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The Allison Bus Series of transmissions are designed for medium duty and heavy duty buses. Each type is available in 5 or 6 speeds with a retarder as an option. There are six models in the Bus Series. The main differences between them are listed below.

In 2015, Allison introduced a new model in the Bus Series. Part of the xFE (extra fuel economy) line, the B3400 xFE incorporates optimized gear ratios and features the FuelSense® Max electronic control package. New gear ratios also allow the torque converter to lock up at lower speeds. The xFE transmissions boast an up to seven percent improvement in fuel economy over baseline models.[1]


Type Max. Input Power Max. Input Torque Mass of Basic Model Number of Speeds
B210 164 kW/ 220 HP 576 Nm/ 425 Ft-Lb 150 kg/ 330 Lbs 5
B220 164 kW/ 220 HP 576 Nm/ 425 Ft-Lb 150 kg/ 330 Lbs 5
B300 209 kW/280 HP 997 Nm/ 735 Ft-Lb 243 kg/535 Lbs 4, 5 or 6
B400 224 kW/ 300 HP (transit)
242 kW/325 HP (touring coach)
1254 Nm/ 925 Ft-Lb 243 kg/535 Lbs 4, 5 or 6
B3400 xFE 224 kW/ 300 HP (transit) 1254 Nm/ 925 Ft-Lb
B500 313 kW/ 420 HP (transit)
410 kW/550 HP (touring and intercity coach)
1763 Nm/ 1300 Ft-Lb (transit)
2237 Nm/1650 Ft-Lb (touring and intercity coach)
439 kg/ 968 Lbs 5 or 6


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