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  1. Calgary Transit

    7655 is special for me! I rode it in 2003 on the route 10 Dalhousie a couple days after Dalhousie station opened ! I was 10 years old
  2. SD160 roofline upgrades spotings

    2238 now has a roofline
  3. General CTrain Discussion

    Saw that aswell last night ! Looks like 7th ave
  4. General CTrain Discussion

    Why not ? I always thought they looked funny ! Two roofline upgrades with a rusty greasy u2 in the middle 😜
  5. General Route Discussion and History

    It will make sense I have seen some of the proliminary routes, and there are a lot of positive changes
  6. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    Short shuttle drivers tonight Tonight 10 was all big bus 37 was big bus 65 was big bus 3 keys on the 32/46 were big bus 91 had 1 big bus 15 had 1 big bus
  7. General Route Discussion and History

    Yup the 42/49/50/51, 26, 45, 57,440 will all be re worked along with a small bus loop at east hills and yes count on the end of the circle route !
  8. General Route Discussion and History

    Expect 91 gone 72 gone 73 modified 20 modified 410 gone 1 cut in half 18 gone 63 gone part of the 23 gone Also the network south of 16 ave NE and north of pegain tr between Barlow and 84 st is getting g a makeover with big changes just from talking with planners not set in stone
  9. General Route Discussion and History

    After the BRT's we won't recognize the routes anymore
  10. ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    It's interesting to see something with a ZF transmission in ETS's fleet again !
  11. SD160 roofline upgrades spotings

    2236,2249 now have a rooflines 2233,2235,2236,2242,2244,2245,2248, 2249,2265!
  12. Damaged or dead vehicles

    1744 on the hook yesterday
  13. Damaged or dead vehicles

    1831 and 1871 died this weekend
  14. General Route Discussion and History

    I have a pocket schedule of it showing that !
  15. General CTrain Discussion

    If they could only buy some green paint to touch up every other part of that station