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    1995 D40LF Fleet

    As mentioned in another thread, #7590 seems to be the first 1995 D40LF to go through rebuilding and is still being done as of December 7, 2007 at the Spring Gardens shops. #7556 was spotted yesterday inside Big Rig undergoing rebuild as well. There is at least one other 1995 D40LF at Big Rig being rebuilt as well, but I could not see a fleet number. Lets keep track of the 1995 rebuilds in this thread.
  2. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    1995 D40LF Fleet

    And that didn't last long. 7558 hasn't run since December 24th, 2018 and was parked again. Just got word from a contact yesterday that 7558 and 7579 have now both had their CAD systems removed. So that is it for the 1995 D40LF fleet. Time to keep a watch on the 1996 and 1999 D40LF's.
  3. Bus #1147 is on an all night run on route 6 today and is still out there as of about 10 minutes ago. Bus #5046 was spotted running on the route 23 around 8PM this evening and bus #945 was spotted running on an all day run of the route 40 as well today.
  4. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    Very nice to hear on another group that MUNI Flyer E800-10240 #5300 is back on the roads and even repainted in the old MUNI Scheme! BEAUTIFUL BUS! http://www.busdrawings.com/pics/5300_Union...ner_B_82106.JPG Photo by Matt Lee.
  5. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    AC Transit

    These shots are from back in December 2003 when I was in the Bay Area. More are being added to my website within the next couple of days. Enjoy!
  6. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    Hi Everyone, Here are a bunch of shots of Winnipeg Transit 1985 Flyer D901A-10240 #603 taken on October 12, 2006. Over the next while, I will be updating my website with photos from this recent trip into Saskatchewan and Manitoba. So these photos will not be in this file folder for very long. http://busdrawings.com/pics/ (And yes, I know there is an OC Transpo Bus Photo in there!)
  7. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    General Route Discussion and History

    Let's try to keep this thread for general discussion of current and past bus routes for Calgary Transit. Thanks! Thanks to member 'D40LF', for pointing this out, but bus stop #8111 on south bound 36th St. at Dover Ridge S.E. still has the route 90 on the sign. I forget when this route was discontinued but I seem to recall it was deleted within the past 5 years. Attached is a photo of the bus stop sign which didn't turn out as well as I thought it had.
  8. August 24, 2006: Added 16 New Photos to the STM - Montreal (Quebec) Photo Gallery
  9. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    www.busdrawings.com - Bus Drawings & Photos

    February 11, 2019: Added 50 New "Trolley Coach" Photos to the CMBC / Translink (Vancouver Regional Transit System) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/Britishcolumbia/vancouver/index.htm
  10. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    www.busdrawings.com - Bus Drawings & Photos

    February 10, 2019: Added 33 New Photos to the Burlington Transit (Ontario) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/ontario/burlington/index.htm February 8, 2019: Added 3 New "Vintage" Photos to the CMBC / Translink (Vancouver Regional Transit System) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/Britishcolumbia/vancouver/index.htm
  11. Here are a few shots I took yesterday when I had a Charter in this beautiful MCI MC-9 with Leander Coach Lines yesterday. Enjoy! Here are a couple more from yesterday. Enjoy!
  12. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Model vehicles (Except buses)

    1977 Ford Granada and a 1981 Plymouth Horizon, both made by 'American Graffiti' - Motor Max.
  13. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    CT #1601 at Chinook Station on the route 81 on Sunday June 15, 2008 sporting the older 3 stripe livery whcih is already vanishing off of these 12 units now that #'s 1604 and 1605 are now in the new red livery. Enjoy! http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/alberta.../3439ct1601.jpg
  14. A rare vehicle in the Calgary HandiBus fleet, a Sprinter. I believe are only 2 or 3 of these in the fleet.
  15. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    National Motor Coach

    This is a new one to National... A Van Hool C2045, numbered 203. Enjoy!
  16. This may be one of my stops during a trip I am planning with another member of this board in April. So far while doing some google searches, I have found this photo of one of their Orion II's as well as a shot of a late 1990's or early 2000's Gillig Phantom on their website at http://www.mountainline.com Here's a pic I found on Flickr of an Orion II: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spera/2854452801/
  17. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Niagara Falls Transit

    At one time, Niagara Transit operated at least one GM Articulated back in the late 1990's IIRC. Possibly more than one? I have seen a photo of one of them, but don't seem to have it anymore. Does anyone on this board by chance have a photo of one of the Niagara Transit GM Articulated coaches that they could share? I don't remember the fleet number off hand. Edit: I was sure it was painted in NT colors??!
  18. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Grande Prairie

    Well, just got some news from some Ontario friends who recently visited the Prairies including Alberta. Grand Prairie Transit has 4 New Flyer D35's and an Ex-Milwaukee Orion V. Apparently, there are 4 D40LF's that are to be delivered this year and 4 more next year, so these D35's may be gone very soon. Not sure if the new buses will be LFR or just LF styled units.
  19. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Two shots of Greyhound Canada Prevost XLII #1294 in Niagara Falls on May 4, 2008. Does anyone know exactly which numbers are actually Prevost XLII's? What number series? I only know of #'s 1293 & 1294 so far. Thanks!
  20. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Southland Transportation

    Last Sunday I went downtown to check out the Spruce Meadows shuttle bus oeprations and found all of the following units in active service; 665, 669, 670, 671, 672, 673, 3029, 3031. #656 was parked to the side and was there more than likely as a spare back up unit to the rest of the fleet. The other night I dropped by a Southland yard to check on 3924 and 3925. Sure enough they were there and parked complete with the pic plate as well as bike racks. I am not sure what they are planning on using these buses for but I suspect they may replace the Thomas Transliners in their Calgary Auto Mall and other shuttle duties. Images are in the below two links: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=I...tation_3924.jpg http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=I...tation_3925.jpg
  21. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    www.busdrawings.com - Bus Drawings & Photos

    February 2, 2019: Added a New Photo Gallery for the Sunshine Village Ski Resort (Alberta) with 35 New Photos: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/alberta/sunshine/index.htm
  22. Not sure if I posted this before, but about a year ago when I went out to Banff, I found two 1990 MCI Classics (Ex-Utah Transit Authority - Salt Lake City) running for the Sunshine Village ( http://www.skibanff.com ). I confirmed with staff at the Village that the buses are owed and operated by them for Parking lot shuttles and other needs. Now, this afternoon I got word that a Blue Bird Rear engine bus of some sort has arrived at Kirkman Bus Sales and is said to be for the Sunshine Village. I do not have photos of that unit, but when I find photos of the Classics, I will post them in this thread.
  23. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Sunshine Village Ski Resort

    Added a New Photo Gallery for the Sunshine Village Ski Resort (Alberta) with 35 New Photos on my website at the below link: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/alberta/sunshine/index.htm
  24. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Sunshine Village Ski Resort

    Found #'s 48 and 49 in operation yesterday among others. Also, #33 was the only Classic that I could see at their yard in the Banff Industrial. I did not get up to the Sunshine Village this trip so I cannot say that there is one parked up there or not, but I am highly doubting it at this point with the addition of 2 more D40LFR's from Red Deer Transit this season.
  25. BCT-3122-D800-10240

    Garage Transfers

    So it seems that #'s 8000 to 8015 are slowing moving to Anderson Garage. And #'s 6001-6009, 6064-6073 are all now at Spring Gardens Garage.