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  1. And just to confirm these train aren’t in revenue service just in the testing stage ?
  2. It’s only going to get worse as transit brings on up to 400 new operators this year, the best way to help fix the operators mistakes is to file CSR’s through the web or 262-1000.
  3. The best way to voice request for change would be to send in a CSR online or by calling 262-1000 if they receive enough feedback change could happen
  4. The route 1 did run every 30 minutes on Sunday but has never seen shuttle buses to my knowledge. Could you post an image showing what year/ date pocket schedule indicated this?
  5. Brentwood station was at its peak for number of routes servicing it September 2003 with the routes 199, 299, 421 servicing it also.
  6. If it’s the articulated key it will have one 99% of the time and out of the 4 forty foot buses 7921 and 7922 have bike racks
  7. Do you have a source for the 185 bus order ?
  8. The trouble with the 101,104,108,112 was the frequency wasn’t great off peak, weekends evening and some signups midday were around 40 minutes.
  9. Here’s a trip down memory lane !
  10. 8490 is now at Stoney with multiple others
  11. Just from a logistical stand point it makes sense. Why split up 37 cars between a possible 4 locations( Tuscany, Haysboro, Anderson, and OBMF). No they only run out of 1 location so train building is easier. That my two cents
  12. The 7700’s have been run 7 days a week for 17 years of their life, specifically when VP was the 24 hour garage. They have 1.5 times the km’s that their counterparts 7818-7920 have as those units ran primarily Monday to Friday 06:00-19:00 work through their life with some exceptions. 7921-7962 also met the school of hard knocks in terms of usage at VP, however they have received a decent amount of work lately. If the budget goes through as proposed we could see everything from 7818-8015 retired over the next 4 years.
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