York Region Transit 9901

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York Region Transit 9901 is wheelchair accessible.

York Region Transit 9901 was an SLF 230 built in 1999. It was originally a demonstrator unit, acquired by YRT in 2004.

Although it is the only SLF with the blue roofline at Newmarket division, it is also distinguished by its integrated white bumpers, unique from all YRT SLFs. The interior seat cushion colour scheme is also different from other buses in the YRT fleet, using a lighter blue hue.

9901 could be found on many routes in the Aurora and Newmarket Area. It was generally restricted to rush hour only service, as are the 2002 SLF's.

9901 was replaced by 1060-1064.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins B5.9 Allison AT-545 24: American Seating 6468 Luminator Mega:MAX


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Paint Division Status/Disposal Notes
9901 York Region Transit 9901-a.jpg 1999 SFD182AL3XGW13851 BL4 261 York Region Transit Old Complete scheme.PNG First Student (Newmarket) Retired
February 2011
No rear York Region Transit logo.