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  1. It was, but other units have also been somewhat touched up, 6005 is a good example
  2. A number of these have gone out this weekend.
  3. My main concern would be if he used an iPad all day the electricity to charge comes from a coal fired plant, so mabe best to use the paper maps which are already printed anyways
  4. Actually makes good sense ! Now you can connect from North point to Foothills, u of c, City centre, YYC, and now SAIT
  5. Keep an eye out for 7799 ive heard it’s been retired aswell
  6. Would someone in the Edmonton area have the ability to get a paper system map of the new system? If someone has one I would be will to pay to get it mailed down to Calgary. If anyone can please pm me. Thanks !!!
  7. https://vicinitybus.com/models/vicinity-lightning-ev/ I hope we get these ! Also arboc has a new electric bus aswell. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/nfi-subsidiary-arboc-launches-its-first-fully-accessible-battery-electric-low-floor-bus-the-zero-emission-equess-charge-tm--835317911.html
  8. This is usually a result of some sort of CAD failure, the CAD system typically changes and programs the sign of the vehicle based on its geographical location. If there is an issue manual input is required. This often results in operators using the “route xx”. The reason to use route 20 instead of 20 Heritage is because if the operator forgets to change the sign there isn’t a false heading which could seriously impact people at places like Rockeyview hospital. To further answer your question “what is it that operators do” they would simply enter 78 on the key pad and select E function which puts up “route” and whatever digits you previously entered.
  9. Many such loops have survived, Deer run, Hamptons, Hawkwood, Ogden Some that have been out of use since the 80’s are still around like the loop on Edgemont hill and Edgemont dr, just north of John Laurie Blvd
  10. I have seen 7981 aswell, wasn’t sure I saw it right but I’m guessing there are few more with them
  11. ETS is currently hiring 325 operator, to go along with the 450 the just recalled from layoffs. Has there been a massive jump in ridership?
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