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  1. October 14, 2019: Added 35 New Photos to the London Transit Commission (Ontario) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/ontario/london/index.htm
  2. Cross Canada Coach Lines #583 is an Ex-Pacific Coach! I could see the where the old decals used to be. Could also see the old fleet numbers, but was driving and was unable to make out the numbers.
  3. October 11, 2019: - Added 15 New Photos to the Cardinal Coach Lines / First Group (Alberta) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/coach/alberta/cardinal/index.htm - Added a New Photo Gallery for Fraser Valley Bus & Charter (Chilliwack, British Columbia) with 6 New Photos: http://www.busdrawings.com/coach/bc/fraservalley/index.htm
  4. I thought I was going to finally meet you last night!!!
  5. September 30, 2019: Added 4 New Photos to the Quick Coach Lines (British Columbia) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/coach/quickshuttle/index.htm October 4, 2019: Added 67 New Photos to the Brewster Transportation (Banff, Alberta) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/coach/brewster/index.htm
  6. #7997 is seen on a detour while working the route 40 on 41st Ave. between 77th and 75th Street N.W. heading towards North Hill shopping Centre on October 3, 2019.
  7. Here are a couple of photos taken back in August of #1175, an MCI J3500. Enjoy!
  8. That front end in the photo of that article looks the same as the Airdrie Ford Transit chassis Arboc's. Those are not former Calgary units.
  9. I have been seeing IC BE 208857 every day since the beginning of this month on 32nd Ave. N.E twice every afternoon rush hour.
  10. September 29, 2019: Added 75 New Photos to the Kingston Transit (Ontario) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/ontario/kingston/index.htm
  11. September 28, 2019: Added 61 New Photos to the OC Transpo (Ottawa / Carleton, Ontario) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/ontario/ottawa/index.htm
  12. BC Transit - Victoria Regional Transit System 1992 New Flyer D40LF #8015 in Downtown Victoria on a layover in May of 1994.
  13. September 21, 2019: Added 29 New Photos to the Canadian Pacific Railway Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/rail/cprail/index.htm
  14. September 20, 2019: Added 18 New Photos to the Lethbridge Transit (Alberta) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/alberta/lethbridge/index.htm
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