Fort McMurray Transit 1976-1983

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Fort McMurray Transit 1976-1983 are New Flyer XD40 buses built in 2011. They were purchased with funding from the Government of Alberta’s GreenTRIP initiative. These are the first buses in the fleet to feature the new "Woosh: A Ride Worth Taking" livery. These are also the first Xcelsior buses for Fort McMurray.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISL9 Allison B400R 39 Kiel Ideo Luminator Horizon


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN [1] License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
1976 2011 2FYD8FV19BB039452 Active
1977 2011 2FYD8FV10BB039453 BFB-0013 Active
1978 2011 2FYD8FV12BB039454 Active
1979 2011 2FYD8FV14BB039455 BFB-0011 Active
1980 2011 2FYD8FV16BB039456 Active
1981 2011 2FYD8FV18BB039457 Active
1982 2011 2FYD8FV1XBB039458 Active
1983 2011 2FYD8FV11BB039459 BFB-0165 Active


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