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Vancouver Regional Transit System 3258-3282

Vancouver Regional Transit System 3258-3282 are New Flyer Industries C40s built and delivered in 1995.

BC Transit began to evaluate the use of natural gas buses in Vancouver in 1991 by operating three natural gas buses converted from diesel. BC Transit was interested in evaluating natural gas transit buses because of the abundance of natural gas in BC and its low polluting characteristics. In 1994, BC Transit undertook an extensive study of the economic and environmental benefits of using natural gas buses in its system. Based on the results of the study, Vancouver ordered 25 natural gas buses from New Flyer in November 1994. These buses were partially financed by BC Gas, which contributed $1.25 million ($50,000 per bus) to reduce the final price tag of the project from $8.69 million to $7.44 million plus taxes[1], through an agreement which only required BC Transit to use natural gas and pay the standard tariff rate. The buses were commissioned and introduced into service in November 1995 and operated out of the Port Coquitlam Transit Facility. The performance of the buses was monitored from April 1996 until April 2000.[2]

Unit(s) Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
3258-3282 Detroit Diesel Series 50G 275 hp Allison B400R 5 speed 45 - American Seating Model 6484 Luminator Super Matrix:MAX


Fleet number Thumbnail Paint Date VIN Transit centre Notes
3258   1995 2FYC2DL17SU015952 Port Coquitlam
3259   1995 2FYC2DL19SU015953 Port Coquitlam
3260   1995 2FYC2DL10SU015954 Port Coquitlam
3261   1995 2FYC2DL12SU015955 Port Coquitlam
3262   1995 2FYC2DL14SU015956 Port Coquitlam
3263   1995 2FYC2DL16SU015957 Port Coquitlam
3264   1995 2FYC2DL18SU015958 Port Coquitlam
3265   1995 2FYC2DL1XSU015959 Port Coquitlam
3266   1995 2FYC2DL16SU015960 Port Coquitlam
3267   1995 2FYC2DL18SU015961 Port Coquitlam
3268   1995 2FYC2DL1XSU015962 Port Coquitlam
3269   1995 2FYC2DL11SU015963 Port Coquitlam
3270   1995 2FYC2DL13SU015964 Port Coquitlam
3271   1995 2FYC2DL15SU015965 Port Coquitlam
3272   1995 2FYC2DL17SU015966 Port Coquitlam
3273   1995 2FYC2DL19SU015967 Port Coquitlam
3274   1995 2FYC2DL10SU015968 Port Coquitlam
3275   1995 2FYC2DL12SU015969 Port Coquitlam
3276   1995 2FYC2DL19SU015970 Port Coquitlam
3277   1995 2FYC2DL10SU015971 Port Coquitlam
3278   1995 2FYC2DL12SU015972 Port Coquitlam
3279   1995 2FYC2DL14SU015973 Port Coquitlam
3280   1995 2FYC2DL16SU015974 Port Coquitlam
3281   1995 2FYC2DL18SU015975 Port Coquitlam
3282   1995 2FYC2DL1XSU015976 Port Coquitlam