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  1. 20 hours ago, School Bus 101 said:

    Took a quick drive around Greenview Industrial tonight. The Main Yard is no more, as it is now used as a storage lot for (used?) cars. North and NE Yards are still used by First, but are much emptier than in the past.

    Speaking of the North Yard, it now has privacy fencing all around its perimeter. One can no longer easily see/photograph any of the buses inside.

    I went by and noticed all this about 2 weeks ago, but I forgot to mention it in here.  I had heard the main yard had been sold off back several months ago.

  2. Spotted this little guy out in Airdrie earlier this week headed out of Airdrie towards Conrich in the early afternoon! Also, I wasn't able to get fleet numbers, but I noticed a lot of those ex-Idaho and California IC buses running around in Airdrie with the US style "First Student" lettering on the sides.

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  3. 1 hour ago, PartiallySD said:

    Reason why I brought it up is because the stripe on the roof is now darker than the rest of the bus, however the kerb panels on the street side don’t appear to have been replaced recently, and have the more light colour. Maybe should have specified that first lol because I do know about the inconsistencies 

    8102 has always looked like that since it was brand new. It also has all black doors like some of the CNG Nova's have.

    Notice the lower stripe is also darker just like the top stripe.

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