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  1. Damaged or dead vehicles

    This evening I noticed 6016 dead on N.B. Elbow Drive north of Anderson road waiting for a tow as well as #8220 parked on the shoulder on S.B. Deerfoot Trail south of the 8th Ave. N.E. overpass.
  2. Buses for sale

    Looks like them yes.
  3. www.busdrawings.com - Bus Drawings & Photos

    August 10, 2017: Added 29 New Photos to the KCM - King County Metro (Seattle, Washington) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/washington/seattle/index.htm
  4. D40LF #'s 7818 to 7962 repaint / refurbishment tracking

    Spotted 7860 in new livery yesterday. Yes I know I need to update the list.. ..
  5. www.busdrawings.com - Bus Drawings & Photos

    August 8, 2017: Added 24 New Photos to the BC Transit - Victoria Regional Transit System Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/Britishcolumbia/Victoria/index.htm
  6. www.busdrawings.com - Bus Drawings & Photos

    August 7, 2017: Added 17 New Photos to the Red Deer Transit (Alberta) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/alberta/rdt/index.htm
  7. CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    I would assume all useful parts were already removed from 2102 to keep stored for 2101....
  8. Calgary Transit - Two Tone Blue Fishbowls

    Stampede Parade... Long since happened now and I do not know if 1046 showed up or not. I am kind of doubting it otherwise there would have been some posts somewhere about it.
  9. Airdrie Intercity Commuter Express & Local Service

    Seems as though that Vicinity I photographed was actually for Lethbridge as it has the White LED signs like the two that were recently photographed in Lethbridge. Just realized that it was SOUTH of the Trans Canada on Sarcee. I didn't read close enough on the location when you originally posted this. So it had to be headed for Lethbridge!
  10. D40LF #'s 7818 to 7962 repaint / refurbishment tracking

    Wow! And we don't even know of any of the earlier 2005 batch that have gone for refurbishing yet! But I am not surprised. 7921-7962 worked hard out of VP for most of their lives already.
  11. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    Yesterday I could see two of the new cars sitting in Alyth.
  12. D40LF #'s 7818 to 7962 repaint / refurbishment tracking

    I too saw it one day last week. Forgot to post about it.
  13. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    And here is a shot of the two halves of Car 2010 just 4 months after it's incident involving a pick-up Truck that ran the lights on 4th Ave. and 9th St. N.W. back in February 2002. This photo captured in June of 2002.
  14. Calgary Transit - Photos of vehicles no longer in the fleet

    Here's a shot of #7805 taken back in April of 2002 when she was pretty much a brand new bus. This unit was scrapped a few years ago after an engine compartment fire.
  15. CFD - Calgary Fire Department

    110717-114216cfd-q10-08stn1 by busdrawings, on Flickr