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  1. Damaged or dead vehicles

    1744 on the hook yesterday
  2. Damaged or dead vehicles

    1831 and 1871 died this weekend
  3. General Route Discussion and History

    I have a pocket schedule of it showing that !
  4. General CTrain Discussion

    If they could only buy some green paint to touch up every other part of that station
  5. SD160 roofline upgrades spotings

    2245 now has a nice new roofline
  6. D40LF #'s 7818 to 7962 repaint / refurbishment tracking

    Glad to hear I was worried they would stop sending them out to save money!
  7. SD160 roofline upgrades spotings

    2244 now has a roofline 2233,2235,2242,2244,2245,2265!
  8. CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Oh man! 2064,and 2081 should be going soon they have the red sticker aswell!
  9. Calgary Transit

    I wonder out of all the people that got laid off, what the percentage would be or those that took transit. And it would be interesting to see if the percentage was higher for transit
  10. Calgary Transit

    Your post says MacLeod tr
  11. Calgary Transit

    Mess???? Details ????
  12. Suggestions for Improvements to Calgary Transit

    Calgary Transit has improved greatly since 2008! -Technology we now have real time signs at all train stations with the exception of 39 Ave all our ticket vending machines provide change and take debit credit! We have gps on our entire fleet and a mobile app that is very helpful, also great helps with Transit55 ! all buses have TSP's and they are used on many routes! 180 buses and roughly 180 train cars will have AC ( once all the s200's are here ) -Routes the Nw review was a great help to find a way to provide more for less and to make the nw easier to navigate! New bus bus loops at Somerset, MRU West gate, North point, Westbrook, and 69 st make the transfer and passenger experience better for customers 4 BRT lines are coming in 2018 while still maintaining excellent service on the 300,301 all the time and good service at peak on the 302 we have opened 10 stations since 2008 and the green line is starting soon all of 7th avenue's stations have been rebuilt and are much safer newer and brighter ! we continue to provide service to new communities with routes like 82,167,168,444,and 445 - Fleet our trains have been well maintained and continue to be upgraded with new changes like the signs on the inside (2201-2272) , new livery we now run 4 car trains which adds 25% more capacity on the system all new conventional and rebuilt buses now come with bike racks! our fleet is 100% low floor accessible! Although our arbocs leave leave much to be desired, we have a 100% low floor shuttle fleet they have 3 destinations signs which is a step up from what the crest lines offered We tested 4 CNG buses and have chosen to peruse a fleet of CNG buses to help lower our impact to the environment We are building a new bus maintance facility that will be open in 2019 and should address the maintance issue we have from over crowding at our facility's -communication there are more signs and email updates and tweets about delays which can sometimes be helpful and are a great improvement to what we had In 2008 the new website is more user friendly and makes it easy to see service changes -Facilities we have renovated a number of stations since 2008 Banff trail, Whitehorn, Rundle, Marlborough, Chinook, and now SAIT Spring Gardens has been expanded OBMF opened and has since been expanded -Frequency headway increases have been made on a number of routes with the route ahead guidelines in place. Midday frequency on the routes in the NE are virtual all 20 minutes Frequency on on the routes 1,4,5,7,8,14,20,23,26,28,36,41,72,73,78,83,86,114,153,199,301,402406,408,420,445 have all been increased The trains run every 2-4 minutes in peak and 10 minutes until 21:30 7 days a week -Saftey Brand new camera system across the Ctrain network double the number of peace officers new bus units for peace officers cameras inside buses and Ctrains These are just some of the positive changes Calgary transit has made
  13. CAD buses

    I like the fact that ETS didn't have to use tinted tape to dim their info signs in their buses !
  14. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    102 XD40's out midday today 9 Nova's out, I wonder why such a difference ...... there are even 13 D40LFR's out!