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  1. ETS is currently hiring 325 operator, to go along with the 450 the just recalled from layoffs. Has there been a massive jump in ridership?
  2. I saw them getting moved out of Ag, I wouldn’t be shocked if they are moved to Vp for the coming sign up
  3. 1228 on the 82! Lol a reverse of what the thread title says but I figured I’d post here
  4. RIP 2037, I always like that car for its unique black mirror holders!
  5. These people should automatically loose their license lol, how did you miss the 8 foot by 12 foot signs that says vehicle trap and buses only, and the two do not enter signs, oh and the hole in the road .....
  6. It means your 16 kms from city hall station if memory serves
  7. I have a system map from that era I’ll take a look when I get home
  8. No bus shortage, this is likely a preemptive strike to help with the implementation of new rules put in place on the number of riders per bus.
  9. Nice to see u2 consist 2020-2068-2012 out on 7th ave on a Sunday !
  10. Would like to take the time to thank 1604 for all his efforts through out the years. He has been an asset as a fan, on this board, and to the regular transit riders in multiple agency's. Thank you for your hard work it is truly valued !
  11. 7963-7980 have been parked until further notice
  12. I hope not, I understand the fact that measures need to be taken but the bottom line is people still have to carry on with their lives
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