2001 shortly after being retired from the CT fleet and returned to the leaser. October 2001.
  11. 2018 Arbocs

    Every single one of these new ones that we know about is out today!
  12. 2018 Arbocs

    1225 is out for the first time this evening. Spotted on T55 "Out of Service". 5 others are out this evening now too - https://transit55.ca/calgary/model?id=2018_Arboc_Spirit_of_Freedom_(Gasoline)
  13. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    For Throwback Thursday - 1995 New Flyer D40LF #7574 southbound on 8th Street at 8th Ave. S.W. in October of 2001 when she was only 6 years old. 1001-138ct7574 by busdrawings, on Flickr1001-138ct7574 by busdrawings, on Flickr
  14. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    It's March now..................
  15. 2018 Arbocs

    Here is a photo of #1212: 280218-042558ct1212 by busdrawings, on Flickr