West Vancouver Municipal Transit 712-714

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West Vancouver Municipal Transit 712–714 were New Flyer Industries D60LFR units built in 2007. These units were transferred from Coast Mountain Bus Company in August 2009 to replace 912–914 and renumbered from 8102–8104. They were fitted with West Vancouver logos, the coat of arms emblem, new license plates, and repainted into the West Vancouver livery during their time with West Vancouver Transit. In August 2018 as part of the transfer of 257 route operations, these units were returned to Coast Mountain Bus Company and renumbered to their original fleet numbers.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISM 330hp Allison World B500R6 6 speed 46 – USSC Aries Luminator Horizon


Fleet Number Thumbnail Paint Date VIN License Plate Notes
712 West Vancouver Municipal Transit 712-a.jpg Sweep-R (New Sweep) 2007 2FYD5YS167C032324 BK 9745

(prev. 7512 LM)

713 West Vancouver Municipal Transit 713-a.jpg Sweep-R (New Sweep) August 2007 2FYD5YS187C032325 BK 9746

(prev. 7473 LM)

714 West Vancouver Municipal Transit 714-a.jpg Sweep-R (New Sweep) 2007 2FYD5YS1X7C032326 BK 9743

(prev. 7483 LM)

West Vancouver Municipal Transit Blue Bus alternate branding-a.png
Facilities R2 Marine Dr Park RoyalWest Vancouver Transit Centre
Current Fleet 701–706 901–909 1201–1217 1601–1605 1606–1614
Community Shuttle Fleet 17501–17505 18501–18509 19501–19502, 19536–19537
Transferred Fleet
712–714 801–803 912–914 921–929 951–959, 961–968 971 981 990–998 S200 S201 S261 S305 S370 S1301–S1304, S1308, S1309, S1316–S1320
Paint Schemes CMBC Paint Icon bct.gif CMBC Paint Icon westvan.gif CMBC Paint Icon NoCharcoal template.png CMBC Paint Icon lfr.gif Coast Mountain Bus Company Paint Icon ExpressBus.png CMBC Paint Icon sweep.gif
Conventional 250 250A 253 254 255 258
Community Shuttle 214 215 227 251 252 256 262
Other CemeteryVancouver Special Events Bus
Former Routes 257 259Hockey SpecialPNE Special